Bradder Week – weekend report

I have to say, it’s easier to write these when you’ve had a beer. I think I’ve got everything in this week. Let me know if I missed anything. Looking forward to seeing you all at the party next Saturday, even if only for a chat and a beer. It’d be great to catch up in real life as opposed to just chatting over email.

Denis Stitt

As far as I am aware, Mary Jeal was the only one of the Blue and Orange Brigade to venture to Holmfirth for the Denis Stitt race this time around. No idea on timings – though I am sure that results etc will be forthcoming at some point in the near future. What we do know is that Mary came in 1st V50. Booyah. Wine all round.


It’s the welldressing week in Bradwell, hence the larger than normal number of races on in the village at the moment. The early week fast up and down spectacular was run by a good number of our motley crew. Skusey was blisteringly fast up the hill and is continuing with his superb summer form. Rob Sheldon is progressing well through the ranks and managed to put at least a minute into Pete Wallroth who also seems to be racing as much as possible this summer. Mary Jeal rocked in in 92nd, and its a good thing she told me she was running as the results have her down as Mary Jud who is unaffiliated, and Neil McGraw and Ben Naylor came in nearly, but not quite hand in hand as Ben continues his quest to nosedive on every short course around the Peak district.
11th Paul Skuse 28:51
52 Rob Sheldon 33:19
64 Pete Walroth 34:40
92 Mary Jeal 37:32
114 Neil Mcgraw 39:37
115 Ben Naylor 39:49

Eccles pike

Crikey, well a fair few of you went across to Eccles Pike for the delight(!) that is the fell race there. (personally, I did it about 8 years ago and swore never to do the damn thing again… can’t remember why, maybe I should go there and do it again to remember)…A fair few of the regular midweek racers were absent as it seems they were either tired from Bradwell, or girding themselves for the Long/Short tour of Bradwell later in the week. Not so for Luke Holme, who decided to put in a little dig just prior to the minor epic at the weekend. Mark Milns took the club honours, with Phil Swan (from appearances in the photos) seemed to be taking the whole thing far too easily. Pete Nicholson and Joe Travis may well have had a bit of a barny considering they finished within a second of each other, with Luke trailing by a minute. Emma Peters – as ever in a class of her very own, while Beccy Ashworth got the better of Alison Holt on the run in. Neil McGraw was out there giving his all, and we were brought home by the legend that is Neil Shuttleworth.

34 Mark Milns 29:16
43 Phil Swan 29:46
47 Pete Nicholson 30:22
48 Joe Travis 30:23
59 Rob Sheldon 32:07
74 Luke Holme 33:21
117 Emma Peters 37:10
125 Rebecca Ashworth 39:19
127 Alison Holt 39:33
156 Neil McGraw 46:02
164 Neil Shuttleworth 49:47


Turner Landscape

Ben Tetler was up at the Turner Landscape this weekend – an English Champs race. He is on fiery form at the moment and got around in a superb 1:40. In terms of placing – I’m not entirely sure where that put him – though I’m fairly confident that he will have been in the top 50. Bodes well for his impending assault on the Champs next year.

Long and short tour of Bradwell

Short tour was run with a bevvy of bro’s – Steve Pepper, Pete Wallroth, Des Mitchell and Clive who ambled their way around the delightful route. I haven’t really been given

short tour

Short tour lot

any idea as to the well being of everyone- apart from the fact it was a tad warm. They all completed. As you would expect, though Pepper has singularly failed to give me anymore information, so I’m going to have to say he was the flagging member and had to be bodily carried for the vast majority of the race, only coming-to when presented with an icecream 200m from the end whereupon he made a “magnificent” recovery and sprinted to the end where the adoring crowds applauded him with as much irony as possible.  The Long tour was taken on by some hardy souls that didn’t mind the heat, the humidity and the horrendous amount of up and down they had to contend with along with the distance. Paul Skuse marched around in good time along with Luke “the suffer monkey” Holme and Emma “put the boot in” Rettig. I understand that they enjoyed a pleasant mooch around the course. Well, 2 of them did. Luke was a little under the weather, though we’re not allowed to mention that as he is a toughie. Emma put in some sharp accelerations just to let him know who was boss, but they finished as a posse in the end.  Marie Williamson was a mere few minutes behind the triumphant trio, bagging another ultra in her long marathon year and Nick Ham was in fact first in of the GDH lot, battering the course into submission.

….. having just written all that – Skusey has just emailed me….

Sorry, you’re getting another version now….

No idea if you’ve got any reports from this weekend – The Long tour was ace. Really well organized with brilliant support at the numerous CP’s. Nick Ham lead the way for GDH (we ran with him for a bit but he kept sprinting away when he saw us 🙂 ). Luke was having a bit of a mare and felt nauseated (not nauseous -I saw that on the Big Bang Theory) but pushed on through to complete what he felt was the hardest run he’d ever done, Emma just cruised around with a big smile and a sweat stained backside. I didn’t wee all day which was a bit worrying. Finally managed to have a wee at 8 in the evening! No idea about times. Nick came in first, Emma, Luke and I came in as a team and Marie was just a few minutes behind us. If you’ve not done it, get on it. Forget racing, it’s just a cracking day out.

Preston 10 miler

Well. The only thing I know about this is that David Chrystie – Lowe posted this up on Strava. So I guess – in the best traditions of my guesses on these things, that it was probably a 10 miler and it was probably in Preston. (you never know with these things)…. his Garmin registered as finishing in 1:17, so…. there you go.

Saddleworth 10k

Again, I know nothing about this – apart from the fact that it is in Saddleworth, its 10k, and as Tony Hillier ran it, it is probably on road. He monstered around the course in 50 mins or so according to his Strava profile, which is now back up and working. (hallelujah).


A few people were about at Parkrun this weekend. Kirsty Sharp Celebrated her 100th parkrun, and there was indeed cake. Will Mather helped celebrate by ringing the PB bell, and Paul Stitt should have done so as well, but didn’t really know what time he ran until the results came out. Josie Swan also nailed another PB, gradually working her way towards 70% age-grading, and Beccy Coward also recorded a PB this week as well…. as ever, dry ground is good proving ground!

