well… you did indeed get off your backsides.. weekend report


GDH. Definitely Anarchic.

It would seem that everyone decided to get up and do something this weekend. It might have been the weather, it might have been the title of last weeks weekend report, it might be that this week simply had more races lined up, but I’d like to think that it was a call to arms from yours truely. Well, there has been more activity that I can shake a stick at this time around. Thanks to various people for sending in stuff that they’ve done. This week is similar to every week in that all the information has basically been trawled from facebook, strava and the dark recesses of my brain. If you don’t want stuff being made up about you, let me know what actually happened – it’s a lot easier to copy/paste than it is to make something up.


The final SELCC meet was this weekend. Hotly anticipated by all, especially by Matt Crompton, who still has all the numbers of the people that signed up for the series, but still didn’t get around to running any of them. I have absolutely no idea how the race went, apart from the fact Jo Brack ran in the sunshine (No idea if anyone else did, or what constitutes “shine”, but that is what it says on Strava). Our man on the street, Chris Jackson was able to provide us with some detail about the end of the series – (though not the race itself). Overall, from the whole series, it would seem that there have been some pretty significant performances….
Caitlin Swan was 3rd U11
Ezme Brack was 1st U17, cementing her status as person most likely to overtake *you* this year.
Kirsty Sharp was 1st Open Ladies. Which I presume means Ladies of any age, as opposed to any other connotation. Jo Brack, not to be out done by her daughter took the 3rd overall prize in FV50.
It wasn’t ALL about the girls though (but it has to be said, they really raked in the majority of the prizes… Stevie Knowles – whose long, luscious locks look magnificent atop a blue and orange vest was 1st V45 for the series, while David Chrystie-Lowe blasted around the final course to scrape a joint 3rd V60 for the series. Superb effort to all you guys.

Wildest Peaks Trail run

Lucy Wasinski carried on her penchent for trail races this weekend, entering the Dark and White Wildest Peaks race. 25 and a bit km of delightful trails, lovely views and a bit of drizzle. I understand that long suffering Greg stood in as a marshal, trying to convince Illy the spaniel that getting muddy and tired really *is* fun. Illy, it seems had other ideas. That aside, Lucy joyously smashed around the course in no more than 2:19, enjoying every minute of it. She might even have stopped to pet Illy (but not Greg… no petting in the race please) and rocked over the line as 1st female- 17th overall. I’m not keeping a record, but I reckon she must be in first place for the series already? hmmmm. Watch this space.

Nostell night run

Liam Amos continued his fashion for running Night races. Here’s a question. Has anyone seen Liam by daylight? I’m not casting aspersions or anything, but… well.. he runs at night, wears a black cape, has very well developed canines, an aversion to garlic and Steaks… sorry, Stakes…. I’m merely pointing it out. Anyhow. I see from Strava that he got around the run, but as is ever the case, no-one knows who finished where, (or at least, no-one has told me), but I reckon that Liam got around the course in a supernaturally fast time and might have used echo-location to navigate rather than a torch…

New Chew

The first of the GDH fell champs races went on this weekend as well. A nav course around Chew, put on by Saddleworth runners. It was kept to the Short score course, so 3.5 hours was the cut off – and the area was flipping massive. I spent an awful lot of time making my way through fields of Turks Heads – I know that Tom Young also went in the same direction as me for a while, so was almost certainly afflicted by the same issue. If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of running across what could only be described as the most horrendous terrain known to man or beast in these parts, we can gladly point you in the right direction. After running across that nonsense, nothing else will ever seem like anything but flat again. Catherine Young ran a bit of a blinder, despite twice being psyched out by John Stephenson and his “oh…. you’re going *that* way. Interesting” comments – in fact. she did so well that she not only beat John, but also came in 1st Lady for the day. John Stephenson may have been a little over ambitious in his point tally, coming in a fair few minutes late – losing points in the process – but not quite as overambitious as Joe Travis and Emma Peters. We were sitting inside when they came storming into the finish… it seemed like Emma was dry retching with effort for at least 5 mins before managing to give Joe a hug, and staggered indoors. I think that the “magically growing hill of Chew” will live large in their minds in future events. That being said, I suspect I might get an email at any point now telling me that Emma just ran the fastest 5km of her life on the way back in – though how long it will take for her to forgive Joe for falling on top of her whilst she had already fallen over – pinning her in a bog, is anyone’s guess. Lynne Taylor and Lucy Wasinski had a fabulous mooch across the top, concentrating on not getting lost, picking up points on the way and not being late back. Greg Wasinski took Illy out again, and tried to convince her that being tired and muddy is fun. Again. She was not impressed. Again. Poor pooch looked pooped by the end. Greg was very happy to be pretty much first back and had first dibs on the food. Rachel Walton had a fabulous time out on the hill, bashing around various checkpoints, falling in bogs and generally relishing not having a child to be responsible for. She had so much fun that she forgot the time and ended up being late as well… but still came in with points!

Tim Budd 280 1st overall
Tom Young 190 3rd overall
Catherine Cleary 135 1st Lady
John Stephenson 107 1st V60(?)
Joe Travis and Emma Peters 81 1st Mixed team(?)
Lynne Taylor 50
Lucy Wasinski 50
Greg Wasinski (and Illy) 35 1st bloke and dog
Rachel Walton 28

all question marks are there, because I’m just taking it from Johns photos, but have no idea if I’m just making stuff up now.

