Glossopdale Adventure Weekend Part Deux

The original Adventure weekend was mooted a while back. The premise being that on a given weekend, people from the Harriers might meet up in a Pub on the Friday night, discuss what they might try and do on the weekend that would challenge themselves either physically, mentally, or indeed both, before dispersing, doing said activity and then coming back to the pub on the Sunday to chat about their experiences.

Last time, it became apparent that the actually getting to a particular pub was problematic, which was a bit of a shame as I really wanted to have a bit of a social element to the whole thing. However, what with family commitments and life and all that kind of stuff getting in the way, it was deemed not necessary for the Second outing.

That being said, a few of us visited a put on the Friday night to discuss plans, and there were a few more people who joined in the adventuring over the weekend.

Marky Davenport

“winner” of the prize last time, for his audacious “longest run ever” from Hope to Glossop, Mark decided that this time the local hills weren’t going to provide enough of a challenge for him. His plan to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks was there in the back of his mind, but was struggling to find accommodation. This may well have been something to do with the fact that this weekend is the 3 peaks Cyclocross race…. Unperturbed. Mark decided on a day-raid to Horton-in-Ribblesdale to do the 3 Peaks in the best style possible. Although navigation isn’t all that necessary on the route, it is relatively important to know which side of the hill you need to come off of, so he needed to keep his wits about him in the clag that was down. Thankfully, he ran it on the Saturday and so didn’t come to any grief with a few hundred cyclocrossers bashing across the moor. He did the route in under 6 hours, had a short break and trundled his way home to vast crowds and cheers of celebration. Have a look at his route here.

Obi-wan-sikobe and Guy Riddell

Decided that just running Glossop parkrun on its 2nd anniversary wasn’t enough. Indeed, just going for a quick pootle prior to it as a warm up wasn’t enough. Sikobe thought that heading out at just about 5am might be the best idea, and of course Guy was going to be up at that time anyway. They teamed up for a trot over to Wildbank trig, before heading back down the hill, over and across to their first “parkrun” of the day in somewhere I didn’t recognise, and THEN running across the way to Hyde for the second early parkrun…. and THEN heading over to Glossop for an actual, bone fide Parkrun at the right time. Phew. Quite a mornings work. True to form, parkruin, followed by vast amounts of cake had a slightly deleterous effect upon Sikobes muscles and he found gradual increments of cramp creeping through his calfs and quads. It was an impressive display of fasiculations, though Im not entirely sure that Sikobe really cared what they were called. I believe that the euphoria of doing a 26.1mile run vastly outweighed any of the post run pain. Here is the lovely tracky-thing.

Mark Harrison

Continuing the theme of going on a somewhat lengthy running adventure, Mark took the option of having a lazy day on the Saturday in order to gird his loins before heading out for a run on Sunday. The general premise appeared to be visiting the Dark Peak Tops in a somewhat more exciting version of the “Trigger”. Starting from Glossop with a nice easy blast along the trail, he then wandered up to Black hill, before coming back down a version of the Crowden Horseshoe route, before the first proper scramble of the day – up Wildboar clough… which is still a little bit Green to say the very least. Across Bleaklow to Bleaklow Head, then a straightline over to Kinder, taking in the somewhat excessively steep scramble of Upper (or was it Nether?) Redbrook. A simple jog out and back to Kinder Low and then back down via Wormstones saw the day finished. What a day though. Beautiful views, a bit of a breeze, a couple of scrambles, and a fine route across some of the best terrain that we have locally. Have a butchers at his rather superb video here.

Al and El

There aren’t enough waves in Glossop, someone was once heard to say. It was the call of the sea that drew Al and Els across the reaches of North Wales to Abersoch for a couple of days of surfing. Perhaps more of an adventure for Al, having never really ventured into the water alongside a 6ft plastic board. As magic seaweed promised, the surf was good on the saturday, and was proper banging on the sunday, providing plenty of opportunity to learn how to wipe out in style and consume your bodyweight in seawater. I’ve seen a photo of them in a car on the way back to Glossop, so apparently they are out of the water and are safely back on land. Having said that, I haven’t seen either of them in the flesh, so if someone could go and knock on one of their doors to check they got back, that’d be marvellous.

Charlie and Anne

Turned up to the pub on Friday night and said… what is everyone doing here? We’re here for a pre-dinner drink!