Other Stuff

Relays – let us know if you’re interested/able to do either of the relays – Hodgson Brother Mountain Relay, or FRA relays. I believe there might be some information coming out about the Cross Keys as well – talk to Jude, Me or Matt Crompton about any of these, and if we don’t know what you’re on about, we’ll direct you to the right person.

Next Sat – 18th is the Pennine/GDH trial from the Beehive to the Royal. Turn up, run, get a lift back. (or, indeed, run back). Even more importantly, in the evening is the Summer party at Ben’s with music, dancing, a couple of kegs of beer, as much food as you want to bring/eat and general liveliness. Come along and chat with the rest of the club, be Social. (Be Drunk, Be Dancey).


It’s been a long week – Weekend report

This week has been long. I’m sure you’re all aware of the events of Tuesday and that we have lost a fine club member. Nev McGraw will be greatly missed. Neil will be running the races that Nev had in his diary – this week he’ll be at Bradwell on Tuesday and Eccles Pike on Wednesday. It’d be great to get as much Blue and Orange out there as possible.  There isn’t a lot that I can say really, apart from what an amazing group of people you lot are – coming together and supporting each other and the family.

Keep running. Keep supporting each other. Keep it real.

Cracken Edge

It would seem that a bunch of you decided that Cracken Edge would be the perfect place to go on a sultry Wednesday evening. The initial hill is always a bit of fun, followed by the inevitable flat/grind/flat/grind of the ascent through the quarries at the back. Looks like some pretty good performances, and some fun times were had on the hill. I have no idea if there was a ladies team prize awarded this year… having heard no hoo-ha about it, Im guessing they did?

4 Ben Tetler 00:45:39 1st V40
26 Steve Knight 00:50:52
40 Jill Wood 00:53:17 2nd Lady
58 Steve Page 00:56:31
71 Andrew Fox 00:58:05
73 William Mather 00:58:11
77 Matt Crompton 00:58:34
78 Peter Savage 00:58:40
106 Harsharn Gill 01:02:52
117 Nick Ham 01:03:52
139 Ian Crutchley 01:06:35
155 Steven Pepper 01:08:46
160 John Stephenson 01:09:02
161 Jude Stansfield 01:09:25
169 Wendy Trelease 01:11:19
170 Mary Jeal 01:11:31 2nd FV55
178 Andy Wilkins 01:12:15
192 Beccy Ashworth 01:16:41 1st FV50
194 Alison Holt 01:16:53 2nd FV50
195 Roger Hart 01:18:00
197 Luke Holme 01:19:12

Sale Sizzler

The 3rd Sizzler of the season was run with a minutes silence for Nev. Tony Hillier blasted around with his seasons best 5k time of 23:25, Neil Mcgraw came in with Chris Harrison at 23:54, and David Chrystie-Lowe was there in about 22mins, but I couldn’t see him on the results, so I just got the time off strava.

James Thorn

Champs race – at the whim of others – was changed from last week to this, and unfortunately clashed with another champs race as well. What can you do? It was ridiculously hot this time around (in what has become the main selling point of this summer), and I, for one, was kind of glad to have to be in A&E instead of hooning my way up a hill at as high a speed as possible. It seems that there were, again many of the GDH crowd around not just to run, but also to support and generally take in the atmosphere at the race- which I was pretty disappointed to miss.

Skusey had a couple of words to say though…. Okay – Loads of GDH. We had a minutes silence for our friend Nev. It was way too hot to run. Im guessing at least 40 degrees C. Sweat was dripping down my back just walking up to the start. Lots of support but I ran with my head down so I’m not entirely sure who they all were but it was very much appreciated nonetheless. Immy was slightly the worse for wear from the night before, Dan S threw up cos he’s a wuss, Si Toole wore a Tee and a vest cos he’s off his head and John S ran in a crop top. The results board is too small for me to read but brilliant running across the board. Proud to be GDH!james thorn

Luckily- Dan Stinton sent me a higher res picture of the results…. so… here are the scores on the doors.

3 Ben Tetler 34:49
6 Paul Peters 37:27
7 Paul Skuse 37:55
10 Sean Phillips 40:58
13 Immy Trinder 41:25
14 Dan Stinton 42:33
15 Mark Davenport 43:04
18 Andy Fox 44:44
24 Joe Travis 47:41
26 Clive Hope 48:31
36 Ian Oates 52:15
38 Simon Toole 52:32
41 John Stephenson 53:53
42 Jo Brack 53:59
46 Emma Peters 54:46
48 Roger Hart 57:03
49 Ali Holt 60:13
53 Neil McGraw 61:45
54 Neil Shuttleworth 72:02

I believe GDH won both blokes and ladies team prizes, at at guess Immy was 2nd female, looks like Ben Tetler was 3rd overall – seeing as the top 3 were all V40, I have no idea how that go played in terms of who won the V40/Sen prizes… no matter. Everyone was probably at the bar anyway….


York 10k

Liam and Paul Amos braved the insanely hot weather over in York for the York 10k. It seems that Liam came in just under the hour while Paul opted for the “pub” route and came in just over the hour. York 10k

Dovedale Dipper

As I originally wrote this, the best I could have given you was that 5 people went to Dovedale- and that is only because they were on facebook talking about lifts….

What I know now- from a missive from Marie Williamson is this… Marie and Jayne Moreton finished in 6:30, Nick Ham came in about 5:53ish while Beccy Smith and Craig Smith may or may not have been a lot more speedy – but apparently didn’t hang around for a baked potato afterwards…. in that heat… who can blame them?


Aboyne Highland Games

Andy Burnett must be up visiting the ancestral home in the North as he was running the Hill race in the Aboyne Highland games. Flying the Blue and Orange high, he completed the 12k course in about 1hr5. Andy had this to say on Strava…North of the Border with my Glossopdale Top on I met people who knew Nev and of his passing. They pass their respects to the McGraw family, particularly Rod Campbell and Sue Taylor.

