Friendly, fierce and a little bit damp….

There has been quite a lot of weather in the Harriers’ home town this week resulting in some quite amusing Strava titles and possibly a little less racing than usual.  That said, a number of brave souls still donned their race vests and ventured out to represent the club across the region and beyond…

Manchester Area Cross Country League – Match 2 @ Kenworthy Woods  (courtesy of Chris Webb)

Following the heavy rain earlier in the week the Kenworthy Woods/University Playing Fields course was a tad boggy. It didn’t deter a small group of Glossopdalers from heading to Wythenshawe however and birthday boy John Stephenson came armed with the tent and flag so we certainly looked the part. Wendy Trelease, Lins Palmer and Nicola Pennington kicked off proceedings in the Senior Womens’ race and all 3 looked comfortable, moving through the field as others fell apart. I believe this was Wendy’s and Nicola’s cross country debut, you wouldn’t have known it based on how well they ran – congratulations on a superb race. Lins said she may only make one XC this year but I know she loves a good sufferfest; if only it had been another 30km, she’d have probably podiumed.

The men’s race was next and I was joined by Pete Daly, Alex Critcher, Frank Fielding, David Chrystie-Lowe and Chairman Stephenson to smash around the now ‘worn in’ course. Alex told me this was the start of his return to fitness and he looked like he had a solid race, he’s committing to coming Jeroen’s Tuesday and my Wednesday sessions for the next few months so he’ll be like a new man by the end of the season – watch this space. There were some mid-pack battles between the GDHs too: David and Pete looked like they had a bit of a ding-dong, David edging it by only 33 seconds and even closer were Frank and Alex, Frank coming home 28 seconds ahead this time. It will be interesting to see these battles as the season progresses. John and I had no immediate GDH competition but enjoyed hurting ourselves around the 9km course anyway. Thanks also to Mandy Beames for some delicious cake and Harsharn Gill and Ben Robertson for the support/photography.  Final results here:

  • 143rd (22nd V45) Wendy Trelease: 34:13
  • 194th (37th V45) Nicola Pennington: 36:16
  • 245th (28th V50) Lindsay Palmer: 39:06
  • 64th Chris Webb: 36:36
  • 334th (3rd V60) David Chrystie-Lowe: 44:49
  • 346th (30th V50) Pete Daly: 45:22
  • 413rd (4th V65) Frank Fielding: 48:03
  • 417th (72nd V40) Alex Critcher: 48:30
  • 486th (V60) John Stephenson: 54:37

Leg it round Lathkil  (courtesy of Paul Skuse)

John Pollard gave a shout out for this the other day so I thought “Why not?”. Alison and Lins also joined the fun. As we wandered from the car to the registration tent, it felt really cold – as in woolly hat, gloves and a smelly Helly weather – but then the sun came out and conditions were perfect. All accessories were whipped off and unceremoniously dumped on a wall; it was full on vest and topping up the tan weather.  Our shoes were all cleaned up and sparkling as per race requirements. Alison was so enamoured by my X-talons, she took a photo of them.

The start of the race was awkward and cramped (why do some slower runners start on the front line?) and with the call of 3-2-1, we were off and legged it down the steep road. The wet leaves covering the tarmac made some sections interesting and forced us to hit the brakes rather than give it full beans. The long trail section wasn’t a trail so much as scattered islands surrounded by shin deep water. I’ve no idea what happened on the route next. I was busy chasing Ponytail and staying ahead of Wheezy. I’ve no idea who they are but for the purpose of this race, they became my mortal foes.

So with the usual jostling for position and good natured support and encouragement (another reason to love fell running; the way people encourage you as you run with them) we ran along trails, over fields and through woods. The limestone was as slippy as you would expect and I nearly came a cropper trying to overtake Beardy (another rival for the day -nice bloke, he checked I was okay). And then after a few more ups and downs, muddy patches, tree roots, countless stiles and – at one point – lung busting steps, we were at the finish line. Job done.

No idea about results but I was pipped by Beardy but managed to stay ahead of Wheezy (also a nice bloke) and Ponytail. John Pollard came in next then Alison (looking resplendent in full GDH colours) and then race-fiend Lins having done the XC yesterday.

Windmill Remembrance 10K

Laurie Barlow, Tim Crookes, Tony Hillier, Mike Park, Paul Gatley & Marieke Galgenienbeld ventured over to Lytham St Anne’s to take part in the Windmill Remembrance 10K today.

From Tim C. – did Remembrance Sunday windmill 10k. The reading and the 2 minutes silence was very emotional but very well done. Perfect conditions for another pb, knocked another 24 seconds off my time. Nice flat fast course and very well organised with a great medal, well done Fylde Coast Runners on another great race.

Parkrun Corner

The collective GDH parkrun exploits this week were:

  • A little less busy…due to Glossop being cancelled although this did result in a number freedom runs carefully avoiding the black ice around Manor Park. GDH were also in action at Richmond  (Julie E.), Bramhall  (Joe T.), Woodbank (Nick H.), Hyde (Tony H., Christine P. and Laurie & Wyatt B. – which is particularly impressive given that the Barlows were all set to parkrun at Glossop at 8:40 am, Marple (Simon T.), Bakewell (Sarah R.) Fleetwood Promenade (Paul G.), Tawd Valley (David, Holly and Will M.), Marple Juniors (Malc B.[!!!]  and Josie & Caitlin S.) and Hyde Juniors (David [!!!] & Will M.).
  • A little more exotic….Tim B. and Lynne T. ran the Miyazaki parkrun in Kyushu, Japan. A small number of runners (12 finishers) as the event is very new. The course is alongside a wide river and very central to the town involving 2 laps on flat tarmac.   Tim 18.19 1st finisher/ Lynne 26.04, 1st female and 3rd overall.  Although 11°C at 7am, the 8am start still made for a very warm and dry event in glorious sunshine. 
  • A little bit emotional…Josie S. ran her last ever junior parkrun at Marple this morning – she will be too old for 2k as from next week.  Definitely the end of an era as Josie was one of the initial group of junior parkrunners when Marple junior parkrun started 273 junior parkruns ago.  

Other Racing News (gleaned from FB and Strava)

  • Riccardo Giussani completed his crazy White Rose Ultra 300 (or rather 318) in 130 hours and 52 minutes and the pictures suggest he was still standing and smiling at the finish!  Awesome and totally bonkers – 450 in 2020?
  • Paul Peters was also cross-countrying – at Hyndburn as part of the Mid Lancs League.  I have no idea how he did but expect it was quite quick.
  • Ian Crutchley did the Beehive Trigs Time Trial, maybe with Lance but definitely through ice and bog.
  • The club place for the VMLM 2020 is up for grabs via the usual process.  If you would like the motivation/ joy/ pressure of representing the club, please email and let Becky know. Names will be drawn from a hat at the Christmas Party.

We love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing exploits.  Ian is on report writing duty next week so please do lots more racing and don’t forget to tell him all about it at Have a good week and happy running!

“That’s October boxed-off then” Weekly Report

Good evening Harriers! I thought I was in for an easy week, but as ever, information keeps rolling in!  There’s lots of Facebook activity about races for 2020, so much so that I’m sure some people must be on commission!  Time to start thinking about next year, is it going to be a scattergun of random races?  Are you focussing on one or two biggies?  Or are you still just coming to terms with November?

Also, worth remembering that the Champs races for next year will likely be announced towards the end of November when they’re been given the stamp of approval by the Committee, so don’t fill up your calendars too quickly!

Here is the report.

New York Marathon

After ticking off the Manor Park Marathon in August, Bartek Verde has just finished one of the more low-key marathons in New York.  I’ve just looked at the tracker and he got round in a solid 4:13:26.  Great work!


White Rose Ultra 300

No, that’s not a typo, this is actually a thing.  300 miles.  I’m not even sure if Riccardo Giussani is a Harrier, but I think he is.  He seems to have taken on the White Rose Ultra 300 on his own which is ten laps of the standard WRU route.  With a 30, 60, 100, 150 and now 300 mile option the number of laps on this race seems to be growing each year, when will it end!  I’m not sure how he’s doing but last thing I saw on social media he was pushing through the 30-mile laps. What an epic achievement (or what a stupid thing to do – you decide!)

Tatton Park Half

Wendy McMahon took on the Tatton park half and sounds like it was a great race!  Hope she celebrated with some slap-up nosh in Knutsford afterwards!

