Road/Trail Champs

hunksROAD/TRAIL CHAMPS 2014/15/16/17


It’s worth saying at this point, if you’re going to enter a road race, or XC as a Glossopdale Harrier you NEED to be affiliated with UKA. When you re-do your membership for 2018, make sure that Alison knows you need to be affiliated and she’ll get you a UKA number. (this is the case even if you want to enter a single race).

30 points will be awarded to the first back in each race, then 29, 28 etc. The best scores from 5 races will count.

Road/Trail (5 from 10)


 1 mile Challenge – the segment on Strava is called the GDH Open 1 mile challenge. It is on a well used bit of the Longdendale trail. Just because you do it in Jan doesn’t mean I’ll know you have done it. Send Tim your time, the date you did it on, and some kind of evidence – ideally GPS. You have until midnight Jan 31st to complete it. If you send in a run that started on the Jan the 31st, but finishes on the 1st feb 00:00:01, it doesn’t count.



 4th – Trafford 10k. Entries already open. £16 for affiliated members.


 Millbrook Monster 10k, A multi-terrain 10k around Hyde. Take from that what you will. Road. Mud. Water. Trail. Everything they can throw at you. Site is here. But they aren’t taking entries for 2018 yet.

Stride through the Woods 5k, trail 5k around the delightful area of Hyde. It was in the Club champs 2 years ago, and this year it is accompanying the Juniors event which is in our other champs as well (see below). Site is here.


20th – Liverpool Rock’n’Roll Marathon. Entries are open. Currently £39 (prices are apparently liable to go up at any time with no notice. It’s a marathon, with a load of loud stuff. A great opportunity to get a decent marathon in if you didn’t get into the flat boring one down south.


10thRace the Train (Bury). 11 miles. Entries are open. £22 at time of writing. Point to point race from Bury to Rawtenstall, racing against an actual train. What more could you possibly ask for? I think you have to pay for a ticket if you want a lift back to where your car is. Then again, I suppose you could always run back. Race website. 



 5th – Dovedale dipper – 26miler in the White Peak. Go see some Limestone for the day! Entries not yet open.


 Macc half – its a half marathon. In Macclesfield. Here is the race site. Looks to be £21 for affiliated runners, but £4 extra if you enter on the day.



White Rose Ultra 30.  It’s only 30 miles, gets you UTMB points, is always supported by a large amount of people wearing Blue and Orange and it ain’t far away. Race Site.

XC – I promise that this years XC meet for the club will be in November. I can’t give you a date yet. I will try to make sure it is in the league which enables you to enter only one race rather than the whole series.



  Anytime Glossop Park run