The Swans

Phil, Els, Caitlin and Josie, whether by accident or design, used the adventure weekend to head down to the Equinox running festival thing down in Leicester. Phil, as mentioned in the weekly report had some success in the 10k, as in he got round without anyone mugging him for his bermuda shorts, Els proved herself to be far more adventurous than her husband by taking part in the 24hour race as a part of a team of 8, while Caitlin and Josie ran in the Juniors race, providing the best results of the family with Josie coming 1st and Caitlin 4th. I would imagine that any alcohol that was won will have gone to the parents? Or are race organisers a bit more switched on to that now?

Alice and Tim

Definitely planned this one. I can’t believe that Alice *accidentally* happened to have her Birthday on the same weekend as the adventure weekend. The dauntless couple headed off to the Bogfest to enjoy vast amounts of cold, stagnant water, and then ran through a load of bogs. According to Tim (who apparently DIDN’T try to sabotage Alices race this time) Alice gave herself the bumps on the way down the final hill, and yet still managed to come in 3rd lady. This was then followed by an uproarious meal and drinking competition in a pub in Chorlton which descended into Happy Birthdays and a round of Sambuca from which our Glaswegian friends (John Ryan and Matt Hux) don’t appear to have recovered from yet.

Steve Knight

I’m just looking at strava and extrapolating now…. I have no idea if Steve actually knew it was the Adventure weekend, but whatever… he got away from the responsibilities of the family for a short time and did a quick bimble over Kinder. Well, I say a quick bimble, if you count half the Kinder Killer, with its associated ups and downs as a quick bimble. He keeps saying he is injured…. I’m not entirely sure.

Rob Murphy and Claire Higgins

Again, I’m totally extrapolating from Strava here, but their great adventure was probably more to do with actually getting to Cornwall rather than the run! (have you TRIED to drive down all those little roads crowded with umpteen campervans travelling at 10mph? I digress). They set out on a rather marvellous tour of Tin mines and Torrs. Or, rather less romantically, Mud and Mire. I’m guessing that there was a fair amount of bog, some fabulous views, a few mine workings and, most probably, Fish and Chips for tea.

Emma Rettig

Emma started out on a massive run around the Peak district, probably something that was going to rival the 21 trigs. A true 28 hour epic. Unfortunately her plans came to naught as illness and general malaise overtook her on her way up to the moor. Still, I presume she has a plan for the epic run to take place at some other time, so I look forward to seeing that up on strava over the winter!

Ok, I really don’t know who else did what in terms of adventurous stuff, and to be honest, I’m pretty much making it up now. I’m “awarding” the prize to Mark and Mark jointly – though I have yet to decide what it is that I’m awarding. I suspect it’ll be a Penguin biscuit circa 1987 or something. Whatever I can find in the bottom of my emergency food bag, really. It has been suggested that we have another Adventure Weekend type thing in a couple of months – ie. once the days get shorter and people are less inclined to get out and about. Anyone fancy planning an adventure for the weekend of the 4/5th November?


The Equinox is coming! Run for the hills! Weekend report

So some stuff was happening this weekend. The weather stayed… well, it stayed mixed, as you might imagine. The birds were shining, the sun was singing and all was well with the world. It was also the Glossopdale Adventure Challenge Weekend, which I will put up a bonus post about at a later stardate. For the moment….

Robin Hood Half Marathon

The man known to many (on Strava) as, Jukebox, and in real life as Paul Drury, headed across to the Nether regions of Nottingham for a flat(ish) half marathon. He managed to evade the Sheriff, gaol and the merry men, and came back with (one would imagine) a goody bag full of treats, a silver blanket and a snazzy medal. The 21 and a bit km took him 2:13:46 – or at least, that is what the Chips say. I’m still struggling to get my head around chip times. I reckon someone is carping on about nonsense. They really need to know their plaice. Sorry. Those puns are cod-awful.

Natterjack 10k race

Tony Hillier was off out of the shire again this week for the amphibious Natterjack 10k. How many toads were involved in the race is not recounted anywhere on the web. I can only presume that none were harmed in the set up and subsequent running of the 10k. At present I can only see the 2016 results, but I don’t think it would be too much to presume that Tony was somewhere in the top 2 of his age group?

