Road/Trail Champs

hunksROAD/TRAIL CHAMPS 2014/15/16/17/18


It’s worth saying at this point, if you’re going to enter a road race, or XC as a Glossopdale Harrier you NEED to be affiliated with UKA. When you re-do your membership for 2018, make sure that Alison knows you need to be affiliated and she’ll get you a UKA number. (this is the case even if you want to enter a single race).

Month Date Race Distance Category
January 6 Hit the Trail

5.5 miles Road/Trail
March 10 Trafford 10km

10km Road/Trail
May TBC Dovestone Diamond 10km Road/Trail
June TBC Round the Resers 5 miles Road/Trail
July 17 Black Knight Charge 6 miles Road/Trail
August TBC Sale Sizzler 5km Road/Trail
October TBC Oldham Half Marathon 13.1 miles Road/Trail
Oct/Nov TBC Cross Country (1st SELCCL?) N/A Road/Trail
Any time N/A Glossop Park Run 5 km Road/Trail
Any time N/A Road or Trail marathon 26.2 miles Road/Trail

Hit the Trail

Men’s Results Ladies’ Results
Paul Peters 1 Kirsty Sharp 1
Chris Webb 2 Emma Rettig 2
Steve Knowles 3 Jo Brack 3
Sean Phillips 4 Wendy Trelease 4
Nick Lord 5 Rachel Walton 5
Steve Page 6 Charmayne Brierley 6
Steve Crossman 7 Marie Williamson 7
Chris Jackson 8 Kayleigh Haynes 8
Matt Crompton 9 Kate Bowden 9
Will Mather 10 Christine Peters 10
Rob Sheldon 11 Laurie Barlow 11
Ian Crutchley 12
David Christie-Lowe 13
Jeroen Peters 14
Pete Nicholson 15
Frank Fielding 16
Luke Holme 17
Pete Wallroth 18
Joe Gavin 19
Ian Oates 20
Nick Ham 21
Simon Toole 22
John Stephenson 23
Malcom Brown 24