Autumnal delights- weekend report.

A fair few bits and bobs going on this week. For your delectation and delight there is XC, relays, some other stuff, half marathons, and… well, I’m not going to tell it all now. Read on.


Looks like there was a similar story of blokes dominating the line up this weekend at the XC in Heaton Park, while the ladies team was smaller, but perfectly formed. From the results I can see that the mud really didn’t seem to affect the perfomances of the ladies, with Kirsty proving her race sharpness by coming in second with Els Swan a fairly stonking 53rd of 124. The blokes, as mentioned were well represented, with Simon Watts taking the first GDH place home, closely followed by Sean Phillips. Pete Daley was chasing close behind, with Neil McGraw complaining about the heat, just behind him. Frank Fielding busted into 2nd V65th place, David C-L, now back from his marshaling stint, was 3rd V60 and Andy Burnett produced the best final sprint of the day to be 21st V45.

Kirsty Sharp 30:21 2/124
Elenor Swan 38:01 53/124 (30/87 LV40)

Simon Watts 38:58 28/199
Sean Phillips 39:33 36/199
Pete Daley 43:13 90/199 (13th v50)
Neil McGraw 44:52 109/199 ( 14th v45)
Frank Fielding 45:34 116/199 (2nd v65)
David Christie Lowe 47:13 133/199 (3rd v60)
Andy Burnett 49:39 49:39 (21st v45)

Phil Swan was also running but had to pull out due to minor injury. Though as it is Phil, I suppose I had better say “Phil had to pull out due to massive injury, even though he bravely ran on with less than a full complement of legs and his innards dragging along the floor. He was disqualified due to missing a spleen”.  When in fact he might just have hurt his knee.

Mens team (Simon, Sean, Pete, Neil) placed 12/21
Mens o40 Vet team ( Pete, Neil, Frank) placed 15/20

Padawan XC

Thanks to Els Swan for the write up – Hi Tim, I hope you are having a great weekend – quick Padawan update from SELCC yesterday: there was a good turnout from the GDH junior girls in Heaton Park. Martha W. made her XC debut and had a great run in the U11 category with approx 80 (!) other runners, I am not sure of her placing. Caitlin was 4th girl in the u13s and Josie was 3rd girl in the u15s despite getting temporarily misplaced(!).
Girls u/11 Martha Walroth 8:22 Pos 31/35
Girls u/13 Caitlin Swan 13:38 4/30
Girls u/15 Josie Swan 18:12 3/20
Thanks so much to Frank Fielding for compiling the results.

Cani cross

Claire Campbell was off doing Cani-X this weekend, which I think just about fits into our core principles. Let’s face it, it includes running and dogs, which is pretty much what half the club does most of the time…… Hi Tim, if you need anything other than the relays for this week’s report – The dog and I did the first Great South Run Canine Run yesterday. Shortest race ever at 2.5k!! We were 20th out of 76 in 12.22. Didnt get any good pics but there is this one of the incredible haul of freebies!
Nice one Claire!

Langdale Half

Pete Westbrooke did the Langdale half a couple of days ago, it was his first half marathon ever and he was a very respectable 34th in 1:44. Nice running Pete! (and thanks for pointing this out, Ruth!)


A couple of our number have been off gallivanting around in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Thanks to Kasia for the lovely pics, she, Immy and Mark are apparently having a wonderful time.


The British Hill and Fell Relays happened this weekend – they were over in Grasmere in the clag and the mist, slippery conditions underfoot made for a bit of a treacherous course, but the 3 teams acquitted themselves well. To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what went on, so I’m going out on a limb here… From what I’ve heard, Paul Skuse was a bit slower than he would have been on leg 1 because he ended up helping a fairly injured and bloody fellrunner half way round the course. I believe there were a number of other runners helping, and considering the injuries that may or may not have been sustained, it was a good thing too. Well done to Paul for doing exactly what we all would have done in the same situation. Just coz it’s a race doesn’t mean that you don’t not help people.

At the other end of the race, Greg Wasinski, last minute stand in, provided some very last minute getting to the right place at the right time, and was ushered into the starting pen with barely enough time to pin his number on before being sent on his way by the incoming Leg 3 runners. Also on Leg 4, Tracey Robinson suffered a minor mishap in the shape of a fairly gnarly twisted ankle, and ended up being assisted off the hill by two strapping young blokes. (or so I am told), downing a pint of the good stuff before seeking medical attention.

The teams looked like this:

MensV40 – 111th

1 – Paul Skuse

2- Jamie Helmer and Andy Oliver

3- Julien Minshull and Andy Fox

4- Greg Wasinski

Open – 219th

1- Zoe Barton

2- Becky Smith and Rachel Walton

3- Tim Culshaw and Alice Willson

4- Andy Brack

Ladies – 237th

1- Jude Stansfield

2- Jo Brack and Charmayne Brierley

3- Ali Holt and Lins Palmer

4- Tracey Robinson

Superb running by all of you. Thanks so much for getting out there and representing.


Steve Page was the man with the PB this week- nice one Steve – 3rd home as well! Results are here, as ever…..


“Storm Callum can Do One”. Weekend report.

Storm Callum made an amusing appearance this weekend but it doesn’t seem to have put anyone off racing – even the ones that perhaps it should have done. Great to see so many people getting out of their comfort zones and into the hills and far away. Genuine enjoyment, that is the key. Thanks so much to those who sent in bits and bobs for this weeks report – Bartek, Steve Crossman, Dan Stinton and Chris Webb.

King of the Hill Half

Thanks to Bartek for this report – Hi Tim, in case you were doing the weekend update I King of the hillhave a photo from King of the Hill half which I did this morning. Got to Marsden and back in (slightly disappointing) 2:02:05. Some folk did the full marathon which involved running up the hill (Standedge?) in 44mpg wind and back to Huddersfield, some other folk did a 10k. My first longer run in a while.


