this, that and the other – the weekend report to end all weekend reports…until next weekend

After a hectic week with both a road and a fell champs race going on, there were a few people on the facebook group who were asking how the champs worked…. I kind of hoped it was a bit obvious from the explanation on the Road Champs page, the Fell champs page, and the Overall Champs page. If you read those and *still* don’t get it. Come round our house, bring a beer and I’ll explain it with a white board, erasable pens, pictures and added kittens.

Hadfield Dash- Road Champs

Well – Hadfield Dash, once known as the Gravy 6 was a part of the Road/trail champs this year. Yes, in this bit of the country anything that isn’t a bog is basically classed as trail/road even if you have to wear studs for it. It looked like a considerably fast one, with a mass of Blue and Orange belting it around the course. I’d love to give you an in depth view of the course, but I have no idea where it started, went, or ended. Lets just say there was a flat bit, a muddy bit where a lot of the fell runners gained some time on the hardcore roadies, a bit that the roadies considered to be a hill that everyone else thought was pretty flat, and then it all came back to much the same place for beer and medals. Laughs were had, showers were needed and cake was consumed. Brilliant.

2nd Chris “the legs” Jackson 34:41
4th Paul “needs a speed ticket” Skuse 35:28 1st V40
6th Jill “I’m not this good, honest” Wood 35:53 1st FV35
15th David “go faster stripes” Boundy 38:21
16th Matt “I don’t always look this good” Crompton 38:27
18th Richard “the” Marti(a)n 39:06
20th Frank “Blue and orange suits me” Fielding 39:15 1st V65
22nd William “I’m not addicted to racing” Mather 39:39
24th Guy “I’m not addicted to running the same races as Will” Riddell 40:00
27th Wendy “dog tow” Trelease 40:43 1st FV40
38th Pete “the Star-man” Wallroth 42:51
40th Liam “2 races in a week?! This is getting fun” Amos 43:02
41st Rebecca “top of the table” Smith 43:23 1st FV45
42nd Mary “every race. Every week” Jeal 43:34 1st FV55
43rd Nick “every long race. and the short ones” Ham 43:51
47th Tony “1st v70” Hillier 44:23 1st V70
49th Heather “catching up on races I haven’t done yet” Janseveka 44:58
54th John “catching up on sleep” Stephenson 46:07
58th Rachel “Ian is my responsible adult” Walton 46:37
71st Alison “getting back to it” Holt 50:46
73rd Marie “I thought I’d signed up to a marathon” Williamson 51:27
79th Malc “just keeping you all honest” Brown 52:19
80th Melanie “Just keeping Guy honest” Riddell 52:40
97th Mandy “where’s my barcode” Beames 57:36
100th Laurie “faster than the ones on the couch” Barlow 58:20

Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival – Fell Champs

Dr. Pepper decided to put 2 champs on 1 day last month. He saw fit to put 2 in one week again this month, thanks Steve. The minor issue is that I don’t have any results yet… I thought I’d sit down and work out who came where from Els Swan and Mark Davenports fabulous photos, but much to my dismay, I couldn’t recognise everyone – and not because of the quality of the photos. So all I know at the moment is that Jamie Helmer is putting in a bit of an effort to

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

get to the top of the table, coming in as 1st GDH, then there was a bit of a similar run down in the places behind him as Paul Skuse charged in just ahead of Jill Wood, both of them moaning about “tired” legs from the race a few days before. I’m sure they got LOTS of sympathy from the people behind them who also did both races as well…. the poor wilting flowers. As for the rest of the runners I believe I saw a Lesser Spotted Phil Swan in there, maybe even the distinctive plumage of “old man Oates” but I can’t be sure…. as soon as the organiser sends Matt Crompton the results I’ll get them up on the site and the champs table updated. Our Junior runners also excelled themselves, as you can see from the slideshow above, I’d tell you who came where, but… well, you get the picture.

Ingram Trail Half

Ah, the glorious fields and lanes of Ingram. Somewhere up north of us there was a Trail half, which complied with the normal rules of trail half’s – ie. don’t be boring and JUST be a half marathon…. This one apparently came out at about 14 miles or so, and Joe Travis was more than equal to the task, getting around the somewhat undulating course in 2:13. I believe it was then Chip time, followed by Beer time. Is that how it works?

Up the Nab

A few lovely individuals did Up the Nab on Sunday – a small number of them may well have been misguided enough to have done it within 24 hours of doing the Charlesworth and Chisworth Carnival race…. Kudos to Rob Sheldon and Frank Fielding. It was a pretty

hilly race – as it tends to be. In one of his first races for the club, Mark Harrison came in with a rather decent 7th overall and 1st MU23, (thanks for putting that on Strava… I wouldnt have known otherwise). The other placings I haven’t been told by anyone, so I’m going off photos and Strava to say that Rob Sheldon, Pete Wallroth, Mary Jeal and Frank Fielding were the others who ran.