IOW 5k+ a bit

A classic bit of Isle of Wight measuring going on here. A 5k+.. ie. we know it’s more than 5, and it might be less than 9, so let’s just stick “a bit” on the race leaflet and everyone will be happy. Claire Campbell ran it and had a marvellous time. I’m sure the sun shone. the rain stayed away and the locals were kept behind barbed wire – like normal, as she cruised around into 6th position in 28:50 (first FV40). With that in mind I bet she didn’t even visit a single pub on the way around…. barely enough time for a whisky, straight no chaser…

Great North West Half

We have the Great North, South, East and West runs. Well, now it would seem that stephen pagecardinal points aren’t enough and we’re going for the bits inbetween. Props to the person that sets up the “Great West South West Run” when it happens… anyhow. The Great North West Run was up in Blackpool this weekend just gone. Stephen Page ran his debut race as a GDH. By his own admission it was Flat, windy and horrible. Well. It is Blackpool. If it was hilly, still and beautiful it would be um… errr. I can’t really think of anywhere hilly and still. Anyway. Had a magnificent run and may well have come in with a PB, but that hasn’t been corroborated yet, so we wait with bated breath.

Park run

Ian Crutchley is sending out a request. His daughter Melissa got another PB at Glossop Parkrun this week in 29.36 He doesn’t think he is going to be able to keep up with her for too much longer and is asking for a Justin Bieber to come along and run with her. Never heard of him personally, but I’m sure he is a nice bloke.
No-one else PBed at Glossop this week, though a load of people were parkrunning in other places, and I believe Wendy Trelease decided that 5k isn’t far enough and ran to one via Leeds. Or something. Consolidated weekly results

News from Rwanda

Ah yes, I nearly forgot about this one. Tim Culshaw-Willson and Alice Willson-Culshaw our international correspondents of choice were out and about doing a marathon in some ridiculously hot part of the country. Tim is of course training for the High Peak alice and timMarathon – being the Lynch Pin of the John Hewitt Appreciation Society Team, so is getting a load of long distance, cold weather, navigation heavy night running into his training schedule. Ah. No. My mistake. He is doing marathons in the sun, getting heatstroke, being picked up by his wife and then transported back to the start in an ambulance. That’s the one. Nice work Tim. Keeping the British End Up.

other stuff

There were people heading off for Oldham way recces, 4 Inns recces, running around reservoirs, and police bothering in Manchester (all in the name of marathon training). Great to see so many people getting out and training and enjoying themselves. Thanks for the continued pictures that I am blatently nicking off facebook.


It’s the middle of Feb. Get off your backside and do something! Weekend report.

well. this and that, it’s snowing again, the weather can’t decide on a season, people have been running here there and everywhere. If you want to see what everyone is doing because you’re in a rut and can’t be bothered to get out look on Strava, someone is always posting up something new there… heck I see that even Ian Oates has been out for a run. Yadda Yadda. Crikey. It’s 1500 words or near enough this week. I need a sit down. Well. Nearly 1500. Just a few more really. What can I talk about? Surely this is going to get me there? Yep. there you go. One Thousand Five Hundred.

Carnethy 5

One of our number made the pil(grim)age up to Carnethy for the Carnethy 5. No, not a 5km, or even a 5 mile race. Fellrunners are a but more hardy than that. The 5 in the title refers to the number of hills in the race. This one is famed for being a bit of a local test-piece, and who better to get up North and follow the footsteps, than the Hux. He acquitted himself in good order, neither getting lost, nor snapping anything, and came in a very creditable 59th – though just missing out on the magic 1 hour time. He finished in 1:01:41.

Stockport trail half race

Some excitement was had on a rather flatter course over in Stockport this weekend, with a load of people running the Stockport trail half. Taking a week off his fell schedule, and packing in the miles before London, Steve Knowles blatted his way around the 21.1k course in a rather splendid 1:22:48, coming in 1st V45 to boot. (and was later spied refulling like a champion with curry and beer – ah, a man after my own heart and training principles). Next over the line was Tony Hillier in 1:46:50, and, would you believe it, 1st V70. He was closely followed by Jason Hart, who was a tad confused by the fact the race wasn’t going on for another 20 hours. Not even 10 minutes later, Wendy McMahon crossed the line, crushing the 2 hour mark, and sneaking in just under the double century.

6th Stevie Knowles 1:22:48 1st V45

108th Tony Hillier 1:46:50 1st V70

136th Jason Hart 1:49:45

192nd Wendy McMahon 1:57:15

It is also notable that currently of this Parish, (but not actually doing the race) Emma Peters –  decided to run a 1/2 marathon in some godforsaken backwater as she couldn’t get to Stockport and knocked 18 mins off her PB (pretty damn amazing). I’m now awaiting a chip time….

Winter half tour of bradwell

How d’you make the Long tour of Bradwell easier? Do the Short tour…. but what if you want to make the Short tour harder, but not by distance…. simple. Stick it in the winter when it is raining, sleeting, snowing, generally blowing a hoolie and everyone would rather be inside with a cup of hot horlicks. No matter what they do in terms of races, if they put it on, people will come, and not only that, they will pay good money to do so.

Spot the Glossopdale Ninja

Spot the Glossopdale Ninja

Mark Davenport, a man now beginning to understand what it means to suffer for your art was there on the start line, as was a man to whom running absurd mileage- just not very often – has become a habit – Juddy Hirst. I understand that they “enjoyed” the course right the way though (the whole course… and not *some* of it, like some of the competitors). Dav’s completed the course in 2:48 dead in 59th place, slaying some demons for not being able to take part in last years summer tour. Judd decided to make a day of it, taking photos, taking in the weather, and actually, it seems, genuinely enjoying it, and cruised in 130th in 3:45:38. Top notch suffering, gents.

Mark Davenport 59th in 2:48:00

Juddy Hirst 130th in 3:45:38

Windy hill

Right – all I know about this is that it is on a hill, and it is Windy. The paths were very icy, and Luke Holme was there flying the colours. Beyond that, um… well, they say pictures are worth a thousand words so feast yer eyes on this one:

Luke holme

What’s that on Lukes left leg? Looks like a tag to me…. Let out on day release? Or just snazzy socks?