Peak Skyline

I had no idea this was a thing until I got an email from Els Swan just now.  I did the Peak Skyline today – 30 properly scorching trail miles in slightly more than 7 hours. I have no idea about my placing, frankly I am just happy to have finished. Thx. Els
Having done some research (yes, really) – I can see that Els was 48th and 7th Lady in 7:12. Stonking effort there for 30 odd miles with 2000ft of elevation in this heat!


Parkrun in Glossop was quite an affair this week with a sea of Blue and Orange turning out to pay their respects to Nev. Ben Tetler set the pace with a New PB this week, with Mark Davenport following suit, as did Luke Holme and Paul Drury.

As ever – consolidated results – here

sea of blue

Thanks to Alan Scholefield for all the pics on facebook


I’m casting about for people who might be interested in running the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay in early October and the FRA relays in Mid October. For those who don’t know- Hodgson Bros is run over the same route every year and is run in pairs. It would be great to put a mixed team in for this (2 male pairs and 2 female pairs), drop me a line if you are interested. Equally- the FRA relays are for teams of 6 – 2 pairs and 2 solo legs. I’m organising the blokes and Jude will be organising the ladies. Get in touch if you have any interest. If you don’t – don’t be surprised if we contact you.

Social run on the 16th August

I understand there will be a social run organised on Wed 15th August as a memorial for Nev. So far the only info I have is that Caity will be putting some more information on Facebook at some point. (apologies if this is incorrect – I’m passing on what I’ve been given).

So – more knowledge will be forthcoming as and when we know what it is. Until, then – watch that/this/the other space.

Rain dance – weekend report

Ah, so the rain has finally come back, if only for a few days. There have been a fair few people out and about doing bits and pieces, thanks muchly to Paul Skuse and Dan Stinton for their contributions.

Stoney Middleton

From our weekly Skuse-like correspondent…. (Im worried about whats going to happen to him when the midweek racing dries up… wandering around mumbling about “the good old days of the summer”… who knows?).

Another hot one. A really hot one. Sweaty before we started hot. And humid. Hot and humid. You get the idea. Matt Crompton, a seasoned veteran of the Stoney Middleton race gave us a quick overview of the route but it went over my head. I was a little surprised at the size of the field, 213 runners. Not bad for a thursday night. With only the vaguest idea of the route we were off. Pete Wallroth set off like his shoes were on fire. He got mixed up in the lead pack on a single track and couldn’t get out the way so had to maintain pace till the path widened out. I like to think of him screaming “Heeelp Meee!” as he was caught up in the stampede. The lead runners set off at a mental pace (trying to get away from Pete perhaps 🙂 ) but then everything settled once on the steep prolonged climb out of the village. This is a climbers race, nothing technical just how hard can you keep on pace. A very brief but welcome shower cooled things down for maybe a minute but then it was back in the heat and finish the climb. You just had to keep the foot on the gas and try to stop anyone getting past on the descent. My legs were spent after Millbrook so I’m happy(ish) to get 7th but feel there’s a lot more to be done here. Matt Crompton came in 53rd looking lobster red but took a massive 1 min 40 off his time. Kudos. Heather Jansevska came in 66th. Pete took 111th having found a more sensible pace than his opening dash (I’ve to check that out on Strava. Seriously, he started like a 100m sprinter!) John Stephenson and Rebecca Smoth took 114 and 115 respectively. John came in sweat free and looking far too fresh for my taste. Nev rocked up at 184th with a suitably hard earned sweaty brow. I don’t think this race is for everyone but if you like hilly trails and roads (Buxworth 5 style), get this one marked down for next year.


Millbrook Monster

Although Paul very kindly offered to send me in a report for this one I didn;t take him up on it – mainly because I didn’t read his message until just now, and it would have been a little cruel to try and get him to turn (an honest) report around in about 10 mins. From the results it seems like the 10k slightly favoured those happier on rougher terrain, but then again, I might be talking nonsense.

5 39:58 Ben “legs of steel” Tetler
7 40:17 Paul “legs to steal” Peters
9 41:09 Stevie “you stay back skuse” Knowles 1st v45
10 41:39 Paul “no-one told me racing was this much fun” Skuse
30 47:32 Steve “easy rider” Page
49 50:14 Joe “speedy” Travis
52 50:24 Ian “got away from the kids” Crutchley
68 51:43 Frank “the statesman” Fielding 1st v65
73 52:03 Dez “why can’t I wear hi-vis” Mitchell
83 53:16 Clive “castleton to” Hope
99 56:03 Nick “ultra” Ham
103 56:39 Emma “the power” Rettig
119 58:21 Emma “neck and neck” Peters
120 58:21 Jo Neck and neck”  Brack
147 1:02:10 Charmayne “aint no swimming in this one” Brierley


Tetler bides his time….

Lakeland 50

A quick report from me on the Lakeland 50 this weekend. Dan Stinton was up escaping from fatherhood duties – he must have got some Brownie points somewhere along the way…?

Heading up to Coniston on a rather glorious and warm Friday, all the chatter around the campsite was how to deal with the heat. Oh, how we needn’t have worried!  A day of typical English weather – from glimmers of hope (sunshine) to drizzle, sideways rain and a solitary thunderclap followed by “inside the hood” hail. It was a fantastic trek from Dalemain in the North down to Coniston, with all your typical rugged lake District terrain and some very steep climbs. I crossed the line in 11:12 as both first and last GDH (I think??)dan

Tour des Fiz

Now this is a bit of an epic by anyones standards, even if it is on your doorstep for 2 days a week. (by that I mean that Jenny goes back to Cham, not that the Fiz moves around the place like some multi-dimensional book shop). Jenny Ross was back in the driving seat for this monster of a race – the distance, I suppose isn’t all that scary – 62km, but it is the 4700m of ascent and descent over that distance that is the eyecatching bit of the race. I don’t really know how she did because a) her watch ran out of battery and b) the website appears to only be in French and I can’t find the results. According to strava, the first 40k were lovely, but it turned into a bit of a train wreck after that. (oh, and this is all assuming that she did the 8 chalet version, not the 5- but I’m sure I’ll be corrected in due course)


New PBs for Paul Peters and Rich Martin this weekend at Glossop – nice work guys. consolidated results are here….

