Sunburn, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, hypertranemia, yes, the temperature has gone into double figures. Weekend report

My word you lot have been busy. What with the race season really picking up, the sun coming out to play and everyone wanting to stretch their legs in good weather, there is a plethora of running related delights to report on. Where to start? Aha – with the first thing that came into my inbox…

Gold Rush/canicross

Yep – people running in all 4 corners of the world this weekend, first up – Wales…. Got this from Lucy “its too hot” Wasinski… So it seems GDH has a new strand – Cani cross! Greg and Illy took part in the 8.5 mile Goldrush Cani-cross in Coed y Brenin. On the start line, tensions were running high, the noise of barking was deafening , humans and dogs were feeling competitive… but illy was taking it all in her stride …and lying down on the floor waiting for the off. Was that a sign of things to come? No – Despite the heat and illy’s habitual lack of enthusiasm at dragging Greg up hills, they finished 4th man&dog and 6th overall! Awesome!

And a small idea of what it was like to be on the start line from Greg…

We had a thirty second count down for the canicross start. Total chaos with dogs barking, leaping, and snarling. Handlers yelling at their dogs and straining to stop them from setting off early. Except for one dog. Lying quietly on the floor snoozing away. I managed to get her to stand up at the 10 second stage, but did set the scene a bit for rest of the race…


Illy. Looking psyched.

For me… Far too warm and trying my best not to let my welsh nemesis beat me on  all time favourite trail route! Not to be, she cruised in well ahead of me but I managed to hang on for 2nd F and got back for the ice cream before they sold out 🙂


Eyes on the prize… well… icecream

So there you go… too hot, and still comes 2nd. Amazing work there!

Herod Farm

The club race – Herod Farm was well attended this year. It was superb to see that it was


Downhill Ninja – Alabama

well staffed with club volunteers, and yet there were still a mass of GDH also running the race. Thanks to Sikobe for organising the race which went off pretty much without a hitch. It might only be 5miles, but the runners enjoyed a significant amount of up and down in the meantime. The guy that came first lost a sole on the first descent, meaning that our lovely Chris Webb, although he was 2nd, can at least console himself with the fact he was the first runner with 2 working shoes…..

Results to be posted later – but in the meantime, Alabama says: a sub hour, and most importantly for me ”I didn’t come last” I over took 4 Runners on the downhills, I was ninja 😊and sprinted faster towards, and over the finish line than I’ve ever done in any race ever. Jeroen Peters sessions are certainly paying off. 47.02 min.
So there you go,… she even looks like she enjoyed it!
Aha – the results are in – there is a link on the race page – and here is another link

Oldham Way Ultra

Postponed from a few weeks back when I had the blissful weekly report of saying “it snowed. No-one did anything… here are some pictures”. The Oldham Way Ultra happened this weekend, and although a few people who planned to do it on the original date ended up not being able to do it. Steve “I only run before everyone else gets up” Crossman was out debuting at Ultra distance. Lots of practice and training only gets you so far, conditions on the day do indeed play a part – but Steve has evidently been working out exactly what he needed and came in at 7:22 over the 40 miles, a somewhat spectacular 1st place. Superb effort from the Angrybloke. Will “1 race in a day just isn’t enough” Mather was out doing his double – a loop of the 40 miles in the hours leading up the race, and then the actual race. I don’t think he was looking to get a PB for the course… having said that, the official OWU twitter page has just said that he is the first finished of the Double – first lap in 10:05, second lap in 8:53… so 80 miles in 18:58… just squeezing under the 19 hour mark. Nicely done Will. Luke “on the quiet” Holme looks like he was also there, making his sprightly way around the 40 mile circuit. There are certainly photos out there to show that he is definitely smiling as he went through at least one of the checkpoints… well, it was either a smile, or he was gritting his teeth….  Dan “foldable” Stinton was also one of those who was not able to run the original (well, I guess no-one did when it was snowy). His Brompton riding miles have definitely been paying dividends as he cruised around the course (on 2 legs… not on a folding bike) in somewhere around 8:08. Top running you lot.


the Emma Peters corner

As some of you may or may not remember, Emma made a pact with the devil at the turn of the year that she would beat her Dad at some point in 2017. I don’t know what she had to give up/do, but on Saturday I got the email….. Tim I did it! Prudhoe parkrun today I ran an all time 5km PB of 21.16 and was also 1st lady. But most importantly, Jeroen ran 21.35. I have beaten him! Ah – family competitiveness… you just can’t beat it.
Emma P

Jeroen and Emma looking strong.