Sheffield 10k

Mandy “laser” Beames shot across the Snake Pass this weekend to enjoy the Steel City’s finest 10k course. The route took the participants through some of the finest housing estates and crumbling mid-80’s architecture that one can care to see. She took off at the start with a blistering pace, only to be curtailed in the first 400yards when it became apparent that it didn’t matter WHAT position you came in, there was still going to be cutlery and a kiss from Sean Bean for every finisher. She had a Chippy time of 1:12:47, which corresponded with 2 forks and a spoon and a snog from the Sheffield hunk himself.

Giants Causeway Half

Liam and Paul Amos trekked their way up and over to the Giants Causeway for a rather delightful Half marathon. They’ve been planning this one for ages and have been psyching themselves up with longer and longer training runs. I’m happy to say that they both got there (bonus…. it doesnt ALWAYS happen as far as GDH is concerned), ran the race, AND thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well! Liam came in in 108th in 2:16:46, while Paul was 408th in 3:18:44. Fantastic running by the Dad’n’Son team.

Equinox 2017

From Strava, it looks like Phil Swan has been off down doing the Equinox 24 race again… which may or may not mean that the rest of the family were down there as well. (I suspect if does). Details are scant, but he appears to still be dragging the beer barrel around from last week. The rather sketchy report does not mention if the barrel is indeed full, or if he simply dragged it to the race, surviving on beer alone for the week before running around the course

Ian Roberts Fell Race

The ever delightful Mary Jeal was out for a family gathering at the Ian Roberts fellrace Ian robertsthis week. Her efforts did not go un-noticed, as she raced around the course, complete with big tussocks, plenty of bogs, sliding down banks, wading through streams and face plants in 1:15:47 coming in a rather excellent (and almost becoming commonplace) 1st FV50. Thanks for the message with the report, Mary!

Parkrun corner

It was indeed the 2nd anniversary of the Glossop Parkrun this weekend. To celebrate there was large amounts of Cake at the end. Everyone in GDH appeared to have their eyes firmly glued on the food at the end, and although there were no PB’s in the run, I believe there may have been PB’s amongst the amount of post-run cake-age.

Extra Notes on last week – Kasia finished the Glencoe Skyline in 11h 52min, and was 16th lady out of 27 (6 got timed out at the checkpoint 11) and she thought that chasing down the first few were frankly out of her remit. I say, this year… maybe… roll on next year!

Thanks to Phil Swan for noting that Dom “tarzan” Naylor was also involved in the Edale Beer Barrel race. Considering that there isn’t currently an iceage, I would imagine it would have been normal “shirts off” attire.



What ho! Things and Stuff ahoy! Weekend report.

Crikey – GDH have been busy this weekend. I’ve written all the stuff below, and am just about to do the intro and outtro (ah, my guitar-ing days are not behind me), and there are already more than a thousand words. Not all of them make sense, I have to warn you. Personally I have been doing battle against the forces of trees and shrubs this weekend and so haven’t been out racing. However. This lot have….

Isle of Wight Fell Series

Our Southern Contingent – otherwise known as Claire Campbell got out on the hills, leaving behind any excuses of coughs, colds and sprained ankles in order to enjoy the delightful festival of running otherwise known as the Isle of Wight Fell Series. She did well on the first day, getting through the AS and the BM races without incident, and, by her own words, without coming last. As if that would ever happen. I’m afraid that I was rather held up by a ridiculously large magnolia and was unable to spectate the race, despite being in the area. I await the results of the CL with bated breath… hopefully I’ll have collated them all by the end of the week.

Ring of Steall

Other end of the country… The Salomon “short” (though not as short as the Vert K) race of the weekend, comprising of 28km and 2500m ascent (by the watches reckoning) Jenny Ross, after extensive training in locations as diverse and glamorous as the French Alps and St. Guys hospital in that there London, sauntered around this heck of a race in 5:43:16, coming in a rather marvellous 124th overall. The hospital reps certainly seem to be paying off!

Glencoe Skyline

Kasia is currently running the big bad brother of the series- Glencoe Skyline. Previously run by such illuminati of the club as Tim Culshaw and Rich White, this 53km race has a truckload of ascent, taking in the rather delightful scramble of Curved ridge up Buchaille etive mor, and the Aonach eagach ridge on the way back. Last I heard she was past CP12, and on her way back along the Aonach Eagach. Just a few Km from home!