No pics weekend report. Sorry.

Thank to all contributors this month, including a double up on parkrun and Bamford, (don’t worry, I amalgamated them). In order of um, well, no particular order actually… Skusey, Nev, MarkyD, DanE, Jeroen, Lynne and IanC.

Bamford Carnival

Bamford Carnival Fell Race. Not as sunny as the last few races and with a fair bit more humidity, this was a surprisingly tough little race. This may have something to do with setting off like a loon, trying to keep in the mix with a particularly strong field. Ben T showed his class just by basically jogging for the first mile then just blasting his way past us mere mortals. He bagged the V40 and 7th overall. I took 16th, Heather J rocking an icy blue hairdo took 93rd, Mary J took 129th, and the Mcgraws claimed 157th (Neil) and 162nd and V70 for Nev. Hope you like the carrot cake Nev 🙂  Let’s get a few more GDH out and about for the midweek races – you don’t want the likes of Pennine getting better results than us do you?

Ben 6th 31.42
Skusey 16th 33.47
Heather 93rd 42.03
Mary 129th 46.22
Neil 157th 50.31
Nev 162nd 52.35

Sale Sizzler

From Nev… Three Harriers travelled to Wythenshawe Park to compete at the second race in the Sale Sizzler 5K series. Results:-

Neil McGraw 22.53

Tony Hillier 23.42 2nd V70

Nev McGraw 26.18 3rd V70

All three improved on their time from the first race:- Tony by 2 seconds , Nev by 38 seconds and Neil by 61 seconds. All received a well stocked bag courtesy of major sponsor Decathlon.

Kerridge climb

From Ian Crutchley: This category A Short race, or “AS”, really redefines the S, and I would argue warrants a whole new category.  The “A-VF-S” race – I’ll let you decide what the extra letters stand for.  At 1 mile and  about 350ft of ascent there is a lot packed in to be fair, and with juniors being able to run the same race as the adults, it seemed a good opportunity to have a drive out.  So Melissa and I set of for Rainow Village Fete, and were surprised to find a fair number of serious lads and lasses, in addition to the many kids you would expect.   Liss and I hung back while the majority set off like the clappers, and then gradually clawed back the places through the steep climb to Kerridge Ridge trig point.  A short traverse of the ridge and we dropped rapidly to a quite dramatic finish funnel where it seemed the whole village out and cheering.  We stumbled through in 42nd and 43rd place.  Melissa finished 1st under 9 girl, and did better than I could have hoped on this route.  I had a burger, but FFS, it was VF£ and XFS.

Holme Moss Fell Race

Despite the excellent reccying weather over the past few months it seems that not everyone took full advantage, meaning there were a fair few navigational embarrassments during the clag fest that ensued at this year’s Holme Moss Fell Race. 4 of our lot took part, but we only had 3 finishers due to an early retirement from Zoe due to various nefarious issues. Ben Tetler continued his good form, transitioning well from the shorter painfests to the longer races, coming in 4th and first v40 in 2:52. Mark Davenport has been adding to his AL experience being the 2nd gdh in… Unfortunately the photo he sent me didn’t include his position, but I can tell you he completed in 3:52.  John Stephenson decided he would go long and got his moneys worth, finally deigning it time to arrive back after about 4:36.Simon Toole has been out there cutting his teeth on the longer and more challenging races, and I dare say that he is almost more of an accomplished fellrunner than his neighbour Mr crossman, despite only having been at it for about a year! Si finished in 5:00. Tis a tough old race that one. Well run one and all.


A record-breaking day at Glossop parkrun for the Harriers. First of all, a slew of Harriers (correct collective noun?) reached various milestones: Lawrence Fennelly returned to this parish to run his 100th Parkrun… With a PB… and was joined on that mark by Christine Peters. Steve Crossman and Jo Brack reached 50. And then Paul Peters, having set a PB a few weeks ago, set a new mark not just for himself, but as the fastest ever Harriers parkrun at Glossop – 17.16. Spectacular running.   Phil Swan finally broke that elusive 70% age-grading. Dan Stinton got his first PB in over a year, reducing his time by almost 50 secs, whilst Dez Mitchell continued his inexorable speeding-up-ness with a sub22 PB. Jeroen also followed suit this week enjoying a 10second PB.

Other stuff

Previously/currently of this parish, Caity Rice was 4th overall and 1st non-international runner at the Snowdon race this weekend, and was in spitting distance of 3rd. (Not recommended, BTW)
The “annual” gdh/pennine challenge has been issued. Im sure you’ve all seen the note from Charlie. It’s on the morning of the proposed bbq/party at Ben’s… So a ideal time to get some exercise in before eating vast amounts of Pavlova. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, email me or look at the front page of the website.

Apologies if this is formatted weirdly. I’m trying to do this on a smartphone….

Crumbs DM. I can’t think of a title Weekend report.

(That title should date some of you……)

Thanks so much for sending in bits and pieces. Lynne appears to have co-ordinated it all- and everything got forwarded on to me – Thanks to Skusey, Skusey, Marie, Becky and Pepper…. and thanks to Nev for sending me in a report last week that ended up getting missed in the mail, and Mary for sending me something so long ago that I’m embarrassed to admit even getting it without sticking it on here…. Shocker….. Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed the short amount of rain we had this week, if you’re anything like me, within about 20 mins you were thinking… that’s enough. I remember what rain is like now, Thanks, you can go away again…. Still, get out and enjoy it – the moors are springy, the skies are massive and the short eared owls are out and about.