Steve Crossman has taken the reins of the MACCL XC reports this year – and here is his first missive….:

Well it’s that time of year again, when the XC leagues start again. First fixture up was the very competitive Manchester League at Wythenshawe Park, notorious for being flat and fast. Conditions had been ‘moist’ in the morning but that cleared away to leave an unseasonably warm day with what could only be described as a persistent ‘breeze’!!

Joanne ‘Big Hair’ Brack & Jane ‘Rocking the Blue & Orange’ Mellor, flew the flag for the mighty GDH Babes in the Ladies Race.

A great turnout from GDH Hunks, including a few newbies,  saw the team congregate around the newly acquired GDH Race Tent. We all agreed that it looked fantastic in its bag, agreeing that none of us could be faffed with putting it up! John ‘Keeper of the Tent’ Stephenson, seemed rather relieved with the decision.

The usual banter prevailed with tales of injuries, lack of speed training, too much beer etc….until Tim ‘I love Tarmac’ Budd, shocked the team with a confession of his love for the black hard stuff. You needn’t be worried, It turns out that this was only in XC races when he liked to see those in spikes suffer on road sections!

Making up the rest of the GDH Team:

Pete ‘Blue & Orange does suit me’ Daly
Andy ‘Sharpshooter’ Burnett
Frank ‘Ageless’ Fielding
Jamie ‘The Artful Drafter’ Helmer
Stevie ‘Never on the last minute’ Knowles
Nick ‘What have I let myself in for’ Lord
Steve ‘This is a bit late in the day for me’ Crossman

Ladies Race:

Jo & Jane stormed round the course, leaving many big name clubs in their wake, both ladies XCrecording excellent times.

Blokes race:

Tim, chased hard by Stevie K, ran an excellent time to finish top of the GDH pile.

Jamie, drafted off Steve C and then shot past with a lap to go!

Pete & Nick ran hard in their debut GDH XC and finished with creditable results.

John and Andy had a real battle with John finally taking the honours, as he steamed past Andy, who was just reloading his rifle to take down a few practice targets!


Jo Brack 10th V50-55, 39:26, 140th overall
Jane 27th V50-55, 45:28, 250th overall

307 ran

Tim 25th SM20-39, 36:20, 49th overallBlokes XC
Stevie K 12th V45-49, 37:51, 82nd overall
Jamie 34th V40-44, 39:37, 138th overall
Steve C 11th V50-54, 40:00, 157th overall
Nick 87th SM20-39, 40:55, 197th overall
Pete 22nd V50-54, 50:34, 238th overall
John S 10th V60-64, 50:08, 389th overall
Andy B 50th V50-54, 50:34, 393th overall

437 ran

Team Result 15th Senior Men (Vets) Counters: Stevie K, Jamie, Steve C, Pete

Special thanks:

David ‘Dressed head to toe in Hi-Vis’ Chrystie-Lowe, who volunteered to marshal and provided great encouragement as we all ran round, Chris ‘ Hop a long’ Jackson, who came to support and appeared at various points on the course.

Paul Peters was also out doing some XC this weekend – just a bit further north, and dropped me a line:
One for the report, just got done with the first mid lancs xc of the year in Ulverston. Started with the usual Lancashire flood warnings, didn’t stop pissing it down all race but I got my highest ever finish in the league (tbc) so that’s something

Lakes in a Day

Dan Stinton survived hell and highwater up in the Lakes this weekend, and sent me this slightly drenched report.

Before we start, who on earth put “Lakes in a Day” in the club champs? And more importantly, where were they!?

Just 50 miles, many challenging climbs and a 100 million litres of water stood between Emma Rettig and myself to gain a club champ point.  I’d buddied up with my friend Michelle who’d been training on the flat in London so was well prepared for the event.  The race is a “game of two halves” with the first 30 miles to Ambleside bagging most of the elevation and the final 20 a long slog back to Cartmel (although don’t let anyone tell you it’s flat!)emma and dan

It wasn’t long before Storm Callum was raging making the trek down Hall’s Fell and the steep climb to Clough Head and south to Helvellyn a huge challenge.  Somewhere before the Clough Head climb, Emma decided to sit down in a river to….er… cool down?  The checkpoint at Ambleside soon became the “Garden of Eden” in our minds with pretty much nothing else mattering but getting there and getting changed.  Emma arrived at Ambleside about 30 or so mins after us and unfortunately decided to pull out – I don’t know the full details but I imagine 10-11 hours on the hills with extreme wind and rain had taken its toll.  Michelle also decided to call it a day at Ambleside so I carried on alone.  The route was severely flooded with Windermere having broken its banks meaning you had to wade through many of the more runnable sections.  My watch with the route on it had failed, my battery back-up light was dimming so I just had to push on as fast as I could to Cartmel – eventually getting there in 16:16ish – which is officially the longest time I’ve ever been rained on. What fun we all had (it was actually a pretty amazing day)!

I understand that Emma was having a particularly fun time of it all, but was unfortunately bodily picked up by the wind and dumped in a river/rock/rock in a river/ any or all combinations of the above, and sustained a minor injury. Credit to Emma’s resilience though, she got herself off the hill and into the checkpoint (where I hope the race marshals thanked her profusely for not calling for a helicoptor) and then decided to wisely call it a day in Ambleside. Intelligence is a useful thing to have.

Langdale Horseshoe

Well, it seems that the horrendous weather over the weekend didn’t put off serial hardman Andy Fox. He lined up with the rest of the Lakeland mob and saw off the challenge of most of them, finishing the 20k 1300m AL in 3:36, 108th overall and 2nd V60… 8 of the 11 other V60s didn’t even make it back. I meant they retired. What did you *think* I meant? Great running Andy.