Great North Run

My apologies for not including this in last weeks report- the lovely David Munday went, saw and conquered in the Great North Run in Newcastle. His 02:31:44 brought him into the finish line as Mo was returning from the pub having downed 10 pints with his mate, and our former clubmate Michael Mawby– who also had a storming run with a 1:16:54, a PB for the course.

Lantern Pike

Ah. the wonderous Lantern Pike (no, not the dash, THE Lantern Pike Fell race). A race of many stiles. The official results aren’t out yet, but I believe that Mary Jeal went and got herself a prize, John Stephenson nearly got a PB, or at least, got himself a rather decent time, Paul Skuse probably gave race leader Simon Bailey quite a run for his money, Heather filed her nails all the way around (or that’s what her gif implied), Tom Young made a rare return to the racing scene (or so I am told, though I am yet to see photographic evidence), Ezme probably won a prize for being awesome, Jo Brack and Rach Walton almost definitely had a battle to the death on the way up AND down the hill, but I am yet to find out who won.

English Half Marathon Warrington

What it is about Warrington that gives it the right to run the English Half Marathon, I have no idea. You’d think that any number of places might be able to use that particular moniker. But there we go. It would seem that Tony Hillier had a pretty decent run, getting the now customary “1st V70” placing in 1:40:20. Jolly Hockey Sticks!

Harrow Half

Down in Harrow they seem to be a little less pretentious in their naming conventions, simply calling their half the rather imaginative “harrow half”. Caity was obviously drawn to this race specifically because of the whimsical titling, and was thinking about it all the way around. She dropped in at the end on the way home to record a time of 1:31:41, 40th overall and 6th female.

Jeez. You’d think I’d have been finished by now. Not likely. How much do you lot DO?!

Ladybower 20

ladybower 20Fresh from her morning swims in the reservoirs and herding a family and wayward husband (see below) Els Swan somehow found time in her busy schedule to get across to Ladybower reser for the 20 mile race. Her race was helped by a fantastic race crew, who knew her every need and waited upon her hand and foot in the recovery areas. I’m sure her results will be out soon… but last I saw, the most recent were from last year.

Hardmoors 60

I received a message from Chris Webb the other day. He was out supporting his brother

hardmoors 60

It wouldn’t be a race report without THOSE shorts.

on the Hardmoors 60, and who should bimble past, but our own Nick Ham. To be fair, it shouldn’t really be all that much of a surprise. If there is an Ultra on, the odds are more than even that Nick is going to be there.

Cross Keys Road and Fell relays

As far as I know, there was only one GDH team in this event this year. The team previously known as the Hunks in Trunks morphed into the Bride and 3 Bridesmaids, with Kirsty Johnson leading out on the first road section, giving the boys a bit of a chasing start. Ian Oates swapped from his road specialism of last year to run the first fell section. Andy Burnett followed suit in terms of swapping from 2016 and gave his all on the second road section. He was heard to have been mumbling something about it being drier underfoot, but no less steep. Bringing the team into the final straight, Steve Crossman took over Fell responsibility and expertly steered the entire lot of them into the pub after a blistering final lap of the muddy hill. Results will be posted as and when.


Or, indeed, these shorts.

Barrel race

The wayward husband of aforementioned Ladybower 20mile damsel, Phil Swan was seen to be cavorting and carousing across Kinder Plateau with a bunch of other people and a Beer Barrel. Phil took part in the annual Kinder Beer race where a team of 8 people get a barrel of beer from Snake Inn across Kinder via the fastest route to the Nags Head. From the photos it seems like they had a marvellous time, but only came away with a bottle of beer each, rather than the 8th of a barrel that you’d expect. phil beer barrel

South Manchester Tri

Jill Wood had a bit of a bash at the Tri in South Manchester this weekend, deciding that she needed to blow a few cobwebs away. I haven’t spoken to her, but I can almost certainly say that she’ll be fairly ambivalent about her swim, really enjoyed herself on the bike and then nailed the run. An ever so slightly “out of practice and out of form” Jill bimbled around the course in 1:21:53 and came in a “surprising” (to her) 2nd lady. Nicely done.


Liam Amos continues to lower his Glossop Parkrun PB for yet another week! Good effort. A decent number of Harriers out this week again to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Manor Park. Consolidated report here.

