“We now have a bus stop at the top of the snake” weekly report

Is anyone else tired? I’ve discovered that toddlers don’t know about the clocks going back, so I have been up since ridiculous’o’clock and now I’m propping open my eyes and I’m almost in tiers (sorry…)

Here’s the weekly report! I didn’t seem to have many photos so I’ve stolen a few from Darren Clarke‘s post earlier! Thanks for the submissions, keep them coming in!

The 2020 Snake Summit Challenge 

Taking advantage of the roadworks, Harriers have been busy taking on a tough 10km with a seemingly never-ending gradual slope up the snake followed by a fast paced downhill.  I had a go on Saturday but next time I’m just going to catch the bus.  I actually found the descent pretty punishing because you have no choice but to run at your fastest pace.  With around 2km to go all I was thinking was “I just don’t want to be running anymore”.

Paul Skuse has been banging the drum so enthusiastically about this one I’m sure you could probably hear it from the top of the snake!  He’s made multiple trips up to the Royal Oak to give support to people who’ve given it a go.  Top supporting (and running) Paul!

Here’s his report:

Apologies for the mix up with dates in the yesterday’s post. I really thought we had an extra day to get a few more names up on the leaderboard. This was a belter of a route. Going up was just fun (well I thought so) whereas the descent was genuinely painful. My heels were burning up to the point I stayed on my tip toes. But I got a PR (and an elusive CR for a few days till Josh smashed it –How fast is he?!!) so it was definitely worth it. 

Results for the 2020 Royal Oak to Snake Summit are: 

  • Joshua Edward Southall 23:23
  • Sean Phillips 25:44  
  • Paul Skuse 26:34  
  • Steve Crossman 26:58  
  • Luke Holme 27:28  
  • William Mather 27:55  
  • Daniel Stinton 27:58 
  • David Chrystie-lowe 30:11 

And the 2020 Royal Oak to the Summit and Back results are: 

  • Joshua Edward Southall 41:35  
  • Paul Skuse 45:21  
  • Sean Phillips 45:41  
  • Steve Crossman 45:50  
  • Daniel Stinton 47:47  
  • William Mather 47:53  
  • Luke Holme 48:19  
  • Guy Riddell 48:52  
  • Pete Wallroth 50:09  
  • David Chrystie-lowe 53:25 
  • Jason Hart 56:50  
  • Ian Oates 64:24 
  • Amanda Kale 82:59 
  • Cathy Murray 93:02 

I hope these are all the results. I can only get the top 10 off Strava. Thanks to all who took part. And I hope to see you at the next TT 🙂 

Langdale Marathon

The organiser bills this as the “toughest UK road marathon” with gradients reaching 1 in 3.  Clearly, they haven’t heard of MPM…

Marie Williamson took it on and continues to complete an amazing amount of marathons and ultras.  Here’s her report:

Yesterday I completed the Langdale marathon (marathon/ultra #84 & 4th this month). I woke up to the sound of the rain pelting outside my YHA window & half wished I lived in a tier 3 area, so I had an excuse to give it a miss. I’d booked myself into the 8am start (6 people to set off every 5 minutes). As it turned out I was the only 8am starter..the others hadn’t turned up. So off I went on my own. For the first mile or so, I was first runner plodding along behind the race car. I was soon caught up by a few people in the next wave though. It was a very wet day & there were many places where paddling was necessary. The course is 2 laps on roads (1 lap for the half), with lots of up & downs. I probably walked far more than I should have..but why ruin a lovely day out in the lakes? The views were stunning with the autumn colours & flowing water & i shared some miles with some fellow past 10in10 runners. Lap 1 took me 2:45:56 & lap 2 took 3:06:57 giving me a 5:52:53 finish time (20 minutes slower than last year) but I didn’t push myself, didn’t hate any of it & didn’t feel like I wanted it to be over. The worst part of the day was driving home, on the motorway,  in that weather!!


Ahhhhh remember those Thursday socials? Well they can still happen as long as they’re limited to six!  Zoe Barton gives us the details of a Thursday session:

Someone else may have already mentioned it but there was a bit of an epic Thursday night social run last night. The route was proposed by Becky A, up over Lordship Hill and Coldharbour Moor to Old woman, then back down doctors gate. A fine team effort finding the route was spearheaded by Jude. There are a few trods up there, most pretty hard to find in the dark, so there was lots of heather bashing fun and even a surprise grouse for Ali. Quality entertainment and I reckon we all slept well. 

Not the Kinder Bastard

Despite some rumblings there was going to be an attempt this weekend, it looked like John Stevenson took on the “Not the Kinder Bastard” which looked like a good route, but definitely didn’t have quite so many groughs and bogs.  The official challenge, devised by Ian “Who Needs Paths” Crutchley, is an out and back across kinder and is officially horrible.  It would be great to see a few more attempts because I had to suffer it so I think other people should as well.

Coastal Trail Series

There was me thinking there’s no races, Chris Smith seems to have found nine of them, and from the looks of things is right up there at the front of the pack with an 8th place finish at the Suffolk Coastal Trail series.  Ree O’Doherty signed up last minute to the same race and bashed round in a great time. Great running both!

Crowden Horseshoe Route

The official race was cancelled back in August.  I don’t know much about it other than it starts in Crowden and presumably follows a kind of horseshoe shape.  Rachel Walton, Mark Davenport, Neal Bann and Matt Crompton had a social run on the route earlier in the week.  All ready for the potential postponed race in January!

Webby Webbinar Without Webb

Steve Crossman looks like he’s taken on the Bankswood franchise for the XC sessions and did some Lydiard Hills.  Legendary running coach Arthur Lydiard knew a thing or two about training and getting athletes to the Olympics, so sounds like a perfect session for muddy Bankswood!

Spice Boys

“All I’m hearing, is that you’re out the band.  That’s what everyone’s saying. That’s all I’m hearing, Jez is out the band”.

Looks like there’s been a line-up change to the Spice Boys.  Better or worse? You decide!

Mile Munching and Elevation Eating

Here’s the stats from the Strava page this week! Epic running/climbing all!

Pete Wallroth 84.7km
Guy Riddell 82.3km
Paul Peters 78.6km
Jessica Camp 84.2km
Wendy McMahon 75.9km
Ree O’Doherty 54.6km
Robin Hoffman 4,722m
Anthony Walker 2,045m
Jason Hart 2,026m
Marie Williamson 1,300m
Kasia Osipowicz 1,210m
Rachel Walton 1,114m


Anything Else?

Keep your eyes on Facebook for the latest but just a reminder for us all: With the darker nights and winter weather on its way, it’s worth checking to see if you’re taking enough/appropriate kit out in the hills.  Check out Tim Budd’s blog on the subject HERE and see Facebook for Lynne Taylor’s video of an example of the strong winds we can be exposed to! It can get brutal up there!

Keep those reports coming in.  It doesn’t have to be races! Anything goes, fun challenges, any achievements, any funny stuff, anything you want to say about running and the club! 😊

Tea for one, an AS, and a Bastard. Its the Weekend Report!

Following a couple of famine weeks in terms of reportable activity, Harries were back feasting this weekend.

Before we get into it, please do let us know when you’ve done something cool, as we love to get this stuff in the report. Reading it is a highlight of my week, I genuinely look forward to it, and I’d like to think its the same for others. And it doesn’t have to be anything epic – super fast, super far, super daft. We inspire each other and it keeps us connected, especially in these strange times.

Anyway enough of that fluffy stuff, masses of Strava activity on road, trails and fells, but here are the highlights, at least of things that I know about!

Abrahams Tea Round

Chris Webb was up in The Lakes, and hammered around the Tea Round solo, before sending this in…

Not a race but this might interest a few folks:

Abraham’s Tea Round is a link up of all the summits that can be seen from the windows of Abraham’s Tea Room in Keswick. It’s ~29miles with 11,500ft and connects some lovely bits of the Lakes without being too epic. You can join the tops in any way you choose but I took what seems to be the most logical route (and therefore most common) with a few tweaks which meant I managed to save a few hundred feet of climb. You leave Keswick and head up Catbells before dropping into Newlands and reversing the Bob Graham route up Robinson, here’s where the route starts to get interesting as you take a direct line down into Gatesgarth and then head steeply up High Stile (I took a terrible but direct line up through the crags….I blame the thick clag!) After ticking off Red Pike you drop back into Buttermere (optional cafe stop….I scoffed a rather nice pasty!) and then head straight up Whiteless Pike. The view from here is epic and some nice paths mean good running over to Hobarton Crag and Grisedale Pike before taking the Coledale Horseshoe scree route up Eel Crag. This ridge ticks off a few summits on the way to Causey Pike (you add Rowling End too in this route) with awesome views on both sides before heading over to Barrow before a trot back to Keswick. Apparently you get free refreshments in the tea room if you complete the route but it was closed this weekend (thanks COVID!) I trotted round at a leisurely pace in 7hrs 9mins and had a fantastic day out. If you’re after a good Lakeland outing with a bit of climb this is well worth a look. More details here: https://georgefisher.co.uk/pages/abrahams-tea-round

PS: looking for something a little closer to home? A quick plug for my own route which has had a fair few completions of late: The Saddleworth 10 Trigs. https://www.gofar.org.uk/saddleworth-10-trigs  Tony Wimbush (Vet70!), the man behind the gofar.org.uk site ran it himself the other day!

Both these routes are firmly on my radar Chris! That “leisurely” time puts Chris as 12th in the list of fastest ever completions. Brilliant!

Where me free brew???