Pentland Skyline

Chris Webb managed to get a sneaky Pentland Skyline race into his “family weekend away” (which just so happened to co-incide with being in Edinburgh on the exact weekend the race is run…) hmmmm. Anyhow, he sent this in… 2hrs42mins and 16th place for the Pentland Skyline. Jackson challenged me to run under 2:50 so based on that I’m happy! Glorious day pentlandin the hills, cool and sunny. The Scots seemed to think I was mad for wearing a vest (I thought they were hard as nails up here?) but it was the right call. Very grassy, runnable hills-I was dying for a steep crag to climb! Anyway, good to explore a new place and it was a cracking atmosphere and well organised event I’d recommend. Saw Lizzy Leason at the start too, not sure how she got on. John Ryan was marshalling, not sure his legs fancied a fast, hard run out!

Manchester Half Marathon 2018

Apparently there were a few GDH out on the Manc Half this weekend, but beyond the names that were on Tony’s post, I have no idea what went on. I daresay they ran on the tarmac and had a lovely time.
Tony Hillier 1st V70 (quelle surprise! Nicely run Sir)
Steve Page
David Chrystie-lowe
Ian Oates
Jayne Moreton
Becca Coward

Night race Coed y Brenin

Lucy and Greg Wasinski were off down in Coed y Brenin for the night laps race at the trail centre. They teamed up with someone else (check out the amazing amount og research Ive done), and tag teamed around a 3k forest circuit in the dark. Supported excellently by Purple Moose Brewery, bevvies were flowing well. Greg managed 4 laps, Lucy only got out for 3, but overall they were 9th team, and 4th Mixed team. Jolly good running there.


No PBs this week – the weather was a little spicey for that, but Caity ran her 100th. Thats a lotta parkrunning. Full wossname here.

“It’s relay season” weekend report

Thanks to Wendy McMahon, Immy “the pixie of doom” Trinder and Guy Riddell for the updates this week

Rochdale half/10k

Apparently there was a half and a 10k at Rochdale. The times were pretty quick, which only goes to show that even when youre racing at Rochdale, you still want to get out of there as soon as possible….

Tony Hillier – 1:48:12

Wendy McMahon – 1:55:32

10k – Kirsty Sharp – 39:08


Immy was volunteered to write the HBMR report……. Today Glossopdale competed in the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay, with an open team comprising Tim Budd, Chris Webb, Mark D, Mark H, Jamie Helmer, Paul Peters, Dan Stinton and myself. Dan and I ran Leg 1 – Patterdale to Hartsop 6.7km / 440m. We set off fairly conservatively and had a pretty good ascent, despite the fact that I was suffering somewhat with an injury I managed to acquire during Groovy Kinder Love last week. Unfortunately, when it came to the descent, the scale of the pain in my knee was matched only by my ability to moan and swear about it. Massive thanks to Dan for supporting me both physically and mentally as I hopped and bum slid through a significant quantity of sheep poo to the bottom of the hill. We finished in a slightly gutting (read: soul destroying) 54 minutes and in 53rd place. I have a less detailed report of the remaining legs, but the rest of the team certainly managed some impressive damage limitation: Jamie and Paul flew round Leg 2 – Hartstop to Kirkstone 11km / 890m – gaining 10 places to come in in 43rd place in 1 hour 26. They handed over to Mark and Mark  (Marky Mark?) who had the mammoth task of the Leg 3 ascent -Kirkstone to Sykeside 7.5km / 570m – which was apparently easy work as they gained another 4 places in 1 hour 6 minutes. We were all back at the finish in time to see Tim and Chris storm in from Leg 4 – Sykeside to Patterdale 11km / 900m – in 1 hour 15. This gave us a total time of 4 hours 43 minutes and 34th place overall out of 70 teams. Most importantly, there was beer and cake at the end and everyone seemed to be smiling. Despite being devastated by my performance, I had a brilliant day and felt really privileged to be on a team with such a top bunch of runners – thanks everyone for having me, to Tim for organising and to my mom and stepdad for road support. Can’t wait for the next one!HBMR

Chester marathon

Guy Riddell very kindly sent this in by telegram…. Six Harriers ran the Chester Marathon this morning. Will & Steve had one job, to help me and Jim to 3 hour 30 pace and the glory of PBs. Meanwhile Luke and Ian were running their first marathons so guaranteed PBs and not sure of what would constitute a ‘good’ chester maratime. The first group of four ran together for the first half marathon, running pretty comfortably at 7:50/mile roughly. We were caught by Luke who started a good minute behind at about 10 miles, he had no idea what pace he was doing and was possibly disoriented by the inability to get past marshals to run the wrong way. Although numbers were all correctly transferred, not all of us bothered to correct the names on our bibs. Took me a while to get used to being called Alan, but Will got some very odd looks, along with some enthusiastic encouragement running as Natalie. 14 miles in I tried to push on for a few miles, only to see Luke bound past like a puppy who just swallowed a 6-pack of red bull. My kick on became hard to sustain after a few miles, but Steve yelling ‘come on Alan!’ while bounding ahead then waiting for me as I chugged behind. Expecting to catch Luke up any moment, I remained just on 3:30 pace right up to 24 miles. Luke appeared up ahead and Steve trotted ahead to hurl abuse at him in the closing miles. I did try to catch up but the legs weren’t so keen so just settled in to get to the finish, which I did with a 3 minute PB, a good minute behind Luke and Steve. The other three finished a few minutes later, so all 6 Harriers finished in less than 10 minutes of each other. Star of the day is undoubtedly Luke, incredible marathon debut, especially as he says he hated the roadiness of it all. Special mention to Steve & Will, both well capable of getting sub 3:15 today, but entirely focussed on helping their mates round.