We had a runner over at Snowdon this weekend as well – Pete Nicholson was hammering up and down the track as fast as he could – He did rather magnificently in the face of some pretty crappy weather. No results out just yet. Caity Rice – previously of this Fellrunning parish (and still of the Road and social parish) was also running Snowdon, but was this time debuting in a well deserved England vest and finished a somewhat excellent 9th.

Mossley 10k

From my stalking on Strava I have also come across Paul Drury running the Mossley 10k in a shade under the hour – doubling up with the Hyde parkrun from the day before. Good effort Paul.


Well then, Wendy Trelease, not only getting a decent time and a prize at the Hadfield Dash only went and broke her 5k PB at Doncaster this week. No PBs at Glossop parkrun this week… twas a bit damp for that. Consolidated report here

I did more climbing this week than running. Yes. I’m ashamed… Weekend report

Well then, what a week. I’ve been a bit out of it all and was considering handing the reins over to Steve Pepper for a bit of a break, but realised that I inflicted him on you all only a couple of weeks ago. So I got down to some detective work and looked through my inbox, facebook, strava, reddit, the dark web, and all the other places where you find juicy gossip about Glossopdale and spun a delightful tale of derring do and flights of fancy. Then my computer crashed, so this’ll have to do instead….

We love Manchester 10k

The We/I/You/They Love Manchester 10k was on this weekend. A bit of a warm one for this flat as you like course. Kirsty was having none of Rich White‘s delusions of grandeur this time, and firmly put him in his place by having a stonking PB run over the distance. Rich may or may not have got lost (again), I have no real information about that, but he came in 79th overall. Tony Hillier once again impressed upon the world that he is one of the faster V70’s out there, but was inexplicably down on the race list as a Hyde Strider. Liam Amos is going from strength to strength, coming in at a Sub50, comfortably ahead of the pacer and pacee Oates Crew. Dan Ellingworth sneaked in under the hour, while Paul Drury mooched in just over the hour. Mandy Beames had a lovely run around in 1:04, and was followed closely by Laurie Barlow, in 1:11.

All times are Gun, not Chip.

32nd Kirsty “the magic” Johnson 38:27 (4th Female)
79th Rich “where? no, actually… where?” White 41:48
185 Tony “1st V70” Hillier 45:22 (1st V70) (down as Hyde Striders?)
323 Liam “beating my Dad” Amos 48:23
791 Ian “the pacer” Oates 56:57
792 Claire “the pacee” Oates 56:57
932 Dan “sub hour” Ellingworth 59:44 1031 Paul “nearly sub hour” Drury 1:00:33
1285 Mandy “where’s my barcode?” Beames 1:04:37
1568 Laurie “where’s my pacer?” Barlow 1:11:37

Sale Sizzler

Tony Hillier once more proving that he takes no prisoners at any distance, smashing around the Sale 5k in a scarcely believable 22:02, I won’t give any prizes out for guessing what position he came – 1st V70. He might as well change his name by deed poll.

Pennine 39


Kasia – mud/tanlines and all. Picture by Nick Ham – so if he uploaded it, he must have finished…. right?

Kasia O and Nick Ham were out and about on the Pennine Way this weekend on the Pennine 39. Called the 39 because it is 58km long. Which, at a guess is 39 miles. Incidentally, there were 39 people entered as well, though I suspect that might just be coincidence. Kasia was pretty much leading the Ladies race (without realising it) until about 3 miles from the finish. However, I suspect that was a mere trifling incident on a race that goes through High Cup Nick, which really is a sight to behold. Kasia eventually came in 9th, and 2nd lady in 7:35… and has said that it has warmed her up nicely for the Spine. No idea how Nick went on… I suspect he’ll be in touch when all his photos have uploaded.

Ronde Dels Cims

Chris Webb made his way over to Andorra for another attempt at this monstrous race – 170km with a quite frankly ridiculous 13500m of ascent – most of it above 2000m. He had a great start, getting some good pace on. At home we were trying to work out how the dot-tracking thing worked for half the night (hampered slightly by not understanding spanish, and possibly excessive amounts of recovery alcohol). Despite a super-human effort, with his legs feeling fine, Chris ended up in not such a good way as he came about the half-way point. Unable to eat, or, indeed, keep anything down, he decided to call it a day at about 91km, (having ascended/descended 7200m as well!). A superb effort, showing good presence of mind and intelligent decision making despite race pressures.

Skuse’s Nav thing

A few people have been out and about on Cockhill and the local environs as our very own Paul Skuse has put out a short nav course. It is 5 legs long, you’ll need a map, a compass, and some rudimentary nav skills. It has been reported that no-one that has tried it has become lost and hypothermic on the moor (yet), so please do get up there and try it. (The course. Not getting hypothermic). Even Caity did it and didn’t get lost, therefore ANYONE can do it. (Her words, not mine). So drop Skusey a line on Facebook and get the first grid-ref. Thanks for setting it up Paul– I look to do it as soon as this hip starts working again!