Hathersage gala

Paul Skuse has been busy racing and writing, so I have been busy reading and editing. No, To be fair, I barely edit at all… this is sheer, unadulterated Paul…… The weather in Hathersage had cooled down sufficiently to make it near ideal running conditions. On second thoughts, I’m exaggerating to the the point of telling a lie but there was at least a breeze which was very welcome indeed. Pete W drove the GDH contingent over (Pete W, Luke H, Ellen Q and me). There was a bit of confusion over the route as it had to be

hathersage gala

For those of the faint of heart, look away now.

altered this year due to? I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening. Anyway, for those of you who fancy it, the route goes up, and up and just for fun, up again. I actually enjoyed this bit. But then at the top there is a change and we go down, first on the trail (a bit bumpy but okay) then the road (my feet were burning, the talons don’t like the tarmac!) (I presume Paul means the shoes, not that he has some kind of pre-hesile dinosaur feet) and finally back to the school and the finish line. Pete and the others left but I went to the pub with Jackson and Knowlesy for a quick pint and, here’s the best bit, we were given sausage rolls, spring rolls, samosas and salt and peppered roast potatoes. They were ace. I love fell running!

17 Paul “Free food!” Skuse 00:33:19

28 Luke “not that rubbish joke about Take me” Holme (Country roads) 00:42:39

139 Pete “excessive racing?” Wallroth 00:43:49

151 Ellen “get that on a triple word score” Quane 00:45:04

Thurlstone Chase

As I mentioned… Skusey has been at the creative writing again… This time, Thurlstone Chase – Glossopdale Fell Champs race…  Another scorcher of a day. How it’s classed as fell I’ve no idea. It’s a short race so it was straight on the gas and up the first climb. Great performances from Ben T and for our fell running virgin, Paul Peters (but honestly, this isn’t really a fell race no matter what anyone says. Paul Peters, your fell running virginity is still intact). Daniel S is on top form coming in ahead of the pixie of doom, Immy Trinder in her fancy new shoes (note Immy – these are Paul’s words, not mine. (well chosen, mind you)). Best finish on the day was from Si Toole who had to find an extra gear for the last 100m when the guy behind desperately tried to overtake. A fair turnout from GDH but fewer runners than expected for a champs race (please note the use of fewer than less, I had to think about that one). That said it was almost a clean sweep for GDH -technically I think we own Thurlstone now.


Thurlstone? Yep. We own it.

1st Ben “less beard, still full power” Tetler

2nd Paul “well that wasnt all that rough” Peters

4th Paul “our local correspondent” Skuse (1st MV40) (4th overall),

6th Andy “speech recognition” Oliver

11th Dan “sleep? who needs sleep?” Stinton

12th Immy “Pixie of Doom” Trinder (1st F)

15th Mark “I’d better let the pixie win” Davenport

26th Si “sprint hard” Toole 

46th Jo “pace with john, beat him at the death” Brack (1st FV50)

49th John “pace with Jo and… oh, dammit” Stephenson

51st Charmayne “we missed the swimming and the cycling bits” Brierley

Piece of Cake Marathon

Marie Williamson is continuing her epic attempt to gain as much marathon bling in a year as possible. I believe it is only rumour that she is accumulating metalware around her neck and running each marathon with more and more jingly-jangly bits and won’t stop until she has a metric ton of trophy-ness…. she writes….  A piece of cake trail marathon today. Starting from carding mill valley, it was 2 laps around Shropshire hills & the Long Mynd. It stared by going up a hill (yes..really 😉) along a single track..lots of walking to be done (it was a lovely day for a walk..with a bit of running where/when I mariecould) Around the 3 mile point a herd of runners were coming towards me, gathering up any stray runner on the way…they’d missed the turn. No arrow to be seen… but route soon found using new fangled app wotsits (made a mental note to not make that mistake on the 2nd lap when I’d probably have far fewer people around…lots of these had signed up for just 1 lap). The route went up (that’s why my calves hurt) & down (much to my quads dislike, further along the miles). Route was lovely. Beautiful views, wild horses, mountain bikers & check points keeping me occupied along the way. The 1st lap seemed to fly by (although, I think, it was about 3 hrs). 2nd lap…its funny how you don’t recognise where you just were a few hours earlier 🤔 nearing the top of the hill I noticed the people in front ignoring an arrow & heading off the wrong way..i shouted them back & passed them by. Further along (ahhh….this is the bit I mustn’t get wrong. Don’t go too far. Where’s that turn???) The guy behind gestured & I assume I’m in the right place & they follow me…..apparently not!!! Not too far down, we realise our mistake & start heading towards the right direction (why did I pay any attention to him, after seeing him go wrong just a few minutes earlier?!?) Anyway..after scratching myself, falling over & doing an extra mile or so (allegedly) we were back on track & soon at the check point. The rest of the lap was quiet & uneventful. Just the technical downhill for the finish…..& the small job of trying to avoid the Morris dancers jumping around & jingling bells in the road en route to the finish funnel (that was a first for me). Then it was over. A big medal with pics of cakes all over it, drinks, cake & a stream to cool down in..job done. Marathon 7 of the year complete in just over 6 hours.

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival

I do believe I have Steve Pepper to blame thank for this report. …Saturdays alternative venue for hill based silliness was across the valley at the C and C village festival, a hot BS of about 5km with a sharp ascent followed by some flat across the top of Comb Edge and a down. As you may notice I didn’t actually run so the description is based more on what I could see from the finish line! Around ten GDH came out to play, only one got lost and most seem to have had a good time. Jill ‘ninja’ Wood was first back and 2nd lady/1st w40, Dan ‘flags what flags’ Oldham was 13th, Phil ‘break ur arm’ Swan 17th, Ian ‘doubling up’ Crutchley 29th, Steve ‘vive la’ France 35th, Joe ‘the new guy’ Gavin 36th, Rachel ‘the cow bell was not my idea’ Walton 50th, Steve ‘stile man’ Hoon 51st, Nev ‘here for the free apple’ Mcgraw 53rd, Neil ‘the comeback kid’ Shuttleworth 61st. 64 ran. C&C also hosts events for Padawans and some of ours came out to play, Mel ‘I want more hill’ Crutchley led the way in the u9s putting in a great descent to finish. Her older brother Ben ‘sliding on your bum beats running’ Crutchley followed suit racing all the way to the end, if not exactly remaining upright over the line. Some great sportsman behaviour at the end and well deserved 2nd place (u11). Last down the hill in another great battle was Josie ‘dont you dare make that arm joke again’ Swan who descended with panache for a 3rd place in the u13. Top work Padawans

Snowdon Trail Marathon and Half.