I did Tatton park half today in 1:51:09. It’s a 2-lap course around the park. I’ve never been before so when my friend dropped out on Wednesday, I snapped her offer straight away. It was cold and very foggy which meant I couldn’t take in the views as much as I wanted.  I’d definitely recommend it as a race as it’s a lovely place, decent price for a T-shirt, medal, water stops, free parking and refreshments after.  It’s not just the PB time I was happy with, I am more chuffed that when the place was offered, a 13.1 mile race didn’t faze me at all!  I didn’t see any other GDHs there and the website doesn’t search under club. 

Peak Raid

Peak Raid is back after the sad announcement the series had been pulled due to problems with permissions which seems all too common at the moment.  We deployed a few Harriers to check out the event with John Stephenson taking on the White Peak correspondent duties:

 A small, high quality turnout from the Harriers were at the first of the new Peak Raid events today. The venue was Alstonefield near Ashbourne, the event territory was the limestone dales. Dave Hogg, Nick Ham, Sue and Chris Clapham and muggins ran.

Weather was very fair but boy was the going wet underfoot in the low lying flat fields, muddier than a muddy Manchester XC.

I think the results were

Nick and Dave 380 points apiece

Muggins 340 points(finished 40 mins early!) Sue and Chris 200 (walking).

Next event is at Great Longstone in early December.

John (finished too soon) Stephenson

Lake District Weekend

A gaggle of Harriers have been partying up north staying at Skiddaw House which seems to be a bit of an off-grid, out of signal retreat, something we all need nowadays.  I’m not sure exactly what happened but it looks like Skiddaw and Blencathra were ticked off and probably a lot of booze! Great stuff.


Yorkshire Three peaks

When I read this report I started to worry about the “run your age in miles” approach, because let’s face it, that’s only going to get harder.  All fine for these youngsters though as Emma Peters reports:

Quick email as I’m currently waiting for food in a pub, but I’ve just completed Yorkshire 3 Peaks with some uni friends. One of them decided to run 27 miles for her 27th birthday, so that’s what we did!

All went remarkably well. Bad visibility throughout but no rain!! Total distance 43km, strava still syncing with bad internet so unsure of elevation etc., but in any case a lot of up, a lot of down and a lot of claggy mud and slippy slabs. Not my favourite route on account of the slabs, but to be expected with the popularity of the 3 Peaks I suppose. Overall I’m super proud- this was by far and away my longest run.

Parkrun Corner

Someone decided it would be a good idea to have a big fire at Manor Park so our favourite parkrun was off, but as if that would stop us! Click HERE for the consolidated report.

Chris Webb picked up first place at Oldham with a straight 18 minutes! Fantastic! The Munday family had an extreme reaction to Glossop parkrun being off and went to Germany to run the Ziegelwiese parkrun.  Epic parkrun tourism.

Top Mileage and climbing

It’s an incredible one this week folks, almost like someone’s altimeter was broken.  Whilst credit needs to be given to Paul Peters for his solid 96.4km for the week, David Chrystie-Lowe clocked up a couple of summits of Everest with 17,403m (but not a patch on his 41,667m last week).  Even a ten-miler along the flat trail gave an impressive 9,556m of climbing which even Kilian Jornet would be proud of!

Wot else is ‘appenin’?

I’m a bit short of pics this week so hired in some professional models to try and make running look glamourous.  Here are the Bleaklow Boys, what do you reckon?

No excuses for not training throughout the week Harriers.  Starting this week there’s now three club sessions to keep those legs moving on these dark nights.

Tuesdays: You know the drill for the ever-popular Tuesday speed session.  A variety of tarmac and trail pounding led by Coach Jeroen, what better way to finish off a Tuesday (or your legs).

Wednesday:  The now-named XC Webbinars are back in force starting 6th November.  If you like muddy misery, then get yourself to Bankswood Park at 7pm armed with a headtorch, vest (if you’re tough enough), shorts and suitably grippy footwear.  The first of the sessions is a 6 x half-mile XC loop hard with a two-minute rest, during which your wet shivering hands will be attempting to grip a pencil and fill in your time on Mr Webb’s spreadsheet ready for the full statistical analysis afterwards.

Also worth mentioning that it’s match 2 of the Manchester Area Cross Country League (MACCL) on Saturday at Kenworthy Woods.  Chris Webb will be there with numbers for anyone who didn’t collect theirs at Wythenshawe. Don’t forget: you use the same number all season!

Thursday: After all those hard efforts it’ll be time for a Thursday social either out on the fells or road.  Perhaps a few post-run pub visits on the lead-up to Christmas would be good to help keep the numbers up?  Throw out suggestions for routes or pubs!

It also looks like the Sunday ten-mile Longdendale trail session is becoming a firm-fixture in diaries.  Get some flat social miles in!

Time Trial Nav Courses: For a few weeks now, Tim Budd has been plotting….  no, not an evil plan, but some really great navigation time trials out there in the hills.  Dust of your compass and give them a go.  You also get to see all the efforts overlayed so you can see just how lost you were.

GDH Christmas Party 2019

A date for your diaries – We’ve swept the Scouts out of their hut to make way for the GDH Christmas Party on Sunday 15th December 2pm – bring food to share and drinks.  There might be some Howard Town offerings like previous years (we’ll have to raid the brewery if not).  There will be champs prizes and the prestigious bombed out trophy.

There’ll also be a club run in the morning where you all get dressed up in silly stuff and run up a hill. But let’s face it, that’s pretty much what we all do every week anyway!!

Keep sending in the reports and pics to





Clocks go back/forward/sideways weekend report

This week everyone has been trying to work out if their smart watches do what their phones do and if they need to reset the time, try to reset the thermostat clock and screw up the settings, blow up the cooker doing the same job and then leave the clock in the car because its only really 6 months til you need to work out how to set it back to the right time anyway.  Although there was a race cancellation this weekend, there has indeed been a fair amount of kerfuffle going on this week, what with the final racing weekend of October. Mostly fact based this week as people keep sending in information, which is wonderful! Keep sending in stuff about what you’ve done! The email address is


Despite a few last minute will-they won’t-they moments with people dipping into and out of teams like carrots into a hummus dip at the GDH party, there were eventually 3 teams who got to the OMM with at least 1 member of Glossopdale in them. As a bit of an extension to last weeks Hill and Fell Relays, the outlook was very much Heather, Tussocks with a few hills imbetween. So basically stuff that anyone from this end of the Peak District should be very comfortable with. The weather up in Scotland was apparently astoundingly good, and much fun was had by all. From provisional results and occasional updates from those on the ground (or indeed, in cars on their way back), it seems that the results looked a little like this:

B Class- 3rd overall and 1st Mixed team- Sarah Andrews and Robin Hoffmann

Combined class- 28th overall and 3rd Female team- Zoe Barton and Josie Greenhalgh

Medium Score Class- 78th overall and 2nd Female pair, Immy Trinder and Hephzibah Hill.

Superb running/navigating/camping/surviving by all!

Lakeland trails 10k

John Pollard was out and about in the Lakes this weekend- and send this missive over… Must give another plug for the Lakeland Trails races, they’re not cheap & they don’t scale the heights, but for those who want a faster, less vertical experience with imaginative routes they satisfy the appetite. And they’re in the Lakes, big plus.
I did the 10k version yesterday…and it was possible to enjoy some of the autumn scenery of the valley alongside Glenridding & Grisedale Becks.
Would have been nice to combine it with the bona fide fell race today at Buttermere Shepherd’s Meet, but just not up to it yet. Buttermere looked glorious in the better weather today but the climb was brutal.John P

Eryri Marathon

Lucy Wasinski was the one who drew the short straw and sent in this lovely missive about the wonder that is the Eryri Marathon:

This was the 37th year of Snowdonia marathon, not to be confused with the trail marathon in July which takes you up the Pyg track to the summit (almost) of snowdon. In October it is the road marathon, and whilst a lot less hilly than the trail one, it certainly packs a punch for a road marathon with approx 800m elevation, and attracts a strong contingent of top Welsh runners. Me and Will Mather were lucky to get transfers for this sell out race, but 3 weeks post Chester marathon I’m not sure I was thinking it was a good idea! Will on the other hand, well its pretty much a walk in the park for him this;) I thought I spied Marie Williamson walking from the car park but I wasnt sure…until I checked out the results!
Given the forecast for friday/saturday, it was looking a decidedly bleak affair and I was massively regretting my entry decision ….but it really wasn’t as bad as they made out, and probably an hour after the race start the rain stopped and it was pretty ideal running conditions. There are 3 main climbs in the race; the first going out from the start in llanberis up to pen y pass, then there’s a decent fast descent before a slight climb at Beddgelert, and then the one they call “the wall” at Waunfawr mile 22, and goes on for 2 miles. That’s pretty tough leaving the biggest climb for that stage of the race!  Everyone kept saying during the race, “don’t forget,  leave enough for the last climb”! I was starting to dread it, and without the Pacers to keep you in check like Chester I was convinced I’d gone out too fast and was gonna hit the wall, at “the wall”. Felt pretty good though at the bottom of the climb and a guy said to me “don’t worry, 95% of people walk it…oh but, um,  obviously I don’t mean you are gonna have to walk”…the unconvinced look on his face said otherwise! Pah, right then, game on! Head down, short strides and onwards and upwards, and suddenly there was the mile 24 feed station!