The conditions must have been tough yesterday. All that heat and humidity – or something. No new PB’s at Glossop Parkrun – but a quick note that Ben Tetler was first bloke home at Stamford in 17:35, and Paul Peters was first again at Lancaster – have a look at the latest report

Longhorn Marathon

Marie Williamson was over with the Longhorns today with her second? marathon of the month… and a report has come in via… um… a Highland cow….?

Longhorn marathon for me today. 4 laps around Thorseby estate. Really warm..but some of the course was shaded. Walked lots of the final lap because I felt quite sick. Finished in 4hr 55 mins (I think!!) The medal is ace

and so it is.


Out and about…

Charlie Eaton and Ant Walker ran the route of one of the Glossop Fell races that used to be run in the mid 90s. It was a fair distance about 20miles with approx 1500mts climb. They took it at a leisurely pace due to the heat… Ant says…: We somehow managed to get separated in the Alport, me going low and Charlie a hundred mts above me 😂The highlight of the route was Blackden clough, just stunning in the sunshine, we had a paddle in one of the streams and chilled out in the sun (until Charlie realised he was sat on an Ants nest). The run ended with more sunbathing with a pint outside the Queens- rude not too!

Warm work going up Blackden

Teenager with Altitude

The last of the Teenager races – as Steve Cliff sadly passed away at the beginning of the year. For those of you who don’t know – this is basically a race of 26km with approximately 30m of flat running in the whole thing. The ascents and descents are totalTeenager beasts, the cut off is fairly stiff, and all in all, it is a superb day out in the Lakes.
This year we had the biggest turnout of GDH runners at the event than ever before – a massive 6 of us. Jude and Cheryl were a little concerned about the cut off, especially with the heat of the day… the day was clear and hot, which was great for navigation, but also not so good for dehydration. Chris “KOM” Webb stormed away from me at about the halfway point and went on to come in 7th, Tim “heat exhaustion” Budd ended up stumbling in 9 mins later with all kinds of exciting things happening due to semi-heat exhaustion in 14th, and Matt “the keyboard player” Huxford was 9 mins after me in 26th place. I’m afraid I don’t have any more specific results as I was too busy lying in the shade burbling incomprehensibly.

Quote of the day was from Immy “from mile 8, morale was low” Trinder, who eventually came in first GDH lady. Jude and Cheryl ran pretty much together for the whole thing, passing the cutoff comfortably with 15 mins to spare. They came in as a pair and certainly looked way better than I did, having had a fabulous day out in the hills. I wrote a more comprehensive report – if you want to read it, it’s here.

Kinder Downfall

The local test piece organised by Pennine didn’t quite have as clear skies and sunny weather as the previous few races, but it was a cracker by all accounts.A bit of light precipitation at the start line meant the stones up on tops were a little slippy, but that didn’t deter a decent GDH field from storming their way up yonder slopes. Thanks muchly to Mark Davenport for sending me the results… a good mix of people, with this being Clives’ first race in the Blue and Orange Vest, and apparently Heather’s first M distance race.

52 Paul “GDH Gypsy” Skuse 1:27:27
106 Mark “better’n’last year” Davenport 1:39:17
124 Clive “live in” Hope 1:43:10
159 Elanor “runs like a” Swan 1:48:44
169 Dez “this ain’t broadbottom” Mitchell 1:49:42
171 Heather “looks up how to spell” Jansevska 1:50:18
175 Nick “the ultra” Ham 1:51:00
202 John “act your shoe size” Stephenson 1:57:09
220 Andy “the jagster” Burnett 2:01:25I believe we even have the full results online and everything!


As many of the Harriers who hung around at the end… (and an interloper)(!)

Debdale 5k

Malc Brown was over in Debdale this week, practicing his speed endurance – or something along those lines. He cruised in with a 25:16 according to Strava… getting speedy for summer!

Other stuff

Tuesday sees the Grand Send Off and Wake of John Hewitt. Details are on facebook etc. If you want to go and can’t find the information, ASK.
And that’s about it really.
Just kidding.

London Marathon

A fair number of Harriers made the pilgramage to that little outpost town of London for a fairly small and unrecognised event- the London Marathon. Training through the winter in cold conditions really sets you up to run 26.2 miles on the first really warm day of Spring. Matt Crompton was the “lucky” member of the club to get the marathon place given to GDH this year – his first ever marathon. Stevie K got in through good for age and there were a number of lucky recipients of the “you’ve got in” magazine.