Wansfell Uphill Only

In a race where the name tells you pretty much all you need to know, Chris Jackson made the journey to Ambleside, having done the same last week, only to find he got his dates wrong.

At 1.5 miles and 1300ft, its a long way to go, and particularly when you fly up the hill in 18.27. That effort put Chris in an impressive 48th place in an incredibly strong field.

Lakesman John Pollard was on hand to take some brilliantly blurry photos.

Kinder Bastard

Kinder what??? Born out of a throw away comment from Mark Davenport, and inspired by the local challenges scene, I thought it was time to create my own. But at under 12 miles, and around 900ft of climb, how hard could this challenge possibly be?

Enough foreplay, the challenge is to run from Kinder Corner (large cairn at SK067 899) to Crookstone Knoll (SK145 883) and back again. BUT, you are disqualified if you set foot on the edge path at any point. It therefore necessitates a heather and bog bash over the plateau – through some of the roughest and most pathless terrain on the planet. Whilst the route itself may appear fairly straightforward in a general sense, the mazes of deep groughs mean the route options on a micro scale, are almost infinite. You could do it a hundred times and never quite go the same way.

Note, it can also be done in the opposite direction – Crookstone to Corner and back.

Out and Back, Corner to Crookstone! Edge path = DQ.

I asked Mark if he fancied joining me, and he was so appalled by the idea, he literally switched his phone off for a week. I think Dan Stinton have been inebriated when he agreed, and I told Luke Holme little more than “fancy a run out on Kinder”?

So what happened on the inaugural run? The 3 of us set off in a thick clag, we made steady progress eastward, the terrain relentlessly hard going. There was a lot of swearing going on, and exasperated sighing as we emerged from one grough nightmare, straight into another. We arrived at Crookstone in 1 hour 30, having covered just 6 miles, and it had taken a heavy toll. On the return we were all flagging, and at one point were each using different lines 50 metres apart, trying to find a passable route through, but none of us able to move any quicker than the other. As we approached Kinder Downfall only a mile or so from the end, Luke had a tantrum, and told us to go on. He knew the way from there, so Dan and I cracked on, trying our best to finish strongly. We got back to the cairn in 3:10:20 and waited anxiously for Luke. Would he follow the same route back, or would he bail and come along the edge path? 12 minutes after we finished Luke emerged along the fence line from Sandy Heys trig, having stuck to the challenge and not taking the easy option. Kudos. We were relieved and pleased to see him, and he told us he’d stopped to throw up!

We all agreed it was probably the hardest 12 mile “run” we’d ever done. We reckon we could have managed sub 3 hours on a better day, and whilst this is a challenge that would only appeal to the unhinged amongst us, the FKT is wide open. Goes without saying, this is hard navigationally and full kit is needed, but a strong sense of humour is absolutely essential – since Saturday Dan has unfriended me and Luke has gone into witness protection.

So what’s with the name? A subject of much discussion on our inaugural run, and we just kept coming back to the same thing. It is absolutely fitting, and links nicely to its slightly more conventional older siblings, Killer and Dozen.

Other Huge News….

Steve Page coined the term RUNch, and by the time I’d stopped spewing up in my chicken and mushroom pot noodle, everyone was at it. Pete Tomlin came out as a Trekkie, Zoe Barton is selling a whole house. A few people were after kit advice, whereby predictably and amusingly, only a fraction of the comments were actually relevant or useful. Rob Murphy had a birthday.

Happy Birthday Rob!

Two contenders here for fall of the week…

With the Snake Pass shut, a few Harriers have been having a go at the uphill Strava segment from the Royal Oak to the Snake Summit. Predictably almost, Paul Skuse has proposed a time trial, and you have a week to have a go, as the road re-opens on the 25th October.

On Friday 23rd October Ben Robertson sets off to from Hadfield to Newcastle for his #coalstonewcastle challenge. Setting off around 8am on the Longdendale trail. Anyone who wants to, with obvious social distancing, is welcome to join him for the start, very steady pace…. Ben is looking to average 32 to 36 miles per day, and of course towing the sack of coal! Keep an eye on FB as he’ll be posting updates. Best of luck Ben! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/getoutgetmuddy

Strava Stats

Lets see who’s had too much time on their hands this week, according to Strava…

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (50.2 miles)
Wendy McMahon (41.2 miles)
Amanda Hotley (26.6 miles)
Ladies ClimbMarie Williamson (3,468 ft)
Amanda Hotley (3,112 ft)
Jessica Camp (2,510 ft)
Mens DistanceGuy Riddell (54.4 miles)
Paul Peters (52.5 miles)
Steve Knight (48 miles)
Mens ClimbChris Webb (11,841 ft)
Steve Knight (11,506 ft)
Ant Walker (7,175 ft)

Virtual Cross Country

University of Manchester cross country club have emailed us and asked if Glossopdale Harriers would be interested in entering some teams in a virtual XC relay they are organising.

The format is: Teams of 3, with at least one women / team. The legs are 3k each and it’s £3 per team member. The event is open from the 11th of October to the 31st.  We can enter as many teams as we like. Suitable routes etc still to be discussed – let us know if you have good ideas!

More details about the relays can be found here: https://data.opentrack.run/en-gb/x/2020/GBR/uom3k/

If you are interested please let Paul Skuse know ASAP (on FB, phone etc) and either let us know who is in your team, or we can put teams together as well from people who are interested!

Well, that’s about it for this week. Keep your eye on the GDH Facebook page and please, please keep posting what you’re up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!


Heading towards “Fall Back”: The last of the light evenings

It is another short Sunday missive after yet more days of nearly no racing.  That said, the Harriers are still collectively putting in lots of miles mainly around our local roads, trails and fells with some people venturing away from the shire to find bigger hills, longer trails, wider horizons and usually also cake.

For some of us, one of the biggest challenges of October seems to be working out where we stashed all of the stuff we need to allow us to run safely and cosily through the chillier and darker months…..head torch, hi vis anything, merino everything and, of course, Roosters for the hardy souls planning to venture out into the increasingly deep and chilly boglands.   Pete Tomlin appears to be compiling the ultimate A/W kit list on Facebook if you find any gaps in your running wardrobe over the next few weeks 😉.

So, based on two emails and some social media stalking, these running related things have happened over the last few days….

Kate’s September Charity Trig Challenge (courtesy of Kate B, unsurprisingly)

When I decided to try to raise some money for Crossroads Derbyshire by visiting as many trigs as I could in September, I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for.  It’s been amazing to discover so many new places in the Dark Peak and begin to get a new sense of our beautiful and dramatic landscape.  

The challenge started and finished with a stunning sunset run to Cock Hill followed by a moonrise swim in Swineshaw, with a notable drop in water temperature over the month! Other highlights were navigating myself back from Fairholmes to Glossop via 3 trigs (Alport, Higher Shelf Stones, Cock Hill) in the clag when Sikobe hurt his ankle and couldn’t meet me – the best learning happens when you’re thrown in the deep end and I certainly learned a lot that day; then mid-month the ‘Trig Trog’ was an extended version of the Kinder Trog but included 6 trigs  (Lantern Pike, Harry Hut, Kinder West, Kinder Low, Brown Knoll, Chinley Churn) – the longest route but best ‘mile-to-trig’ ratio by far; and month end saw the ‘Crowden Triangle’, an extension of the Crowden Horseshoe race route including 3 trigs (Featherbed Moss, Black Hill, Hey Edge) and incredible views over Woodhead reservoirs.  Other highlights included Snailsden and Dead Edge End with the lovely addition of a swim in Winscar reservoir, and the Howden Edge Trio (Outer Edge, Margery Hill, Back Tor) with a dip in Slippery Stones pool for the interpid! I also loved watching the sun set over Stanage Edge at High Neb trig.  

 I had intended to include a 2-day Dark Peak 15 Trigs round, and although I was initially disappointed about missing this out, I am happy to have visited them all one way or another. Mind you,  now I’ve endured 3 hours of heather-bashing hell trying to work out the best ‘line’ to/from Emlyn trig, maybe one day …… 

Best of all, I’ve had amazing company and fun with everybody who has joined me and kept me going and between us all we’ve raised £400 to spruce up the women’s refuge garden, which is brilliant! 

>> Well done, Kate!!

Social Media Snippets

For those on Strava:

Peak Raid:  Earlier in the week it looked like Rachel W. and John S. were planning to take part in the next race in the Autumn Peak Raid Series however, on closer examination (triggered by Rachel’s strava route and lovely photos), it appears that the race was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute due to rain-related parking issues.

Marie W. was doing her marathon thing again, this time racking up a whole pile of PRs at the Yorkshire Cakeathon … which was sadly cake-free this year due to Covid restrictions.   

just because….

Not parkrun Corner (sent in from ‘anonymous’)Off the back of her September Trigs training – Congratulations to Kate Bowden for a Glossop NOT parkrun 5k PB of 24:02 (being >70% age grade) this Saturday on a wet course.Who says that one can’t excel long on the fells and the short on the trail / in the park. Not-quite-content-Kate was heard to say – ‘if only i had run 3 seconds faster’… 

News from the Committee

The committee is delighted to announce that Vicki Hamilton has volunteered to become our new Membership Secretary.  It’s great to have members stepping up to help run our club. Please help us to welcome Vicki in her new role.

As always, if you have any running-related exploits to share, we would love to hear from you at gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com.     

Happy autumnal running!

Its the “you have no new emails” weekly report

After a bumper report a week or so, things were looking up – was this the return to racing we’d all long desired?! NOPE! Spoke too soon! Despite refreshing the weekly reports inbox every 5 mins, it seemed it really really is empty 😦  much like my chocolate stash.
So you probably don’t need to bother putting the kettle on and getting yourself a brew, as you’ll have finished reading this by the time the kettle has boiled!