Other Stuff

Righty ho then – that’s about it for the week. Stuff to take note of for the rest of the week… um. Jeroens sessions on Tuesday are continuing. But you all know that anyway – there look to be a good number out and about terrorising neighbourhoods in Glossop. The Glossopdale adventure weekend is going on next weekend – if you want to be involved, drop me a line. There is a bit of a push to get people doing the 4 Inns race in 2017 – get your names down now (you need a team of 4!). Um other than that – keep running.

As ever, if I’ve missed you, I apologise, but if it isn’t on Strava, facebook or you haven’t told me, it didn’t happen.




The full moon (lunatic’s) connoisseur report

I’d like to start by saying a big thanks to Steve Pepper who had the baton passed to him (thrust into his hand) for the past couple of weeks. Despite juggling baby care, revision and general bits and bobs he still managed to get a report out vaguely on time – Thanks Steve.

So what on earth happened this week in the world of the Greatest Running Club Ever? I’m not sure, as I don’t run for Yeovil Town RRC, so stuff wot we done will have to do.

Peris Horseshoe

Ah, what a glorious race this is. Wales. Hills. Rain. Wind. Whales. Dolphins. Terrapods. You name it – this race has it all. Our valiant Chris Webb headed across to deepest, darkest Llanberis, proving once and for all how to get 2 Whales in a car. (M56, A55 etc). (budum-tish). There was a pretty classy field running the entire Horseshoe, which involves a few of the 3000ft peaks, and a whole lot of other running. Not a lot of it flat. Chris excelled himself by ending up a rather decent 5th position, having decided that today was not a day for bonking. For those interested, his nutrition plan involved deep crust hawaiian pizza, fruit cake, 2 croissants and a bottle of Dom Perrignon. There goes a man who knows how to race.

Padfield (Plum Fayre) Scamper

The 3rd to last race in the GDH fell running champs took place this weekend over in


One of Peppers better attempts at photography

Padfield, and there was quite a crowd from Les Bleus (et oranges) who took part. The weather was a little misty, so misty, in fact there was little sign of the Plum Fayre – unsurprising I suppose as it is now defunct. That’s the problem when Sly and the Family Stone leave the area. From the off the racing was exciting, with plenty happening in the mid pack, which I was totally oblivious to. In fact, I don’t really know who was running… the main thing was that Steve “Im injured” Pepper had found enough energy and gumption to leave his poor doting wife holding the baby so that he could swan off up the hill to “take photos” (ie. hurl abuse) at passing runners at the top of the hill. I mean really.

If he’s got enough time to do that, he’s got enough time to write a club report as well.


As and when I get some kind of finishing order I shall enter it into the all knowing spreadsheet, screw it up, post it on the site, and then re-edit it in the time honoured fashion. It may be that you need to remember who you finished before and after… so please remember!

Marathon du medoc

Ah – La belle France. And the best marathon in the world. A party beforehand, fancy dress pretty much mandatory, a party afterward, and all the feed stations are vinyards handing out local plonk, bread, cheese, oysters and the like. Cut off time 6 hours. Most common finishing time 5:59. No wonder then, that Emma Rettig decided to give this monster a go. Dressed in a brazilian Samba outfit, she sashayed her way around the 26.2 miles in a thoroughly respectable time, knocking back glasses of red, white, sparkling AND rose (how very daring), and was heard to be quite disparaging about Chris Webbs feeding regime in races saying that only a commoner would eat Pizza, in fact – through a cornucopia of french delights she was heard to mumble “let him eat cake”. And caused a riot.

Redgate Coalsack race

For those of you who don’t know – or are too high class to know – coal is something we

cheryl and zoe

Cheryl and Zoe. They were told you got beer if you entered the race.

burn to keep the house warm. There is an annual race up redgate in Padfield, where the runners have to carry a bag of coal. 25kg for the blokes, 10kg for the women. Why is that? Surely we need gender equality?! Any how. So we had a couple of brave GDH runners in the offing for the prizes. Zoe “mothers can do anything” Barton and Cheryl “the muscles from Cross Cliffe” Stitt battled it out in the womens race, with Zoe powering her way up the hill in 50 seconds, but Cheryl took the club, and indeed the race honours with a staggering 40 seconds dead. In the blokes race, there were a significant amount of GDH blokes “supporting” but precious few took up the challenge. Pete “the sack handler” Davis was one of those to give it ago, and came over the line, literally staggering at about 47 seconds. Well done to those to took part. We salute you, and look forward to seeing if you want to do it again next year!.