This year it was hot, and I mean, ridiculously hot. All thoughts of PB’s were pretty much put aside in favour of survival. We watched the race unfold on the internet throughout the day, though these few hours don’t really bear testament to the amount of training everyone has put in over the past few months. Yes, the final time is always the goal, and that is what makes running so compelling as a sport. Things are never guaranteed. That is what brings us back again and again. With the best preparation, with the best will, sometimes circumstances conspire against us. Heat, food, stomach cramps, every little thing might go wrong. Even if you control the controllables, stuff you haven’t considered can still put a kybosh on you.

Emma Rettig ran supremely consistently, mowing through those in front of her to record the only sub4 GDH time, Matt Crompton was cruising well until the heat got the better of him. Stevie K started out like a shot and was heading for a ridiculously fast time until mile 6 where stomach cramps made an unwelcome appearance. He soldiered on, having to walk the final 8, and crossed the line at just shy of 4:20. Jayne Moreton, free of her Dragon costume found that this year it was exactly the same heat without the costume as last year in the costume, Wendy Trelease was very glad of all the dog walking and training she has been getting around the resers, Adrian Gent has just come in at 5:41 as I write this, flashing the Blue and Orange as he crossed the line, Mandy Beames has now finished (apologies for the weird time continuum thing there), putting in a sterling final couple of k, coming in at just a touch over 6 hours. Dan Ellingworth also started, I haven’t heard anything yet, but one can only assume that the heat simply became too much. Hope you’re ok Dan. Sarah Leah was also out on the course – bravely starting after being ill overnight, and impressively throwing up at miles 3,4 *and* 5 before deciding to call it a day… she just couldn’t hold fluids down. (have you tried throwing up every mile for 26 miles? It’s pretty hard work…)

Emma “hold fast” Rettig 3:51:28

Matt “how far was this one again?!” Crompton 4:06:56

Stevie “Rocker” Knowles 4:19:34

Jayne “dragon woman” moreton 4:32:31

Wendy “where’s my” Trelease 4:41:41

Adrian “the” Gent 5:41:21

Mandy “laser” Beames 6:00:45

Dan “I’ll sing Blue Moon” Ellingworth DNF

As I say… the prep is hard… and Matt C sent in this report from (one presumes) the pub at the end…
After the initial shock of getting the Club place for London, I set about making sure that I put in some serious training, and even embarked on a proper training plan. All of which was done in what felt like the coldest, wettest and longest winter on record, and none of which was done in blazing sunshine and roasting temperatures.


Emma and Matt at the start

So to race day. The predicted hot conditions materialised. Even before the race started at 10, the hunt was on for shady patches in the start zone.

The first 25km went fairly much to plan, but the heat was really building. Dizzy spells hit in a fairly bad way. I took the decision to slow right down, take on proper fluids at water stations and get through the race in one piece. The remaining miles were tough! As various pacers went past, I knew I didn’t have it in my legs to keep up. My eventual time was 4hr 6mins. I have to say I was disappointed, but the heat really hit hard.

Anyway, once again, thanks for all at GDH for giving me the chance to run my first ever marathon and at London too. I really tried to do everyone proud in both the way I approached the training for the race, and the way a ran it today

Awesome work to all those who have trained hard for this, and indeed are training hard for other stuff. It isn’t all about the numbers at the end, it is the mindset as you train, as you run, as you race. It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.


A day of sun, a day of rain, I’ve got a cold, woe is me – the weekend report.

So I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself as the general malaise of the past week has given way to full blown snot fest. Annoying as this week is apparently going to be gorgeous – and as far as I can see, I shall be mainlining lemsip and being generally pathetic. Not so much for you lot, apparently. Vast amounts of running and cycling and rattling around the Peak and further afield… An impressive array of accomplishments from all around the area. Now all I need to do is work out how to download photos from strava, and we’ll be all good.

Chicken Run

The recent addition to the Hayfield fell race calendar proved to be a bit of a draw, with apparently more than 100 people coming from all over to enjoy the glorious day on the hill. One wonders if they were there to enjoy the run, or in fact to enjoy the cakes at the end, which were apparently plentiful and delicious. As far as I know it was only Ben Tetler who ran in Glossopdale colours (the reason for thinking this is that no-one else has told me anything, and I can’t see anything else on Strava). His winter of discontent and hyper-ballistic training has catapulted his speed along the way, and Ben finished a rather grand 2nd overall, beaten only by some bloke from Totley. Good running Ben, great to see you’re on form.

Aha- I see that Cheryl “the machine” Stitt and Wendy “That’s not a hill” McMahon were also out there enjoying the good weather, blasting around the course with abandon. Fabulous to see the local races getting local support.