There might not be much racing, but there’s definitely been plenty of running this week!

Topping the Strava distance leaderboard this week are:

  1. Marie Williamson with an impressive 109.7km! (over just 4 runs!)
  2. Paul Peters with 85.3km in 10 runs
  3. Guy Riddell with 81.6km over 7 runs

Some impressive elevation too, those achieving the dizzy heights of Strava’s top 3 climbers are:

  1. Robin Hoffman  with 3938m
  2. Matt Crompton with 2178m 
  3. Paul Skuse with 2169m

London Marathon 2020 

So can’t have gone unnoticed today was the day of the rearranged London Marathon 2020 – but even then, it still wasn’t running as planned with just the elites taking to the streets of London…and even then not exactly doing the London Marathon as it was what, 19 or so laps of a short course?! However, there were LOTS of people doing the “virtual” marathon and running 26.2miles at some point on sunday on a course of their choosing.

Our very own Sue Moore and David Munday got involved, and ran a course into Manchester and back…and via Maccy Ds by the looks of things! Huge well done to Sue who I think has had more than one marathon cancelled this year, so it ended up being that she completed her first marathon ever as a virtual one….nice one Sue (and David!)! Guessing it all went pretty well as they were smiling in all the photos and finished in 5h 32! 

Whilst on the subject of London, thoughts turn to London Marathon 2021 – Ballot entries are now OPEN! They shut at 5pm this Friday so don’t hang around if you fancy a shot – obv no guarantees (slim chance?!) you’ll get a place! https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/how-to-enter/ballot-entry/

What else has been happening this week?

  • Kate Bowden has completed her Sept Trig challenge and raised 400 quid for charity – well done Kate!
  • The GDH virtual Shelf Moor race month is now over, and Emma is busy collating results – watch this space!
  • John Gaffney is on the hunt for a decent waterproof
  • Rob Sheldon has got the CUTEST puppy ever (sorry Ian Crutchley, im sure yours is cute too, but not seen any pics!)
  • It’s definitely turned Autumnal and post-5pm work runs mean you need a head torch now 😦
  • Pete Wallroth has entered the Bullock Smithy ALREADY! Giving him a decent 11 months to get training 🙂
  • Dark and White have cancelled the remainder of their 2021 races (check your inbox if you’ve entered any of these)

Don’t forget, if you’ve got anything you’d like mentioning the weekly report, drop us a line at gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com

Erm, so What are the Rules Now? Its the Weekend Report!

Whilst most of us don’t have a clue whats going on anymore, Harriers everywhere seemed to take to the hills, and engage in the “just point like you know where you are” pose. As always, great to see so many people out and about, both in person and on Strava! Keep it up guys!

Mummy’s Star Ultra

Pete Wallroth, Luke Holme and a couple of pals took themselves on a little jaunt this weekend. Pete sent this in….

Way back when, in a distant time before Covid19, Zoom and bubbles, Luke had diaried in a fundraising ultra marathon route for Mummy’s Star. Basically a massive loop of the Peak District. 

He managed to cajole some workmates (Michael and Chris) to join him too; one an experienced ultra runner, the other had run 20 miles as his furthest. I don’t actually ever remember being asked, but more told that I was doing it too. Fair enough but a new distance for me in the offing too. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise. Starting from Hadfield at 5am on a crisp clear morning we proceeding down the Woodhead Valley, along the Knarr, Crowden, Pike Naze and then CP at the Dog and Partridge. 

Next chunk involved a drop into Langsett before tracing Mickleden Edge to Cut Gate and across to Margery Hill.

From here a drop down to the reservoir edge of Derwent before ascending back up to Lost Lad (always an appropriate visit of Lukes namesake) and then back along Derwent Edge, dropping to the roadside and our next CP at Parkin Clough. Our support Andy putting on an impressive spread at every stop .

Onwards and upwards literally (I despise Parkin Clough with a passion) 

As we eventually came over the top at Win Hill, a moment to savour for Michael as he went through the ultra barrier for the first time. Brilliant achievement anywhere but to have taken 30 miles in his stride on some very hard going terrain made it all ten more impressive. 

Down now to Alston and then up Lose Hill before playing a game of ‘try not to bowl tourists off the edge of the Great Ridge” 

A memorable moment here as I met one of the first families we had supported  at Mummy’s Star a few years back. Wonderful to see her and her husband out running. 

After another refuel the drag kicked in as we trudged up to Lords Seat and across the stones of doom to Brown Knoll. A welcome drop on softer terrain here to Mount Famine and the knowledge of our final CP at Bowden Bridge nearing. An enthusiastic Lucy bounded up with Illy to meet us here and join us for the section up over the lower moors and Chunal before we finally descended into Glossop and Hadfield. A welcome group of family greeted us and and well deserved can of Brew Dog. 

All in a brilliant day, excellently route plan, wonderfully supported. 50 miles, nearly 10,000ft of ascent and over £2,000 raised for Mummy’s Star

An epic Mummy’s Star Ultra Marathon Day ⭐️

When you view it like this, it’s a bloody long way!

Maverick X Series – Bakewell

Chris Smith was down in Bakewell hunting for tarts, but also to take on the 10km trail race, which is very similar to the Bakewell Pudding Race but in reverse. He sent this in….

It was a bright and sunny morning but this was overpowered with a strong icy wind in exposed sections of the course.
I spent 30 minutes in very long covid-secure queues for both registration and start line, setting us off at 15 second intervals.

I went the wrong way towards the end of the course (for the 3rd race this year) and the timing team currently have me 22 minutes slower than my watch time.

So it was great to be racing again, but it doesn’t quite have the buzz of a race day when you freeze your nuts off in a queue for half an hour, then set off on your own, and have no idea what your finish place is until you get home.

Wow. 3rd time this year when there’s only been about 3 races!?! Don’t worry Chris, because you’re now a contender for an even more prestigious trophy, a coveted GDH trophy no less…. Seriously, gutted for Chris as he ran brilliantly and was on for top 3. However, the minor route error incurred heavy penalties, putting him down into 63rd.

Chris receives “the only action shot of 2020” award.

Strava Leaderboard

Lets see who’s had too much time on their hands this week. Although I know Pete Wallroth’s Strava has thrown a wobbler, I’m letting him have it anyhow. Just cos I can!

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (54.7 miles)
Wendy McMahon (42.4 miles)
Kate Bowden (38.4 miles)
Ladies ClimbKasia Osipowicz (6,909 ft)
Kate Bowden (5,688 ft)
Wendy McMahon (4,711 ft)
Mens DistancePete Wallroth (87.6 miles)
Luke Holme (63.9 miles)
Paul Peters (51.3 miles)
Mens ClimbPete Wallroth (14,961 ft)
Robin Hoffman (12,785 ft)
Luke Holme (10,962 ft)

Other News…

While some may say he has a face more suited to radio, Ben Robertson took to the telly box on Sunday morning. Ben was brilliant, and talked about mental health, running around with a tyre, and running to Newcastle with a bag of coal in a trolley. Well worth a watch, and you can find it on BBC Iplayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000n22m/sunday-morning-live-series-11-episode-14

Don’t forget, you have until Wednesday 30th September to register a time for the virtual John Hewitt Memorial Shelf Moor Race. Send your time to Emma Rettig, along with a photo of your FRA compliant kit. Would be great of you could donate your race entry fee to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team https://www.justgiving.com/glossopmrt

Other Huge News….

Marie Williamson is aiming not to get lost so much. Pete Tomlin has a recurring “soft flask” problem, but now has some tablets for it. Ian Crutchley has lost his left big toe nail (again). Chris Smith is getting his mountain bike fixed up. Alan Scholefield is trying to buy his camel back, presumably from whoever he sold it to in the first place.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Keep your eye on the GDH Facebook page and please, please keep posting what you’re up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!


Grab a brew, it’s a biggie. The Weekly report

Due to the impact of coronavirus and local lockdowns, Boris has insisted that only things that happen in England can be published in the weekly report.  Any Welsh or Scottish run reports need to be quarantined for at least two weeks before being published.  Sorry William Mather, perhaps you should have done a Bob Graham?!

It’s been an epic week for the GDH collective with a few great submissions into the GDH inbox.  A bit of Strava stalking has also picked up a few other events taking place throughout the week.

First off though, as big challenges go, the UK rounds are up there with the best of them; Paddy Buckley, Charlie Ramsay and the Glossopdale 3-trigs.  Clearly too fearful of taking on Cock Hill, Shelf Stones and Harry Hut, Will decided to go further afield and stomp around the Paddy Buckley Round the plan for which had to be hastily pulled together after the cancelled Ultra-Trail Snowdonia (UTS). 

Paddy Buckley Round

Here’s Will’s report:

The hardest “run” I’ve ever done.

So after my original race got cancelled 6 days before it, I had to make a quick decision as to what to do, so the Paddy Buckley was the answer. With no Recce, no time to get any support it would be near impossible but as long as I don’t die it should be fun. After speaking to Jason, Luke and Ian who were already coming to Wales to shout abuse at me for the UTS, word got out and before I knew it I got a crew from the amazing GDH gang. This thing had got real within hours. 4 days before and plans were falling into place only for my eldest needing a covid test and I had to self isolate until the results came back but luckily while on that zoom thingy with the support crew it came back negative. We were on. 