Rebecca Smith sent in a lovely report this week, it came in a 1st class envelope and with beautiful handwriting. What more could you ask for? I ran, well more accurately trail mrathon waleswalk/ran the Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon in Llanberis today in 6hrs 40 mins – 67th Lady. It was 27.1 hard, hot, hilly miles with 5256 ft of ascent. On route I bumped into William Mather doing an awesome job of the ultra, treating himself to an additional 10 miles! 60k in total with an ascent of 7257 ft. Finishing in 9 hrs and 1 minute and 47th male. Note to self…. some or any training at all ahead of my next marathon might be a good idea!

So according to this, Will was indeed out doing the Ultra, and I believe that Luke Holme took the short course and did the Half in somewhere around sub3? I’m getting all this from Strava, and as Jeroen knows, Strava isn’t always that accurate….

Windmill Half

So, there is this windmill, it’s somewhere on a coast in the UK, and there is only half a windmill, so they decided to have a half marathon to celebrate the fact that … um, really, I have no idea about this and I can’t be bothered to google it. So, on with the description. You go around the half windmill a couple of times before heading down the (unspecified) coastline, a town is in the mix some place, and there are probably a few water stops, and you finish by getting back into the windmill and grinding yourself a pound of flour. What I am talking about? I have no idea. Why am I telling you this? Coz Paul Drury ran it in 2:17 this weekend.

Mossley 10k

Mossley – ah, as Carson City is to Las Vegas, Mossley is to Staley Bridge. A beomouth of a 10k around the area, trying not to be mugged by the locals, or indeed taught anything by the vast teaching population that happens to live there. The route stays mainly on roads/trails/hills/pavements (delete as appropriate) and our own Alan Byrne got around the course in 54mins. He can probably give you a better idea about what its like underfoot. Thankfully, I believe the resident teachers were off on a hill somewhere and didn’t try to teach him maths on the way around.


15 harriers were at Glossop with week with Darren Ashworth joining the 50 club – congratulations! Tony Hillier was over at Hyde, Lawrence Fennelly visited Halifax and is now on 99 parkruns…where will he choose for his 100th? Joe Travis visited Windy Nook and Emma Peters joined him to bag a new PB and 2nd female finisher. Rich White took on Marple and was just shy of his PB time, Wendy Trelease had taken herself off to Cheltenham and is now only 2 away from her 100th parkrun. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

Last weeks news THIS WEEK! (sorry Nev…)

Last Monday three Harriers travelled over the Pennines to compete at the 6th race in the Trunce series. Once again they took advantage of the dry underfoot conditions to post some good times. Results:-

Dez Mitchell 36.58 PB by 1.45
Neil McGraw 39.42
Nev McGraw 46.38 SB by 5.38 2nd V70

On Thursday four Harriers travelled to Wythenshawe Park to run in the 1st race of 4 in the very competitive Sale Sizzler 5K series which always attracts a quality field. David Chrystie Lowe had an excellent race, Tony Hillier and Neil McGraw had a good battle with experience paying off at the end and Nev McGraw was very pleased with his time in what was his first road race for 2 years. All 4 received a well-stocked goody bag at the end courtesy of Sale Harriers and the St Anne’s Hospice Charity. Results:-

David Chrystie-Lowe 265th 21.53
Tony Hillier 338th 23.44 2nd V70
Neil McGraw 348th 23.54
Nev McGraw 413rd 26.56 3rd V70


I got a belated race report from the every lovely Mary Jeal… oooh, this must be 2 weeks ago now…  Hi Tim – hope you are okay? For the weekend report I did the Langley 7 yesterday 1st FV55, 105th 55:09 And today I ran Cop Hill fell race 1st FV55, 77th 59:10 – thanks!

Ha! You see! Better late than never! (sorry Mary…. Shocking slowness on my part).

I see that there are a load of people out and about on the moors, which is lovely. Claire Campbell has also been taking more time off the IOW to hit the Jurassic coastline, which looks flipping lovely.

Also, Brae has been teaching his master to Kayak. brae

And if you’re interested in what Tom and Catherine are up to (as in sailing around the Baltic), there blog is here

The “what does rain feel like?” weekend report.

Well, I thought I was in for a quiet one this week. Not so, it seems. A fair amount was going on from racing to running to getting massively dehydrated on the hill (mark harrison) and general amusements up in Yorkshire. Thanks to Ian and Pete for sending stuff in for me to copy/paste/adulterate, apols if you have great times and I havent posted them up, its probably because I couldnt find/couldnt be arse to find them.

Aldermans Ascent

Ian “the man with the words” Crutchley sent this in: A good number of Harriers turned up in Greenfield to take on the very hot and dry Aldermans Ascent race on Thursday.  In fact so healthy were the blue and orange in number, many were asking if this was a club champs race.  Fortunately this area had escaped the recent wild fires, but evidence of their close proximity was all too plain to see. Caitlin Rice was on hand to inform us that she had tackled the race twice, and lost the route twice.  This didn’t bode well some (no names), but the organisers assured us of the improved marshalling and markers.

The route begins with a lap of the sports fields, before a mixed climb turns into a uphill battle to Pots & Pans and the war memorial.  This hands on knees climb really split the pack, before the route became more runnable to Shaw Rocks, and then over to the majestic Aldermans Hill.  We were all having such a lovely time, until first downhill section onto the Dovestone side.  Incredibly steep and not at all for the feint hearted, it’s truly worthy of renaming the race Aldemans Descent.  Joe Travis gave me a harsh lesson on descent technique, barrelling past me in what I can only describe as completely bonkers.  From the Isle of Skye road, the route climbs steeply back over the side of Aldermans, before the long fast downhill to the finish.