Aha – and more information has come in on the telex machine via our eye on the ground that is Jo Brack. She also ran with the Chickens, managing a broadly similar time as last year, while Ezme decided to head off towards the front of the field and chance her arm amongst the bigger hitters. Mary “a smile is part of your running kit” Jeal was also there, starting out her assault on the spring and summer of racing… a V50 prize there, perchance? Rich White was apparently out there strutting his stuff- evidently getting a day pass out (or morning?) from the kids and the cats? Or maybe he has trained the cats to look after the kids? Or vice versa? As was the indomitable Andy Wilkins – always up for a local race, even when it is on the Isle of Wight. (which, in this case, it wasn’t).

Calderdale Hike

Nick Ham has been at it again… on the Run Further (or Fun Ruther as I nearly wrote it) champs. This week it was the turn of the Calderdale Hike, which takes place around Calderdale. As for the word “hike” I suspect that it was less of a hike and a bit more of a tempo challenge. Nick sent his report via morse code, and as far as I know, it hasn’t been intercepted by anyone yet… oh, no, Zuckerberg has it, and it’s been splashed on facebook. Oh well – here it is for posterity anyway…

I’m back home, squeaky clean and splinters (thorns) extracted after today’s Calderdale Hike. I’m buzzing from the physical challenge and the camaraderie. It was an honour and a privilege to have some running company for much of the event (until my body said “no more” as usual). The ~40 miles turned out to be tougher than expected, so I’m quite pleased with 8hrs 51mins and the highest Runfurther championship points so far this year by a long way. Well chuffed.

What’s more, I have serviceable pictures thanks to my late Dad’s ancient Panasonic Lumix just pressed into ultra-running use.

(ancient panasonic lumix. Lol.).

Chunal Fell Race

Ah – Chunal Fell race, that race where you know it’s going to be in Chunal, but are unsure as to quite which route Des is going to decide on this year. Records don’t matter because I don’t think the route has ever been the same twice…. last year I think it even morphed into Wormstones at the last minute…. however, what is assured is a vast amount of climb in a short space of distance. Lung burning ups, leg shredding downs and a feeling of having been put through the wringer by the end of it. Ian Crutchley thought himself up for the challenge and duely wandered off into the maw of the beast, and definitely survived – though I don’t know where he finished. He said it was “horrible”, though there is evidence of him smiling on a photo at the end. … oh, and news just in (as in I’ve had another look at strava), and it would appear that Ben Tetler doubled up this weekend and also raced Chunal as well, 5th this time around – proving his mettle… or is that metal legs?

Ah – He is alive…. Ian just sent me this….

Hi Tim. Did Chunal with Chris Jackson, Ben Tetler and Pete Nicholson (not sure if other GDH there). Largely unrunnable and simply tortuous 3 Mile route, but good fun. No idea who finished where but the aforementioned were all much quicker for sure. I limped in at 42 minutes or so. It was a small but strong field of about 30, which was rather unfortunate for slower fell runners like me! Finished about 5 short of last. Think I’d rather repeat the 4 Inns than repeat that!!

Old Gals

I have to put this bit in here – technically neither of them are “old” as such, but they are both alumni of the Bleaklow bashing brethren. This week at the first British Champs race in Donard, Jasmin Paris led the ladies field through the clag and came in 1st lady, while Caity Rice put in a sterling effort, not knowing what place she was in until the final checkpoint… and ended up 2nd. Some mighty fine running and navigating there. Good work!

NRAMM (not really a mountain marathon)

An elite field of 6 people ran an event that wasn’t exactly a mountain marathon from Glossop to Hope this weekend. I won’t go into too much detail, but basically fun was (apparently) had by all. The evening meal was a little more luxurious than normal MM standards, by the fact we were in a pub. Special kudos goes out to Catherine Cleary for running further than she has ever run before, whilst being horrendously hungover. (At least she admitted that for perhaps 30 mins of the day she did actually feel on top of the world). Great to see Al Cowell back on the hill again even if he did spend much time faffing at checkpoints. Matt Huxford, the sole A-class runner took the event very seriously as you can see from the photos, Lynne Taylor did a fantastic back to back distance weekend unrivaled in her Strava profile for at least a year previously, Paul Skuse certainly needs to be mentioned as he was the only person stupid enough to carry his entire MM kit for the weekend, and Mark Davenport was the stoical lynch pin of the whole lot, whilst treading ground he has never previously run on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


An absolute ton of Harriers at Glossop park run this week, but only one PB – and that from Alan Byrne. Good to see the young Minshull out on home turf for his first official parkrun as well. Consolidated report is – as ever, on this link.