The S(c)illy Swim


Catherine is in there somewhere….

Although it is kind of last weeks news, it took this long for the pigeon to fly from the Isles of Scilly to our humble abode on the top of Bleaklow. It would appear that our very own and very lovely Catherine Cleary took part in the Scilly Swim. An allegedly non-competitive event where 150 or so hardy souls swim from island to island in the Scilly, um, isles. They also have to walk across them. The longest swim is, um, flipping long (3 miles?) and the shortest is 400m. All in, it took about 10 hours to do, and according to her support team (consisting of team boss, Skip, and lackey, Tom) the icecream was fantastic. I have to say that swimming that length of distance and time has me, quite frankly, in awe.

Lake District Mountain Trial

Our trusty and trusted navigators headed over to the Lake Distric Mountain Trial this

mountain trial

C’mon John. It doesn’t look that bad on the tops. Yes, there are sheep sheltering in the car park, but still….

weekend. Lindsay “magnetic attraction” Palmer and  John “animal magnetism” Stephenson pitted their wits against the brightest and best in the C class over some rugged and challenging terrain. The weather proved to be too much even for these hardy souls, and after completing the majority of the course, called it a day as the maps disintegrated in their hands, food turned to ashes in their mouths and compasses spun like clocks. They got back to the control point and spoke with the organiser, who realised that with such experienced and generation defining navigators not completing the course, the entire event should be cancelled. And so it was.

Here endeth the lesson.

Well. Not quite.

Parkrun corner

A glut of Harriers were at the slightly damp and grim Glossop parkrun this weekend. Only Mark Davenport was able to capitalise on the weather conditions to come in with a PB – only being pipped at the post by first lady – Ezme Brack with a 70%+ age grading. Consolidated report is here.

Other stuff

So there are a few bits and pieces to mention –

Al and Jules were off in Spain searching for pina coladas and sun loungers. Got lost and ended up doing 16000ft of ascent in the week.

22nd-24th September is the second Glossopdale adventure weekend. The premise is to go and do something during the weekend that pushes you outside of your comfort zone – be it a new race, a PB, a triathlon, climbing, scrambling, whatever. Take a photo or 3 of you doing it, and the “best/ most challenging/rewarding” challenge will get cake. Or something. Pub on the friday night and Sunday evening is optional, but it does make it easier for me to work out who is doing what… let me know if you are interested and what your challenge might be. For info about the last one, read here.

Sat 16th Next weekend! – Cross keys relay. 2 legs on road, 2 on fell. A good laugh, and you get to see Andy Burnett and Ian Oates, and whoever else they pressgang into it running around in bermuda shorts. It starts and finishes at a pub, what more could you want?

Cross country – if you want to enter either or both leagues, get in touch with Kirsty asap. She’s on facebook, despite all appearances of her being hammered and on a hen do.

Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay is on Sunday 1st October. We have a team entered, and there are other GDH supporters staying at Patterdale YHA. I’m going up to support and cheer the team on. Consider going – tis a great day on the hill, even (especially) if you’re not racing.

Steve’s 11k Time Trial Trail Thing

If you’re still intent on getting races done for the road and trail champs, don’t forget to give the (perfectly normal distance of) 11k time trial devised by Steve a go. Times recorded up until the end of… oh, I can’t remember.. September? October? Go with September, it’s a safer bet… will count. If you don’t know the route, ask Steve. He does. There is probably a vague map of it on the facebook page somewhere as well. Get out and give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen?

(no, I don’t need a list).

Here indeed, endeth the lesson. And if I’ve missed you and your race/trip/wossname out, I apologise, but you didn’t tell me.






Dont tell Nurse Ratched, he’s escaped again!

Last one from me folks, the skipper is returning soon having been banished from the Alps for crimes against marmots and getting ‘too close’ to Killian Jornet at a signing event. As usual I have compiled the news from events I was at, stuff people have mentioned and rumours I have embellished. Thomas wants to play and I have revision so we are on a shorter version also.


Shelf Moor

First up we have the club organised Shelf Moor race, not many GDH in vest action but some fun on hoodie work on show. Lets start with a massive chapeau to Rachel Walton for organising, from flags to cake the day went without a hitch and without any stress. Anyone out there who has done the job before will appreiciate the hard work such an undertaking requires. Next up a big hand to all the marshals, registration people, tea providers and hut clearers, I think you all did the club proud.