This is what a feed station looks like at the Eryri marathon….

What was all the fuss about 😉 when you live in Glossop that hill isn’t that bad! After the feedstation the fun really started! It was all downhill to the finish, and this was one of 2 places they take you off road…it was mud, wet rock, wet grass and pretty funny after nearly a months worth of rain in just over 24h with everyone in road shoes! (Bar one guy in inov8s, not worth 24 miles on the road in those!) Credit to my Brooks, I stayed on my feet and made up some ground on a few women. Then, it’s all change and you hit steep tarmac and it’s a final sprint down into the high street in Llanberis, with loads of people lining the street cheering. What an absolute corker of a marathon! Incredible atmosphere, support on the course was brilliant , fantastic views with snow on Snowdon, gold, orange and red leaves on the trees and loads of clear fast flowing rivers and waterfalls…and the bonus of being on road….you get to look around and appreciate the views! It’s such a popular race it’s going to be a ballot entry next year but I would massive recommend it as a road marathon, blooming loved it.
I was well pleased with getting round in 3h 38m 08. Will was saving himself for escape from Meriden and sung and danced (much to the *delight* of fellow runners haha) himself round in a cracking 3h 56m 50s….pretty darn rapid for someone taking it easy!! Marie had a good run to get in under 5h in 4h 59m 46s.


Lucy at the finish arch

Lucy Wasinski 3:38:08
Will Mather 3:56:50
Marie Williamson 4:59:44

Oldham Half

I really don’t know much about this as no-one has said anything about it. Basically, it is as you would imagine. A half Marathon around Oldham, trying to get back to your car before your hubcaps/alloys have been nicked. The most information I have about it is from the race results which are below. From them, we can divine that yes, it appears it was a road race, and yes, people ran pretty damn fast. And yes, that is Marie Williamson who you just read about running the Eryri Marathon on Saturday.

11th Kirsty Sharp 1st lady  1:29:45
138 Emma Rettig 1:54:12
174 Tony Hillier 1:57:15
189 Jo Brack 1:59:29
211 Charmayne Brierley 2:02:20
305 Marie Williamson 2:22:29

Dammed if we don’t

I understand there was a bit of a gathering over at Toddbrook reservoir this weekend, visiting the various reservoirs around it to a) have a bit of a jolly run around and b) realise just how much water there is held behind dams over there. I’m not totally sure if it was a race or not, and I don’t know how many people did it. I also don’t know if there were any prizes or anything, What I DO know is that Nick Ham ran it, and as it is the first time it has ever been run, he almost *certainly* ran a PB.

Winsford 10k

Tim Crookes was over at Winsford today doinig the 10k, in typical “short n sweet” style, this information came in from him…. “Hi did Winsford 10k today great little route but very muddy did it in 46.27 quite happy with that” So there you go.


Thanks to Lynne for sorting me out a parkrun and junior parkrun piece: In a deluge of torrential rain and mud 71 runners sloshed their way around a soggy Glossop parkrun. Taking first finishers position was Paul Peters (doubly impressive given his strava run title is titled “Glossop parkrun, impromptu xc training in road shoes”, he was followed by Mark Ollerenshaw in 2nd position, plus three other harriers in the top ten. A massive shout out to Wioleta Wydrych bagging herself a PB of nearly 30secs – very impressive in those conditions.
In the parkrun tourism corner Frank Fielding was at a wet and windy Swindon (bit of a theme to the weather this weekend),  over at Sheffield Hallam Harry Hawkins took 10th spot and a new PB; Tony Hillier was over at Hyde (did we spy he was pacing this week?); Jo Travis was in Lincoln; Dez Mitchell was at Marple; the whole Munday family were at Great Lines, Medway; Bill Leason was at Lyme Park; Caity Rice ran at Colby finishing in 3rd overall and 1st female; taking 3rd spot at The Pastures (Alnwick) parkun was Stevie K and we spied Mrs K was there doing her first ever parkrun…no club on the results though so maybe her membership form is in the post? Jeroen and Christine Peters ran at Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne – Emma Peters was there too, but in disguise as a Tyne Bridge Harrier.
Wyatt Barlow continues his strong running, grabbing himself another course PB at a wet Conwy parkrun….from Laurie “Wet, freezing, more puddle than path. Should’ve brought a snorkel! Took 20 seconds to get over the start line and Wyatt ran with me for the first km before going on ahead, yet still smashed his course PB and told me he took it really easy. Nice.”. Nice indeed, congratulations Wyatt.

Junior Parkrun

Over at Hyde Junior parkrun Holly Munday grabbed a new course PB – well done. Naomi Barlow was next Glossopdale Harrier to finish, closely followed by William Munday. Great running by all.

Please forgive us if we miss out on reporting any junior parkrun results. I’ve only just noticed that the consolidated parkrun results for GDH don’t include junior events. I’m taking this up with parkrun colleagues so fingers crossed we can get this changed. In the meantime please do send in reports to the regular email for inclusion in the weekly report – we don’t omit juniors deliberately.

Frostbite TT

Map 2 has now been done with- there were 9 people who went out and about to find the Snake Ponds. I was rather impressed with Andy O’s line, considering he came up from Glossop to run it from Snake Summit. I’ll link to it all on the facebook page- and encourage you to have a butchers.

Map 3 will be released tomorrow morning. It is a fairly easy one, and considering it is going from Glossop, it might be nice to get a few of you together to have an impromptu head to head from the pub of an evening…. I have changed it from the route I was going to do, simply as I don’t want to go from the same place twice in a row.

XC “Webbinars”

Yes, Chris Webb will be back on Wednesday nights, terrorizing the inhabitants of Hadfield with his XC Webbinars. Famed for their excellent amount of mud, rain, snow, amusement and general stat driven excitement (what else could you expect from a mathematician), watch out on Facebook for his announcement for the first session which should be coming up in Early november.

Christmas do

You may have seen that the Christmas do date has been announced on Facebook. If you haven’t. Well. It has. 15th Dec. Details on Facebook, or from your nearest committee member.

Injury, Sickness, Glory – Anyone V40?? Its the Weekend Report!

Another action packed week, that’s had me tied up for, well, a long while I think. So engrossed have I been in your exploits, that my tea is in the dog, (that’s now begging to be walked) and I’m on the couch for the night. Well that’s nearly true, but its been worth it, so fill your glass, or just drink straight from the bottle, you’re in for another big one!

Withins Skyline

Kicking off with one which well and truly slipped under the radar last week, Mary Jeal was over in Bronte Country for Withins Skyline. Apparently, although the rain held off for the race, the recent deluge had replenished the bogs to their “maneating status”. Mary bashed round in a very respectable 1:14:46 to finish in 136th place (8th LV50).

British Fell Relays

Our poor Team Captains Jude Stansfield and Matt Crompton had been put through the ringer this week. You would think it easy to each get 12 people over to Derwent, but with sickness and injury plaguing us last minute, there was some mild panic and a few reserves called upon. But they came through brilliantly and what a day we had. For some of us, this was our first experience of Fell relays, and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic. Just over the hill at Fairholmes, “race city” was situated at the foot of the dramatically overflowing Derwent Dam. GDH had 4 teams there this year, and we were up against THE very best fell running teams in the country.

The premise is, well yes, obviously relays, but there is slightly more to it. There are 4 legs, 2 solo and 2 paired. All take on different distances with a given “loose” route and e-dibber controls. Leg 3 being arguably the crux leg combining a hefty amount of navigational skill as well as the fast running. (cover boys Chris Webb and Tim Budd absolutely nailed this leg, coming 14th overall on it!). The routes were fantastic, bringing together the best the Peak District has to offer (lots of deep sloppy bogs, sheep trods and heather bashing). All routes seemed to follow the same descent line through the woods at the end, which was absolutely brilliant – very steep and very muddy, there were quite a few that lost the battle to stay vertical here.