Other stuff

Yup – there were people off doing social runs and stuff, and this is one of the few pics that I could find on facebook… makes Clough Edge and Torside look properly epic….out and about

This week

This Wednesday it is Herod Farm. If you aren’t running it, volunteer. If you haven’t volunteered, um… run it.

Better late than never, right? Weekend club report.

People have been out running marathons and 10ks and round reservoirs and across the hills and all over the place this week. Have a quick read, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to flesh it out with as many expanded truths as normal, but at least you might get an idea of what might have been going on.

Tatton Park 10k

The speed queen herself, Kirsty Sharp is still hanging around the sharp end of 10ks at the moment. Strava reveals that she blasted around the Tatton Park 10k route in some ridiculous time, ending up as 2nd Lady. I believe she decided to miss out on all the sandwich stops and also the roast dinner stop, but then cruised in at 38:09 – 12th place overall.

Rome Marathon

Marie Williamson has been out there globe trotting and sent in a marvellous report via photographing text messages. (Don’t ask). The main gist of it was that she had a fab time in the lead up to the race. Italy is certainly the place to wine and dine pre-race. So much so that I’d probably recommend heading out there before every race that you do, marie Romeanywhere in the world. Marie had 3 targets of increasing importance. To finish in undeer 5 hours, to finish, and, to survive…. It all started off wonderfully with the km markers just whizzing by, the 4:30 pacers and their purple balloons far behind in the distance. Lots of photos were taken of the collesium, tha vatican etc, Then it got hotter. The km markers got further and further apart. Eventually 32km came and went… 10k to the end… then, in Marie’s words… it got tough. Well. If you’re going to run on cobbled streets, yup, I can imagine it would. Sites of historic interest were reduced to sites. Photos stopped being taken. There was a tunnel to pass through, which had a 41km marker in it, which meant that at the end there was a mere 1km to go…. and with a fanfare, a load of gladiators (no, really), and laurel crowns, the race was finished. A superb effort in ridiculously hot circumstances… and apparently getting back to her hotel was an even better story… but you’ll have to ask her about that in person.

Manchester Marathon

Ian Oates, Will Mather and Steven Page were all in Blue and Orange this weekend overMarathon hunks at the Manchester marathon. Ian decided to take a somewhat laidback approach to the whole thing, not entirely caring about his time, and staying true to form by nailing at least 3 pints before a photo was taken of him at the end. Will took it somewhat more seriously, (though not totally, if you think about the drag co-efficient of his shorts) and narrowly missed out on a good for age time. Steven was marked as a Hyde Strider on the results, but the photo I saw of him was in a blue and orange gdh top, and his 3:15 was thoroughly well run.

Ian Oates – 3:55:40 (3 pints)

Will Mather – 3:17:47

Steve Page – 3:15:45

(there were 2 others who ran under the Glossopdale name, but didn’t recognise the names… anyone who has any info on them, drop me a line).

D&W Spring Series Round 3: Roaches/Tittesworth Res

Lucy Wasinski, Greg Wasinski and Pete Wallroth... Carrier Pigeon report from Pete:
Lucy and I headed over for round 3. Lucy accompanied by Greg and dog illy did great on a bloody tough course. I on the other hand started the course with the intention of doing the same roaches route however with extreme baby tiredness, I decided to leave it half way around, have a snooze in a mud hut and claim to have done the short course instead when crossing a finish line that I could find. Neither was accepted as a legitimate reason for having not dibbed correctly at the finish so I DNFd for the first time ever.
What I meant to say is I retired early due to a muscle strain in my leg

Hero Lamb rescuers

Paul Skuse and Mark Harrison stepped into the breach this week, saving a lamb from a cave on their morning run out onto the moor. The lamb is evidently very grateful to Skusey and wonders where he can get calf guards like that as well.



Yes. She is at it again. Mel Crutchley continues to hack hunks of time away from her PB in Glossop, smashing her way around in 28:43 this week. Crikey. Her shoes are going to catch on fire at this rate! Also – Wyatt Barlow recorded his best ever time for any park run anywhere over in Aberystwyth in 27:42. Speedy.

Consolidated club report is here.

Other stuff

Thanks to Mark Davenport for stepping in with the social run. I was meant to lead a pub run, but it all got a bit complicated with life and work and all that stuff. From what I read on Strava, it seemed that everyone there had a decent time out. The Sun was shining, the lambs were skipping, it was almost like it is Spring.

This Sat/Sun is the Not a MM. If you’re interested in doing it, drop me a line. Starting in Glossop on Sat, head over to Hope. Stay there for the night and then come back on the Sunday. You dont have to carry your stuff as I will sherpa it over there for you.