As for the running, the race was started by our esteemed chairman John Hewitt, who is fast becoming the Douglas Bader of his ward, and led from the off by Stuart Bond, the eventual winner despite needing Beryl and Carl to direct him away from Drs Gate. The ladies were brought home by someone local random called Caitlin Rice. The GDH were led in by Mark Harrison who decided to practice handstands on the decent, Zoe Barton who snaffled first WV40 (again, learn to share youth), Rob Sheldon, Wendy Trelease and John Stephenson making sure no one pinched the sexy new flags.

We Love Salford 10km

Before you write in to complain, thats no typo, maybe people see a better side to Salford then its dual carriageways that ensnare me regularly. Anyway to find out a GDH posse was formed and they dually packed their sarnies for the long journey into town and came back with a collection of tidy results. Kirsty Johnson stormed back in 5th lady, Emma Chrystie-Lowe cracked the hour, and Marie Williamson looked confused when the race ended 32km shorter then normal. The boys meanwhile had obviously not put enough money on the parking as Tony Hiller hotfooted to first v70 and David Chrystie-Lowe legged it round for first v60. There is another of the C-L gang on the results, Rosa, well done if you’re one of ours, and well done anyway if not.

Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out

Basically the aim here is to run up the Chew Resser road and back down again. Several times. So a perfect job for someone that enjoys roads and repetition, step forward Guy Riddell. Not sure on the total so will say 10 reps would be standard.

South Cheshire 20

Having spent years trying to get out and stay out of Crewe it appears interesting that some would chose to head there intentionally. William Mather, went to explore the villages of my youth and assures me that its all rather pleasant now, reports of a hill need confirming.

Ultra Cave

This week the cave welcomes the return of Nick Ham, having decided that the Sale Sazzlers just don’t get crazy enough he decided on an overnight Peak based adventure known as the Bullock Smithy Hike. 56 miles, winning times of around 10 hours, Nick hasn’t been heard of since the start.

Parkrun Corner

Down in the park Start2Jog had taken over and the GDH were out in force, Dan Ellingworth turned up for the 150th time, Chris Webb the first (also chose debut to lead the field home), and Lawrence Fennelly cracked 22mins for a new PB. Oh and Swan girls flapped home in the top 6 again, great work youth section J

Looks like the GDH are still enjoying holidays around the world ( with a Dutch invasion of Newcastle bringing a PB for Paul Peters, and general good times all round. Any other results needing a shout out then let me know.

Other Fluff

The GDH 11km Open Challenge is still ongoing so get out there, let me know if you need more information.

Cross Country season is nearly upon us and your club needs you, speak to Kirsty Johnson if you can keep up with her!

Plumfair Scamper is next Sunday, its a champs race and good day out. Get out, have fun, and maybe snaffle some points. And what do points mean….


Where’s my shopping list gone?

21083185_10155669591493615_5408111607792083464_oIts good to see everyone is on a taper week, makes the report a lot easier to write. Mandy ‘Cheese’ Beames, is feigning illness (hiding from her shameful France incident more like), more of you appear to be sunning yourselves on holidays from Mayo to the Alps, and some just are just enjoying long runs in the hills without forking out for a medal and t-shirt, strange.

So unless anyone has a mystery run they wish to add, here is this weeks doings.

Parkrun Corner

Down in the park the speedsters were taking advantage of a dry track with three PBs for Paul ‘Bread’ Peters (sub 20), Richard ‘Eggs’ Martin, and Obi ‘Cornetto’ Wan (only on Monday did he say he fancied beating his PB, the man is on form so don’t accept any racing wagers with him)

On the beach in Weymouth Will ‘Frozen Peas’ Mather clocked up all time PB sneaking in under 20mins, round the duck pounds of Stamford Lizzie ‘Pizza’ Leason was first lady home, and in the most confusing run of the week Andy ‘Yoghurts’ Burnett ran at ‘Beach Strip’ against runners from Hogwarts. Placing third which isn’t bad for a muggle.

The Ultra Cave

This week in the cave we have two newbie’s limping in fresh ripe from the St Begus 36 up in the Lakes, Pete ‘Bananas’ Nicholson cruised from Dodd Wood near Keswick, over Hoister to the coast taking pictures and looking waaaaay to comfortable in about 7:30. Meanwhile Steven ‘Peppers’ Pepper, came home an hour later having stopped to ‘enjoy the views’ and talk to the cows. Great day out, super organisation and free beer and scragg at the end.