Some good battles seemed to play out between Harriers and our close friends, with Ben & Paul mixing it up with Caity Rice and Chris Jackson.  Joe Travis and myself swapped places frequently and generally chatted quite a bit, whilst being hunted down by Clive Hope.  The familiar pair of John and Dez ran it close, being chased by Luke, who has developed an impressive mastery for the “big start” AND the “big finish”.  He admits however, the middle bit needs a bit of work.   A special mention of Pete Nicholson.  So leisurely did he approach this “cocks stride” of a race, a subsequent look at his Facebook feed shows panoramic views from the top and selfies with the marshal’s.  Upon completion the runners retired to the Saddleworth Rangers Rugby Club for the presentation, where we had some well-earned refreshment.  It finished up like this.

Ben “I’m bagging all the M40 prizes now Skuse” Tetler                                                    45.07 (3rd Overall prize)
Paul “that’s fine Ben, you’ll win anyway so I’ll get them deferred” Skuse                    46.50 (M40 Prize – deferred)
Pete “have we got any small vests in stock yet?” Nicholson                                           53.02
Joe “absolutely suicidal descent” Travis                                                                               56.04
Ian “I used to wear clothes when running, but that was before…” Crutchley              57.07
Clive “keeping these whipper snappers on their toes” Hope                                           59.39 (M60 Prize)
John “steady as she goes” Stephenson                                                                                63.25
Dez “this guy never stops smiling” Mitchell                                                                        64.11
Luke “I swear I didn’t get lost” “We believe you mate” Holme                                      67.20

Glossopdale also scooped the men’s team prize!  This race is a cracking local mid-weeker, well deserving of your attention in 2019!

Ultra Kirklees way

It seems that Guy Riddell was out and about on the Kirklees way doing a bit of an ultra. Having reccyed the hell out of it in the last few weeks, he was pretty prepped in terms of the route. However, unforseen stomach issues meant that eating was not really a viable option (I’ll spare you the gory details in case you happen to be eating). A rolled ankle just before the night section slowed him down a touch, and the combination of the whole was that he ended with a DNF. Still…. 50 miles is not a distance to be written off as a failure – if anything, it’s a great training run!

Peak Forest

Peak Forest this morning. Ben Tetler, Mary Jeal, Luke and Pete Wallroth and headed toPeak forest the delightful, but somewhat deforested area of the Peak. Pete reckons it was a cracking course, if tough going in this heat. He carries on…… “You could have fried an egg on the limestone it was that toasty in places. Ben, having studied the course map in some detail let the early runners go off ahead presumably so he could count from distance how many he fancied picking off. All but one was the answer and he took second place 🥈. Luke and I stuck together until about half way round when I decided a costume change was needed in the heat and removed my top. Cue Luke darting off and very quickly being out of sight. I on the other hand lost all my momentum due to my actions and slowed to a slump. Mary was obviously on my tail all the way round and came in just seconds after me. 4 very hot Harriers at the end of the race but good running all round. Not sure of the exact placings apart from Ben”

Pennine 39

Nick Ham was running through the heat on this 39 miler and came through Dufton where a bevvy of harriers happened to be staying for the weekend. And a jolly good thing we were there. On the descent from High Cup(,) Nick looked at a dead sheep, (seeWhatIDidThere) slipped and grazed himself in a number of places, resulting in some rather nice gravel rash. GDH was mobilised and as he came into the checkpoint first aid was given, cuts were irrigated, dressings were applied, sympathy was given, and much jollity was had. We saw him off and I have no idea what happened after that. One imagines that he finished coz he’s been posting photos on facebook.


Nick, all patched up and ready to run.

We love MCR 10k

The overwhelming opinion of this weekend, and in particular of this run was that it was Hot. Unsurprising really, but I thought I should probably mention it. From what I can see on Strava, Malc, Ian , Mrs O, Amanda Kale, Tony Hilier all participated, and probably drank vast amounts of water on the way around. As for results, no-one has told me anything, so lets just say that Malc won, Mrs O was first Lady, swiftly followed by Amanda, Ian got lost trying to find a bar and Tony was first V70.

ah – here we go, actual times:

Tony Hillier, 49:09
John Pollard 50:15
Malc Brown 55:48
Ian Oates 1:02:35 (and presumably Mrs. O)
Amanda Kale 1:03:44
Dan Ellingworth 1:12:57

And I see that Dan also ran as well. So much for exhaustive investigation…..


Yes – there is now a race up Cockhill. I couldn’t possibly tell you what the route is, and neither could the organiser. Pete Wallroth continued his attempt to race as many races as possible in as few days as he can, and was the only Harrier to enter. He picked up his highest placing in a race to date – 14th! a superb effort – Top 20! nice one Pete.

(19 ran).

Ronde Del Cims

Chris andorra

Hard work pays off.

Chris Webb returned to Andorra for the 3rd time to face the Ronde Del Cims. For a moment just think about this – 170km and 16000m of ascent. In Andorra. No wonder he had a bit of an issue getting round it for the last couple of years. This time he had some secret weapons. His poles, and his wife, whose main job was to stand there and say, “get on with it, soft lad”. It seems to have worked. After starting at 6am on friday, he continued through day and night and day and into night to complete in 40hrs 50mins, 28th place. What an immense effort. Well run Chris!

Chester Tri

I believe there were a couple of Harriers dabbling in Chester Tri this weekend – Marie Williamson and Charmayne Brierley were spotted sporting tri-suits and medals after a delightful dip, pedal and pootle just near the Welsh Border….

Sale Sizzler

Living up to its name, the heat has been up, and David CL, Tony Hilier were out showing the young’uns just how it is done, bashing around the course in some ridiculous time.


Looks like the students are back in town – Paul Peters has a New PB at Glossop with a resounding 17:28, with Wendy McMahon the only other GDher PBing this week, working her way up to a 60% agegrading. Nice work indeed. Consolidated report is here. I hear on the grapevine a certain Lawrence might be getting close to a 100 as well, watch this space.