The Chicken run race is also on over at Hayfield on Sat, and Chunal is on Sunday. Zoe has also pointed out there is a bit of a social walk going on over to the Nags head as well – so you have plenty of stuff to choose from.

Also, Pete Wallroth has places on Manchester 10k and Half for his Charity – Mummy’s Star. If you want a place, contact him on


Skusey giving it some on a scramble somewhere in the Dark Peak

Easter Weekend club report – April Fools. Or not. As the case may be.

Easter weekend! Chocolate! Cake! Sugar! Snow! April Fools Day! Yes, it was indeed. I decided to wait until it was Bank Holiday monday before typing this out just in case anything was actually a bit April fools day-esque. It wasn’t, but at least it meant that Sunday evening was quite restful. Hope you all had a decent time out and about, the snow up on tops still looks amazing, though it is a tad chilly when it goes down your socks. So watch out for that….

Not the Oldham Way Ultra

On his way to running 5 Ultras in aid of Mummy’s Star, Guy realised that he was going to have to run the Oldham Way Ultra on a day that wasn’t the actual race. As you’ll know from previous episodes of Weekend reports, the OWU was cancelled/postponed because of the snow, the re-run day is on a day that Guy his combing his beard, and so the decision was made to battle around it this weekend. Roving reporter Dan Stinton was on the scene… 40 miles of scene… Hi Tim, as usual there’s stuff on social media about it, but whilst not officially a race Guy, Allan Parkin and myself ran the Oldham Way Ultra route this weekend, not quite making it in time for Chadderton parkrun but doing a lap of the park anyway! Guy can’t make the rescheduled date for the actual race so was fulfilling his pledge to do 5 ultras this year raising money for Mummy’s Star.

A typical Riddell-early start in damp conditions led to us getting round in a little over ten hours, slowed down by rain, mud and weary legs. We were joined along the way by Will Mather and other members of the GLOATURS to provide much needed supplies and support!
I believe there was a bridge that was out, which necessitated a bit of a river scramble/crossing and a few trees over the route etc. which made it a little more of an adventure than they were expecting. Still – they got around and back in time for easter eggs, tea and medals.

Salford 10k

So I have not a lot of detail on this one apart from what I can see on Strava. Kirsty and David C-L were out and about on the flats of Salford, mixing it up with the city girls and boys. It seems that both of them had a pretty decent run out, with some ridiculously fast splits between them. I understand that although neither of them managed a PB, they were within spitting distance of them. Testament to the hard miles and even harder recovery days that they are putting in at the moment. I’m not going to put up results until I actually see the results page… taking times off Strava is – it seems – a risky business.

Newport to Ryde

Claire Campbell has been out racing on the Isle of Wight. Newport to Ryde is not to be


Claire running properly – avoid the path at all costs.

sniffed at. The island equivalent of going from London to Birmingham –  offroad, which basically means muddy tracks with large amounts of clay. (much the same as onroad, to be fair). Claire wore the colours with pride and came in 93rd – 6th V40 in 1:07:58. To be honest I have no idea on the actual distance, mainly because “distance” is a bit of an elastic concept down there.

Out to Grinah

On Sunday there were a few intrepid folk heading across the moors to Grinah and back. Mark Davenport was my eye on the ground for that one…. What a great day for it, clear skies and not too cold. There was me, skuse, Ant walker, Mark H and Chris Jackson. 2-4 inches of snow on most trods and thigh deep where the ground dropped away made it longer time on our feet that expected. When over to grinah, down into the westend, alport, grains of water, higher shelf, lower shelf and back to the turning circle.


Nick Ham was off doing what Nick Ham does best – running long distances and taking photos. In the days leading up to the Lakes Mountain 42 the organisers basically thought that it might be a bit over the top (as it were) to make people do the entire route, and so shortened it… Nick takes up the story…- The decision to shorten the race was the right one. Conditions on the high ground were testing, to say the least. Good kit and to be wearing it, and sound mountain judgement, were necessary for survival. (Yes, we all survived the day.)

Looks like the correct decision was taken, you’ve got to not only take account of the runners, but also of the marshals who are out there getting cold and wet and hypothermic. Sounds like a good time was had by all. (except maybe the marshals). Photos to follow.


Apparently the gloopy-est and muddiest and grim-est Parkrun in Glossop in living memory this week. However, that didn’t stop young Mel Crutchley from leading her dad around the course in a new PB for her- 29:13. Flipping decent for anyone, let alone a whippersnapper like her… I suspect her brother will be out and about training for his return to the PB tables in the next few weeks? Weekly consolidated report is here. 