The start time was 11pm from Llanberis going in a clockwise direction, leg 1 was with Jason the idea was I’ll be hitting the roughest leg in the dark (which would be slow anyway) as I couldn’t move much slower, then saving me time as I can run on the more runnable ground in the daylight later on.  As we climbed out of llanberis the weather forecast had got it wrong and the winds were horrific. I found out afterwards they were between 50mph and 70mph. As we hit the first summit I was considering bailing for safety reasons, but we cracked on anyway trying to nav while moving over rocks and after doing loops on the Glyders and then tackling a herd of goats on top of Tryfan we made it to the start of leg 2 where Luke would take over. We were already an hour and a half behind schedule but we thought maybe we could pull back a little time as this was a little more runnable but how wrong we were! Any bits that we could try and run the wind would not let us, throwing us around with every step again. Trying to nav it was a bloody long night I eventually made it to Capel Curig to start of leg 3 where Ian and Chris S would be waiting, 3 hours behind schedule I tried the stupid thing of trying to get some time back. I was up on the leg 3 time by 17mins just after the first climb of Siabod and I think this is where I’d really made the mistake my body didn’t like it.

The winds still high on higher ground but the sun had come out and we were getting a nice sun tan on this leg, it was the most difficult leg to navigate but with Chris running 20 yards in front finding all the deepest parts of the bogs and making sure we were following Damian Hall’s record breaking route to the letter and Ian making sure every summit was reached, even the unnamed one, it was going really well even though we were now a little behind time again.

It’s just the camera angle surely?

Zoe and Lins popped up on one of the hills (I have no idea which I had switched off and was just following at this point) and they had decided to bully me. They force fed me eggy naan bread and kept me drinking – they even stripped me (just my race vest).  The last hill on this leg was Cnicht which turned out to be a crawl I’d decided at the top I had to quit as I was moving slower and slower I couldn’t run any more and when I got to the checkpoint I was going to stop, but little did I know Immy is a bully.

Leg 3 ticked off – all plain sailing from now on

I sat eating a gammon butty and basically anything I could, thinking to myself how crap I’d been on this attempt of this round and just wanting to go drink a beer and forget it, but Immy and Dan didn’t travel all this way to watch me feel sorry for myself. After a vote we moved away to start leg 4, I wasn’t running at all now so I was just trying to hike as fast as I could as the dark hit us we were greeted with another Paddy Buckley attempting runner and as we kept overtaking him then him overtaking us I cant of been moving to slow as he had started from Capel (he unfortunately made the decision to stop at Llanberis due to the bad weather)

Just Will, a lovely sunset and a cheese string

After making it over Hebog and a couple of the other lumps I had a little pray to the mountain gods (they told me to do one) we reached Nantlle ridge and I had done this before so picking a good line across there was just about picking the safest. We finally made it to the start of leg 5 where Lara and Chris J was very happy to meet me at midnight (Chris was happy to help but didn’t want to run in the dark or early in the morning and he did both of them in the end).

A bit of a feed and a couple of extra layers on, we set off and straight away into a boggy field where we could hardly see Lara with how long the grass was. We eventually reached the summit of Aran and just after the top I decided I needed to have a power nap for 5 mins out of the horrendous wind as I couldn’t walk in a straight line.  It did work for a while and we made it up to Snowdon all the way to the climb up Cynghorion where, as I was leaning on my cheat sticks, I fell asleep so had to lie down before I fell down for another 5mins. Chris said I had just started to snore before he woke me but I don’t believe him I don’t snore.

By the final couple of hills the sun had come up and it was beautiful the wind had completely dropped and looking back from Moel Eilio I could see some of the hills I had done. We dropped down into Llanberis and reached the finish line where I was met by Jason and Luke. It might of taken the longest time ever recorded for a Paddy Buckley of 33hours and 50mins but it’s done, and without my crew it wouldn’t of been possible at all and I cant thank them enough.

Ready for lap 2

Support Crew:

Jason “checkpoint” Hart

Luke “missile thrower” Holme

Ian “the unnamed” Crutchley

Chris “bog finder” Smith

Zoe “the chatter box” Barton

Lins “I’ll carry that” Palmer

Immy “bully” Trinder

Dan “GPX” Stinton

Chris “I don’t do am runs” Jackson

Lara “the local” Debenham

Love you all

Again the hardest “run” I have ever done.

Paddy Buckley – Leg 4 Aberglaslyn to Pont Caegors

As I was there too, I thought I’d supply a supporter’s eye-view of leg 4:

A trip to Wales on a sunny day?  I’m in! Immy Trinder and I set off around 9am with the aim of supporting Will on leg 4.  We arrived at the car park by Nantmor around noon and were soon joined by Jason and Luke who’d been on the night shift.  We were getting regular text updates from Ian Crutchley on progress and could tell that things were falling behind schedule, so we did the best thing we could think of: proceed to chain drink brews in the car park and discuss how much money Jason was spending on his campervan.  As the afternoon wore on we heard rumours that Will was considering pulling out after leg 3.

When he arrived we all encouraged him to have a sit down and get some much needed calories in.  We let him have five minutes peace and then Immy started work on him to convince him it would be a silly idea to bail at this point.  After almost an hour of pressure, and with the threat of being kicked off the GDH Facebook group, he crumbled and knew there was going to be no choice but to carry on so we headed off to the first summit, Bryn Banog.  After a bit of debating about whether we try to faithfully follow the GPX or just look at the mountain in front and walk up it, we decided on a mixture of both so that everyone could be blamed if it all went wrong.

We were lucky enough to witness a beautiful sunset as we reached the summit of Moel Hebog, but darkness began to descend soon afterwards as we continued along the rocky terrain in torchlight.  The wind had picked up along the Nantlle ridge but thankfully we managed not to get blown off the edge.  Several hours later, and after some incredibly steep climbs, a bit of lying down, praying and some cheese strings, we got to the final summit of the leg – Y Garn – and descended through the forest to be met by an eager crowd (Jason, Chris and Lara) ready to take on the final leg which included Snowdon.

You all know the rest from Will’s report, but massive congratulations for finishing the whole thing!  Amazing effort Will, we all saw the strength of character to get up out of that chair and take on another 13-14 hours of tough terrain overnight.  Of course, it was all worth it though for the ultimate kudos of having a coveted place on the GDH Records and Achievements page – updated HERE!  Top work!

Support Crew

Beehive Five

I know, I know. It’s the Moorfield 5km, but the “Beehive Five” is a much snazzier title in my opinion so I’m sticking with it.  David Christie-Lowe has adopted it as the official parkrun replacement and Paul Skuse now does nothing else but monitor Strava to see who has the fastest time. “Fast Harry” has held the record for a while and we all knew Paul Peters was itching to have a go.  Here’s coach Jeroen’s account:

Not even back for 1 week from university and already Paul Peters is on the hunt, trying to steal your Strava Crowns. In his first “race” outing in and around Glossop, he struck no less than 5 times on the Beehive 5K which is, as all who have done it know, is actually a little longer than 5K.

I was honoured to be asked to pace him round in a time near 18 minutes. After an extensive warm-up routine and change into one of his carefully selected racing shoes from his extensive collection, he set off on Saturday morning at a blistering pace, comfortably under 3min/k. Although he settled into a slightly more sedate pace on the uphill section on Hague Street, he still dropped me before reaching Kidd Road. It was only on the descent, into a stiff breeze, that I caught him back up. We turned left onto Derbyshire Level side-by-side and I managed to stay slightly ahead of him although the pace had picked up quite a bit. We stayed together until he finally and decisively dropped me on the climb up Cliffe Road, back to the Beehive where the clock stopped at 18.07 and a new course record by just over 1 minute. Oh, and did I mention, I was on my bike…..😁

Anyway, you have been warned. The boy is back in town and after your Crown. 

Peak Raid – Explorer Events, Round 1 Autumn Series.

I thought these had been binned by the organisers, but evidently not.  Compasses dusted off, Rachel Walton sent in this report on Peak Raid:

The first of the Explorer Events Autumn series this week round Win Hill and Lose Hill happened on Sunday. I love these events, and really do think anyone should try them – these ones are a good mix of mainly trail and a bit of off-piste nav if you so wish, and it’s up to you how much you push yourself. John S and I were the only GDHers to start as far as I’m aware. Steve Knight and Rich White are also on the start list, but I can’t see them in the results so expect they either didn’t start or are still trudging round the muddy depths of the ladybower plantations. It’s not rained for two weeks. There are still swamps in there. I got a bit worried on the way to the Bamford start seeing ‘Caution Runners’ signs up by the snake summit – that’s a bit far even for a nav event. Apparently after months of bugger all events, two were happening within a 10-mile radius of each other.

Anyway, with registration outside, and a very well organised start area, there wasn’t too much to worry about regarding social distancing. Dibbers were replaced with the MapRunF app which runs off a phone or watch, uses GPS and means you need only get to within a few meters of the checkpoint for your phone to beep, and is ace. You can trot off happy in the knowledge that in this event you aren’t going to waste 20 minutes in a sodding quarry trying to locate the exact boulder some evil event coordinator has hidden the checkpoint kite behind. (This event’s organiser claimed ‘we don’t do that’ after the finish when we were chatting. I have to admit this has happened at other events. More than once. Mainly near Old Glossop)

For those not familiar with the format, you have three hours to get to as many checkpoints as you can. Routes to be decided after the start. You lose points if you get back late. You aren’t allowed to cross certain areas due to access restrictions but other than that you can chose your route based on your ability/foolhardiness. Believe it or not John S and I spent at least half the event not in each other’s company, yet managed to get to all the same checkpoints, though not quite in the same order.  We both finished on 360 points, John 20 seconds faster than me, the cunning navigator that he is.

