The Spirit of John Hewitt Award

John Hewitt (August 1962 – March 2018) was our chairman for ten years, and a great mentor to many of us. He worked to live, not the other way round. He had a great enthusiasm for fell racing, and was famous for starting hard, running himself ragged and quite often blowing up before the end of the race. Mostly though he loved a long day in the hills with enough kit and food for two, to be with friends and family, and wherever possible to end the day in a pub.

Friends of GDH at Carnethy Hill Running Club  in Scotland donated the Spirit of John Hewitt trophy to be given to a Glossopdale Harrier who either/both:-

“..raced and ran in events in Scotland, or is a member who embraces and supports hill running in the true spirit of John, as he was instrumental in encouraging many of us in the club and elsewhere to get out running and racing on the hills”

Another of John’s enduring legacies is that he encouraged women to join our club and to experience the highs and lows of fell running. Thanks in no small part to his influence,  women are thriving and growing in our current membership.

The trophy is awarded annually

Previous winners: Mark Davenport and Lance Hamilton-Griffiths

Previous winners:  

2018 Mark Davenport

2019 Lance Hamilton-Griffiths

2020 Ian Crutchley 

2021 Wioleta Wydrych

John in his famous “Nun” outfit which he wore to club fancy-dress runs and special occasions