Naturally, the results below do most of the talking, but its definitely worth mentioning a pre-race episode at the GDH tent. Whilst we were milling about before it all kicked off, a guy came over, demanding to know who was in charge of the GDH website. Uh oh, I thought. “How did I end up in your report!?!?” Turns out he is the guy from Buxton that featured heavily in last weeks report, pictured taking a classic nosedive in the mud at XC. Bless him, he was happy to achieve Glossopdale fame, and we all had a good laugh about it. Nice chap. Perhaps however, it’s testament to the quality our running and reporting, when we are being trolled by other clubs! Alright, perhaps that’s a bit far fetched….

Well done to everyone that raced, and a big Thanks to all those that supported too. Huge Thanks again to our Captains Jude Stansfield and Matt Crompton who did such a great job organising our rabble. Finally I have to say a big congratulations to our brethren from the other side of the hill. Dark Peak FR did an excellent job organising the event, the planning and hurdle jumping that went on I can only imagine. The logistics alone were quite astounding, feeding and ferrying 1,400 smelly fell runners from Bamford and back on coaches.

And here are the results, in order of overall position…..

Glossopdale Men 59th Place4:41:59
Leg 1Luke Holme00:57:09
Leg 2Lance Hamilton-Griffiths / Tim Culshaw01:26:49
Leg 3Chris Webb / Tim Budd01:24:33
Leg 4Robin Hoffman00:53.28
Glossopdale Men V40134th Place (29th Male Vets)5:34:00
Leg 1Rob Sheldon00:59:03
Leg 2Dan Stinton / Ian Crutchley01:34:47
Leg 3Julian Minshull / Andy Fox01:53:09
Leg 4John Stephenson01:07:01
Glossopdale Women207th Place6:42:21
Leg 1Cheryl Stitt01:05:12
Leg 2Emma Rettig / Rachel Walton02:03:33
Leg 3Sarah Andrew / Zoe Barton02:15:47
Leg 4Tracey Louise Robinson01:17:49
Glossopdale Women V40216th Place (12th Women Vets)6:58:55
Leg 1Jude Stansfield01:03:51
Leg 2Joanne Brack / Charmayne Brierley02:08:26
Leg 3Lins Palmer / Alison Holt02:37:12
Leg 4Rebecca Smith01:09:26

Cross Country – SELCC

Thanks to Phil Swan for the following!

The South East Lancs Cross Country clash with the FRA Relays meant a diminished but determined Glossopdale crew sallied forth to take whatever Heaton Park’s neatly trimmed grass could throw at them. The mud levels were “medium to clarty” particularly through the woods but – against all the odds – the sun came out resulting in a very pleasant day.  We were thin on Juniors with Caitlin Swan our only entrant who took first to the course to battle it out in the Under 13s where she came 4th girl. A quick trip to the nice ambulance people confirmed an ankle sprain wasn’t too dire and following a humungus ice cream, smiles were restored.

Next up were the Senior Ladies (I’m sorry but the whole slightly shorter distance thing for women doesn’t half seem so “last century”). Anyway, rant over. Our four Ladies went off hard from the line with Kirsty Sharp flying down the hill with Wendy Trelease, Elanor Swan and Nicola Pennington in hot pursuit.  Kirsty glided serenely for first overall by a huge margin, Wendy stormed in to be second Glossopdale, nabbing 3rd in the V45 Category, followed by Els (an interesting choice of recovery run after her trip to the Lakes last weekend) with Nicola hot on her heels. Positions and times were:

1Kirsty Sharp1st Lady31.03
43Wendy Trelease3rd L4538.20
65Elanor Swan10th L4540.52
66Nicola Pennington11th L4540.54

The Senior Men piled off at 2.20pm with the blue and orange contingent comprising of Steve Crossman, Nick Lord, Alex Critcher, Phil Swan, Ian “are you really running those shorts?” Oates, Simon Toole, David Christie-Lowe and Frank Fielding.  Despite Steve trying to nobble other members of his own team with delicious biscuits just before the start, everyone had a good outing. Steve bagged 1st V50, Dave got 4th V60 and Frank “fresh faced at the finish” Fielding landed 2nd V60. Times and places were:

24Steve Crossman1st V5040.51
58Nick Lord43.16
103Phil Swan16th V4547.39
107David Christie-Lowe4th V6048.08
126Frank Fielding2nd V6549.32
141Ian Oates23rd V5050.23
147Alex Critcher20th V4050.52
150Simon Toole25th V5051.05

Superb running everyone. Roll on the next one on 23rd Nov – also at Heaton Park!

GDH Mens team, a box of biscuits, and biscuit / shorts model Ian Oates.

Calver Trail Run

Thanks to Pete Tomlin for sending this in!

Lucy Wasinski, Pete Wallroth, Kate Metcalfe and I headed off to Calver for the 2nd of the Dark and White Autumn Trail Series. Billed as one of their harder trail runs, it didn’t disappoint taking in parts of the routes of two local fell races, and it certainly felt tough in places; especially the seemingly never ending climb out of Great Longston. 

Lucy aced it, getting round in 1hr18 and was 1st placed female as we were leaving. Fingers crossed she stays there when they release the final results. Pete Wallroth pulled off an equally respectable 1hr24. 

Definitely recommend the Dark and White runs for a challenging, but not ball-busting trail race, in some excellent scenery. 

And its still not confirmed, but we think Lucy did indeed come first! Amazing effort, and great racing guys!

“Will we get DQ’d if we put the number on our shorts”. “Nah, that’s a stupid Fell runner thing”

Wirksworth Undulator

John Pollard went Southward for this intriguing race…..

Glad I made the effort to get out of bed & drive to the southerly Dales for this mixed terrain race, and was pleasantly surprised to see Lins Palmer there, with Carl (‘Carlos’) Bedson, formerly of this parish.

The organiser characterises it as having “steep bits, flat bits, rocky bits(quarries, & Harboro’ Rocks, highest point at 1230ft) , fast bits (mildly technical descents), grass bits(lots of pastureland), trail bits, road bits(not many thankfully) and scary bits”, (not really).

But some fair climbing sections, especially at the start, though the Dales authority have thoughtfully erected a lot of stiles to afford the heavy breathers(me for example) oxygen relief in the queues. It’s pretty much all runnable & if you ‘give it beans’ who knows what time you could cover the 8 1/2 miles in.

Not sure how many took part, but on a lovely autumn morning it seemed to have attracted a good field, and value @ £5/£7 on t’day. I finished in 1hr 37mins, not having the legs after 3 weeks off to really capitalise on the fast bits. Lins was not far behind, which was a good run as she did the FRA relays yesterday & said she was lacking energy. A double at the weekend is worth three in the week Lins!

Though those slo-mo videos of the relays Jude did seemed like my natural speed today.

All Smiles. John, and Lins on the double.

Stickle Grind

Chris Jackson made a guest turn out for Glossopdale to run his specialty – uphill racing. He sent this in!

I ran Stickle Grind, an uphill only trail race in Langdale. Was 2.4km and 650m of climb. Was good but hard to pace as a lot of it was steps. Sun was out but was windy. Everyone set off at 30 seconds intervals, so hard to judge how fast everyone was. Good fun though.

Well I hear Chris came second overall, which is just phenomenal! Brilliant Chris. You know, you always run better when you’re wearing blue and orange……

Langdale Marathon

Marathon Master Marie Williamson just can’t get enough of this distance, but chuck in >3,500 feet of climb and its more like a fell run! No official results yet but Strava suggests Marie breezed round in 5:32:32. Brilliant Marie (again)!

Limone Extreme Skyrace

Sneaky Kasia Osipowicz was out doing another crazy Skyrace, this time on the shores of Lake Garda in Italy. At 17.5 miles, and a dizzying 8,700 feet of climb, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck! I am certain there is a much bigger story here, and I just wish I knew what it is. So all I can say is, massive congrats on this epic (and the other epic’s), and I’ll quote Kasia directly.

“An absolute privilege to run this race with 70 top of the world athletes. Even though I was the tip of the tail – last person! Rain, mud, wet rock and zero viability. I could have not wished for better conditions. Sprained my ankle at the end…Overall happy”!

So that’s her secret!. Kasia nailed a huge bag of sweets before setting off. Apparently she did pick all the wrappers up though.