Anglezarke Amble

I’m not even going to pretend that I’ve ever heard of this one. If you mentioned it to me yesterday I would have fully assumed you were taking the Michael – or that it was a brand new race that no-one had ever heard of. As it is, Nick Ham has run it 16 times since the turn of the millenium. Not that it gives me any idea of the quality of the course – Nick has run an awful lot of races, good, bad and middling a number of times since the turn of the millienium. Let’s cut him some slack this week and say that it is one of the most charming, delightful and picturesque races you are ever likely to do. A hidden gem of a race that you will almost certainly not have heard of, and one of those races that is so unlikely to turn up on one of those “Red bulls top 10 races you MUST do before/as you die” that it will be a genuinely pleasureable experience. Nice one Nick, keep up the obscure race spotting.

The return of the Thursday evening timetrial

Yes, this week saw the return of the Thursday evening Time trial. The third in the trilogy after A New 5k and the Marathon Strikes back. It was capably organised and compered by Emma Rettig – and there is a short report from her here. Well. I say report. She wrote it on facebook and I copy/pasted it as it seemed like less work for me…..

Thanks to everyone who came out in miserable conditions for last nights 10km time trial. I had one job to do, timing, and I didn’t make a very good fist of it I’m afraid* – although I blame the wild padding of estimated times! There’s nowhere to hide for the rerun in March though…..

Well done everyone on some cracking performances – you’re all speedier than you give yourselves credit for!!

*Full disclosure I dropped my phone (using as stopwatch) and may have stuffed up some of the times, sincere apologies if your time doesn’t look quite right. TTT

The demise of the XC Webbinar (for the moment)

I have to mention that it was the final of the seasons XC based sessions, headed up and run by the formidibly fast and nails Chris Webb. Thanks for putting such thought, time and effort into the sessions and the rather detailed spreadsheets that they generated. I’m sure that classroom time will need another diversion soon, so watch this space for his next running pain related escapade.


Well, thank Heaven for that. MACCL has come to an end, and not a moment too soon. This week it was over in Wythenshawe Park and it was bloody horrible. No wonder no-one turned up for it. Mud like a bad glastonbury, standing water like a division 4 footie pitch, and general Grimness. I didn’t even see Ezme as she was (somewhat intelligently) taking shelter in the car as her Mum ran. Hero of the day has to be David Chrystie-Lowe as he was the one that was out in it the longest. Here’s yer results, and good luck if you’re doing the final SELCC next weekend, I hope the weather is just as elemental for you.

Junior Ladies: 8th Ezme Brack 30:37

Ladies: 136th Jo Brack (10th V50) 47:29

Blokes: 26th Chris Webb 41:34

37th Tim Budd 43:01

213th David Chrystie-Lowe (3rd V60) 50:19


A load of people followed Guys steps up, around the moor and back down again for Glossop parkrun in a re-run of Parkruin. No souls were lost, though a couple were tarnished by the experience. There was also a Road based version, capably led by Matt Crompton over to Stamford for the Parkrun there. Unfortunately they ran into a small problem – it was cancelled. So they ran back. Presumably via somewhere with croissants and pain au chocolat. You’ve gotta replace the calories somehow.


So the main people to mention this week are 2 of the padawans who smashed their PB’s at Glossop this week. Melissa Crutchley just turned 8 and decided to celebrate in style with a massive PB of 30:12. Brother Benjamin was a little further ahead, but didn’t quite manage to pip his PB. On the other hand Naomi Barlow decided that she wasn’t having any more of the whole standing around thing and crushed her previous best time, coming in at 45:15. Watch out old guys and gals. The new generation is coming. Consolidated report is here.

Other Stuff

A load of people were out enjoying the snow this weekend. As I type, it is still falling. If you’re going out – have an excellent time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Thanks, as ever to Mark H for the photo


“It’s a Super Blue waning eclipsoid moon from outer space!” weekend report

Dammit, you lot have been busy. A slight sniff of the fact the days are getting longer combined with a bit of snow on the hills and every blimmin one of your is off doing races and gallivanting around without a care in the world. I dunno…. me and my long suffering hands. My fingers are going to be a bloody pulp by the time I finish this report.

Longshaw night race

So first up this week was the Amos Clan, heading off again for another night race. I


Da clan at da finish

dunno about you, but I reckon that they’re planning something… maybe Liam has his eyes on the High Peak Marathon? Or maybe a bit of a Round in the Lake district coming up? Well, whatever their plans, it would seem it all went off swimmingly, with Liam starting off with his Dad, and then getting a bit bored with the pace, lighting the touch paper and blasting off into the night, eventually coming 8th overall. The boy has some swift feet, that’s for sure. Paul manfully carried on without his son to light the trail (and I suspect that he probably carried all the snack as well, what with Liam offloading as much stuff as possible for his speedy exit) – and crossed the line in 50th. I reckon about 120 ran. But I could be making that up entirely.

Mad dog 10k

Tony Hillier was out in force across the way in …..Pause while I check strava…… tony mad dogSouthport. Yes, Southport…. I’ve never heard of Northport. Is there one? Hang on. Google. ………Ah yes there is. But it’s in Scotland. But I digress. So Tony headed across to Southport to take part in the appropriately named “Mad Dog 10k”. I believe he didn’t need to take a mad dog along with him, he merely needed to prove his credentials. How this was done is a state secret, so don’t go asking me, him, or indeed googling it. It seems that Tony did some proper good runnin’ and came in a totally (un)surprising 1st V70. Which is blimmin good going. Not only that, but a certain Jo Pavey was giving out the prizes, which is nearly as special as getting a prize and a kiss from Joss himself. Nice one Tony.

Dark and White Trail Spring series

Pete Wallroth and Lucy Wasinski were off down to the deepest darkest White Peak forpete the first of the D&W trail series this weekend. (well, Greg was down there too, and ran the route… but as he didn’t pay an entry fee, we can expunge that from our collective memory, right?) They were in separate waves (what is this? a surfing contest?) so didn’t see each other. The route looked like quite a nice little run out of about 16km with a decent amount of ascent and corresponding descent. As for timings and placings, well I’m not psychic, and they haven’t published them yet. But when they do – they will (probably) be here… Lets just say that Pete took some time out to take a picture of a rock and seemed to enjoy being in the sunshine a bit too much, while Lucy made it her mission to get back in time to eat as many bits of chocolate caramel shortbread as possible. Damn good choices.