Peak Forest

A quartet of GDH racers trotted across the Peaty Peak to Peak Forest for the local fell

Peak forest

The Awesome Foursome

race. Paul and Cheryl Stitt, Mary Jeal and Wendy Trelease worked on their short, fast racing speed at this glorious dash about the countryside in one of the more picturesque corners of that bit of the Peak. (not quite dark…. not quite white). Despite not having any results forthcoming, there were a few nice pictures, so we can have one of them instead.


There has been a bit of an informal Friday-Triathlon amusement organised by the rather marvellous Andrew Reuben (as he is known on FB). As far as I can make out it is fairly informal, involves (as you might expect) some splashing around in Glossopdale Pool, a local ride, and then a run around the Parkrun 5k route. (I think…. apologies if I have that wrong). If you want to join in the fun, drop Andrew a line on Facebook, it’s great that we have people organising bits and pieces like this through the club.

Park Run

PBs for Tom JacksonEsme Brack and Oliver Taylor at the Glossop parkrun this weekend. With these warmer temperatures and drier ground conditions these guys are really flying. Could it be that some runners actually fare better in the heat than the cold? Heaven forbid. We should also mention young Mason Rea, who this week reached his 10th Milestone in parkrun…. not only did he run them all, he only went and volunteered at ALL of them as well. What a pro!

Coming up

Yup – this week there is a Road Champs race in Hadfield on Wednesday, and a Fell Champs race in Charlesworth/Chisworth on Saturday. Roll up and get your champs points here! Don’t forget your GDH vest…. no vest no points in Champs races. If someone could take photos of the results as well, as I won’t be at either of the races….. I might even get the results up on the website at somepoint soon as well.

Also… Calling people for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay, AND ALSO for the FRA relays. So far I have had 7 people express interest in the Hodgeson Brothers (we need a team of 8), and 2 people in the FRA’s. Which isn’t many really. Anyone else want a go in a relay team? It’s not scary…. really! It’s a bit like a race, but with more socialising and Tea.
Send me a message, I need to get some entry forms in. Hodgeson Brothers is on Sunday 1st of October, is in the Lake District and coincides with the Patterdale Weekend away, and the FRA’s are in North Wales again – that’s not even 2 hours away, and are on Sunday the 15th October.

Glossopdale Adventure Challenge Weekend

We had an idea a few months ago, and that was the Glossopdale adventure weekend. People turn up at 7pm on friday, either with a plan or an idea for an adventure, they go away, have an adventure, and then turn up again on Sunday evening to share their experiences and amusements over the past 48 hours.

Bearing in mind that not everyone can get to a specific place for a specific time because of work and family commitments, there were a number of adventures which took place, which is fabulous, but I don’t really have any idea about how well they went, apart from a bit of stuff on facebook. I’ve included the ones I know some vague bits about, and those that told me what they were going to do…. so here we go.

I’ve condensed the adventure(ers) into 3 separate sections….

Those who turned up on Friday AND Sunday

1 – Mark Davenport: Definitely the adventurer of the weekend. His plan was to head to Hope via public transport (an adventure in itself) and then make his way back to Glossop via a number of hilltops and trig points, creating his longest run yet – just over marathon distance. Considering that he hit Winhill, Lose hill, Hollins cross, Mam tor, Brown Knoll, Kinder Low, Sandy Heys, 621 AND Cock hill gives him a fairly impressive route profile as well. Amongst the things he learned were food and drink consumption levels and sun lotion levels. Nevertheless, he was back in the pub on Sunday evening sporting some razorsharp tan lines and a cheeky grin, having gone the distance and survived with no ill effects.

2 – Alasdair Cowell: Used the opportunity to head back to Wales to pick his bike up from the Chemsol factory after his epic 3 peaks yacht race last week. While he was over that way, he bashed about on the bike over in Anglesey, bivvyed at a place that I can’t pronounce, let alone spell, and then went for a fairly epic run over the welsh hills on his way home. Not only that, but Al also took some time out to do a rather decent sketch of his view from the bivvy site as he knocked back a rather pleasant beer. Superb. He also brought back some Anglesey Fudge. Always goes down well.

3-  Lynne Taylor and Eleanor Duckworth: Used the opportunity to head on over to Kinder in order to have a bit of a crack at the Kinder Dozen. No mean feat on any day of the year. By all accounts, everything started swimmingly and for at least the first 30 mins, the sunglasses and sun cream proved to be of excellent use. However, pretty soon the clouds came, sunglasses were stowed, and by the time they hit the top, compasses were out and being used with a vengeance. The second ascent saw the rain start to fall and the wind increase, and by the time they hit the fourth ascent it was so grim that retreat was seen as the better part of valour, and an escape route was followed, having completed a “Kinder Third of a Dozen”.

And all this on the same day as Mark got pretty sunburnt. Just goes to show just how ridiculously changeable the weather can be up there.

4 – Me. Still unable to run, and somewhat handicapped by having to work on the Saturday, my adventure mostly consisted of going through some pretty dark places in my own head as I did 10k on a rower and 5k on a ski machine, while perfect running weather was going on outside.