Other Stuff

This week is allegedly a pub run. Which means I have to think of something quick. I was vaguely tempted to do a short nav course from Old Glossop. Max time 1 hour with a few points to find in the vicinity, with a return to a pub afterward. Anyone up for that? reply on the facebook page.It won’t be massive, or necessarily well organised, but you will need a map.

Mark Harrisons time trial – Yup – Mark Harrison wants to do a timetrial from the turning circle to Bleaklow head and back. To be put up at some point in the next month or so. He’ll buy anyone a pint who manages to do it in sub hour. I’ll bake cakes for those who manage to do it in an astonishing time for themselves. (hmmm…. I might have to modify that a bit…. I’m astonished it took me 4 hours! who wouldve thought. Cake please.).

Non-racing news – So sitting down with Mark D the other day I realised that the weekly reports were basically just racing reports – which kind of goes against the idea of just getting out there and having fun. So with that in mind, if you’ve done something on the hills or on the roads that is worthy of a chat in a pub, then it is worthy of being put on here. Even better if you have a picture or something. We’re an active club – or at least  – there are individuals who are always getting out and doing stuff. Send me a photo and a couple of sentences. I’m interested in what you get up to, as are/is everyone else.

Last thing – the not really a mountain marathon is going ahead in 2 weekends time. If you’re interested and haven’t been in touch/aren’t on the facebook events page, drop me a line.

It’s Spring! (til it snows again)

Jeez. I know there were some weekends where I didn’t write much because all the races were cancelled, but crikey, do you all have to do quite so much?! A veritable smorgasboard of bits and stuff and races and suchlike this week. I’ve tried to keep it as short and intelligible as possible, but really, I have no idea what I’ve just written.


On Saturday morning (post parkrun, of course) MDOC were on hand to put out a couple of nav courses in and around Manor Park. There was a pretty decent uptake, and a few of our number decided to get their nav-practice on. (which is always good… the more you practice, the better you get). It has to be said that the key to the challenge was realising that there were maps and checkpoints on both sides of the paper… something that was discovered by honorary GDH member Rob Taylor on the train home, having run half the course…. There was a bit of a battle royale on the long course between speedster Emma Peters and sneaky local knowledge expert Lynne Taylor.  John Stephenson was on hand to provide a chasing time, but got a bit sidetracked by navving to Coop, which was a little further than the outer edges of the map. Emma proved to be a little longer in the legs and had the speed to catch up on Lynne, despite a couple of minor nav errors, while John was mainly trying to tire himself out before the race on Sunday – y’know, just to give the young’uns a chance. The results looked a little like this….

2nd Emma – 41:51
5th Lynne – 43:37
6th John S 46:11

On a separate course, Caitlin Swan was showing off her map skillz and local knowledge, bashing around the course in 20:23, coming in a tremendous 4th. Nicely run (and navved) everyone.

Ice skaters fun run 5k

Down on the Isle of Wight Claire Campbell was taking part in the 4th of 6 5kk races. From the title I can only assume that it is put on by some of the lot in Ryde Arena, the local ice skating venue. (I’ve been waiting for a ski jump for years, but they never got around to building it…) Claire mooched around the course in some super time which no-one appears to have noted on their facebook page that I could find, more important for this series was the positions (and, for some reason that escapes me, points… so there we go –  4th and 1st FV40 and 10 points!

Liverpool 10 miler

A marvellous missive from Jon Haggart who was off in Liverpool this weekend. “Hello Tim. Quick note as I completed the Liverpool 10 miler today. Nice to have a proper race as part of the training for my first half. Nice run in lovely weather and a time of 1:56:15, nicely under my 2 hour ambition. Now, a nap.” Brilliant – thanks for the update Jon. Hope you enjoyed the nap. Or, indeed, are still enjoying it.

Derwent Duathlon

Immy Trinder was away in Derwent this weekend, doing a Duathlon. It was quite a mixed affair in terms of underfoot and under wheel with a 4.5k fell run followed by a 28k bike, and then a 6.5k road run. She most probably had a superb fell run, and excellent road run, but decided to handicap herself on the bike by taking a mountain bike with as big and nobbly tyres as possible, just to give the others a fighting chance. Very sporting of her. She came in at 2:09:46 and was 52nd overall. I have no idea if she did the “GDH” thing of downing a pint each time she passed through change-over, but we can only speculate….

Lyme Park trust 10

I have literally no idea about this one. My notes say: Lyme park trust 10k – Nick Ham. On the basis that things like this tend to be pretty accurate in terms of description, I’m going to hazard a guess and say it was a 10 mile? k? probably k, one would imagine race or timed run, in Lyme Park, and organised by the trust. It was probably delightful, there will have been cake at the end, and all involved will have enjoyed it. On the off chance I am wrong, and it was in fact a 5 furlong horsey type event in the middle of manchester with refreshments of biscuits and horse nibbles, then I must apologise profusely.