Luke ‘Roadrunner’ Holme 3:31:02

Steve ‘Fartypants’ Page 3:31:35

Guy ‘Alan’ Riddell 3:32:19

Ian ‘Lidl’ Crutchley 3:40:29

Will ‘Natalie’ Mather 3:40:44

Jim ‘Sunbeam’ Talbot 3:40:45

Target Sprint

English Champs, or some such this weekend, I do believe. Skusey the skusinator Skuse appears to have netted himself a bronze medal, Andy Burnett was almost certainly there, but I haven’t actually had any information beyond this picture…. Paul seems to know what he’s doing on a podium these days.


Nick Ham

CMP Trail Long completed in 6:38:41, 150th out of 238 finishers. I’m quite pleased with that, especially as I ran half the race with a gouged right knee and blood trickling down my leg. Those HOKA ‘trail’ shoes of mine are lethal – worse than road shoes. I got overtaken a bit on the technical downhills as a result as I bimbled and struggled. I caught them back up on the climbs, though, and picked off a few more on the final descent and run in to the finish with the benefit of a Snickers bar sending fuel to the legs.
The first climb of 1k in 5k was mostly single file with the one at the front setting the pace. That probably saved me from overdoing it and blowing up.

Suffice to say that it seems that Nick isn’t quite endorsing Hoka at the moment. But does seem to have taken it upon himself to rack up as many injuries as possible in the 2018 season….

12k Snowdon Challenge

Claire Campbell has been around and about Snowdonia this week, and found time in her 12k snowdon challengebusy sightseeing and general mooching schedule to run a 12k challenge around a fairly challenging area with her adorable if slightly veteran pooch. Looks like it could have been a 1:54 finish – but whos counting on a day like that?

Nav course

Nice to see people who did the nav courses over the last few weeks getting out and finding their navigational feet around the local area. Thanks to Alabama for her pictures – great to hear that you’re getting out and having fun.

nav trial

“Not a weekend for the faint of heart” weekend report

Well, it seems to have been a week of the long and hardcore races. None of this namby-pamby run up and down a Single hill. No… multiple hills, exciting weather, sense of humour failures and general all round fun. Sounds like there have been some good epics out there this week. Thanks for the race reports, Tim Culshaw, Kasia, Zoe and Steve Pepper.

ROC Mountain Marathon

First up – a little something smuggled back from the Lake district by Tim Culshaw

Matt (Huxford) and I headed up to the lakes to do the long score course, both unsure of

matts prize

Matt sent me a picture of his memento for taking part. It is a suunto spork, so might not even work.

our fitness. After two hours, we had no doubts about our fitness – it was pretty terrible. I couldn’t go up, and Matt’s sore foot meant that he couldn’t go down. An hour thrashing through heather led to a sense of humour failure. The nav was going pretty well but unfortunately we’d planned a route for people who could run. A strung-out, near-pointless grumble to the finish got us home inside the time limit for a very mediocre 30th place. Thereafter, things were looking up. We tucked into our dinner of smoked salmon, gouda and champagne truffles and went to sleep, our only worry being that Jasmin Paris and her mum were just 30 points behind us, our tent was secured with a shoelace, and our balloon bed balloons had gone bad.

On the second day, we mostly remembered how to run, which was good because we gave ourselves a 5 minute handicap by being late for the start. It still wasn’t pretty but we staggered round for 9th on the second day and 21st overall.


Sandstone trail race

Steve Pepper was off looking at Sandstone outcrops….  27.5km of very runnable trail through the pritty wooded hills of Cheshire. Managed to superman twice, once enjoying the view and once admiring a large dog.
Chilled out organisers, nice flapjack, and a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.

Groovy Kinder Love

Zoe was the designated roving reporter for this new AL which is just on our doorstep…. The first running of a route which seems well planned to avoid most of the well known race routes around Kinder. 4 of us signed up and were duly kit checked and briefed. Jamie Helmer and Immy made up the”GC contenders ” group whilst Mark D foolishly elected to accompany Zoe in the “laughing group ” toward the rear. The “laughing group” became the “wobbly bottom lip group ” after the climb to Kinder Low, on meeting a fatigued and emotional Immy. Rumour has it Jamie also suffered a sense of humour failure or jelly legs or some such other fate. It was a genuinely enjoyable to be out on such a deceptively hard-core route on such a clear day. Brown Knoll retained its reputation as the nadir of any race and jelly babies and smiles atop South Head and Mount Famine spurred the racers on to the end- and a weary, but cake fuelled debrief. Notable excellent support was received by Lins Palmer and Dan Stinton.

Pedol Peris

We had a couple of peeps over in Wales this weekend – Kasia sent me a race report about the epic that is Pedol Peris… : I went to N Wales. Did the Pedol Peris. Went bit quick then tried to chase first 30 people. Felt mega underpowered cause of stomach issues prior to the race and loosing too much water I think. But persevered. Got good line down Glyder -> Pen Y Pass which lifted morale a bit. Dave and Twig were crewing for me. Got some juice and water and carried on. Gained some places going up Lliwedd then fluffed the bit going up Snowdon. Probably lost about 2min cause went up Watkin path instead of direct scree line. Snowdon was all fog and crowded horror show. Went down as quickly as possible. Followed the train line and some sneaky little lines to the last hill – Moel Cynghorion. Then sponge bob grassy descent and flatish last bits brought me to finish. 4h 52min. 8th lady and 37th overall out of 88 I think. Was thinking that it will take me 5h 30min to complete so pretty pleased with the result overall.

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges

Roving runner and now enjoying “funemployment” in Chamonix Jenny Ross continued the current tradition of this weekend of doing long and arduous events by running the Trail des Aigulles Rouges. You don’t really need to know much more than her Strava stats…. 55k, 4774m of ascent. The first 3 hours of which were in the dark. Now THAT is a race. Nice running Jenny.