Those who came to the pub on Friday, but not Sunday

1- Tom Young: was a little sheepish about what he was going to do, but it might, perhaps have been going to involve some flying. Having not got his paragliding rig out for a few years, I guess that would be quite an adventure. Unfortunately he was not in the pub on Sunday, so I don’t have a massive amount of detail…. But he did send an apology…. and a picture, and pictures paint a thousand words….IMG-20170702-WA0001

2 – Kasia: Was going to spend the weekend adventuring in Art and promising not to go anywhere or do anything… an adventure indeed for someone with as much enthusiasm for movement and the outdoors as her. I know from strava this didn’t happen as she appears to have gone for a bike ride over to Baslow this weekend…. I presume she came back, but didn’t see her in the Pub.

3 – Catherine Cleary: Was in the pub on friday but was clearly knackered. I suspect the main adventure was going to be trying to stay in bed for as long as possible on Saturday. I wonder if she achieved it and that is why she wasn’t anywhere to be seen on Sunday evening? Has anyone seen Catherine? Did she get up on monday to go to work?

4 – Dave Turnbull: Was going to head to the Roaches to go climbing…. No, not all that adventurous for a climber turned runner…. So I suggested that he head up Chalkstorm which is quite an amusingly blank and holdless route on the Lower tier… I haven’t seen him since…


Those who didn’t come to the pub, but put stuff on facebook….

1- Lawrence: Started with a magnificent bit of art that was put up on facebook, with a plan for a run/swim/run/swim/run/swim/run. All rather exciting and fantastic. The route looked brilliant, and according to Lawrence, was indeed everything he hoped for, and more… in fact, about 15k more. Fairly impressive, and a contender for adventure of the weekend…. If only he’d have been at the pub, some of that lovely goo-ey chocolate brownie would have been his. Excellent effort though!

2 – Mark Harrison: a newcomer to this parish, and yet put out a thumping good adventure, heading off across and down the Ashop and back up the Alport with plenty of bogs and pathless heather bashing…. Someone needs to show that man some trods around that way. That would have definitely have been worth a bit of Brownie as well… shame its all here at home and I’m having to scoff the lot.

Mark H

Sorry…. I can’t make this bigger!

3 – Alison: Decided to take the opportunity to do something she hasn’t done before, and that was to run from her parents house to hers. Usefully, that meant running along the NCN 62, a reasonably pleasant route, made all the more so by Rod cycling with her. An excellent and worthy adventure. Though I haven’t heard from her since, so I *presume* they got home ok….

4 – Guy Riddell, Will Mather and Andy Connell : Guy decided to get out at his usual time of “very early” with a couple of associated derring do-ers from the GDH/Gloaturs divide. A 20 mile run followed but with added amusement in the form of Gin, Bourbon and Cinnamon Jaegermeister at 10 miles. I cant imagine not having a good time on adventure with that group and a pile of alcohol. I wonder if they managed to follow the route that was intended, or if is just degenerated into a “lets go this way, Im sure it’ll go shomewhere in the right direcshion….”


Thanks to all the people that went out and enjoyed themselves on their adventures this weekend. I hope it inspired some people to get out and do stuff they wouldn’t normally have done, as that was the point.

Anyone up for another one? We’re thinking September 22nd to the 25th.


Mmmm. Beer. Brownie. Fudge. Chatting about stuff we’ve done.

Same idea. Different Cake.

Tour de France… what am I doing writing this stuff? I could be watching G in a yellow jersey!

What happened this week? I have no idea really as I’m still somewhat invalided(ed) by a mystery hip problem… such is life. Still, I am able to sit around and faff about on facebook, so I can keep up with all the exciting stuff that happens, and collate it all here.

Where to start?


Classic June scenery on a Bleaklow run. Thanks to Mark Harrison for the photo (though I nicked it without his knowledge)

Heptonstall Fell Race

Well… the shorter, punchier version – according to Matt “The” Huxford. Considering he’s done both of them this year (and I’ve never done either) I shall bow to his knowledge. Matt channeled his inner Claire Campbell and turned out to be first (and indeed last) Glossopdaler back. He spent some time emulating our gloriously naughty Conservative leader by running through some fields of wheat, or was that Gladiator? As is normally the case. I have no idea about timings or, indeed placings, suffice to say that he had a lovely day out, ending with tea and cakes in the tent surrounded by the WI of Heptonstall. What a gent.

Hope Wakes Fell Race

Over the hill in Hope, the annual Wakes Fell race took place. A small cadre of the Harriers headed over into the other Valley to see what was what. All apparently went well, despite half the field being directed the wrong way by one of the marshals. (a minor issue considering the slightly rubbish weather. Still, these things happen, and I guess the guys at the front of the race should really have known the course better. All’s well that ends well though, and everyone got back to the finish without much more ado. Dark Peak were out in massive force… they tend to over that side of the hill, and probably cleared out the prizes. It would seem that the Glossopdale elite, consisting of Paul “Im finally accepting that I’m actually quite fast over short distances” Skuse and Becky “top of the table” Smith managed to be in the pack that did the full course rather than messed around on the “shortened course” and had a great time with Paul completing in 61:51 and Becky in 65:46. I can’t see any other GDH names on the list, so if you were there, let me know, coz you aren’t down as GDH.