Shropshire weekend… Titterstone Clee

What a wonderful little race this is. Not much to go wrong with it… from the bottom of the hill you run to the top in a kind of diagonal fashion – taking in the delights of a short ttscsection of road, bog, bog, trails, scree and a windblown top, followed by much the same, but in reverse. (the route, not the runners). The lovely lot who were down in Shropshire for the double enjoyed themselves immensely, especially with their custom made maps, and blasted through the various terrains without mercy. It would appear from the race website that Andy “I dont race much” Oliver came in 3rd place, and do my eyes deceive me? 1st V40. Alice”technically hasn’t paid her subs to this club yet” Swift,( an occasional of this parish, and honourary babe for the weekend because she is on a trip with us lot) was 2nd lady, while Immy “pocket rocket” Trinder ran a blinder to come in 3rd lady, a mere 11 seconds behind. Mark “I’m going to beat Zoe if it kills me” Davenport acquitted himself excellently with a 12th overall (and 3rd MSEN), with Zoe “just you wait Davenport, I’ve got a plan” Barton just a place behind him, and 1st WV40. Lindsay “I’ve finally got a weekend off!” Palmer came in not a few minutes later and picked up 2nd WV50. Flipping heck. Is that a prize for every single one of us that ran? Nice sweep, kids.

3rd – Andy Oliver – 25:49 (1st V40)
5th Alice Swift 27:06 (1st WSEN)
7th Immy Trinder 27:17 (2nd WSEN)
12th Mark Davenport 28:59 (3rd MSEN)
13th Zoe Barton 29:19 (1st WV40)
32nd Lins Palmer 38:57 (2nd WV50)

Shropshire Weekend… Long Mynd

So the lovely people that did the Titterstone Clee probably then went off to enjoy cream teas and scones in preparation for the fun run the next day. A couple of others headed down specifically for the Mynd on Sunday. For those who don’t know it, basically it is “merely” a medium length fell race, but is backloaded with hills that get ever steeper and longer. Hill-arious for those watching, not so much for those “running”. Unfortunately as of this point, I don’t have the results to hand – they haven’t been put online yet… the race finished 4 hours ago, what are they playing at? So from what I can deduce from Matt Crompton and Lins’ pictures are that Matt Huxford took a picnic with him, and managed to do pretty well, despite being so navigationally challenged that he was probably meant to be down there for the Clee the day before but went north instead of south. Andy Oliver overcame his wooden legs from the excellent performance the day before and maybe came in second Glossopdale, closely followed by the irrepressible Immy Trinder – whom I suspect was giving Andy a decent run for his money on the final couple of hills. Zoe and Mark ran much of the first part of the race together, trying for a harmonious relationship that included haribo and pizza, but it would seem it all went wrong at some point as Zoe accelerated away from Mark in the later stages of the race and in a turn around from the day before, stuffed Mark into place. Alice – sorry darling, I have no idea where you came as the photographers failed me!

I’m sure that everyone had an excellent time on this weekend away organised by Zoe, and John Hewitt bets that she brought tea bags this time.

Right. So. It would seem that *just* as I was going to pull the trigger on this, the results magically appeared – thanks muchly to Mark Davenport for pointing this out…. so here we go.

23rd Matt “the picniker” Huxford” 2:01:54
35th Alice “so when exactly were you planning on joining us?” Swift 2:06:54 (1stFSEN)
81st Andy “no vegan custard for me” Oliver 2:20:53
96th Immy “Can’t do downhills? Watch this….” Trinder 2:25:52
117th Zoe “Aha – See! there was a plan!” Barton 2:32:08
119th Mark “Bloody Barton. She had a plan.” Davenport 2:32:52

Kong MMM Bethesda

Lynne and I went down to Wales this weekend for the Mini Mountain Marathon in Bethesda. I got an SI card for Christmas so thought I’d better make use of it. The weather was amazing – definitely the best day of the weekend to run. Long story short: I put in an early Bombed Out entry in by losing my Christmas Present within 2 hours of setting off, cue much swearing and 30 mins of searching in vain for the bloody thing while getting cold and losing all sense of perspective. I flounced off and didn’t get any more points, but the nice people at the end asked me where I had been and filled in a points score for me on the computer, so I did get a score. Lynne had a lovely time booting around the welsh hills, getting in some nav practice away from the shire, and we both enjoyed vast amounts of soup, tea and cake coz neither of us managed to stay out the whole 4 hours. In the end, I was 146th and Lynne was 174th. Lovely day on the hills though.


Jo Brack ran a PB this week. AND came 1st lady in Glossop parkrun. Evidently being inspired by various daughters of hers. Here’s your consolidated report – and word to the wise – watch out for Ben Tetler– he’s getting speedy again.

Other sundry bits and bobs

Well – people were out on the tops. Pictures speak louder than words. Thanks Mark Harrison.alport

Other things that I might need to mention

Um. Oh yes – the Young Swans had a Judo comp this weekend and according to their totally unbiased father, they totally kicked the proverbial. It ain’t running, but it enables me to get in a gag (see below). Definitely get out on the hill in the snow – its flipping great. Thanks to all those of you who did the Mile challenge in January. Good effort. I have as many times as I think there are, it’s a bit of a pain with the whole age grading thing (for the age grade champs) so bear with me while I sort that out. In fact, I might just whack the times up on the road champs page anyway. (we’re thinkin of going the other way with the numbers as well – as in, winner gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2, and so on and so forth – the winner at the end of the year is the person with fewest points…. reason for this is because with 200+ members, if a load of people turn up to one race and we start champs points at 30 and go down to 0, there might be a few people with minus points – as it were…. Just so you know).

Right. That’s it. I’m off to dangle my digits in a pan of warm water.

dont mess

Don’t mess with Swans – they’ll break yer arm.