Littleborough 10k

From the looks of Strava, Jim Talbot was out at Littleborough doing the 10k… a route famed for being 10k long? Um – and goes around a reservoir? Maybe? Im getting this from strava just in case you were wondering….


Looks like Sarah Johnson was the only PBer at Glossop Parkrun this week…. but Josie Swan was first lady home. Nice one Josie. Consolidated report is here.

Other stuff going on

I have heard that entries are open for the Trigger, so if this report has inspired you to do a long cold race, thats the one. And as the legendary JH once said, you can’t call yourself a fellrunner til you’ve done the Trigger. Right, Pepper?

Webby has pointed out that if you’re into serial amounts of flat distance, the Grand union canal race is open for entries as well… it’s only 145 miles. At less than a hundred quid that’s a bargain, right?

Next week is the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain relay, and with any luck no-one else on the team is going to call me in the week and tell me they are injured/broken/can’t do it…. though if they do, it would be appreciated if they did so sooner rather than later so that I can bully someone else to do it.

XC is coming up – Webby has been posting stuff about EA numbers that you should have all got by now. Tis the season to be , um… cold? wet? Muddy. Yes. At least one of those, more likely to be all of them.

That’s about it really.




All the leaves are brown and the sky is … well, quite blue actually….

A fair amount happened this weekend. Thanks so much to those of you who sent stuff in – Elanor Swan, Paul Peters, Skusey, Andy Burnett, Marie Williamson, Will Mather and Lucy Wasinski. First up, let’s start with some……

Apologies –

Claire Campbell Did the series of Isle of Wight fell races last week – an AS, a BM and a CL – over 2 days. From what I understand she acquitted herself marvellously, “enjoying” the different challenges of each race as they came.

Chris Webb – had a fabulous day out last week at the 3 shires race. Despite having an excellent pair of legs on him, his navigational nouse let him down on Blisco and he dropped a fair few places in short order. Or was that another race that he did? I’m losing the plot in terms of who did what where. Ah well, it probably doesn’t matter. He had a grand day out anyway.

And on with the show….

Ladybower 50

Will Mather was at the Ladybower 50…. A “flat” 51miles around Ladybower, Derwent and Howden res some tough miles in the mid section as I was getting rather annoyed I couldn’t run up the amazing hills I was looking at, Pete Nicholson came to give me a kick up the ass and Luke Holme came to give me some rather insulting words of encouragement for the last 10miles. I finished in 8hr 10min, there were 2 of us on this time so not sure yet if I was 4th or 5th but either way I’m really pleased with it.will M 40

Utterly Butterly

Skusey has been serial racing again – Utterly Butterly was his first outing of the week…. Firstly, this is a trail race and a very runnable one at that. The old question of what to wear has returned. I opted for the long sleeve having decided that the long sleeve plus vest was overkill. Mary Jeal went for the hard as nails vest only option. Who was right? Debatable but she had goose bumps and i was sweaty so take your pick. I pushed well but the legs felt yesterdays race. Chris Jackson overtook me just at the end but I didnt half make him work for it. We got 6th and 7th consecutively. Mary was my only fellow GDHer. Ive not seen the results yet so cant say where she came.

Macc Half

Paul Peters was given the task of writing the Macc Half report by his fellow racers….. Apparently my last report wasn’t a travesty so I’ve been “given” the honour of reporting back on behalf of today’s Macclesfield Half lot. After Thursday’s reports of storm-level rain and winds hitting the area on Sunday morning, I (and presumably everyone else) had mostly written off the race as a nice lesson in staying headstrong. However, unless it changed dramatically after we left, all Macclesfield had for the day was a pleasant mid-teen temperature and a nice bit of sun.

With the classic British weather talk out the way I guess that just leaves the meat of the race that people are here to read, the results. I’ll preface these by clarifying that it’s a hilly course (275m total elevation according to my strava), so it’s probably best to knock a good 10 minutes off all our times to account for that 😊

After Jeroen downplaying the hills all week they hit me like a brick at 16km in, but with a bit of “feather running” I managed to hold on to my aim of 1:20. Dan Stinton was the next harrier back, looking far too happy for someone who’s just finished that race, closely followed by Rich White who arrived to shocked faces, making his third harriers appearance in less than a month!! He was even more closely followed by Jill Wood who stormed through to finish as 2nd FV40. The next runner is a mystery who I’d never heard of, but “Jerven Peters” (no relation I’m aware of) came in next, and I’m told he also exceeded his expectations for the day. Back to the regulars, Ian Crutchley was next over the line, again very happy with his time on the course. Emma Retting came through next, and was more than happy to take a nice little spot prize for a well earned race time. Rounding off, Jo Brack shook away the conversational skills of Charmayne Brierley to carve a bit of time between the two of them at the finish line (although I’m told Charmayne is saving herself for an upcoming triathlon so I guess we’ll let her off).

Final results (chip time):

5th – Paul Peters (2nd MS) – 1:19:35
26th – Dan Stinton – 1:27:48
43rd – Rich White – 1:29:53
58th – Jill Wood (2nd F40) – 1:31:32
104th – Jerven Peters – 1:39:32
129th – Ian Crutchley – 1:41:14
181st – Emma Rettig – 1:46:02
245 – Jo Brack (3rd F50) – 1:52:38
292 – Charmayne Brierley – 1:57:17

Loch Ness Marathon

Marie Williamson sent me in this rather marvellous cryptic report….  – So…this morning I boarded a bus, alongside about 4000 other people, & was driven & abandoned up in the middle if nowhere. The run started with a bagpipe band playing us off. I searched for Nessie on my way back to town, she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Crossed the finish line in 4hrs 39 mins. I’ll do almost anything for a tin of soup!!
Loch Ness marathon…in case you haven’t guessed

Equinox – the Swan report

Quick Swan running update – full family racing all day and all night at Equinox24 in the company of Marple runners and friends. Caitlin was first girl (fifth overall) in the kids’ race closely followed by Josie as third girl. Phil and I did some ‘creditable’ running as a quarter of a team of eight but no placings for us unsurprisingly.