Glossop Junior Schools XC

Usually this takes place at St Marys School, but due to the waterlogged field, the venue was moved to Glossopdale 3G. And it was a welcome move, as previous years have been frankly shambolic, with a overly complicated course, guide runner miles infront of the front kid, some going round twice, some not even making it once, and a chaotic finish funnel with kids swapping places before getting their number. Ah, them were the days, but no complaints this year, and Melissa Crutchley (St Marys) and Oliver Mather (Dinting) made an appearance. Oliver ran in the year 5/6 boys race, a 4 lapper coming in a brilliant 32nd place. This was a great race to watch, and there was a kid from St Marys who absolutely blitzed it, finishing a good half lap in front of the rest. Naturally, I suggested to his mum that he is a Harrier if ever I saw one! Meanwhile Melissa ran the corresponding girls race, coming in an impressive 6th. Well done both, and well done to Dinting, who won overall!!!


As always the majority of action in Glossop , and this week young Wyatt Barlow blitzed the course, just slipping in under 26 minutes with 25:59. Well done Wyatt, and an all-time 5k PB no less! Meanwhile Julie Eyre thrashed out a PB over at Sherwood Pines.

Some tourism happened, amongst others, with the Munday clan was out in force taking on the inaugural Millhouses parkrun just outside Sheffield. This should be one on the hitlist of our regular tourists!

The consolidated club report is HERE

Meanwhile Kate Emily was at Junior parkrun with grandson Arthur. The 3 1/2 year old hammered around the course without stopping. A GDH star in the making!?!

Activity Tracker Rant Alert!

Received an amusing email from our resident Ultra addict Nick Ham this week, and it made me giggle so much, it just has to go in!

No big races for me this week, just a few observations of a newbie GPS appliance owner. I hope it’s worth posting. Here goes:

“I think my Polar HRM GPS watch thingy is having a laugh. After last Saturday’s Round Rotherham it was in so much shock with the 1,054% day’s effort it accused me of overreaching. That accusation remained in force all week as I went about my relatively sedentary though by no means inactive working week.

After a month of racing elsewhere, yesterday (Saturday) I was back to Woodbank parkrun. I enjoyed the decadent toffee-cinnamon cake to soak up my cappuccino afterwards in the cafe. It makes the parkrun so worthwhile. 😉 In the afternoon I took the train up to Whaley Bridge to do a 4-dam bimble – 10.2 miles taking in 4 dams. Bearing in mind what’s on next weekend I’m sure you can guess the route (or else check up on Strava). Afterwards the pie and coffee shop opposite the station was heaving, with queue stretching out the door. I didn’t mind waiting for my luxury sausage roll and cup of tea.

Now get this, after two proper runs in one day, my watch was now saying de-training. What’s more, it even had the gall to warn me that such neglect to my physical activity will result in loss of fitness. The impudence. The audacity. As I’ve said before, it has much to learn.”

Other Stuff

Kudos to anyone who recognises these pins, making an appearance on the BBC this week…….

They said it was a bit too “nichey”, but the “knee instrumentation fetish” website has been a smash hit…..

Did you get it? I’d be seriously concerned if you did, so here is that very story and the big reveal…

Spotted out and about, and not to be out”fox”ed (I know, I know) by our other wonderful GDH Juniors, young Fox Scholefield/Barton was out tackling some gnarly terrain on the hill. How cute does he look in that hoody!

“I left them up at the 440m contour. They’re slowing me down and I want recce a few lines”

Tim Budd now has 2 nav routes out, and plenty have had a crack. Do get up there and have a bash – day, night, solo, social. The latest route offers a nice Trigger line, for those taking the plunge in January.

The GDH weekly report is the highlight of everyones week (well, possibly), so please please please let us know what you’re up to. As well as the obvious entertainment, its unbelievably inspiring to read about all the bonkers places and races we find ourselves in. Anything you got, send it to!

Records tumbled, PBs smashed and mud spattered pretty much everywhere…apart from in Manchester maybe.

Well where to start! Actually, I reckon that’s fairly easy, because whatever camp you sit in (he’s amazing/it was too artificial with too much technology), it’s pretty awesome that we saw Kipchoge not just break, but pretty much smash the 2h mark for a marathon on Saturday morning! Saw a stat that only 5 parkruns have been run quicker than he was doing 5kms – now that’s impressive whatever your opinion on the whole thing! Think it left a few folk feeling inspired…he’d barely finished and Pete Wallroth was lacing up his shoes and rallying the troops for a run! Back on home turf, cos we ain’t all in Vienna this weekend, GDH had our own records to beat…and that you did! Read on to hear more about the mud, the hills, the flats, the miles, and the fun that was had!

Langdale Horseshoe

Thanks to Chris Webb for sending in this report from the Langdale Horseshoe, a bit of an epic race 21.1km with a mammoth 1450m climb!

” Langdale marks the end of the big Lakeland races for the year and always draws a great field. This year there was a record turnout of over 400 on a lovely autumn day (it did tip down for the first 20mins, and Bowfell and Crinkle Crags were in clag….but it was sunny otherwise and I class that as lovely!) with 4 Glossopdalers on the start line. It’s a great route with a long climb out of the valley up and round Stickle Tarn before summit inn Thunacar Knott; from there is either fast, boggy descents or rocky climbs and traverses with some sneaky nav around Bowfell and the Crinkles (obviously, that’s where the clag was). I was having a decent race and fancied myself to break 2:30 despite the ropey conditions (I think my best is low 2:20s) but made the mistake of following Paul Tierney off Crinkle Crags. The guy’s done the Wainwright’s and lives in Ambleside, he’s a safe bet to know a good line was my thinking…not so – cue a lot of swearing on his part. It only cost a few mins but that did for the 2:30 target. Alice was running whilst Tim looked after Edith and by the sounds of it had a cracking run, spending plenty of time on her backside (if you’re not falling you’re not going fast enough) and romping home past Team Culshaw at Blea Tarn. Robin and Sarah were there too but I didn’t see them, sorry! Their results are below, it looks like they had a romantic run round together. A quick plug for those thinking about Lakes races for 2020; Langdale was the final counter in both the Lakeland Classic Trophy (a great series of the best longer and harder races in the Lakes: and also the Lakes Grand Prix (shorter, slightly less arduous races but all great: – both series are worth considering or using to choose good race options in the Lake District.”
Chris Webb: 41st in 2:33:01

Robin Hoffmann: 186th in 3:15:28

Sarah Andrew: 187th in 3:15:36

Alice Willson: 328th in 3:52:14

We’ve also had a report in for a very advanced for age Edith- On Saturday mummy (Alice Willson) ran Langdale Horseshoe. Me and daddy started a walk but Joss Naylor thought I was a boy and told us it was too rainy for him so we stopped. I told mummy that the best way to move around is rolling, so she rolled most of the way. Now she has a purple bottom. Chris Webb (41st, 2:33), Sarah Andrew and Robin Hoffman (17th woman, 186th, both 3:15) did very good running. Mummy finished a very tough fell race 47th in 3:52.

GDH’s most hardcore supporter come rain or shine….Edith

Manchester Area Cross Country League – Match 1 Wythenshawe Park

No intro necessary as the write up says it all! Big thanks to speedy Steve Crossman for sending in this brill report!

“XC returned this week meaning that Winter is just round the corner! Conditions for the first race of the season were pleasantly mild & dry, although underfoot was a touch ‘sticky’!

Wythenshawe is renowned as the fast & flat venue, a gentle introduction into some of the more traditional venues.

Wendy Trelease, running her first XC, was the only GDH female competing. Wendy waded, & waltzed round the 4.5 mile course in 41:02, finishing 145th out of 283, in 21st position in her age category. Judging by the comments on Strava, Wendy indicates it’s the ‘hardest thing she’s ever done’………we’ll check on that after the remaining venues!!

The magnificent 7 GDH Hunks that turned up to race the 5.5 miles, all performed admirably in a tough and high standard field of 402 runners.