Other Fluff

Darren ‘Sweet Potatoes’ Clarke, is still wandering up Cock hill like the Flying Dutchman in Walshes. Rumour is that if you catch sight of him in a full moon you’ll go mad, or become poet. You’ve been warned.

Rachel ‘Toothpaste’ Walton requests the pleasure of your company at the Shelf Moor Race next Sunday as marshal, tea monkey, smiley person or other role. Please help if you can and let her know, organising races is a massive headache so as many free folk as possible will be massively appreciated.



Birthday Special. Three Cheers for the Chairman


With our esteemed mens captain laid low by the demon drink, ‘IT problems’, the job of collating this weeks GDH based shenanigans has fallen to me once more.

First order of business has to be Chairman Johns birthday, as fantastic a night of food, drink and dancing as anyone could wish for. Ben provided a stunning venue, Bec and Ali created the look and Lynne marshalled the GDH/GBBO into a vast array of food provision. The Hunks banded together to get John a bottle of 21 year old Jura and Tim rallied the troops into frontal assault on 210 pints of Howardtowns finest.

Those abed on Saturday night shall think themselves accursed that they were not with us on this Chairman Johns Birthday.

Crowden Horseshoe

Sunday morning saw a few sober-ish folk cross the valley for this local classic, the sensible ones chose to support, some fools brought their running shoes. Sensible Lizzie ‘Braveheart’ Leason led the GDH home (having cycled over like a pro), followed by a green looking Rich ‘Hulk’ White trying not to fall in the many ditches and Mary ‘Sideways’ Jeal who won her category despite not being able to run in a straight line.

Parkrun Corner

Bumped up this week to celebrate not just another PB but the 10th in 18 months, a seven minute improvement and capped off with a first lady back at Glossop on Saturday. Ezme B well done for dipping in under 22, hard work pays off and a massive chapeau from all in the club.

Also at Glossop we learned that you should never upset a Swan(n) as they can’t half shift, this time it was Caitlin scorching the trail in a cracking new PB and second lady time of 23:22. Great to see the youth wing going from strength to strength. Yes folks they have a combined age of less than 30, pass the wine.

In more PB hunting news both John ‘The Colour of Money’  Stephenson and Obi ‘A New Hope’ Wan headed to the speed circuit of South Manchester and returned resplendent with bounty and seasons bests.

Isle of Wight Half

The GDH/IOW exchange programme is still in full flow with Will ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ Mather being dispatched south. He’s claiming a PB but hasn’t received a pigeon with official results yet so we’ll have to trust him and say top running. EDIT: 63rd in 1:36 a 2 min PB, tidy.

Sale Sizzlers

In the ongoing south manc bbq racing series Tony ‘Edwin Drood’ Hillier got his sausages done in 22:20 whilst Nick ‘The Fugitive’ Ham got them Cajun burgers on the pass in 22:34. Top grilling.

The Ultra Cave

A new feature for the weird and wonderful members of the club that don’t get out of bed for less than 26.2. In the cave, next to the spiders and Guys socks, we have Phil Clinton and Sue Clapham who completed the Dip Deep 60 Ultra Tour de Peak District (even the names go on). Phil was on baby brother minding duty and Sue went ‘ridiculously fast’. No times yet but just finishing is cracking enough.

If you spot anyone who should be in the Ultra Cave then please inform the relevant authorities, the cave is very nice and Nick has a new light for it.

Other Fluff

Paul ‘Flight of the Navigator’ Skuse and Obi ‘The Force Awakens’ Wan have set off on a 15 Trigs adventure, if anyone wants to come out to support on the return leg tomorrow check the FB for a schedule and any existing plans.

Also a shout out for the GDH 11km Challenge which is still active, simple rules, run the route whenever and load up to Strava. Current leaders are Kirsty ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Johnson and Steve ‘The Hangover’ Crossman, but even if you don’t challenge the top you can still challenge yourself as its best time by 31st Oct that counts.

Meanwhile on Cock Hill a deep trod is still being worn in by Darren ‘Groundhog Day’ Clarke, that’s 214 visits to the summit so far and still going strong. Join him if you can catch him.