Impressive running by Caitlin and Josie this weekend.

Target Sprint

Andy “deadeye” Burnett sent me in this quick write up Saturdays Target Sprint Event in Llandovery. Skuse and myself attended this event to get some more practice in before the Nationals Final on the 7th October. A good 150 mile journey to the outer edges of the

target sprint

Brecons saw Skuse pondering his nationality as he had a chance of bagging the Welsh Championiship title as well as overall event if he played his Grandmothers Welsh heritage card, in the end he decided to remain English for now. Paul won his heat his heat in 6 minutes 12 seconds, using 6 shots to take down 5 targets after the first lap and a straight 5 for 5 on the second lap, on what was an extended 450 metre course around a rugby pitch, the shooting thankfully in doors as the rain persisted throughout the day. Burnett meanwhile had decided not to open a debate about his recent DNA tests, and admitted to be English, and competed in the same heat as Paul taking third place, after using 14 pellets to take the first 5 targets down and used his maximum 15 shots for the second shooting cycle. We had to wait for the 2nd heat to see the overall placings with Skuse being pipped by a proper Welshmen to get 2nd place overall, and Burnett dropping to 7th out of 8 overall. A great day out with a friendly crowd and the opportunity to mix with the youngsters from the GBR team who all willingly shared all their best tips for shooting faster and straighter. More work needed for the Nationals in a couple of weeks time. 

Leighton 10

Nick Ham took his brother on a rather damp and undulating Leighton 10 over the weekend. You can see Nick sporting his rather fetching Snowdonia Marathon poncho which may or may not comply with FRA race rules…. He was fairly pleased with his 1:18 finishing time, but would have stayed drier had he stayed up north.

nick ham

Lakeland trails -Coniston

Kate was off in the Lakes doing the Coniston 15k which, from the pictures, appears to have a couple of slightly damp sections underfoot. … she said Quite pleased with how this race went given my rubbish lungs this past 2 weeks. The sun came out and I got PB on the route (1hr 37). Wet shoes!Lakeland trails

Dark Peak Autumn trails

Lucy Wasinski was off at Biggin this weekend doing the 2nd round of the Dark and White Autumn trail series. I have no idea if I missed round 1, or if she missed round 1, or if it even existed. As it is, the course went along the Tissington trail and then back down a river. Or next to a river, I suspect, as D&W don’t tend to get people to swim on their trail running events. Not yet anyway. No idea on placings, but she probably did pretty damn well.

Southport Seaside 10k

Five GDH runners today at Southport Seaside 10k – apparently flat as you like, with a bit of a headwind – which is what happens when you run laps for a 10k I guess. Still, a small but perfectly formed GDH crew headed across to Southport to enjoy the seaside air. Nice running you lot- I have to confess I had no idea about it until I saw Steves message offering lifts!
Craig Leith 38.38
Steve Page 39.41
Dave Edmunds 45.07
Joe Gavin 46.44
Tony Hillier 1st V70 48.44


Harry Hawkins was the PB man at Glossop parkrun this week – breaking into that 60% grading. Nice work Harry. Consolidated report here.



“Autumn has indeed arrived” Weekend report.

Thanks to all contributors this week – Skusey, Crossman, Steve Page, Matt Huxford and Ian Crutchley – oh- and Nick Ham for his photos that I nicked off his Google photos page thing. Great to see so many people out and about.

Stanage Struggle

Skusey sent over this remarkably succint (for him) report from Stanage. Everyone else was trying to recover from the previous days racing while he blatted his way around the Struggle….  –  Where the heck was everyone? It was glorious over in Hathersage, actual sunshine was shining. The route was trail rather than fell and would really suit the road runners (Paul Peters, Sean Philips and that lad I was chatting to from the tri club-I’m talking to you!). I’ll be doing it again next year to try and do it justice with fresh legs. Hopefully a few of you will join me. As always, Ive no idea about times and results but I really enjoyed it.

Lantern Pike

There were a fair few people over at Hayfield show doing the Lantern Pike Fell race. A bit like the Lantern Pike dash, but longer, and with not quite as crazy a downhill at the end. (though the road hill is certainly a bit of a quad trasher…. The main thing I heard about it was that Lins Palmer really enjoyed doubling up the Pike with a Parkrun in the morning, so much so that she was feeling positively green by the end of the experience. Great to see that Tim and Alice have thrown themselves into racing with aplomb after a year off. Results apparently looked like this…
19 Chris Harrison 41:07
24 Matt Huxford 42:21
47 Tim Culshaw 45:01
67 Ian Crutchley 47:14
84 Heather Jansevska 49:22
86 Dez Mitchell 49:57
92 Nick Ham 50:17
94 Alice Willson 50:36
95 Neil McGraw 50:37
101 Clive Hope 51:34
117 Lindsay Palmer 56:04
131 Adele Metcalfe 59:08
135 Beryl Buckley 63:27 (1st LV70)

Lantern Pike Junior Race

Melissa Crutchley was the only Paduan doing the Junior Lantern Pike race this time around. Not that that held her back in any way shape or form… she smashed her way through the field and ended up as 1st U9 girl – about 6th overall. Amazing. Ian was so busy shouting and screaming encouragement at her that he didn’t take a picture. Sorry Melissa. Blame yer dad.