Rough route – bumble round Thornhill Carrs, Parkin Clough, Wooller Knoll, Win Hill, Hope, Losehill farm, townhead, River Noe, Thornhill.

Only downside. That bloody virus meant no cake at the end.

Trig Bagging

Kate Bowden has had a busy September visiting as many trigs as she can raising fund for Crossroads Derbyshire.  It looks like she’s at 28 trigs at the moment! Check out her fund-raising page HERE

Shelf Moor

I’ve lost track of this now other than reports that Joshua Southall bashed round it in under 50 mins.  It’s “Shelf Moor” month, so get out there and enjoy it!

Cheshire Half Marathon

It look’s like Shaun Chambers got an unexpected PB at the Cheshire Half-Marathon with a rather rapid 1:22:18. Great running!

Peak District Challenge (Bronze)

I can’t help but laugh a little every time I see a “Peak District Challenge” race loop.  I did this myself in 2016 and made the gigantic error of relying on GPS without a care in the world and ran the entire race in the wrong direction.  Whilst I realised after 8km, I decided to carry on anyway. It made for an entertaining day as I arrived at each checkpoint horrifically early (at the start) or horrifically late (at the end).  Anyway, Joe Bowker did it this year, and I’m presuming in the right direction.  Great work Joe!

Target Sprint Time Trial

In an effort to avoid Covid restrictions, Andy Burnett did a target sprint time trial.  I don’t know many details other than it took 4 mins 55 seconds.

Somewhere in Scotland

Mark Davenport posted some great pics on Instagram of his trip to Scotland, but presumably left his sandwiches on Ben Lomond because he ended up doing it twice.

I have no idea where this pic was taken, but what a cracker.

Strava leaderboard

Unsurprisingly, William Mather topped the leaderboard with 124.5km along with Jessica Camp at 87.5km.  Beastly climbing from William Mather also with 9,988m (could have at least rounded it up to 10,000!) and, having done just a few of those climbs with him late into Saturday evening, they were horrible.  We actually created a new measurement by assessing how many “Herod Farms” each climb was.  Immy Trinder topped the woman’s elevation chart with 2,304m, again largely bagged in Wales.

Fell runners of the Future

Pete Wallroth and I took a gentle walk via. Shittern Clough with the little monsters and let them loose to practice their descending.  It turns out they are very good at falling over. Top running Merlin, Flyn and Jacob.

The End is Nigh

Well, the end of this report is here anyway.  So many things going on! Great week harriers! Keep sending those reports in to gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com

All a bit trig-tastic

September is shaping up to be Trig Month in the GDH 2020 Calendar with various challenges centring around these concrete pillars dotted across the high points of our lovely local hills. 

Dark Peak 15 Trigs Report (courtesy of Dan S.)

Last Saturday, Ian CrutchleyLance Hamilton-Griffiths and I took on the Dark Peak 15 Trigs.  It’s a 55 mile route visiting 15 trigs around the Dark Peak.  Established by the Dark Peak Fell Runners, it’s traditionally started “over-there” at the Sportsman with a 15-hour time limit for official completion.  Being over this side of the hill we used the Royal Oak as our official starting point.  Master-planner Ian Crutchley had already done this previously in an anti-clockwise direction scraping dramatically in under 15 hours and for some inexplicable reason wanted to do it again, but this time clockwise and with a schedule to get in around 14 hrs 35 mins.

After a shout-out for support, Sikobe and Bartek Verde offered to join us on the 5am start.  Bartek was no-where to be seen, so with a tight schedule we set off over Shire Hill towards our first trig (Cock Hill).  It turns out Bartek was over by the turning circle and ran to meet us but somehow we crossed paths at Shire Hill and he ended up by the Royal Oak and decided to try and catch us up.  The first section was very claggy and Sikobe decided to drop back after Shelf Stones and we continued on into Alport where we almost immediately lost Lance.  Two remaining of a potential five wasn’t the greatest start to the morning!  We soon teamed back up with Lance at the next trig and carried on. 

A little later we met up with Zoe Barton and Kate Emily.  Kate went back to meet Sikobe (who by now had gone home) and Zoe ran with us for a while.  A lot of the rest is a blur with Ian continually telling us that the terrain “would get better” as we slowly marched through endless heather, ferns and bogs.  A quick pit-stop at the Sportman (well over half-way in this direction) and we were off again.

The weather had been kind to us most of the day but started to get worse on Kinder.  A particular low point for me was the out-and-back to Brown Knoll, a steep drop and climb knowing you’ll soon be doing the reverse!  We were all struggling by now and trudged along kinder in horrible conditions.  “I can’t wait to get off this f**king hill” seemed to be the current mood.

As we approached Harry Hut, it was great to see Lucy Wasinski and Pete Tomlin for the last section and they ran with us back to the Royal Oak.  We knew by now we were comfortably under 15 hours but moments after Ian had said “I’m not bothered about the time now”, I pointed out that if we got a move on we could get under 14.5 hours.  So we “sprinted” along Derbyshire Level and down to the Royal Oak and got back in 14 hrs 26 mins where we were cheered in by Sikobe, Kate and Dan Calverley.  A celebratory pint and we were all done! What an epic day!  Thanks for all of the support everyone!

Not the 15 Trigs Support (Sikobe, Bartek, Kate, Zoe plus Lucy, Pete T and Dan C)

A few harriers couldn’t resist being enticed out on Saturday to support the 3 Merry Lads at the Glossop end of their 15 trigs round. Here are a few snippets from the supporter’s perspective.

Sikobe: My plan was to run with the lads over the first 3 trigs until the descent to Howden, meet Kate and Zoe there and do a few more trigs before looping back to Kate’s car at Fairholmes.  Bartek would too. We set off in our head-torchlight with Bartek messaging from the turning circle that he would catch us up. We took the steep climb up from Shittern Clough and I swear the lads were trying to break Tom Saville’s Strava record for this section of the route, as insurance in case they could not quite break his overall record for the round. Good team nav got us through the dark, clag, and bog to Dog Rock and on to Higher Shelf, by which time my ankle was starting to give me jip. I paused as the 3 lads left the trig in order to stash a wee bottle of whiskey for a later mid-morning GDH group. Turning to chase after them towards Hern Clough and Alport I felt my ankle worsen, and decided to bail at the Pennine Way crossing. I spent the next hour trotting back to Glossop down Doctors Gate. It turns out I played a crucial part in the 3 lads making speed through the clag to Alport because they thought I was hunting them down. 

Bartek’s plan was similar to Sikobe’s, but ended up getting the ‘bombed out’ nomination instead for his very funny Strava trace! Bartek said “I was on the footbridge just off the turning circle at 5am and at the Royal oak at 5:06. We must have missed each other by 200m in the woods I reckon. I then lost about 10 minutes faffing around Shire Hill and made it back to the footbridge at 5:22. I could see your lights climbing up Cock Hill in the distance. I made it to Higher Shelf at 6:29 which I reckon was 11 minutes after you. I would have continued to Alport had I known the way”. 

Zoe and Kate met at Fairholmes as planned and Zoe win’s the trophy for being the only one to actually do what she set out to. After trotting the 3-4 miles down the road to meet the 3 lads at 7:30, she promptly set off with them, helping them find the bogs at Outer Edge and Margery trigs before descending back to her car for the drive home. 

Kate reported: ‘the lads told me they ‘lost Sikobe at Higher Shelf’ but assumed he was behind them, so I set off in the opposite direction to catch him coming down, not realising until I got a signal at Alport Castles that he had bailed! A few moments deliberation and made the obvious decision to continue in a homeward trajectory. A quick look at the map, I realised this was going to be a challenge! So, novice navigator and fell-runner, off I set in the wind and clag in an Alportish direction. Some 3:30 hours later I arrived home having learned a few significant lessons on the way (including how to read a map).  I had a great time, and made it to all 3 trigs. Thanks to the lads for the inspiration. OMG!!! My car’s still in Sheffield 

Sikobe: Kate and I had an evening plan to welcome the 3 lads back at Harry Hut / Derbyshire level. Nursing a sore ankle, I drove up to Moorfield at 6pm and dropped Kate off at gnat hole for her to run up Wormstones to Harry Hut. I waited at Moorfield to see them all run in. Lucy and Pete T also ran past at 6:30 on their way up to welcome them down of the hill. Yet again Kate got caught in the clag, decided not to wait, and ran back down the hill half an hour before they arrived! Lucy Wasinski and Pete Tomlin timed it much better, meeting the 3 lads at Harry Hut. 

It was great to see the lads come in on schedule at the Royal Oak, largely unaware of the chaos endured by various supporters!

Glossop Skyline (courtesy of Pete Wallroth)

I had fancied trying a skyline ish type route around Glossop for some time and so, with Dig Deep recently completed and a longer ultra coming up at the end of September with Luke, it seemed to perfect opportunity to try it. It just happened to also top at 30 miles so maybe a race route of the future when racing is….erm….actually a thing again. 

Plotted a route that took in both our skyline and as many of our local fell races too. Luke and I started off on the trail car park before heading across resers and up onto Tintwistle Knarr. Then decending into Arnfield before picking up the Gravy Pud to Lees hill and breaking up the long saddle of Wild Bank. It really does look a beast of a hill from that angle. Now dropping into Mottram, then Broadbottom and up Woodseats to Charlesworth (this makes up the only road section on the route really). 