Parkrun corner

It would seem there are a couple of people who deserve some shoutouts this weekend,


Guy and Amy showing us what it’s all about. Beating people that are older than you…. no, hang on, that’s not right.

even though they weren’t running at Glossop. (well, Glossop parkrun *was* cancelled because of the fayre… such is life). David Chrystie-Lowe and Lawrence Fennelly were both over at Platt Fields and absolutely blasted around the pan flat course, both in personal PBs for parkrun in general. Frank Fielding was also out and about “nibbling” at the age grade record over in Stamford park as well. Just goes to show what kind of strength you build up on a wet, claggy, hilly, circuitous route such as Glossop and what you end up being able to unleash on a flat, dry non-bendy course. Consolidated club report is here


People went. People ran. (John? Paul? Cheryl? Zoe?) No-one tells me anything.

Glossopdale Adventure Weekend

The inaugural Glossopdale Adventure Weekend kicked off on Friday – the idea being to have an adventure – to push yourself outside of your normal comfort zone and see where it takes you. 8 people turned up to the pub on Friday, each of them with an idea of what they were going to do. A number of other people pitched in while not being able to get to said drinking hole. I have some idea of how some guys went, but not others. Needless to say, we will be congregating at the pub again this evening to provide closure to the weekend. I have a Brownie baking in the oven (as in chocolate treat, not a smaller version of a Guide, or even a larger version of a pixie) and I will distribute it to those with stories, photos and knackered legs. The winner might even get TWO pieces.

Other News

I got an email yesterday from the organisers of the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain Relay. Entries are now open and I need to get a team in – closing date is the beginning of August. It’s a 4 leg relay in the Lakes, starting and finishing in Patterdale, each leg is run by a pair of runners. Lindsay is organising a weekend away on the same weekend, so there will be an inordinate amount of club support there as well. The race is on Sunday 1st October. If you would like to be in the team, please let me know as soon as you can so that I can let the organisers know. There are only 80 teams in the event, and the only way to get into the event is if you had a team run it the year before…. there is quite a waiting list – and we don’t want to lose our annual place. If you want in, email me!

Other news 2

As you may or may not know, Caity Rice, of this Parish, has been selected to run in an England Vest at Snowdon this year. An excellent result for such hard work and dedication.

I’m sure I have missed stuff, so please let me know if I have. I’ll provide a separate report later about the adventure weekend. And maybe another report after that as to just how scrumptious the Chocolate brownie is. Was. mmmmm.



I knew there would be a few things that I missed…

Claire Campbell ran the inaugural Bembridge 5 miler on the Isle of Wight. Lovely… by the sea, but, one would imagine, far from flat. There are, as yet, no official results, but Claire assures me that she was first GDH past the line.

John Stephenson has sent in this synopsis of the Thurlstone Fell race:

GDH official and honorary runners were Caity, Jasmin Paris, Zoe, Cheryl Stitt, Lindsay Palmer, Alex McVey, John S, Rich White, Paul Stitt. Bad sign I’m not sure who else when it only yesterday! John Hewitt was present and called the start of the race.
Caity was First Lady, Glossopdale won the ladies team prize, the men ran too.

Thanks muchly for that John.


Thanks to Alan S for the pic- the happy official and guest GDH runners at Thurlstone.

The ‘which idiot put two champs races on the same day’ issue

Well Tim B has run off to the South of France to drink wine, eat cheese, and smoke small cigarettes, which leaves me in charge of this show. Blame him for the following nonsense.

Race Reports

First off we have William ‘the ghost’ Mather, who claims never to have run in his life yet suspiciously there are no records of him before 2015 and he does look similar to a banned Russian athlete, one for WADA me thinks. Enough libel, he managed a cracking time of 35:12 at Tideswell Fell Race a very friendly looking 7km race on Friday night, which put him roughly in the top third on a ‘training’ run.

Oop North this weekend saw the Darren Holloway Memorial Race (Buttermere Horseshoe) and Harriers Chris W and Kasia were duly dispatched from the valley in search of glory/bog. At 36km and 2500m of ascent mere survival would be enough for most but Chris returned under 5hrs with 20min PB, in 17th place whilst Kasia bested the great Ms Dodds, so massive well done to both.

Darn Sarf Claire ‘1st GDH’ Campbell was at it again at the Brading 10km with a hair-raising time of 55:02 for 3rd in Cat. Well done agent Campbell.

Over at Tatton Park we had the Race for Life 10km and braving the deer were Laurie and Wyatt. Jnr had his bid for glory ruined by mums duff watch but when you’re running for a good cause who cares how fast you go. Good to see you both out and running again.