The “resolutions? Nooo…. I didn’t make any of those, therefore I haven’t not broken them” weekend report.

This week a whole lot of exciting things have been happening. Mainly on the trail as a fair few mile challengers have been out. Good to see a groove being worn in the trail down there. So far I haven’t seen any suspicious timings – though I find it suspicious that Jeroen has been out… perhaps it was only on the proviso that Emma let him beat her. As it is, if you haven’t done it yet and want to take part in the cheapest part of the Road champs, you have until midnight on Wednesday to register a time.


Yes. A race. And yes – indeed, a place in Wales. According to wikipedia, Tarrenhendre is a mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales. It is one of the Marilyns in the Cadair Idris group. Lying to the south of Cadair Idris, it and its neighbour Tarren y Gesail form the bulk of the Tarren subgroup. So there you go. Don’t say you didn’t learn something today, even if you can’t pronounce it. Obiwan Sikobe was out in force, lightsabreing his way through the field in deepest darkest wales. The course was a total mudfest, as everywhere is at the moment, and he came in with a fabulous time of 1:13 in nth place. He was apparently the winner of the most impressive faceplant competition, though. Whether it was mud, sheep or cow related, we are left to speculate.


Ah – You see! In Wales you CAN have your number on your shorts!

Lyme park night race

I for one had not heard of this one – well… I’ve heard of Lyme Park, but was unaware there was a night race, so I’m not sure if that makes me more or less aware of the whole thing than Tarrenhendre. A few of us were across there watching the lights and the fire show – which – like much of us – looks a lot better in the dark, before blatting their way around the park, trying not to trip over deer. (stags like to tie tripwires between their horns, which makes night running in Lyme park particularly hazardous). I can’t find any information about timings, or anything like that – only a page that says the event has happened. So. Apparently, Liam Amos and his Dad decided to head there on account of the fact Pete Wallroth and Luke Holme were going to be there. A challenge had been thrown down, and it was accepted like the gauntlet that it was. Sian Griffiths was there, along with Lance and Sally to watch and referee the competition, which would involve not just running around the park at night, but a whole host of tricky and inventive challenges to do with deer husbandry, national trust architecture, rhodedendron pruning and interpretive dance. To cut a long story short, or I will literally write the whole thing out in longhand and will still be here tomorrow morning, they all had a lovely time, no deer were harmed in the course of the competition and they are still deciding who won.


A report from Will Mather – My 7 year old ran his 3rd park run today and the 1st time on his own he never stopped on what is a very hilly 2k and got his PB. So what Will is saying is that his son is basically faster than him. Excellent work from the young lad on the Whaley junior parkrun – a PB of 12:40. Keep up the solid work. Haribo all round! It seems that there were no new PBs at the Glossop version of parkrun this week, but here is a consolidated report for those of you who want to read it. Yes – I know *some* of you do. I can see the link counter.

Other Glossopian constrabulations

I can’t see a whole lot of other stuff that people have done in terms of races, though there are recces galore of various races around the peak district, people getting lost on Bleaklow, people getting lost on Kinder, people getting lost in Glossop, but all having a generally good time. So far, no-one has managed to do a “huxford” and ended up in the wrong count(r)y, though I will quite happily fund a prize for anyone who manages to do so. (there is no lower limit to the amount of money I am willing to spend).

In other news, I am sure you have all seen that Teenager with Altitude entries are open, which is a GDH fell champs race this year. It is potentially the last year it will be run – or at least the last time it will be run by the current organiser. Steve unfortunately passed away due to MND earlier in the year, and Wynn will no longer be doing organising duties. It is a beast of a race, but thoroughly enjoyable. Well worth the tenner that it costs.

Old County Tops is now open, it is the 30th anniversary, so get your entries in. I hear that Hux is looking for a partner, so hone your compasses and send him a message. I can vouch for his gentlemanly running ethic and ability to consume 2 types of sandwich at the same time.


Oh – And subs are due. If you haven’t paid and you want to be a member. Pay.

Oh – and it would appear that this Thursday is a Pubrun. Which means I am organising it. Um. Right. Theoretically it might not be raining. I don’t really believe that. I have no idea where we are going to go, but a headtorch, grippy shoes, a waterproof and a sense of humour will be a must. We go at the pace of the slowest person, so take that into account. There will, of course, be a speedier fell group out, and I suspect there will be some traffic dodgers about as well. I’ll decide on the pub we will be patronising during the week. Any preferences?

In March I’ll either organise another Street-O, but in Hadfield, or we can run from Glossop to Broadbottom, sup beer in the Harewood, and then take the train back.

The one with Diana Rigg and that aussie chap

Emma GDH Report.jpg

Once again Mr Budd has left these shores to play in the Alps and left the weekly totting of up GDH madness to myself, so without much pre-amble (some of us have CPD to do you know!) here’s this weeks fluff as reported to me.

The Spine

Is he a member or is he an ex member or maybe even a not paid fees yet member (that reminds me…) either way he’s a friend of many and has just run/shuffled/wept his way 268 miles up the Pennine Way in winter. Harsharn Gill, I can’t really add more than a bloody well done sir and I strongly advise those not in the know to check out the The Spine on Facebook and soon you’ll see what an amazing achievement this is.

Lambs Longer Leg

More fun in the snow in at a race where just cracking the entry process is victory enough, no times yet but it looks like the Joanne Brack and Charmayne Brierley continued their renowned XC double act, Mary Jeal may have sneaked another category prize, and Darren Clarke showed up. Rumours are that Daz was treated for hyperthermia as he was looking confused and agitated but turns out he was just suffering separation anxiety from his beloved Cock Hill.

Kinder Trial

Also down Hayfield way, Saturday saw the Trial continue its find tradition of getting folk both lost and cold in the name of fun. Two GDH popped over for a day out, John Stephenson bemoaning the speed of the yoof of today whilst using his superior nav skills to beat them anyway, and Ian Oates one of the afore mentioned yoof.