Following the Charlesworth Festival fell race now through the tannery and up onto Cown Edge before going down to Plainsteads and hopping between farms to hit the lay-by on Chunal where we’d cached some supplies. Luke unfortunately has to head home at this point due to sickness which is was gutted about but defo the right decision. Onwards now to Harry’s Hut trig, Mill Hill and following the stones of doom all the way to the snake pass multi storey car park before heading up the Bleaklow path.  Took the turn off to the B29 wreck and High Shelf Stones trig here before taking the Shelf Moor race line to Dog Rock. Hopped over the fence here and took the track all the way over to Cock Hill and that was it. The final descent into, first Old Glossop, then finishing in Padfield via Swineshaw. 

The route needs a few tinkerings but there is something here for everyone. Bit of road, path, trail, fell, moorland…..oh and bog. Lots of bog. That track from Dog Rock to Cock Hill that’s on the Shittern Saunter route is a right state.   All in all, very happy. Sneaked it in under 6hrs and another ultra distance under the belt. 30 miles, 4,500ft of climb, 4 trigs, 2 local plane wrecks and the full beauty of Glossop to soak up.

 John Hewitt Memorial Shelf Moor Virtual Race

Don’t forget that the virtual Shelf Moor Race is on until 30. September.  Emma Rettig is the virtual race organiser and will be doing remote kit checks and consolidating the results.  There are trophies for fastest male and female times and the plan is to age- grade the results to decide the winner so the field is wide open.  As an alternative to race fees, donations to Glossop Mountain Rescue would be much appreciated.  For more info, see Emma’s recent FB post.  Good Luck!

Strava League (as @ 14:40 today)

  • Distance Covered: Pete Wallroth (57.8m), Jessica Camp (44.9m), Guy Riddell (42m)
  • Ascent: Robin Hoffman (11,879ft), Pete Wallroth (8,743ft), Immy Trinder (8,183ft)
  • Longest Run: John Gaffney (30.4m), Steve Crossman (30.3m), Pete Wallroth (29.9m)

COVID Update – Andy Brack, GDH COVID Officer

In line with the changes to social distancing requirements that come into force in England as from 14/9, social runs should limit the numbers meeting to 6 and should continue to adhere to social distancing as previously.  This seems to be well observed by the club anyway.  With regard to training, in line with the England Athletics update, this should be unaffected as the sessions will be a COVID secure events, once everything is fully established.  

Appeal to all club members from Paul Skuse

Greetings all. As some of you may already know, Alison Holt has decided to step down from the committee and her position as membership secretary. Don’t panic too much, she’s not leaving the club but after being membership secretary for 5 years and team captain for several years before that, she has more than earned the right to take a back seat.  On behalf of all members, past and present, we would simply like to say thank you to Alison for all of her tireless efforts. It is truly appreciated. 

As well as thanking Alison, we are also now appealing to the membership for someone to volunteer to take on the now vacant role of membership secretary. I think it’s fair to say Alison has done most of the heavy lifting for this year so this offers the chance for an easier than usual transition into the role. In addition, Alison will still be on hand for support and assistance during the handover.  Please note that this does not mean you would have to be an officer of the club or even necessarily on the committee, these aspects would be open for discussion. The Membership Secretary’s responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Register new members and re-affiliate club and individuals with EA (if requested) including payments  
  • Collect annual subs, maintain the membership database, monitor email inbox for membership.secgdh@gmail.com and update membership pages on GDH website 
  • Adding and removing people from the GDH Facebook page and confirming approval of individuals for adding to GDH Strava Group (Ian Oates is the admin) 
  • Keep GDPR documentation up to date as required 
  • Report on membership to committee meetings  
  • Report on membership for previous year to AGM  

If anyone would be willing to fill this essential position or if you have any questions, please contact me at gdhcaptain@gmail.com as soon as possible.  

And finally, whilst we are on the topic of expressing gratitude…

We would also like to say a big thank you to Tim Budd, mighty fine runner and hugely entertaining blogger.  After many (many) running related words over many years, Tim has decided to lay down his GDH weekly report writing pen.  As the originator of what now feels like a club institution, Tim has regaled us with tales of running fact and, more usually, running fiction and his contributions will be sorely missed.  Thanks, Tim!

Tim’s departure leaves a bit of hole in our report writing rota.  If anyone is interested in joining Dan, Lucy, Ian and I to write the occasional blog on the Harriers’ collective running antics, please let us know at gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com.     

Have a good week – keep running and keep staying safe!

Just another normal weekend…or is it?

Tis the season to be jolly!! Ok, no it’s not Christmas, and we don’t wanna get carried away, as it’s early days, but this weekend saw the 2nd weekend in a row where we had a return to racing….of sorts! And the weekly reports inbox wasn’t being repeatedly refreshed on the off chance someone had wanted to share what they’d been up to!

So without further ado, read on to see what’s been happenin’ this week!

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

No it’s not abroad – this is in fact England!

Thanks to Wendy for sending news of what some GDHers have been up to this week:

“Wendy Mcmahon & Nicky Pennington along with a couple of friends completed the three yorkshire peaks on monday.”

If Strava was anything go by, looks like they whizzed over these peaks pretty quickly! Nice one you lot, hope you had a great day!

Screenshot -shot! sorry, not editing it!!

Manor Park Marathon

Well, as sure as day follows night, you can be sure that some time in August there will be a bunch of Harriers going round, and round, and round, and round…(you get the picture) Manor Park in the wee small hours! This year, despite in many ways being VERY different to normal, was no different in this respect! MPM appears to be well and truly fixed into the GDH running calendar. Thanks to founder, fan, and ultimate MPM enthusiast Dan Stinton for sending in an update of the antics:

“It was never going to be quite the same this year with no parkrun to “look forward to”, but nevertheless Manor Park Marathon, along with its even more grotesque big brother Ultra Trail Manor Park, went ahead on Saturday morning.  It started really, really, really early in the morning for Guy Riddell and Bartek Verde who went for the now traditional midnight start.  An immediate route modification was needed to avoid the flooded duck pond meaning a significant amount of time was spent discussing how long the new lap was – we definitely needed Jeroen “Measuring Wheel” Peters out there to verify!

Ben Robertson and Tracey Robinson both joined for a few laps in the middle of night but at some point proceedings were disrupted by a young lady laying comatose somewhere by the parkrun finish line.  Presumably she had collapsed in awe of the mighty running feat unfolding in front of her.  GDH to the rescue of course and I believe she was escorted to her parents car…

I arrived at a slightly more sociable hour of 5:30am and set off with Steve Crossman aiming for the standard 27 laps which he definitely made me work hard for.  As light bathed the park more MPM’ers arrived; Ian Oates, Ian Crutchley, Pete Tomlin, Marie Williamson, Jayne Moreton, Immy Trinder and Dave Jowett.  Ben Robertson came out for a second shift in the morning too carrying his trademark tyre.  Most people were finished shortly after 9am, although there appeared to be an unofficial parkrun happening anyway with some makeshift course markers scattered around the park (no-one from GDH I should add).  Sikobe took on official photography duties and did an excellent job of lurking behind bushes and bins to capture the action.

Results… results…. With no whiteboard for the official lap totals, the results were something like this….

45Guy Riddell9:20:00
32Bartek Verde6:58:05
27Steve Crossman3:36:59
27Daniel Stinton3:37:00
14Ian Crutchley2:11:00
13Pete Tomlin1:58:42
13Ian Oates2:28:36
13Marie Williamson2:37:02
13Jayne Moreton2:37:02
6 (1st shift)3 (2nd Shift)Ben RobertsonTBC
6Immy Trinder0:45:55
5Tracey Robinson1:09:35
3Dave Jowitt0:32:44
0Paul Skuse (Emotional support and coffee drinking)– 
Cross-ton …in step. “cmon Dan, there is the camera…just make it look like it’s easy..say cheeeeeese”
Some 1/2MPMers and a spritely looking UTMPer
A massive bin, a bit of a bench, and if you look really hard…i think that’s Pete and Ian? Not sure why Sikobe was hiding from them?

Well done GDH – quite the socially distanced turnout! Dan – can’t believe you let Crossman beat you by a second!! Also kudos to Ben Robertson who, despite racing Sunday morning, still got out for some laps!

Dig Deep Weekend

Rivelin Running Events happily took over the Dig Deep races when the previous organisers called it a day – relieved they were there to take over as there are a great variety of distances to enjoy, all starting from Whirlow Hall Farm near Sheffield, and they usually attract some GDHers to take on the various races! We’d obviously all wondered whether these bank holiday weekend races would happen at all, but a month or so back it became clear they would…albeit with some restrictions/alterations in place. Not gonna lie, that did mean a bit of panic when I reckon I can’t be the only one out there just enjoying their running and not training for anything in particular as assumed (hoped?!) stuff would be cancelled! Some had clearly not been so lax and had been putting in the effort…guess you can’t just wing it when you are running 60 miles eh!

Anyway, thanks to Emma Rettig for sending in this report from the 30 miler:

“The Bank Holiday weekend brought 3 races for GDH – the Dig Deep 60 and 30 on Saturday and 12.12 on Sunday.

I’d signed up for the 30 at the start of the year and promptly forgot about it in the COVID19 madness. A email from the organisers a few weeks ago with race day details set off a mild panic and after initially offering my place out I was persuaded to give it a go. 

Starting at Whirlow Hall Farm near Sheffield, the event was really well organised and safe. For example, runners were given a 15 minute start window with staggered set off times and clear instructions to not hang around at the end. While these measures are obviously necessary in the circumstances part of the joy of racing is definitely lost. 