Simon Toole, popped his XC cherry, finishing with a big smile in 48:27, 341st & 35th MV50

Pete Daly, running on his home patch, cruised round in 43:22, 238th & 22nd MV50

John ‘The Rocket’ Stephenson, steamed round in 51:54, 373rd & 11th MV60

The evergreen Frank Fielding, sporting his GDH retro vest, glided round in 46:14, 301st & 5th MV65

Steve C, 38:19, 103rd & 3rd MV50

David Chrystie-Lowe, chauffeur to most of the team and designated bag drop car, demolished his rivals to run an impressive 44:13, 257th & 3rd MV60

Alex Critcher, now utilising the infamous Beetroot Diet, put his worries that he was haemorrhaging behind him, to beet (Ed: *eye roll*) round the course despite IT band issues in 47:04, 319th & 54th MV40

It was great to see Start2Jog at the race, complete with a tent and a strong showing from their runners in both the female and male races.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Julian Goater in his book The Art of Running Faster, ‘Racing XC can help you become a better runner on any surface by pushing against your limiting factors: It is enormously effective in developing strength, skill, stamina and psychology – mental toughness and stickability are improved too…’

With that in mind, hopefully we can drum up more support for these cracking events. I believe you can enter on the day for the South East Lancs League (1st match at Heaton Park on the 19th Oct) and also you can come and dip your toe in at Chris Webb’s Wednesday Evening  XC Training Sessions, starting soon in Bankswood Park”

Absolutely cracking GDH, great work! Well folks, if that does not leave you inspired…then I dunno! I’m sure Kirsty Sharp will be able to give any more advice/help if you’re tempted with South East Lancs League. Keep your eyes peeled on the FB page where Chris will post details of his Wednesday sessions. Alex C —Daily Mash said Kipchoge credited beetroot shots with his impressive performance, so look forward to seeing how XC round 2 goes 🙂

U didnt believe it when Steve said it was muddy?
see – it doesn’t release it’s victims…you’ll have to wait til next time to see if this Buxton man made it out alive….
aaaaah- u just need to round,not through! easy!

Lakes in a Day

Given the conditions of last year, and Dan Stinton’s tales of the event, i’m surprised anyone would want to ever sign up for this 😉 but it obviously didnt deter 2 of our hardened runners – or perhaps they just didn’t speak to Dan! Big thanks to Els Swan for sending this in – hopefully written from the comfort of the sofa with her feet in some snuggly slippers.

“Lakes in a Day (LiaD) is a 50 mile traverse  with ~4000m of ascent starting at the very top of the Lake District at Caldbeck and finishing at the very bottom, in Cartmel, taking in Blencathra, the Helvellyn Ridge and the western shoreline of Lake Windermere on the way. 

Rich Martin and I were the only Glossopdalers in attendance this year. The race is a tough one with the vast majority of the climbing in the first half. Happily the conditions were much kinder than last year’s Day in a Lake with minimal wading and only light buffeting on the tops. 

The official results are not out yet however based on the event tracker, I finished as 14th Lady (4th vf40) in 14:46 and Rich finished in 16:47, a big PB in comparison to his reccie timings.  There was some great racing at the front of the field apparently with Ricky Lightfoot taking the overall course record, finishing in 8:47 – about the time some of us mere mortals were coming down into Ambleside with another 20 miles to go. He also bagged £2,000 for the course record – or about £222 / hour. Nice if you can!

As always, I need to say a massive thank you to Phil and the girls for their support on the day and also for their tolerance of my increasing levels of catastrophising over the last few weeks; encounters with angry cows; complete nav failure; falling off Halls Fell etc etc.  Interestingly, there was a possible catastrophe which wasn’t on my list – getting between a low flying goose and the lake on which it was planning to land. I will know for next time. 

Many thanks too, to Dan Stinton and Emma Rettig for their advice (Ed – ah so they did speak!) based on having done this race before: don’t scrimp on kit, eat lots and keep going til the finish (all wise words) and to Rich and his running partner, Matthew, for letting me tag along with them over the Fells. 

The race is really well organised with brilliant feed stations, live tracking and the option of changing into dry shoes and socks at Ambleside as the terrain changes from fell to trail – bliss, briefly. As the organisers say “a day never to be forgotten”. 

Absolutely brilliant Els and Rich (and Matthew) – incredible achievement. (and well done to all the supporters – not always an easy job in itself!). Perhaps if you’re after your first 50 miler, this is one for you with a good number of GDH veterans there to give advice!

hmmmm those hoods don’t make it look like the conditions were that kind?!

Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon

Now this has been the talk of the town for some weeks, a bit like Chester marathon there were a good number of GDH targeting this race, all hoping for a PB on this fast course. Happily, today dawned not exactly bright, but definitely not p*ssing it down like it seems to have done the past couple of weeks. Thanks to Paul Peters for sending in this report:

” I’d set myself a pretty ambitious target of 73 mins, and while I’d had a few setbacks in training I wanted to give it a whirl, so I “merrily” set off at target pace. It was all going well for the first 12km or so, almost too well… As I was making my way through Sale my watched beeped for another km, and I did a double take when it was suddenly 10s slower. It woke me up and the next one was on track, but from then on it was a losing battle. 
The last 7km or so was just a mental battle, stuck running by myself, overtaking one person for every 10 that went by me (all wearing their new Nike shoes I might add…), and gradually drifting slower and slower. I finally crossed the line in 75:11, initially a little disappointed. After actually looking at the splits though, I didn’t actually fall off as badly as it felt, and I just overestimated where I was at, and I’m new very happy with my new 4 minute PB! 
Massive thanks to coach J for the pep talk and personal bag drop duties, and to Wendy (I think?) for the on course cheering! And well done to all the other gdh runners out there today.”

Wow fast running Paul! Great work – meanwhile minutes later, others were battling it out and smashing their own PBs!

Jessica Camp – 1h 32m 48 (massive 5 min PB!)

Mike Greenhalgh – 1h 34m 29

David Munday – 2h 45m 32

Susan Moore – 2h 45m 32

Alison Holt – 1h 53m 43

Ian Oates – 1h 44m 59

Steven Rea and his mum- 2h 47m 30

Looks like Coach J’s tuesday sessions are paying off – PBs a plenty! So you know what you gotta do – buy some Nikes, and come on a tuesday and you’ll be flying 🙂 I’m sending my Brooks back…who recommended those?! no, i’m not getting into that conversation again haha.

Rowbothams Round Rotherham

No report from this one, but Strava shows Nick Ham did this 81km epic trail – his 13th go on this. Sounds like the weather was better than normal, but it was …unsurprisingly muddy!

Petzl Night Trail – Coed y Brenin

No report from Claire, but having spied something on FB, and having manned the feed station twice, and ran it once, I can defo write something about this fab event!

Set in the beautiful forests at CyB, this 3h night event starts at 6pm in the light and finishes in the dark at 9pm. Running solo, or in teams of 3, you run 3k laps of the forest with the aim to do the most in the 3h. There’s music, beer, food, fairy lights, glow sticks…it’s seriously good fun! Claire Campbell, feeling brave, entered as a solo which is no mean feat as the temptation is to shoot off quick like the team runners do, but with 90m ascent per lap, it soon saps the legs! Anyway, she clearly paced it perfectly, and i think was 5th female overall and bagged 2nd V40!! Nice one Claire. I reckon this would be great to get a bunch over for this next year – it’s brilliant.

Go Big More fell race

Thanks to eagle eyed Ian for spotting this for me – Steve Knight was out racing this 13 and a bit mile fell race – and pretty darn speedy he did it too! Just over 7 and a half min miles with 500m elevation – that got him just outside the top 10 – well done Steve!

Parkrun corner

See here for the consolidated club report.

We also had this report from Emma Peters travel the long journey south!

“Exciting times for parkrun in the North East with the addition of yet another new parkrun in Newcastle. Jesmond Dene parkrun had their inaugural run this week, making it my closest parkrun at less than 1.5km from my house. Joe Travis was up in the area for work again so the 2 of us ventured over to check it out. There’s some nasty climbing in the first couple of km, followed by some flat loops at the top of the park before a long descent to the finish. Joe finished 10th place in 21:30 and I was 2nd lady (21st overall) in 22:51, setting this as the SW20-24 age category record to beat. Would recommend as an alternative to Newcastle’s Town Moor parkrun if you’re ever up here and missing the hills of Glossop.”

In other news

Hopefully you all saw this on FB – big thanks to Tim Budd for setting up this self-timed nav challenge thingy with checkpoints, where you make your own route between them (that’s kinda it right?!). He’s sent in this :

“Update on Winter TT (FrostbiteTT/nav)10 people had a bash at the first of the routes- “huts and springs”. Times ranged from just over an hour to just over 2 hours.
All were done in daytime, and there weren’t too many navigational howlers. Almost everyone ended up getting the bonus nav point of Hazel’s well.
So well done to (in attempt order), Dave Hogg, Mark Davenport, Ant Walker, Catherine Cleary/Ann Shackleton/Lynne Taylor- joint effort, Andy and Jo Brack, and John Stephenson.

I have a number of the gpx files to look at the different lines people took overlaid on each other, which makes for quite interesting viewing I’ll put a link to it on the facebook page…. because there is a new course out tomorrow. “

Good effort guys -and there’s something to look forward to on a Monday – Cheers Tim!