Peak Raid

No results yet so just going to assume that Matt Huxford (Boomed Out winner 2018) got lost somewhere and hasn’t been seen since.

Update – John ‘Homing Pigeon’ Stephenson appears to have been rewarded for his beasting of the yoof on ‘O’ courses by become the series champion V60 in this years Peak Raid. Well done sir, much deserved.

North of the Border

Not an actual race title but an update on one of our Scottish (or close enough) runners Emma Peters. Last week she ran a 5km PB of 21:43 at Newcastle a tough little course (well I found it tough but I was drunk). Great return from a lot of hard work. She has also entered a mixed lamppost bothering and proper hill ‘O’ event, and was mid-ceilidh when we spoke so no results yet. So far she has had a good day on the urban leg (despite the fussy town folk voiding results due to snow) and was looking to further lay down her tough hill lass credentials on Arthurs Seat by stepping up two classes.
A hearty chapeau mate!

Update – From Emma herself

Oh boy. So today was interesting. Set off and things were icy like yesterday but it was going okay. 17 minutes in it started to snow. Another 15 minutes later I couldn’t see much. At one point I stopped to put my jacket on and in the meantime dropped my orienteering dibber (£30 deposit at stake…). Retraced my steps where I managed to find it and hook it back on my finger and set off. Then went to check my map and realised I’d dropped my map when picking up my dibber. Another retracing of steps later and I have my map AND dibber, but no desire to finish. So I set off back (12/20 controls completed). … A few minutes later I decided I didn’t want to give up yet after all so successfully chased after 13, found 14 soon after and (after being pointed in the right direction by a teammate) 15. 16 and 17 followed after a bit of a climb and then I was nearly back. I even met the same teammate again who was retiring from his course so we thought we’d run back together, especially as he knew where my number 18 was. Unfortunately when we got there, the control was already gone as the organisers had started taking the course down. Lots of bum sliding down the ice later and we were back! Only 1 person left on the course and some worried organisers, but I said before I started that I’d be back before 15.00 and with the clock reading 14.59 as I got back I think my timing was impeccable. Officially a DNF I suppose, but I’m chuffed that I got so far in conditions like that!

XC – Leigh Sports Village

From our man in the field, Paul ‘Scoop’ Skuse.

Unbelievably muddy (Big thanks to Chris Webb for getting us used to running on unrunnable tracks). It’s not often I look forward to running on tarmac but that was the only time I could get a spurt on. Steve Knowles ran like a boss. Honestly, it was a classy performance. Matt Crompton had a right old battle with David Chrystie-lowe and Richard Martin. What the results dont show is Rich ran in trail shoes which were as much use as roller skates so extra kudos for staying upright. Chris Jackson is on his way back to form. And Andy Burnett is looking buff! Go on, feel his muscles, he loves it. At the finish line Kirsty was utterly minging, it takes a lot of effort to get that much mud on you. Jo Brack came past the finish line looking immaculate. Not sure who else was there. Huge thanks to Adam and Caitlin for cheering us round. It is really appreciated by all of us. https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2018/sel173.htm

Coed y Brenin Trail Half Marathon

Over the border and far away, in a Welsh forest the Wasinski’s went to play. It was windy, it was snowy, and Greg got put in his place by Lucy who smoked him on the final hill to claim a fifth lady and a PB. Remember folks, marriage counts for nothing on race day.


Consolidated report is here http://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=1491 no PBs reported but well done to Ben Tetler for a first finisher at Stamford Park.

Committee News

You’ll hopefully all seen the news from the AGM but we’ll have a little repeat here, MASSIVE THANKS from all to John Hewitt for his service at the GDH tiller as Chairman. A great spokesperson for the club and always there with a big welcome and support to new members, and teller of many a good story. Big shoes to fill but luckily we have another John (Stephenson version) to step in and he’ll do a cracking job just by being himself.

Also joining top table and entrusted with looking after the greater good (repeat: the greater good) are Jude Stansfield, who’ll be organising the ladies as their new captain, and Minister without Portfolio Matt ‘Malcolm Tucker’ Crompton. Thanks for stepping up, you’ll be grand.

January Mile Challenge

Don’t forget to try your hand at the Mile Challenge down on the trail for the rest of this month, champs points up for grabs and its a counter for the overall champs as well as the road for those of you looking to complete and not just compete.

Its all just a bit of fun but, interesting that Paul Skuse is kicking the rear of both Crossman and Jackson with Oates to scared to even attend. And where is Coach J?

Paul Peters 00:05:19 Kirsty Sharp 00:06:17
Tim budd 00:05:22 Emma C-L 00:06:52
Paul Skuse 00:05:59 Emma Rettig 00:07:37
Steve Crossman 00:06:04 rachel walton 00:07:50
Will Mather 00:06:18 helen thornhill 00:07:56
Rob Sheldon 00:06:30 lynne taylor 00:08:01
David C-L 00:06:35 Laurie Barlow 00:09:50
Luke Holme 00:07:00 Mandy Beames 00:12:23
ian crutchley 00:07:01
Mark Davemport 00:07:12
pete wallroth 00:07:18
Chris Jackson 00:08:15
malc brown 00:08:21
adrian gent 00:09:27
Dan Ellingworth 00:10:05
Jon Haggart 00:11:27


January’s waning crescent weekend

The weekend we’ve been waiting for. The one where all the snow was meant to fall, there was meant to be ice crust across the slabs and Bleaklow was meant to be gloriously wintery. Yes, it is Trigger weekend, with a load of runners taking on the challenge of running from Marsden to Edale. “You can’t call yourself a fellrunner til you’ve done the Trigger”, as John Hewitt said – which prompted a good number of GDHers to sign up.

What was good was that there were a fair few people out on support all down the route, including Jules, dressed in his “hallucination level clown” costume, which may or may not have thrown a fair few people off. I stood at the junction of the Pennine way and Wildboar clough, and although there were no navigational errors by the Trigger-ers, there were a number of Spine racers who needed gentle reminders that No, the Pennine Way does not go down there- you need to keep heading West for at least another few Kilometres….. (this includes at least 4 of the front runners).