Pete Wallroth and I were both running the 30 and the organisers sorted us out with the same start window so there was at least a little GDH camaraderie at the start of the race. After kit check and instructions, we both dibbed in and set off. 

Pete was aiming for under 6 hours and I figured about 7.5 hours would be realistic due to a lack of any specific training. Pete soon disappeared from sight and given the staggered starts I settled in for a long, lonely but hopefully lovely, day out. 

The 30 route is a big loop taking in some Peak District beauties. Stannage and Bradwell Edge feature and climbing Parkin Clough 12 miles into the race to the top of Win Hill is a particular delight! (Ed – it’s what nightmares are made of during a race….!)

Five years ago, the hubby and I had completed this event, power walking our way through it, so I had a vague memory of the route. Plus the organisers insisted on everyone having a gpx download so nav wasn’t an issue.  However, one thing I had forgotten from the previous event was how much of the route was very runnable paths and roads. As a result I got through the first checkpoint at Upper Burbage car park way ahead of schedule and then motored along to the second checkpoint at the bottom of Parkin Clough. I wasn’t getting ahead of myself too much though as the bigger climbs were all in the second half of the route and at this point there was still a long way to go! 

After a water top up and quick snack I steeled myself for the climb. I followed two other 30 miler runners up the hill and we ended up crisscrossing for the rest of the day. Being able to have a few chats and sharing some encouragement along the way made for a much more pleasant day out.

After Win Hill the route drops down into Hope and then takes you along to Bradwell. The cement factory looms large in the landscape for much of the route but at least you always know roughly where you are as a result. 

Coming into the third checkpoint in Bradwell I was with a small group and we encountered a cow on the path. There were a few hair-raising minutes as it stopped and stared us out but eventually it found a way back into the field. Phew! 

A little over half way at this point I began daydreaming about sub 7 hours, especially as there’s a lovely, flat, runnable section along the River Derwent at about 20 miles. The rest of the race went by in a flash of snacks (a nut and Skittle combo was particularly delicious rocket fuel) and chat and before I knew it I was on the same paths we’d come out on and the finish was only a parkrun away. Barring disaster sub 7 was in the bag and I set my sights on under 6:45 to push me to the finish. 

I completed the event in 6:40 and 4th female. Delighted and I promise I wasn’t sandbagging initially my estimated time. Pete had an awesome race too finishing 8th overall and smashing his sub 6 target with 5:32. Top work and a great day out.

I’m sure the other Dig Deep racers will fill you in on their exploits and adventures.”

Wow well done you both, absolutely cracking times! And glad to hear you both enjoyed it – must have been nice to at least see some other runners, as I’ll agree with Emma, it was a bit weird not seeing anyone at the start etc and thinking it would be a lonely run! Massive well done to Pete W for getting his first sub 6h 30 miler….fair smashing it out the park i’d say!! It can’t have gone unnoticed he’s been racking up some good runs, strength training and good miles since we all last raced…all that hard work is defo paying off!!


8th – Pete: 5h32m46

20th – Emma:6h40m19

Dig Deep 60

Luke and Jason can be forgiven having run 60 miles yesterday and FB shows Luke is out on a hot date, so will write something for them 😉

Dig Deep got rid of the 50 mile option, so now if you want an ultra it’s the 30 or 60 to choose from. Jason has done the 60 on at least one occasion (and i’m guessing a few more?) so full well knows what to expect (despite the odd bit of course change)…so he clearly loves this as a race, cos there is just under 3000m ascent in the whole thing, so it is a challenge for sure! Think this was Luke’s first stab at the 60.  Both did absolutely brilliantly:

8th – Luke: 12h41m28

18th – Jason: 15h23m26

Dig Deep 12:12

So having decided that 2019 would be the year I didn’t do an ultra, and failed miserably…2020 has definitely been the year for no ultras, or races obvs!

I hadn’t entered this until I saw the race was going ahead and fancied a go, especially since Mandy Beames raved over it last year despite the weather! So we both entered this one, however Mandy decided that cycling 120 miles would be more of a challenge 😉 so sensibly sat this one out and worked on getting her legs cycling ready! Happily Ben Robertson was quick to snap the place up, so it was Ben and I who headed over to Whirlow today for a 12 mile jaunt through the Limb Valley (great trails), round Lady Cannings, up Burbage Valley (thankfully no cows this week), over Higger Tor (doesn’t get easier, does get muddier – and Ben found himself nearly faceplanting on a rock), skirting off downhill before Carl Wark to perhaps the muddiest and boggiest I have ever seen that section – think we did well if arrived at the bottom still wearing both shoes – and then back to the finish retracing our steps past Lady C and into Limb Valley.

Great route, if a little challenging with the head wind at times, but brilliant to be back out pushing it on a race! Did feel a little strange not seeing anyone until went past runners in the later waves as we got back onto the route where you go out/back. You have to keep reminding yourself you aren’t just out for a run! Low key finish, but we made the most of the trip over and sampled the delights of the gourmet burger van based at Whirlow…rude not too right?!


8th – Lucy: 1h48m56

18th – Ben: 2h03m33

Well done GDH! Something funny going on with the 8th/18th places…!

Beehive 5

David Chrystie-Lowe (and in fact the rest of the C-L family) are still busy burning up the tarmac on the Derbyshire Level on the Beehive 5 route…if you haven’t yet had a bash, give it a go! It’s a cheeky little 5k this…but what goes up has to come down (and back up again) so you get to enjoy the long descent down past Hurst Villa (my dream house….anyone got a spare million and a bit quid they can give me?) onto Sheffield Road before properly killing the quads going up Cross Cliff!

Club records and achievements

Dan S has been beavering away collecting and collating club records for the various race distances for the website/archives (I picture some time capsule-esque container with a piece of old parchment in it, prob stashed in the parkrun shed). Thanks Dan for taking the time to do this, it’ll be great to have a record of some cracking GDH achievements! Dan has sent in this:

“Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the records and achievements page https://glossopdaleharriers.wordpress.com/club-records-achievements/

I’ve added a few extra things ready for upload but am still missing any women’s HM, 10km, 5km fastest times.  I can only add them with your help providing the specific details to include.  I’ll do another update in a week or so if anything else comes in.”

Chairman Update

We are sorry to report that due to an admin glitch with documents that the return to groups of 12 coached session will be delayed for a week or two.

What else has everyone been at?

Chris Jackson finally saw the error of his ways and purchased some win sticks.

Will Mather has been annoyed at the tourists on Snowdon, whilst he was…ermm…also on Snowdon.

Rachel W, Kate B and co saw the big vulture

Pete T smashed 15 min of his half marathon PB, all whilst casually running around Manor Park!

Well that’s about it for this week folks, some big miles all round! Good work, now rest those legs…but not for too long! And don’t forget, don’t set your alarm for your bedroom-kitchen table commute tomorrow….it’s bank holiday! Enjoy!

Gotta love where we live – looking up towards Docs gate

A Race Actually Happened! Its the Weekend Report…

After spending half the afternoon trying to find a picture of Will Mather not sabotaging the photo with an obscene gesture, I eventually gave up, and just went with this one for the cover photo. And yes, you heard it right, a race, well kind of, but which race was it? Well read on and you’ll find out! Plenty of you out and about as normal, and an exciting announcement, so here’s a round up!

In the News

Dan Stinton has done a sterling job in creating our very own Club Achievements page, basically recording some notable club happenings, before they are lost in the mists of time. There is still information missing (particularly female fastest times) and I’m sure there are many more achievements that Harriers will want recorded. If you want anything included, or any corrections, let Dan know the full details and he’ll update the page.


Still a few of you having a go at The Beehive 5, with Lucy Wasinski, David Christie-Lowe and Frank Fielding putting in an impressive time this week. If you haven’t yet, and you fancy a challenge, you should give this one a go!

More dot watching this week as John Kelly took on the Grand Round. This involves doing the UK’s 3 big rounds (Paddy Buckley, Bob Graham, and Charlie Ramsay) and cycling in between them. He completed this in a staggering 130 hours, 43 minutes! Also Donnie Campbell is attempting to break the self propelled Munro record, bagging all 282 in less than 39 days 9 hours.

And in Other Huge News….

Nicola Pennington has broken her bag. Kate Emilys bathroom stinks. Ian Oates got some new shoes.

Llangollen Fell Race

A few Harriers attended one of those things where you go up against other people, and see who can run the fastest. I believe they call it a “race”. Well, it was sort of a race, as Kate Emily will explain…..

A contingent of 5 Harriers visited Llangollen to run in the 17 mile trail and fell time trial (not a fell race). The start was carefully engineered to avoid a build up of runners with staggered start times from 9am – 10:30am. The process felt unusual but safe,  slickly done and very laid back.

With different start times we all ran our own races, so I can only really speak for myself. It was Fab! The weather was dry and warmer than expected as I set off up the road for the first section. Regretting wearing the T shirt and buff but praising myself for the right shoe choice (thanks Lucy for the shoe tips!) only moments before discovering pride really does come before a fall and face planting the mud less than 1/2 mile into the race at the foot of the first slope. For the next 2 miles I didn’t see a soul, and was just  wondering how this would feel over the full distance when I started to catch up the earlier wave on the first hill. Views along this stretch were wonderful and set the tone for the rest of the route. Underground conditions varied throughout with lots of stony paths, muddy trods, some peat bog, and short stretches of road and tracks. My shoes had a good trial and were a resounding success (thanks again Lucy!). The weather was as varied as the paths with some proper fell weather kicking in just as I reached the route summit and a torrential down poor in the last mile I was weirdly grateful for.