That’s all for now folks. If you haven’t already, get your torches charged cos it’s definitely that time of year. Jeroen has put the details of the next 8 week cycle of sessions on FB and on the website, so you’ll find all you need to know there. Early bird entries to Manc mara close this week if you fancy a fast and furious spring marathon – there are already a good number signed up. Recces – there are various Trigger recces, and 4 inns recces going on over the next few months, so look out for those (Zoe Barton) – you don’t have to be racing to join them, sometimes a good excuse for a long run with company! And a good chance to have a dabble in the fells if roads are more usually your thing – Wendy M and co looked like they were having fun on Paul’s 4 inns tour.

Autumnal Running Awesomeness Weekly Report

Inspired, perhaps, by amazing performances at the world athletic championships in Doha, Glossopdale Harriers have been doing some brilliant racing this week.  Read on for tales of running daring-do mainly across the lands of the North.

MBNA Chester Marathon (words from Simon Watts)

An eventful day in Chester saw 12 harriers run the marathon with extra supporters on the route too (Bartek, Mandy, Dan, Greg, Sally and Lance, some of whom appear to have been supporting from the pub). For those who haven’t done Chester it’s a scenic, fast course, however with a few “hills” in the last 5 miles.  They’re not Glossop-like hills, but when your legs are in bits, they felt like it. I had underestimated the end of the race and it was diminishing returns, but managed to hang on.

The weather was relatively kind and saw a few PBs from the group…a big well done to Lucy, Wioleta, Will, Luke, Jason, (and me!) with some really well paced efforts. Everyone survived intact, with Luke’s dubious groin injury the main concern, but he still managed a beer on the way home so I don’t think we need to worry.

A massive thank you to Dan, Mandy and Bartek for organising the minibus and thanks to those who made the trip over to support us! It was good to all travel together and made for a great atmosphere. We should try and do that again for future trips, if not just for the minibus beers on the way home!  A great day out on a quick course, keep an eye out for 2020 registration!

Times: Simon Watts 2:58:52, Will Mather 3:14:28, Steve Page 3:26:20, Luke Holme 3:26:44, Lucy Wakinski 3:29:15, Guy Riddell 3:40:00, Ian Crutchley 3:43:41, Tim Culshaw 3:51:34, Antony Johnson 4:02:54, Michael Raynor 4:06:28, Wioleta Wydrych 4:21:45 (with extra kudos for completing her first marathon EVER!) and Jason Hart 3:55:57 (surprisingly also a first marathon.  It can’t be his last though as he apparently needs to go back next year having been accidently awarded the medal for the 26.2km metric race instead).

Hodgson Brothers Relay (courtesy of Matt Crompton and Tim Budd)

From Tim….The weather wasn’t exactly promising for a grand day out around Patterdale. Actually. Yes, it was promising, but it was just promising a deluge.  Immy and Zoe were first up, heading off in the mass start up and over on the fastest underfoot part of the day. Before long, they busted down the short track (400m according to Immy, 1 or 2km according to Zoe) to hand over the baton to Jules and Andy Oliver who proceeded to blat their way up the hill. 

The main comment I caught later was that Jules was disappointed he didn’t get to look at the view more… Maybe he needs to look where he is going? I don’t know.  There were no navigational mishaps as they cruised into the handover point at Kirkstone Pass and released Mark D and Dan S onto Red Screes. By this time, the weather was brightening up a touch and the lads had a very pleasant bimble across the tops before dropping into Sykeside where Tim and Chris W were waiting. They jollied off up the hill in a welter of mud and slip slided their way across Fairfield and down St Sunday. Much fun was had, and I have no idea how fast we ran it.  

Happily, Matt was also there and was able to provide more actual facts.  From Matt….A race that started over 30 years, the Hodgson Brothers Relay sees teams of two taking on four legs of tough Lakelands routes. Setting off and finishing in Patterdale, teams tackle routes that include High Street, Red Screes, Hart Crag, Fairfield and St Sunday Crag. The weather was far better than expected, with only Tim and Chris on the last leg getting a good old Lake District drenching!

This year’s team was as follows: Leg One Immy Trinder and Zoe Barton, Leg two Andy Oliver and Julien Minshull, Leg three Dan Stinton and Mark Davenport, Leg Four Chris Webb and Tim Budd

Everyone did the club proud, and pushed incredibly hard on their legs. Against some of the strongest fell clubs from across the country we had a great result, coming 32nd out of 70 teams. Special mention to Chris and Tim who were 15th quickest pair on the final leg – AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who took part – you were fabulous!

Curbar Commotion

Part of the Accelerate Gritstone series, this 9.8 mile race takes in a variety of tracks and paths through Curbar, Frogatt and Baslow.  Nick Ham seems to have enjoyed a good day out topped off with some stupendous homemade cake. The results are not available however Nick’s race photos suggest that there was at least one other GDH vest in the pack however my ‘back of head’ recognition skills are not good enough to work out who it was.

Just in case anyone is interested (and I have no idea whether there are still places available), there are 2 more events in the Gritstone Series for this year  > 13th October, Windgather Fell Race: 13.5mi  – 2500ft of ascent and  27th October, Grin ‘n Bear It: 15.9mi  – 1939ft of up.

Goyt Valley Striders Trail Race

Tim Crookes and Wendy Trelease joined the Goyt Valley Striders for their trail race on Saturday.  According to the website, the course is a single lap figure of 8 route taking in an undulating 10k of multi-terrain surfaces.  Tim really enjoyed the race, did it in 50.07, knocking a brilliant 1.36 off his 2018 time. Wendy T also appears to have had a great race coming in as 9th MV45 in 55:05.

Rochdale Half Marathon and 10k (courtesy of Wendy McMahon)

Not all of us travelled to Chester this weekend….There was 5 of us today who made our way to the equally as famous Rochdale 10k and half race! Good organised event with both races leaving Rochdale centre and running along the canal with the half running a loop round Hollingworth Lake before heading back.  We was lucky with the weather as earlier in the week it was predicted to rain for the full duration but during the races it probably only rained 50% of the time. So combined with the puddles, mud and sweat, we still all got wet!

Tony and Alex didn’t run as well as they hoped but under their circumstances pulled their big boy pants up and still came in at respectable times many would hope to achieve! It’s only a 40 min drive away and a decent price, so I’m hoping to do this again next year unless I’m persuaded to do the very unpopular Chester race! 

Wendy McMahon, Tony Hillier and Alex Critcher ran the half finishing in 1:52, 1:54 and 1:56 respectively (and numerically pleasingly).  Kirsty Sharp and Craig Leith represented in the club in the 10k both coming in under 40 minutes (39:47 and 39:05). Kirsty was 2nd lady, Tony was 1st V70 and what Wendy modestly does not mention in her write up is that she ran a 2 minute PB!

Coniston Trail Challenge

Kate Bowden was back racing in the Lakes yet again (did she even come home after the 4 Passes last weekend?).  This time it was the 15K Coniston Trail Challenge along footpaths and bridleways, taking in panoramic views of Lake Coniston and the surrounding peaks of the Old Man, Swirl How, Wetherlam and Dow Crags. I’ve no idea how she did but I’m impressed already.

Parkrun Corner

As always, there were Harriers parkrunning all over the place this weekend including Richmond, Oldham, Hyde, Medina IOW, Marple, Penrith, Glossop, The Wammy (see update from Lynne Taylor below), Jersey Farm, Herrington Country and Marple Juniors.  

From Lynne…Mandy Beames and Lynne Taylor did a bit of parkrun tourism to Stoke on Trent this week. There was the choice of either Hanley or The Wammy parkruns to choose from….we obviously chose The Wammy just because of the name. It’s an out and back along an old railway line and reminded us of the Longdendale Trail. The event is really well organised (they were doing a litter pick before we started) and lots of friendly people. The best bit…..they’ve their own dedicated post-run cafe at Newcastle AC clubhouse run by Ken. Hot drinks and cakes available for donations. Definitely chose this one if you’re in the area.

We love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing exploits.  Lucy W. is on report writing duty next week so please do lots more racing and don’t forget to tell her all about it at Have a good week and happy running!


“Splish, Splash, Splosh” Weekly Report

I’ve tried my hardest but, being English, I think it’s physically impossible to not mention the weather – it’s been rubbish!  I went up to Black Hill on Saturday, which actually involved a significant amount of wading, squelching and swearing rather than running.  I do find that no matter how bad the weather, there’s almost always a moment where the rain stops or the mist clears to give a moment of calm where we can reflect on how lucky we are to be able to be out running in the first place.  Enjoy it folks.