Dufton Weekend away

A group of GDH were away in the Yorkshire dales for a weekend away in Dufton. The weather was spectacular, dogs were lost and found,  the food was excellent (massive thanks to Sheelagh!), the company was superb, the accommodation was lovely (thanks to John), the beer flowed, tea was drunk, and all in all, we had an excellent time. Where were the rest of you?! Many many more photos on the fb site, stories will no doubt be bandied around and embellished upon for weeks/months/years to come.

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The Moors are burning Weekend report.

Well, the big news of the week is that the moors are on fire – which is not great news. I suppose at least we are now experiencing proper Seasons instead of the general homogeneous semi-permanent rain/grimness that has been the hallmark of the last… ooooh… decade. Despite the heat and dryness there have been a few races going on, with some superb performances throughout the field. Thanks so much to Simon Toole, Phil Swan, Nick Ham, Matt Crompton and Alan Byrne for sending in bits and pieces this week. This probably wouldn’t get done if it wasn’t for you lot sending info in…

Morecombe Half

Simon Toole was across in Morcombe enjoying the seaside and sandcastle making. Inbetween his epic castle building and sand sculpting he somehow found time to run the half marathon as well. Although the course is pretty pan flat, the heat probably made its fair share of problems, so he did rather well to run a PB of 35 seconds, finishing in 1:46:05. Quite a considerable effort considering the weather conditions.

Up the Nab

From Phillys Swan

Up the nabUp the Nab was an English junior inter counties championship race this year as well as a counter in the junior FRA series so teams and clubs had come from as far as Northern Ireland to race on Glossop‘s blistering hot hills.  With six races ranging from U9s to Seniors there was a lot happening and organiser Des did well to stop things getting too out of hand. Caitlin Swan came about half way through an extremely fast field in the U13s and has learnt not to wait until the starter says “go” if everyone else is legging it off. In the Seniors, in a field of only about 30 runners Phil Swan quickly lost sight of a speedy Caitlin Rice who was in turn chasing Simon Bailey. Phil came in about 12th and reports that by far the best bit was the hosepipe cool off at the end.  Caitlin Swan said it was the two ice creams that did it for her.

Alderly Edge 10k

Alderly ohmy eyes

Oh My Eyes!

A number of GDHers were across at Alderly Edge 10k this weekend. I believe it’s the one that goes along/around the bypass, so the views must have been exquisite, the tarmac was probably melting and the people in expensive cars were probably wondering why one earth there were so many pedestrians around, and how they could possibly run for that long with out visiting Waitrose. As it was,  Alan Byrne sent me some info in that he finished in 53:26, and from the photos I can see that Jon Haggart, Steve Page, Jo Brack and Charmayne Brierley were also in attendance, ensuring that photos were taken in regulation Glossopdale pose with correct placement of medals.

Great Bakewell Pudding Race

From Matt Crompton – Hello Tim, just a quick write up from the Great Bakewell Pudding


A very chuffed Paul Skuse ignoring the race organiser telling him to please stop posing for cameras.

Race. Three Harriers braved the heat for what was less of a fell race and more of a trail race. The route took runners out of Bakewell up to the wooded ridge above the town, and back down through farm tracks and and riverside pastures, and finally a cooling river crossing. Performance of the day was from Paul Skuse who scooped both the prize for 3rd place man and first to the top of the hill. GDH results – not sure of times other than my own, sorry. I think Nick Ham got photos of the results board.

He did indeed, and also sent over a report as well along with times and correct placings.
3 Paul “I don’t do ultras no more” Skuse 43:54
34 Matt “the man with the golden” Crompton 52.01
58 Nick “no ultras? I’ll just have to race multiple times” Ham. 58:12

Debdale 5k

Malc Brown is still out and about doing the local Debdale 5ks. No idea how he got on, PB or not PB, it doesn’t really matter – he’s out there getting it done

Whaley Waltz


Nick Ham was indeed multiple racing this weekend, and was over in Whaley watching a stop-start but enjoyable carnival parade, but that wasn’t all – oh no! The race involved more walking up to Windgather Rocks than was apparently decent in the burning heat, and it was the breeze that enabled Nick to keep on going. Without that he’d have been a puddle on the floor.
After the turnaround on the brown parchment that was once grass, the run back down to the finish commenced. It wasn’t long before the welcome breeze forced a detour over the edge of the hill in pursuit of Nicks runaway cap. Maximum use of the river plunge was made to cool down bit before he squelched up to the finish line in 58:21, which was 1 whole second inside 2012’s PW. Chuffed? Nick? Only slightly…..!

Saunders Mountain Marathon

Tom Young was off out over the hills in the Lake District for the Saunders Mountain Marathon. He was in the solo score class. As is classic for Tom, he has no idea how well he did, but had a great time apart from the cramp on day one. We’re thinking he was somewhere in the middle of the pack results wise.


At Glossop, Phil Swan is making up ground towards the 70% age grade with another PB. He must be solar powered, or something. Ian Crutchley was also out on the PB hunt this week, along with increasingly speedy Simon Toole and serial speed merchant Caitlin Swan. The hard ground making for good times over in Marple juniors as well with Josie Swan cracking out a new PB with 23.33, breaking 24m on the course for the first time.
Consolidated results are here.

Other Stuff

A few people were out on tops this weekend, away from the fires, and had a decent camp/bivi in the midst of no-where. Always nice. Thanks to Mark Harrison for the pics.
Coming up this week we have, well, the Dufton Weekend away next weekend, so there might be something to say about that, I’d imagine.
There is a new fell-running-esque podcast from the guys at Kong which has Rhys F-R on it as guest, which is a pretty interesting listen, if you are so inclined.
Also, just so you know, entries for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay is opening this week. I will put in a Glossopdale entry, and will be looking for people who want to run it. It is a 4 leg relay, you run in pairs, and it is very much an offroad/fell relay. If you want more info, have a click here.
…. And congratulations to Jeroen who is now a fully qualified UKA Endurance running coach.