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Cross Keys Relay

For your delectation and delight – Steve Crossman has detailed the specifics of the 4 leg relays from over the hill…


A good number of GDH braved the queues on Mottram Moor to head over to Uppermill for the annual Cross Keys Road & Fell Relays.

Always a fantastic and low key event, the organisers had tightened up the rules this year, only allowing teams of four runners to compete where in the past runners could double up or even do all 4 legs.

Not to be thwarted by the rule change, Team Overperformers (Jeroen Peters, Mark Milns & Joe Travis) went on a recruitment drive. Their one criteria, ‘can you run a sub 17min 5k’ was soon answered and one of Chris Webb’s AM Mayhem proteges stepped manfully into the team.

Team MAZE (Matt Crompton, Alan Schofield, Zoe Barton & Emma Rettig) looked mean and ready for business and were supported by young Fox, sporting his GDH hoody.

Team ‘Hunks in Trunks’ (Andy ‘Burners’ Burnett, Ian ‘Ironman’ Oates, Phil”lys” Swan & Steve “early bird” Crossman) would surely have won the best dressed category had there been one. As always, the team was resplendent in brightly coloured trunks and attracted many admiring glances.

Team Glossopdale ‘D’ (Tim Budd, Caity Rice, Kirsty Sharp & Paul Peters) looked on paper to be a good bet for a podium place. With a flagrant disregard for the rules and a definite ‘up yours’ to the FRA fun police, the team allowed Caity to don the mighty blue and orange vest for her fell leg.

Main Course

The 4 GDH Teams lined up alongside the other 36 teams for the road leg start. Off they went down the road with the leaders missing the first turn, leaving Andy ‘Burners’ Burnett leading the pack.

Handovers were made and the fell runners went on their merry way. A good number of runners had arrived back and there was growing concern that Caity wasn’t, particularly when other GDH who had started after her got back to the changeover point. A fuming Caity arrived and the explanations began. After binge listening to Fleetwood Mac, she had decided to ‘Go your own way’ and had a scenic tour of the moors and adjacent fields as the planned route wasn’t long enough! (It actually transpired that the route had been flagged the previous night and someone had thoughtfully moved some of the flags). Much ribald banter ensued with Caity taking it in good humour.

Lots of great running, speedy changeovers & noisy support saw the race end with all GDH safely accounted for.


We retired to the pub for rehydration and the prize giving, making sure Caity didn’t get lost on the way!

Holmfirth Harriers 1st 01:22:43

Glossopdale ‘D’ 5th overall, 1st Mixed Team, 01:33:24

Overperformers 7th overall, 01:34:41

Hunks in Trunks 10th overall, 2nd Vets, 01:39:56

MAZE 17th overall,  2nd Mixed Team, 01:49:00


Notable Performances

Tim Budd 2nd fastest fell leg by 3 secs

Paul Peters 2nd fastest road leg by 3 secs

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English Half Marathon

A report from Steve Page off doing the Half marathon thing…

– Hi Tim, just me and Tony Hillier at English Half Marathon in Warrington today. It was a grim, grey miserable morning but ideal for running in. Support was great on the course and the event was celebrating its 10th year. The only part of the course which baffles metony H is around mile 12 where you end up running through Warrington Wolves’ stadium (fake rugby stadium), weaving in and out losing valuable time. Completely unnecessary I feel but it could just be that I’m getting more miserable as more grey hair surfaces on my bonce!

Anyways, results wise: Tony rocked in at 1:46:54 and of course 1st M70. I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him post race but I guess he’d be happy with that. As for my race, all was going well for circa 88 min finish until mile 10 when the legs were telling me they weren’t playing today. Distinct lack of long miles in the legs of late put paid to 88 min finish and I eventually finished in 1:30:38. On reflection I’m content with that. I’ll need to stop being lazy and get out with Crossman at some godearthly hour during the week before work!

Good work from both of them I’d say!


Glencoe Skyline

Kasia was up in the highlands of Scotland doing the rather spectacular Glencoe Skyline. The conditions were a little claggy and damp to say the very least but she got round the ridiculous amount of distance and climb in a highly respectable 5:56 coming in 15th of 38 women. Strong stuff!

Peak Raid

Two of our strongest navigators and runners were over at Edale this weekend just gone – John Stephenson and Dave Hogg were proving their navigational nouse at the Peak Raid. John sent me this on Saturday – so I had no excuse for not getting this in on the first draft…

Dave and I entered the 3 hour event based in Edale. Usual format, 3 hours in which to look for 15 checkpoints of various values. Weather was perfect, early morning clag had lifted and it was dry and warm all the time. Dave started well but lost the plot half way round and ended up so late he lost all his points in penalties. I quietly pottered round in 2hrs 59m (lucky with the timing) and bagged 220 points. At the time we left the scene I was 2nd V60. Great fun and looking forward to the next one.


Josie Swan led the GDH PBers at Glossop Parkrun this week – battering that 70% into submission. In fact, she was the only GDHer to PB this week. So there you go. Great work. Consolidated results here.

Nav course

The GDH nav course sessions got off to a good start (if a little damp). Thanks to Jude and Lynne for co-ordinating these. Looking forward to the next 2 over the following weekends.

Yup- Its Autumn – Weekend report

A fair few races this week – thanks to contributors – Steve Pepper, Tracey Robinson, Jo Brack, Will Mather, Guy Riddell and Wendy McMahon.