As ever Nick ‘the shark’ Ham was continuing his experiment in never stopping moving by knocking out a cheeky 50 miler in south Wales at the imaginably titled South Wales 50, no times yet but hear only three runners were lost to dragon attack this year so thats good.


Championships Report

Big show downs this Sunday with legions of GDH heading out of the valley to descend on Sheffield and Kinder. Most of what follows is true, some is damn lies.

Round Sheffield Run

With a mix of trail, road and punji spikes the ever popular RSR attracted a mass of runners each with bitter scores to settle even before champs points were added to the mix. Rising above the name calling and fisticuffs Kirsty J and Lizzie L both put in stunning runs to finish 1st and 3rd respectively, some good local road teams out as well. They were joined in the big hand club by Rebecca S as 11th v40 continuing some great recent form.

Results are not user friendly so bare with this as there will be mistakes;

22nd Jamie ‘The nav’ Helmer – 1h15:43

33rd Steve ‘Strava’ Crossman – 1h17:44

37th Paul ‘Slowing up’ Skuse – 1h18:17

58th Joe ‘Sleepy’ Travis – 1h21:34

116th Charlie ‘Where are the hills’ Eaton – 1h27:19

118th Dave ‘Machine’ Chrystie-Lowe – 1h27:26

177th Guy ‘Bit short this’ Riddell – 1h30:50

185th Ian ‘Why cant I use me bike’ Oates – 1h31:38

225th Obi ‘Mr 200’ Sikobe – 1h34:02

276th Lawrence ‘The Baron’ Fennelly – 1h35:56

292th Jeroen ‘Coach’ Peters – 1h37:16

378th Andy ‘Legs’ Burnett – 1h40:43

417th Emma ‘Here for the Pizza’ Peters – 1h42:51

000th John ‘Haile G’ Stephenson – 1h45:13

556th Rachel ‘Never again’ Walton – 1h48:17

585th Vicki ‘dumb’ Hamilton and Mark ‘dumber’ Davenport – 1h49:14

621st Joanne ‘The Ninja’ Brack – 1h50:46

826th Rachel ‘The Shadow’ Higgenbottom – 1h57:53

1079th Dan ‘Not at Parkrun anymore’ Ellingworth – 2h07:47

1085th Sarah ‘Avoiding the Obvious’ Leah – 2h07:59

1184th Mandy ‘Laser’ Beames – 2h12:12

1305th Malc ‘The Boss’ Brown – 02h17:33

1495th Mel ‘The Indestructible’ Riddell – 02h28:07

Some good runs there but if that many of you run together again you can write your own report and duff nicknames.


Kinder Trog

Well you Sheffield lot certainly mist out here, the clag was down, the running was good and the support from Al, Andrea, Julien, Brea, John H and others was top notch. On the boys front William ‘You aint seen me right’ Mather took the points in 2:32, Matt ‘exploiter of weakness’ was next back in 2:39, followed by Steven ‘Ive hurt my leg you know’ Pepper 2:43, Jason ‘Expecting more Cake’ Hart in 2:44 and Pete ‘Team Hat Kudos’ Davies 3:22.

The ladies (and the rest of GDH) were lead home by Jill ‘Tardis’ Wood and her really small bag, time unknown but 3rd lady so awesome work. Next back was Zoe ‘I used to fast you know’ Barton in 2:47, followed by Jude ‘Streamlined’ Stansfield with 2:55, Mary ‘Cant be bothered’ Jeal taking v50(really?) wine with 2:57 and the troublesome pairing of Cheryl ’To me’ Stutt and Lynne ‘To you’ Taylor this years Bombed out Trophy winners with 3:59.


Parkrun Corner

After all that all I can say is that Parkrun happened and many folk attended. Time to mention Obi passing 200 runs, some going that, and Josie Swan passing 50 with another PB, congrats youth. Adam C also graced Marple with a strong run so all in all an impressive week for the Padowens.


HEAT WAVE! oh, no. It’s June. That’s meant to happen.

Welcome to the middle of June, and entirely expected weather has come to the country. Yes, the expected unexpected heat of the summer has finally shone through and a load of people were inadvisadly running races in the midst of it. Well – you know what they say about Mad Dogs.

Farnham Creek 10k

From the Southern extent of our long armed reach, messages have arrived by carrier pigeon to inform me that Claire Campbell had a great, if slightly toasty time down at Farnham on the Creek 10k. Whether this means running alongside the creek, or, indeed, through or up it, I am not entirely sure. Being familiar with the ingenious stupidity of runners and their propensity to think anything is a challenge, the latter two would really not surprise me. The Results are not out yet, but One suspects that Claire will have managed to retain her impressive record of being first Glossopdale back in almost every race she has done this year!