So… how did they do? I can only really tell you what I saw, and what I have heard…

The Trigger

Chris Webb had a decent run out, with some excellent early pacing, coming past me in about 4th place. There must have been some kind of kerfuffle, or he got massively put off by the sight of Jules at Higher shelf… or more likely ended up somewhat obsessed by Rowan – whom I believe Jasmin had taken to the trig point. As it was, he ended up in 7th after a hard time over Kinder. Matt Huxford was next past me, and was gunning for a top 10 place til he cocked up the nav (Matt? never…) and then took an easy line to the Sabre wreck rather than the “racing” line, eventually coming in a superb 11th. Jamie Helmer was out there, great to see him back on the fells again. He seems to have lost his characteristic rapier like racing edge, being pipped, right at the very death by Kasia – who stalked him down through the entire race and sprinted past him in time honoured fashion. Matt Crompton and Zoe were tag-teaming their way across the hills, with Zoe modelling a new balaclava type hijab, and Matt wolfing down any food in his path – no matter who it belonged to. Ian “ironman” Oates was drafting them, as only real triathletes know how to do (ie. make it look like you aren’t drafting even though you are), battered the race into submission, and was seen sinking his first pint of “iron restorative” (guiness) within 10 mins of finishing. Steve Pepper made his gruelling way south to Edale with protestations that a) a running diet of Parkrun does not adequately prepare you for a race of this length and b) it is entirely John Hewitts fault that he even considered running the race. The people behind him basically followed the sound of his mumbling and moaning the entire way to Edale, with the dynamic duo of Cheryl Stitt and Jude Stansfield catching up with him on Kinder, just in time to see him add a further amusement to proceedings as he attempted to put on a waterproof. Cheryl and Jude had a delightful day out, despite feeling somewhat subdued having been going hard in the Gym on friday night. Not your normal race recommendation, it has to be said, unless you want cramping calf muscles for the entire second half of the route.

Thanks must also go out to those supporting on the hill, Malc, Jules, Lucy W, Cat C, Emma, Tom, Alice Swift and whoever else was out there that I’ve missed out. Good going everyone. No results yet that I can see, but I’ll stick up a link when I do.

Cross country

Some of us were out doing somewhat less miles, though at a slightly harder pace on the Saturday. It was the 3rd(?) MACCL fixture of the season… maybe the 4th? Who knows, theyre all pretty similar – over in Woodbank park. Home to “the hill”, and other such horrors – like “traffic” and “people”.

In the Juniors – Adam Crompton was there, flying the flag – coming in 44th in the Under 11s, a mere 3 seconds behind the guy in front. The ladies got out there early and acquitted themselves magnificently. Ezme Brack came in a great 6th in her Category, despite warming up by sprinting to the starting line and changing her shoes as the countdown was going on. Emma Rettig was first GDH lady home in 109th, with Jane Mellor in 157th – and 11th V50. Jo Brack was 173rd – and impressive V-bunching, was 12th V50. Charmayne Brierley, using her excellent last 100m dash tactic was 184th, and in an even more impressive display of bunching, was 13th V50. Sarah Leah was 259th and seemed to skim around the entire course, being totally unsullied by mud by the end! The ladies were 33rd team and 25th Vets team.

The Blokes kind of got there in a bit of a slap-dash way, not actually knowing who was going to turn up. It wasn’t really til we hit the start line that Chris Jackson appeared as if from no-where. (Im making that up…but it sounds good). A fast start gave way to a fast first lap, a fast second lap, and… um, a fast 3rd lap. As you might expect. Tim Budd was 58th, with Chris coming back from injury and beginning to find his form in 178th. David Chrystie-Lowe was 239th – and 4th V60, with some impressively bloodied knees from a very close encounter with a downhill section, and Andy Burnett cruised around to come in 379th in the most enjoyable race he has done this year. We didn’t have enough blokes to make a team – though we made up for it in style and magnificence.

Consolidated results are here.

The Spine

Technically, I don’t know if Harshan Gill is still a member of GDH, but most of us know harshhim, so what the hell. He is doing it *again*. I saw him pass Torside in good spirits on Sunday afternoon, looking very comfortable – basically enjoying being on the road up north again. He apparently has a Glossopdale buff to wear when it all gets a bit gnarly up north so if you’re dot watching, give Harshan a shout.

Wuthering Heights Winter Wander

Jayne Moreton was out and about doing her long distance-y type stuff, and was pootling around a mere 26.2 miler this weekend. In the cold. What were YOU doing? No, kidding. So she had a fabulous time at the Winter Wander. She highly recommends it as a race for the Champs next year – but then, she would because she loves running long distances in the cold…. Maybe Trigger next time Jayne? So 27 miles around – well, I guess it was around Withins up from Haworth, and everyone had to read a Bronte book as they ran around. Jayne managed to finish the run AND a book in 5:45:40 (though I am unsure whether this was a chipped time, or merely roasted), but you’ve got to appreciate the effort. It takes me WEEKS to get through that kind of prose.

Petzl Rivington Night Run

Luke Holme was down at Rivington this weekend for the Petzl night run. I’ve just seen it on Strava, so now you know about as much about it as I do. It looks like a 10km event, run (somewhat unsurprisingly) in the dark. I don’t know if you get penalised for not wearing a petzl headtorch, but from the looks of the picture Ive seen, Luke was (shock horror) potentially using an Alpkit or Black Diamond torch. Contraversial! Well, apparently he finished. Either he finished, or someone else has nicked his Garmin and uploaded the run for him. Either way, it looks like he enjoyed himself.


No new PBs at Glossop Park run this week, but there were a load of people out, which is always nice to see. Here is a consolidated report.

Other stuff

It’s the AGM this week on Wednesday. At the Oakwood. 7:30pm. (upstairs)… apparently its cold in the back room, so bring a coat.