Padfield Plumfayre

Report from Steven of Pepper at the Plum Fair.
The threat of weather and dragons could not dissuade a range of harriers from choosing a quick slog up ‘The Beast’ as their Sunday hangover cure of choice. Another year and another route for this one with Des adding in a trip around the cabin this year instead of the early cut and trash from 2016. The ground underfoot made for a runnable course with just a smidgen of moist material to catch the unaware. As ever Mary J and Jo B took the age cats, chapeau. More GDH appear to have run than I managed to spot on the results board so sorry to Sean and John as I appear to have not got your times, the following is a possible true record of the battles on the hill.
Out front Simon ‘Electric’ Watts and Jamie ‘Hunter’ Helmer appear to have had a proper ding dong finishing 8th and 9th in 40:31 and 40:35, Rich ‘le blanc’ White followed in at 43:17 (18) and Phil ‘Strictly’ Swan not far behind with 44:57 (23). Liam ‘Night and’ Dey finished 47:45 (30) with Antony ‘and the’ Johnson 48:51 (37), Steven ‘Shiny Shoes’ Pepper 49:18 (41), and Jason ‘All the Gear’ Hart 49:35 (43) chasing hard behind. I think that John Walker was also in this pack. Nick ‘Bit short this’ Ham 51:04 (50), Neil ‘Elbows’ Mcgraw 52:03 (59) and Andy ‘This is my rifle’ Burnett 53:15 (63) were all chased hard by Mary ‘here for the free wine’ Jeal 53:35 (66) and Jo ‘free chocolates for me’ Brack 55:14 (69) with Lins ‘Where’s me bike’ Palmer rounding us off with a 61:09 (76). Whilst the seniors were pratting about, Adam Crompton (9th) and Caitlin Swan (2nd) brought up the sweets and good times representing the GDH Padowans, great running as ever youth.
One presumes that the Coal sack race went off as well, but I have no idea who did it or their positions as there has been no forthcoming info.

Gritstone Grind

One I haven’t really heard of… but Guy Riddell evidently has- having run it and also written a report about it….
Hi Tim

Actual race report, warning may contain facts.

Gritstone Grind today, 35 miles and 6,000 feet all off road, except for a small diversion because of a dead bridge.

Started at 8:30am at Kidsgrove having got a coach up from Disley, then you run back to Disley following the actually quite well marked Gritstone Trail. Some decent little climbs: Mow Cop, The Cloud, Croker Hill, Tegg’s Nose, White Nancy & Sponds Hill. In between though very runnable trails with some sticky muddy bits. Some glorious weather in first half and then some wet stuff that got gradually wetter as the day went on.

Happy to finish in 7:23-ish, and first Harrier. Recommended to any Harriers who like that kind of thing: well organised and only cost about £20 so good value. Subsidised by being oversubscribed and not allowing transfers to runners dropping out (ahem, Mark Davenport).

Cheers, Ultrashuffle Riddell 

Great North Run

It seems we had quite the part of peeps out at the GNR this year. Thanks to those who drew my attention to the results, and congrats to Tracey for a) doing it and b) sending me in a report AND a photo. Blimmin Brilliant.
Shaun Boatwright 1:27:59
Richard Martin 1:35:17
Pete Wallroth 1:51:08
Tracey Robinson 2:13:42
Paul Amos 2:48:09
Liam Amos 2:48:09
David Munday 2:58:49
Over to Tracey….
I have been instructed to inform you that today I completed my first race and my very first Half Marathon the one and only GNR . Originating from the North East I was rather excited! Family there at the start and finish what could go wrong!
It was Horrendous!😂😂 18 degrees for a Ginger person with total exposure was cruel …. the bottles of water handed out went over my head to regulate body temperature …. I thought this was a
traceygood idea as more and more people were passing . 7k going good little overcrowding but then two roads into total Chaos and I wasn’t really able to free run or hold any pace! Living the dream . I wanted to stop at everything single Km as I could feel myself burning like a tomato …. but I plodding on not stopping once! Crossing the finish line at 2hrs 13 mins 44 secs ….. not what I was hoping for but in the conditions I’m just glad I made it to the finish!
Apologies for not being in club colours … I was running for Muscular Dystrophy as my cousins sadly suffer with the disease.
Thanks to everyone at GDH for all the support and getting me over the finish line

Salford 10k

Apologies, I literally know nothing about this apart from the fact it is a 10k around Salford. Unless someone wishes to enlighten me further, the best I can give you are names and times.
David Chrystie- Lowe 44:26 3rd V60
Tony Hillier 48:24 2nd V70
Emma Chrystie Lowe 50:40
Wendy McMahon 52:13
Mandy Beames 1:07:10
Sarah Leah 1:07:10

Great Longstone Chase

Nick Ham was apparently the only Harrier there – an eyeballs-out, push-to-the-limit, red-lining burn up hill and down dale from the Great Longstone recreation ground. Conditions underfoot were bone dry as we raced by the light of the setting sun. This really was the last evening race of the season.
He still found time to take photos though. None of them are of him, so have a pic of the route instead. Longstone

9 edges

Judd Hirst headed across the 9 Edges for the official race (I know a few of you lot did a bit of a bimble on the course a couple of weeks ago) He entered as a walker, but being a member of Mountain Rescue, ended up chinwagging with Edale MR at the beginning- after starting, and so blames them for his time of a little over 5 hours. Still- only 4 people overtook him on the course, a runner and 3 somewhat fit looking climbers. Good effort- and thanks for the info.


It was Frank Fielding ran his 100th Parkrun this weekend just gone, and he celebrated it with style at Glossop, Beryl Buckley enjoyed her 1st parkrun as a V70, while Luke Holme came in with a PB this time around.
In Junior news – Oliver Mather did the Marple parkrun today and got a P.B for the distance of 11:47 he paced it really well, dropping only 15seconds on the second lap.
Consolidated report for the club is as ever – here

Other stuff

We have a team for the Hodgeson Brothers Mountain relay, we have 2 ladies and 1 blokes team entered for the Fell and Hill relays. There was pretty much a non-response for the XC relays, so we won’t be doing them. I hope that Chris (MACCL) and Kirsty (SELCC) have more luck with responses for the XC leagues this year.