Red Bull Steeple Chase

Matt Huxford felt at home this weekend, running around several villages in the South, from spire to spire in the company of a large group of Red Bull swilling hipsters. Matt donned his skinny jeans and coiffed his goatee whilst chatting enthusiastically about extreme sports and craft beer in order to fit in, a role which he apparently had no difficulty in slipping into. The race format is essentially a “devil takes the hindmost” race in which a proportion of runners are culled from the race after each of the 3 spires, with only the final 20 allowed to get to the final spire. Matt, despite his gammy ankle and self confessed dislike of corporate sponsered events, came 23rd, so was unfortunately timed out at the 3rd of 4 spires. Still, a good day was had, and it means he has no “ankle” excuses anymore, so make sure he gets out training.

Marple Carnival 10k

Carnivals are always good fun. Gentle days ambling around in the sun, eating candyfloss and throwing coconuts at passers-by while cakes are sold by the local League of Ladies… Marple Carnival was indeed a full carnival of delight as 3 of our number got down to business. Rich White was spearheading the attack, coming in 26th overall in 44:35. He was swiftly followed by Pete Wallroth in 79th place -55:16, and Emma Powell rounded out the numbers in 145th at 70:16. I have no idea if the race included at coconut shy at the halfway point, if it didn’t, they probably should…

Tour of Tameside

If you have been anywhere near the facebook page these last few days, you really can’t TOThave missed the massive amount of postage and hype-age about the Tour. It’s an epic combination of 4 races over 4 days, made a whole lot more fun by the above average weather we’ve been subjected to in the past week. Essentially, you’re looking at a 10k, followed by a Fell race, then a Half marathon, topped off by a nice little 7mile “dash” on the last day. Wow. that’s a decent amount of running. There were so many stories, lines of conversation, exciting developments and general banter going on throughout the entire thing, that I really cannot do it justice here.

Instead, I have tried to sort out the times and placings of everyone that I could find on the overall results (which are here)

First Name Surname Gender Position Category Category Position X Trail 10K Stage Position Hell on Fell Stage Position Hero Half Stage Position Hyde 7 Stage Position Chip Time Chip Position
Ben Naylor 17 MOPEN 9 00:41:27 26 00:42:59 16 01:36:04 17 00:48:53 24 03:49:23 19
Daniel Oldham 20 MV40 7 00:39:51 14 00:42:25 10 01:42:00 29 00:48:18 23 03:52:34 22
William Mather 44 MOPEN 21 00:44:01 54 00:47:35 47 01:45:55 47 00:53:44 61 04:11:15 51
Guy Riddell 59 MV40 17 00:45:07 69 00:50:15 77 01:52:24 76 00:56:24 87 04:24:10 69
Tony Hillier 62 MV65 2 00:48:21 118 00:53:31 111 01:50:10 67 00:55:01 75 04:27:03 72
Wendy Trelease 13 FV40 5 00:47:43 102 00:51:43 93 01:54:41 89 00:54:47 72 04:28:54 79
Rebecca Smith 16 FV45 4 00:51:22 160 00:53:36 112 01:53:54 82 00:58:19 107 04:37:11 94
Helen Thornhill 29 FV45 7 00:51:52 167 00:57:51 161 02:07:14 155 01:03:02 161 04:59:59 148
Marie Williamson 69 FV40 18 01:00:23 287 01:08:27 266 02:27:50 241 01:11:21 230 05:48:01 245
David Munday 189 MOPEN 72 01:10:02 326 01:22:51 311 02:49:43 289 01:22:18 280 06:44:54 288

As you can see, the guys and girls had a fantastic few days, facing a gruelling challenge and came away with vast amounts of bling and t-shirts. Not bad for a weekend and a bit racing!


It was the Young Guns that came to the fore this weekend, with Josie Swan and Adam Crompton being the starts of the PB show at Glossop Parkrun. Josie now up to 67.01% and Adam hitting a 63.86% age grading. Nice work! Full breakdown here.

Stuff this week

Right you ‘orrible lot – This week is the Summer solstice. As is traditional, we’ll be heading up onto the hill to celebrate it appropriately – with as much home-made gin and vodka as we can feasably carry, and a few snacks besides. The ACTUAL solstice is at 5am on Wednesday. So we will be going up on Tuesday evening.

I’m not going to set a leaving time, but we shall be gathering at the Spring Cabin end of Shelf Benches at about 7:40pm. This should give walkers enough time to get there, and runners enough time to go off and do some fancy thing before getting there in order to tire themselves out. (it’s 2.5km from the turning circle).

I suspect there will be a posse heading out from the turning circle at 7pm, but whatever your decision, bring normal hill kit, something to toast the solstice with, and a bit of Jollity. The Chairman will hopefully be there with some well matured something-or-other-flavour-gin, so Jollity may well be enforced.

NOTE – if the weather forecast changes and it all goes to pot, we may relocate somewhere else. For the moment it is Shelf Benches, but be aware that this may change, if it does, I’ll post on here on Tuesday afternoon.


This weekend coming is Round Sheffield Run – if you haven’t got a place, you won’t be running. But equally, if you haven’t got a place, you could consider heading to Hayfield for the Kinder Trog – entry on the day, and its in the Fell Champs. Go and nick points off Steve Pepper, he’ll be really chuffed about that!