Overall a fabulous race (sorry, time trial) I would definitely recommend.

28Sikobe Litaba (3rd V50)2:46:05
34Andrew Baron2:47:29
55Mike Burton2:59:51
71Kate Boden (3rd V50)3:11:09
80Laura Macfarlane3:19:46
Double Trouble. Baron & Burton.

Strava Leaderboard

For those of us addicted to Strava and its stats, here’s a round up on this weeks big movers and shakers… And Remember, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen (of course it most probably did, but I cannot begin to guess what you did!).

Ladies DistanceJessica Camp (50.0 miles)
Wendy McMahon (47.0 miles)
Lucy Wasinski (42 miles)
Ladies ClimbKate Bowden (5,108 ft)
Wendy McMahon (4,177 ft)
Lucy Wasinski (3,967 ft)
Mens DistanceSteve Knight (60.1 miles)
Paul Peters (55.7 miles)
Will Mather (47.4 miles)
Mens ClimbChris Jackson (10,997 ft)
Will Mather (10,138 ft)
Luke Holme (9,845 ft)

Re-start of the Coached Sessions!!

Exciting news, and Thanks to Coach J for the following….

Thanks to sterling work by Andy Brack, I am now confident we can start up the Coached Sessions again. Andy has carried out a most professional and extensive risk assessment and provided guidelines on how to stay safe and adhere to both government and UKA/EA guidelines with regards to organised sessions.

The guidelines from UKA/EA limit the number of athletes that can attend each session to 12 IF the location and session are deemed to be “COVID safe”. We are confident that if everyone follows the guidelines that were drawn up by Andy B, the sessions will indeed be safe. It is for that reason that, for the foreseeable future ALL Coached Sessions will take place on the running track. As we have to keep a record of who attends each session, we will be using Eventbrite. You will be required to sign up and include your contact details so in case it would be necessary for Track&Trace purposes, we have all the data required. The sessions remain, of course, free and the use of Eventbrite is only for administrative purposes. 

For each session, a link will be published. To give everyone an equal opportunity to sign up, the link will not be live immediately but have a day/time when registration opens. The first 12 will bag a place and be notified by email. There will also be a waiting list. If you have a place but find that you cannot make it after all, please cancel your place so it becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.

And finally, I have uploaded 4 documents on the GH Facebook page and have asked Dan Stinton to publish them on the GH website as well. These are:

*Pre-event health questionnaire

*Return to training procedure

*Coronavirus Response Procedure and Scenarios 

*Car-share guidance

Please make sure that you are familiar with the guidelines and procedures herein (Car-share only if applicable). Anyone signing up confirms that they are familiar with and will comply with these guidelines!!  In addition to all this, there will also be a hygiene pack at the session with face masks, hand gel, and anti-bacterial wipes. This is in case you require assistance, after a fall or injury, and keep you and those who may assist you, safe.

So, what can you look forward to in your first Coached Session? How about a “super set”? This combines a bit of (high) speed with a bit of distance.

4x (200-400-800) continuous with 150 seconds or 2½ minutes rest. 200 run as 9-9.5/10. The 400 a little slower at 8.5/10 and the final 800 of each rep at 7.5-8/10IN other words, very fast, 1-mile pace and a little quicker than 5k pace.

How can you reserve your place?

Follow the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coached-session-tuesday-25-august-tickets-117906426295

When does registration open?

Monday at 10 am

This is the first week so please bear with us. I am sure there will be the odd hiccup but I am sure we will be able to iron these out. Just provide feedback

Thanks for your patience. Coach J.

Spotted Out and About

Congrats to Joanne and Andy Brack celebrating their wedding anniversary down in windy Weymouth!

“Well, I think the new boyband hair do really suits me love”.

Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme were up on Bleaklow somewhere, probably lost, and definitely bickering…

“Please not there Luke, I’m reet ticklish just there!”

The Culshaw Crew were Out in the Mynd valleys

“Can you urry up Dad? The pub’ll be open soon”

Joe Travis found a bog, and in quite impressive style.

“I knew it were a mistake to wear me road shoes”

Zoe Barton, Lance Hamilton-Griffiths and Ian Crutchley enjoyed some proper Lakeland weather whilst doing a Bob Graham leg 5 recce.

“A little help here lads? If I move, this whole lots going over!”

Wendy McMahon and Nicola Pennington were doing spot of Nav practice around the Derwent Valley.

“so if we head on a 235 degree bearing, we’ll end up, erm,somewhere on this damn piece of paper!”

Pete Tomlin, the Wasinski Crew and Pete Wallroth were our recceing the Dig Deep 12.12.

“For the report, lets make the first action shot in like, forever!”

Paul Amos had a crack at the Gravy Pud route.

“I must have Crowned the Lees Hill climb. Literally flew up it!”

Chris Jackson, Luke Holme and Will Mather were out UTS recceing in Wales.

“Well its not like he’ll photoshop some flowers in me hand is it?”

And Finally….

Keep your eye on Facebook, and get yourself out for a little exercise and socialising in groups of 6. Thursday socials are having a resurgence. Chris Smith has his strength session on Wednesday mornings. Matt Crompton has been doing regular midweek hill-rep sessions. Then there’s of course the Sunday morning reser crew with Jeroen Peters and David Christie-Lowe. And if you want to run with company, just post up!

Don’t forget, its Manor Park Marathon on Saturday 29th August, where it has become somewhat tradition to rock up and do laps of Glossop Parkrun course, and in some cases lots and lots of laps. Obviously this year will be a little different, so please let Dan Stinton know if you intend to come down, just so we can be semi organised.

Entries are open for Doctors Gate Fell Race, scheduled for October 18th (we hope). One of the few local AL races (even under normal circumstances), if you like a tough, heathery, navvy route, then this is the one for you.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Please, please keep posting what your up to, and we really like pictures too! Stay sensible and stay safe!


Stay in! Go out (but only Mon-Wed)! The Weekly Report

The GDH inbox looking a bit like my beer glass today: pretty empty! Let’s have a look at the stats!

Guy Riddell taking the distance crown with 89.9km and Jess Camp with 82.9km.  Some serious hill climbing has been going on with Robin Hoffmann stomping up 3,966m and Kasia Osipowicz taking on 3, 362m.

Harriers have been all over the place of course.  A few random Strava spots: –

  • Chris Smith did an actual race! The Stour Valley Path!
  • Lins Palmer did some serious climbing in the Lakes
  • Josh Southall popped out and did the Yorkshire 3-peaks
  • Jess Camp talked at Guy Riddell
  • Rachel Walton trespassed (only a little bit)
  • Will Mather and Luke Holme continue to run really far all the time
  • Pete Wallroth continually pointed in the wrong direction
  • Chris Jackson moaned about the weather
  • Immy Trinder ran fast round Hurst Crescent
  • Ian Oates is tapering for #MPM
  • Lots of other things happened

I’m still looking for GDH records and achievements.  If you want anything included let me know, please be at detailed as you can!  Frank Fielding has given me a lot of historic info which I need to work through, but I have very few women’s race times.  Let’s get it recorded!  Here’s the current link (Frank’s info is yet to be included):


Anything else?

  • MPM: Saturady 29th August.
  • UTMP: Saturday 29th August
  • Any amount of lap around the park: Saturday 29th August.

It’s Tuesday, you don’t know what to do… Here’s an idea! Jeroen’s Speed Sesh! JUST DO IT!

NOT Coached Session 17-23 August

This really will (should?) be the very last of the “NOT” sessions. I have met and worked with our newly appointed COVID-Officer, Andy Brack who has done an amazing amount of work in very little time. He has reviewed all aspects of the Coached Sessions. I can share with you that, initially, all Coached Sessions will be on the Running Track when they re-start. This ensures that a very strict protocol will be in place that ensures the highest possible level of a COVID-secure environment. I am having another, hopefully, final meeting later today to get all aspects of planning signed-off and making sure everything will be in place for next week.

So back to the business in hand, this week’s session. If you thought last week’s 400m reps were short and fast……

This week, you’ll be halving the reps, making it 200m reps. But as with the previous week, shorter reps mean higher pace so these may hurt, just a little 😅:

20 x 200m with 100m jog in between. The pace for your 200m reps is ~ 1-mile pace. That means between 5 (for the fast runners) and 8 ( if you regard yourself not in the “elite” category) seconds faster over 200m than your 5K pace or 9/10 RPE. In other words, that “feels” fast (because it is!). Your recovery between each rep is about 1/2 marathon pace or 6-6.5/10 RPE.

Two examples: 5K time is 20.50 or 50 seconds over 200m so your target pace for each rep is ~45 seconds.

Your 5K time is 28.00 or 1m07s over 200m so your 200 target pace for each rep is 1m01s.

The advantage of running these reps fast will help your running efficiency. Doing that many without rest but a “dynamic” recovery will aid your speed endurance.

In other words:

  • 20x (200m @1-mile pace and 100m 1/2 marathon pace) continuous.
  • As you are starting with such a high pace, ensure this is reflected in your warm-up. So, quite an intense warm-up that gets the heart pumping and breathing deep. Consider the following after your 1k or 1m warmup jog:
  • *3x 30-second jogging on the spot, last 10 seconds of each at max pace. 30 seconds walk in between.
  • *30 seconds High Knees.
  • *3x 30 seconds fast skips (drive down raised leg hard and use arms!) 30 walk in between.
  • *30 seconds butt kicks
  • *3x 20m back-pedal (running backward), walk back.
  • Do not start the main set until your heart rate is down a little and breathing close to normal.

Coach J

Have a good week folks and send stuff in to gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com