The Mile challenge down the trail is hotting up, with a load of people having done it now. Get down and run it before the end of January to record a time.

Jules has created a somewhat imaginative Nav challenge on Bleaklow – the details are on the Facebook page. Get out and do it while it is still there.

I’m not here next week, so if you want a weekly report, volunteer to do it.


Ice, mud and running round parks. The weekend report.

The New Year has begun, new resolutions have been made, miles have been started and everyone is thoroughly positive about how things are looking for the next 12 months. Let’s see how everyone feels in about 3 weeks…

It is great to see a load of people out on the club runs, I reckon we must have had 24 out in various guises on Thursday. Don’t be shy. There were 4 groups doing different things on that night. Get on the doodle poll, sign up to lead an evening run, or just turn up and do something.

The AGM is rapidly approaching – it will be at the Oakwood on Wed 17th Jan. We’ll try and make it as speedy and as painfree as possible. If it comes to it, there is anaesthetic in liquid form on sale from the bar.

so what went on this week?

Hit the Trail

It seems that there is a growing propensity to run around parks in the Manchester area. This week was no different with a glut of Harriers heading to Reddish Vale (insert your


Matt C – the new posterboy of GDH

joke about being approximately red….) for the Hit the Trail 5 miler. It was a Club Champs last year, so I wonder if a few people were out to see if they could improve on their time… maybe it is a bit of a test to see just how much fitness has been lost during the festive period.

As for results, I haven’t seen them, though I have a little bit of insight from the facebook page, though they are by no means complete. Crossman, as ever went along to pick up the fastest “oldie” award, grabbing the race by the neck and giving it a good shake, Tony Hillier was there to pick up the “fastest even oldier oldie” award, and made light work of his rivals. Emma Rettig was putting her XC training to extremely good use, also winning a category prize, but I shall not embarrass myself by attempting to guess exactly what that category was, apart from Female. Amongst the other runners battling it out through the mud and gravel were Chris “the bearded” Jackson, Paul “I only do short races now” Skuse, the 2 of which I would imagine had a pretty heated battle. Matt Crompton, smarting from his recent defeat at the hands of Rich Martin was out getting in the hard and fast miles. Will Mather and Nick Ham were also spotted wearing the Blue and Orange, one going past with a slight bit more blur than the other, and there was a surprise attendance from newby Mark Milns, who I have not met yet, and subsequently have nothing rude or disparaging to say about him whatsoever. Welcome! Power couple Guy and Mel Riddell were out, battling against the rest of the world, with Mel showing everyone just how to race with *style*. Guy…. well, not so much. John Stephenson was taking time out from some serious grough bashing to enjoy getting lost in a park – prior to even starting the race…., and Charmayne was hitting the race hard, like a true dyed in


Mel – showing Matt how to be a poster-girl

the wool cross-country-phile. It was a delight to see Jo Brack chasing after Nick Ham – and nearly catching him at the end, and it was equally wonderful to see Rachel Higginbottom out on the racing circuit again. Last time we met it was on a hill with rather too much alcohol being involved on a Summer Solstice… I hope that didn’t put her off running for an entire half year.

And that’s all the people I saw/could recognise from the photos. Sorry if I missed you. Let me know and I’ll try and make something up…

Oh – Ive just seen from Strava that Malc “no-one keeps me down” Brown, Dan “the Don” Ellingworth and Simon “Damn Crossman for getting me into this” Toole were also hammering around the Vale on Sunday morning. Good effort to you all. I’ll post a link to the results when a)it gets published and b) I can find it.

Central Lancashire Half marathon

So, from the depths of Strava comes another gem – the Central Lancs half. Which one presumes is a half marathon, based somewhere in Lancashire… a quick look at the strava map tells me that, yes, it is indeed somewhere near Preston, which is vaguely up that way-ish. Paul Drury was out and about in those environs and got a chip time of 2:08:40. Which is pretty decent when you consider how hard it is to run and eat at the same time. Especially when they’re coated with salt and vinegar. Eugh.


Kirsty Sharp was off in Heaton Park this weekend on the XC county trials. She doesn’t know how she did, but needless to say, she ran her socks off. I look forward to hearing the results. As does she.


This week Glossop parkrun was cancelled due to a fallen tree and not enough people with chainsaws. However, there were a fair few people out and about tourism-ing, and here is the consolidated report.

Other news

In other news, a load of people have been getting out for the 1 mile challenge – the january part of the club champs. If you don’t know where it is, find out and go run it. Let me know what your time was. If I can corroborate it, you’ll get it on the spreadsheet, and into the champs.

Good to have people out doing the navigation challenge over Christmas, shame about the snow. I’m putting out another (shorter, but a little trickier) challenge in the next couple of days. Details to follow.

Also, if you have nothing better to do on the weekend of the 14/15 April, I’m setting out a Mountain Marathon course (well, 3 of them) to go between Glossop and a campsite near Hope. You can run it with all your clobber, or with nowt but day kit and have your stuff taken to the campsite… the site has showers, toilets and, most importantly, a pub, so if you just want a social evening, you can literally just drive there, pub and camp it, and come home. Hopefully there might be some uptake on the MM courses as well. Let me know if you’re interested.

That’s it for now – or at least until some wise-cracker tells me I haven’t been psychic enough to know they were doing something that isn’t recorded anywhere, so hopefully see you out on Thursday when you all magically appear for a social run,



ah Bollocks. Matt Crompton has just found the hit the trail results. Here is the link. From looking at them, it seems like the only 2 people I’ve missed mentioning are wunderkind Ezme Brack, who seems to be getting to the point where she will be giving everyone a run for their money, and Jayne Moreton… who I should have *known* would be racing…. that being said, Skusey isn’t on the list as a Glossopdale Harrier… hmmm. (though crikey – good going on a top 10 place!)

Oh yes, and it was wildly fantastic being out on the moors today. Sorry you all had to run around a park.




And good luck to you lot running the Trigger next week. The weather looks… um, lovely?