June, June, the midsummer month, the more you see of it the more you think what the hell is happening?!

Allegedly this is June. The month of midsummer. We appear to now have a monsoon season and I’m not entirely sure where it came from. Although there has been a lot of general running around this week, there isn’t a massive amount to talk about in terms of racing. (I think). What I have found, you probably already know, but I’m taking it as read that there is something missing, somewhere, and I’ll be told about it in due course.

Castleton Fell race

Over the hill. no, not that one, the other hill. The one to the south – Castleton fell race took


Pre-race, hence the lack of beer.

place. There is photographic evidence to say that 3 of our number, the serial racers of this year, Pete Walroth, Heather Jansevska and Becky Smith were indeed there and racing. The tough little race proved to be as popular as ever, but there are no results on the FRA site yet, so any attempt at commentary would be pure speculation on my part. Not that that has ever happened before…. but it’s nice to have stats to mess with.

Roman Wall Show Fell race

Now, all I know about this is that it is at a Show, presumably by a Wall, which is Roman. The fact that Joe Travis did it means that there may well have been collaboration with Emma Peters, but I can’t find mention of it on Strava – so she doesn’t get a mention. Dammit, I just mentioned her. Nevermind. Joe ran an excellently tactical race and came in 6th overall. Excellent work from the Northern Section of the Club.

Update – ah yes, indeed, she was. Emma had the dubious honour of being the only lady not to win a prize. I’m sure that mention in the weekly dispatches is more than adequate as a replacement prize though!

Bolton Hill Marathon


Mid-race at the Bolton Hill Marathon. Ah, look at the weather in the background. It really looks like June.

Was indeed put on in Bolton. Apparently there were also hills involved. Who’da thunk it?! Certainly not a race to run if you want a PB, but certainly a race if you want to put some effort in, get your brain in gear, and really get your suffer on. Els Swan gave it a go, enjoying the pace, the distance and the uppy-downy-ness of the course a lot more than many other competitors and came in a rather fabulous 49th of 129 in 4:27.

Ennerdale fell race

I know that Kasia Osipoowicz was angling after people to join here at the Ennerdale Fell race, and but for a pre-arranged load of work I would have joined her. The results are not out yet, so I had a sneaky look on her Strava profile – and then realised I can’t see what she did yesterday. However, I could see that she got her 3rd fastest 30k effort less than 24hours ago, so I’m figuring that she ran the race and enjoyed the rather spectacular views from Green Gable and Kirk Fell on the way around. More news as and when I find out/make it up.

Update – Kasia did run the Ennerdale race. The weather was best described as “minging”. Horizontal rain. Zero Visibility. Just finishing a race like that in good conditions is pretty hardcore, so completing in what you might charitably call “sub-optimal” conditions is something else entirely. Well done Kasia!

Surrey Hills- Long

Our London Correspondent, Martin Schmidt was out in the Surrey Hills this weekend just gone, on the 30k Course. In his own words… “my time was going great until I pulled 1 Hamstring, 1 calf and gave myself a dead thigh at 14 km in when I fell over. So I can say it was more a Fell limping run than your Fell hopping society. I still enjoyed it, even the bit at the start where I got lost and ended up in someone’s garden so I was 33 of 34 at half way, and finished 23 of 32 (1 retired, one disqualified).” So all in all, a successful venture on to the hills then!

Derwent Water 10k

The lovely Alabama Breeze was up in the breezy Keswick Mountain Festival at the weekend. (I wonder if the marquee blew away this year?), and enjoyed herself on the 10k race, being distracted by all the “fit young men” around Keswick. Her words, not mine. In fact it could well have been a PB if she had only chased them towards the finish line instead of down one of the alleyways….

Race the Train

Tony Hillier was off in the far off lands of Wales in order to race the train. (No, not a train, THE train). It was apparently a very tough 11ml undulating river/Roads/steps/uphill on cobble/bloody everything except a HILL Race. Still, he came back with a rather impressive 1st V65, and the fact that he came back at all should be an indication that he was not run over by the train. Does that mean he beat it? I’m pretty sure that if they made you run on the tracks and anyone who didn’t make it was squished the race probably wouldn’t get past risk assessment….

The Nick Ham Corner

Mainly because he’s been out and about doing more races than I can be bothered to individually title up – Last week was the Northants Ultra 35, where Nick came in 103rd overall in a time of 7:08. Not content with that, he went off to do Passing Clouds this weekend as well, which is a lovely little 10miler around Hen Cloud (a fabulous climbing spot if that’s your thing – also incidentally, I believe the only gritstone crag in Britain where someone has been benighted). Apparently its the Baslow Boot Bash this weekend coming as well…. so if I don’t mention that next weekend, remind me and I’ll have a look for the results. Nick is bound to feature on them somewhere…


Liam Amos pulled out a stonker at Glossop Parkrun this week, running another PB, so too did Mel Riddell, with not only a Glossop PB, but also a fastest mile effort (which will please the Strava-ites and their Best Mile June. Well done! Consolidated club report for the week is here.