Overall Champs

OVERALL CLUB CHAMPS 2014/15/16/17/18


A minimum of 7 races from the Road/Trail Champs and the Fell Champs will count. At least 2 must be from each individual championship.

As in the last 2 years, it is hoped to award a memento to all harriers who qualify.

Month Date Race Distance Category
January 6 Hit the Trail


5.5 miles Road/Trail
February 3 Mickleden Straddle


BL Fell
March 10 Trafford 10km


10km Road/Trail
March 17 Wolf’s Pit AS Fell
April 6 Chicken Run


BS Fell
May 4 Bollington Festival 3 Peaks


BS Fell
May TBC Dovestone Diamond 10km Road/Trail
June TBC Round the Resers 5 miles Road/Trail
June 30 Bakewell Pudding CM Fell
July 11 Aldermans Ascent AS Fell
July 17 Black Knight Charge 6 miles Road/Trail
August TBC Sale Sizzler 5km Road/Trail
August 7 Cracken Edge BM Fell
September 7 Bullock Smithy 56 miles Fell
October TBC Oldham Half Marathon 13.1 miles Road/Trail
Oct/Nov TBC Cross Country (1st SELCCL?) N/A Road/Trail
November TBC Peak Raid O Fell
Any time N/A The Trunce BS Fell
Any time N/A Glossop Park Run 5 km Road/Trail
Any time N/A Road or Trail marathon 26.2 miles Road/Trail
1. Best 5 races from 10 to count
2. 1 point will be awarded for the first back, then 2, 3 etc. Lowest score from 5 races to count
3. Marathon must be a certified, full marathon event. Official / chip time will be used from your best event during 2019
4. If you are entering a road event as GDH or XC you need to be UKA affliated. Please speak to Alison Holt if you need to check / amend your membership
5. Best Glossop ParkRun to count during 2019
1. Best 5 races from 10 to count
2. 1 point will be awarded for the first back, then 2, 3 etc. Lowest score from 5 races to count
3. Best Trunce result to count from 2019 events
1. 7 races from the Road/Trail and Fell Championships to count. A minimum of 2 from each individual championship is required
2. Best 7 races to count
Note: Cross Country date TBC – aiming for 1st South East Lancashire League race but this will be dependent on dates of FRA/Hodgson Brothers relays

As and when more websites for next years races go live, they will be added. If you find a race which has a live website and isn’t listed here, let us know and we’ll get the link up.