Here’s the report!

Berlin Marathon

Sean Phillips must’ve forgotten that Chester was coming up and decided instead to enter Berlin, one of the races in the World Marathon Majors.  Many eyes were glued to the tracker and he maintained a fabulous pace throughout ticking off the first half in 1:26:45 and coming over the line in 2:53:37.  A report from the scene suggest that he finished the race and started eating samosas and drinking hot chocolate and beer, which I’m not sure how to react to.  Absolutely brilliant running Sean! Here’s his report:

We arrive on Thursday, so I could get to the expo, maybe when it was less busy. Ha. And have a wee look around.  We got the the Expo at about 12, and it… was.. err.long.

It’s in an abandoned airport which was pretty cool. But then the queues start.

The longest was the first where you need the QR code and driving license for a wrist band and bag, with lots of advertisements in. Then you go into the hangers all the way to the end for the second queue, still long.. and they check your wristband…Then there are lots of lines, when you get to the front they check the QR and ID and give the bib (they probably have a very good reason for splitting the staff among 3 queues. But beats me).

At Berlin they don’t give out finishers t shirts automatically – you buy one at the Expo. So it was utter chaos in there – and the queue to get a t-shirt was by far the longest. Some were even wearing the top before they’d finished the marathon which seems bad luck!!.

Saturday is parkrun day! But I had decided not do it (I get too excited) but Vicki was there to get the international. On the U-Bahn we instantly met some scousers (naturally), they were serious parkrun tourists talking about going to Namibia for the run…. when we got to the stop it was the blind leading the blind with a ton of brits wondering who’s gonna get out google maps first.

As expected it was a great atmosphere at parkrun, with 733 instead of 136 the previous week.

After we got back, we did just a few touristy things try to keep the step count down and I had the usual pizza pre mara.


I didn’t get much sleep the night before so it was a good early start to get the nutella on bread (didn’t pay for breakfast so it was a lidl shop and no toaster). Getting to the start was pretty easy and I was there 45 mins before for the inevitable toilet queue.

Getting in to the pen was a bit odd. There was no entrance to the waves (unless they expected us to go to a wave further back and push through thousands of people to get to our wave) so people were climbing over the barriers. IT begins.. always exciting when the announce the elites with Bekele.

It’s a bit unfortunate that one of the biggest tourist sights is in the first 1km, but the Victory Column was damn impressive! Other than that there is not really much I remember about a good portion of the race … like all big city runs a good part of it there were just walls of people.

Having always used miles for distances and Berlin using km, I kept trying to calculate how on/off target I was – I found it pretty useful actually to keep my brain busy and my legs mindlessly ticking over. I knew I was on for my target so enjoyed it! Then km 35 came… upto that point it was drizzly but the heavens started to open which coincided with the feeling of ‘ooo, hurts too much now’ when we also tell ourselves ‘there been too many 5am Saturdays to mess it up now!’

So I managed to keep pushing, then seeing the Brandenburg Gate – again very impressive! – at 41km and Vicki was a great pick me up! To finish in 2:53:45, so ecstatic with that 🙂

Then the heavens really opened.. there is then a good old walk to get your medal then fruit, then by the point you’re freezing the poncho is in sight (fair play that was a life saver). Before exiting you have to take the timing chip off.

Now the timing chip I’d not really seen before, think they might be used in tri..? You have to undo you laces to thread it on.. meaning at the end bending down…eugh. This took time, the helpers just shaking the boxes for you to put the chips in..great thanks for not ‘helping’. anywhoo, a good few minutes later I was out finding Vicki!

All in all. Great race! Shame about the weather, it also feels like the organisation sometimes could have been a bit better – also they need to give away more free stuff!

Right I waffled on for too long, but it’s given my legs good time to recover before heading out for a beer and good food.

Fell ‘n’ Back

That pretty much describes every fell race ever doesn’t it?  Well the official Fell’n’Back was in Buxton and set up by Buxton Mountain Rescue.  Nick Ham gives us this report (well, I lifted it from Facebook anyway):

Me and James formed the Glossopdale contingent at yesterday’s Fell ‘n’ Back. What a difference a week makes, from the hot sunshine of Lantern Pike to running in a washing machine.

It’s quite a trek from registration to start, then we ‘enjoyed’ another run back to our cars to get them off the pavements because the organiser was afraid of everyone getting police tickets. We were allowed half an hour’s delay before starting. Thanks to that I got to finish in an oasis of sunshine, hot and flustered after trying and failing to remove my smock on the final descent. A modified route had shortened it to 10.5 miles.

Roche Abbey Marathon

An undulating 6.1-mile lapped race somewhere in Yorkshire.  Marie Williamson ran this on Saturday and the official post-race Strava comment was “Thank Christ that’s over!”  A comment which can no doubt be applied to many situations in life.

Lakeland Four Passes

Four passes? Pah, City strung together 44 passes before slotting that goal in past United last year, surely four is pretty straightforward?  Well not when those four passes happen to be in the Lake District.  The race involves around 19 miles, 1,600m of climbing, taking in four scenic valleys and their adjoining passes starting and finishing in Borrowdale. Kate Bowden (presumably not in full City kit) ran it this weekend.  Here is her report:

This is a cracking route run by Ascend events who opened up this unused LDWA route – closed due to over popularity in the past and I can see why. It’s long enough with enough elevation to be a challenge without being brutal. And the scenery is stunning – whatever the weather. Luckily, aside from running through a lot of water, there was little overhead and the drama of the skies and autumnal scenery was fabulous. It’s a self-navigated route starting in Rosthwaite, heading over to Seathwaite then up Sty Head, over to Wasdale, up Black Sale Pass, over Scarth Gap, Gatesgarth, and finally up Honister Pass before heading back for a cheese pie dinner and pudding. The check points were fab and even had quiche (best running food ever). Ascend offer a handful of similar events, for runners and walkers; friendly, non-competitive, great food, and a huge fancy medal! I loved it, despite some knee pain lingering from the BS – I will be back. (results not yet out, but basically it took ages and I won’t bother checking!)

Do you agree with Kate? Is quiche indeed the “best running food ever”? Answers in the comments.

Peris Horseshoe

Classed as an AL (Absolutely Lovely), the Peris Horseshoe starts in Llanberis on a 28km loop with 2,600m accent including the Snowdon Summit.  Understandably it ended up the bad weather route so skipped Lliwedd and seems to have dropped down the Miners’ Track instead.

Kasia Osipowicz looks like she had a great race with 5th lady and 29th overall.  Chris Jackson raced and reported that it was “wind, rain and proper slippy”.  Perhaps he should have taken his poles?

Holme Valley Trail Half

News just in, Adele Metcalfe  did the Holme Valley Trail Half yesterday , a two-lapper somewhere in the Holme Valley I assume.  Sounds like she won her category – top work!

Parkrun Corner

I just about mustered up the energy to look out of the window and frown at the weather on Saturday morning, but 24 Harriers were stood eagerly on the start line at Manor Park.  No new PBs but it looks like William Mather claimed his 50th run – nice work.  Rumour has it that he’s going to do the next 50 in one go.

It also looks like Joe Travis took the top spot at the Severn Valley Country parkrun – great running!

The consolidated club report is HERE

Top Mileage and climbing

Perhaps this should be renamed as “who got the most soaked this week”? Well the answer is Kirsty Sharp with 96.6km and Jenny Ross on the elevation taking on 3,990m!

Anything Else?

If you see any of the numerous Chester marathon entrants looking like they’re about to explode with energy then they’re obvious struggling with the taper as the race is only next weekend.  I dunno, perhaps give them a hug and feed them some pasta or something.

It’s also the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relays with the team raring to go (I think).

Tuesday: Run fast for a bit and have a rest, repeat.  Something like that will be happening on Tuesday, details from Coach Jeroen soon.

Thursday: Where is the best place to be at 7pm on a Thursday when it’s cold and dark? At the leisure centre of course so that you can do a club social run.  Let’s keep the numbers up during the winter months – be there!

Tim Budd appears to be conjuring up a winter time trial series, follow the Facebook thread for the latest.

It’s been a relatively quiet week for racing so did anything else happen? Lucy Wasinski  got whacked with a hockey ball and has a bruise, and then proceeded to get half of the Longdendale trail down her sock on Sunday morning.  Overall a succesful weekend!

Keep sending stuff in to