4 inns

65k of amusement over hills, bog and road and footpath and other stuff and 3 teams with various variations of GDH members. I have more stories than I care to mention, but will just give you a taster from the other teams:
Ian Crutchley says…  The aptly named Bubble & Squeak team, consisting of Luke Holme and Ian Crutchley of GDH, plus a couple of friends of friends hit the hills at 07.10. Following Daves immediate recurring hip problem, the team was reduced to walking which did nothing to reduce the difficulty. It just meant more time on our feet. We finished in 14.40. Despite the leisurely time, we had a great laugh, and will be back here next year.
Back next year? Their stupidity will for suffering knows no bounds.
I got this off Mark Harrison of the team with Paul Skuse, Sikobe Litaba and Sue Clapham… Actually, let me paraphrase: Day went well except for a minor nav mishap on Tooleyshaw moss, managed to drop a gopro on Bleaklow and had to run back for it, miraculously finding it, and only losing about 25 mins in the process, pace started to slow from Snake-ish and the wheels basically came off on Kinder. Which is never good, as wheels don’t go well on Kinder anyway. Walked the vast majority of the route from there. Which, I can attest, is a long way.
Me, Jules and Chris Webb headed off early doors as well, and blatted it as hard as possible. Chris was, according to himself “a passenger” as Jules and I navved. If he was a passenger, in the driving seat, with his foot planted firmly on the accelerator, that might have been true. He dragged us through 40 miles of grimness to finish in 7:41, smiling the entire way. I could’ve punched him if I had the energy. At some point I’ll get around to blogging about it, but that’s all you’re getting for the moment.
1st GDH Julien Minshull, Tim Budd, Chris Webb 7:41
27th GDH veterans Paul Skuse, Mark Harrison, Sue Clapham, Sikobe Litaba 12:42
38th Luke Holme, Ian Crutchley, Tim Snape, Dave Ashworth 14:40

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Doctors Gate

A Des Race. Always good for a laugh if you don’t mind not knowing the actual route of the race until after it has been run. An AM/AL depending on your watch or your psychological profile, this little beast went around a lot of the nooks and cranny’s that we

John S

The result of a PROPER fell race

know and love in the local area. I hope that the ground-nesting birds weren’t disturbed by this too much as the Curlews and Skylarks have just started nesting again. With some stonking climbs this was quite the race on which to test your climbing legs. The participants looked suitably knackered as they sat in the pub at the end supping pints of their favoured liquids. Thousand yard stares were cultivated, and generally a good time was had by some. Results looked a little like this….

28 Andy O 2:07:35
46 Mark D 2:21:31
47 Rob Murphy 2:26:47
54 Zoe B 2:32:01
70 Jason Hart 2:40:22
79 John S 2:48:08
?? Daz 2:56:59 who has no idea really what happened, when or how, only that he went past Cock hill at some point and is a bit scarred by the rest of the run having been a little outside his comfort zone. All I can say is well done for actually getting to the finish instead of finishing at your house 200 yards prior to it!

Dark and White Spring Series #2

BakewellMessage by carrier pigeon from Pete Wallroth: Hi Tim, Lucy Wasinski and I did Spring series round 2 this morning. Cracking day and stunning route. Results not in yet but Lucy thinks about 1:24 and me 1:30something. 10.1 mile course.
Well – the results are indeed in now, the lovely race series is down in the White Peak and so Trail Running Central was a very busy place. It would seem that Lucy was 25th overall and 1st in her class, indeed in 1:24:27. Pete Wallroth was 63rd overall in 1:37:28 and was 30th in class.

SELCC prizes

Ah, it was the annual SELCC ball/prizegiving/knees up last week. We had a few people heading up to collect awards. I’ve seen the pictures, though I can’t actually see what people have won… the website doesn’t appear to be entirely in date, and me being me, I couldn’t really work it out. So I’ve taken a bit of a stab at it here, and if I’m wrong, so be it.
Kirsty Sharp 1st Lady
Stevie K – 1st V45
Jo Brack 1st FV50
Ezme Brack 1st U18?
Caitlin Swan 2nd U11
Woop! Amazing work over the winter all of you! We’ll all have to get out on Webby’s XC training again come October and keep those winning ways going.

winner chicken dinner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Coniston 14 miler

Message from Tony Hillier by Morse: Two GDH runners at Coniston 14ml, Emma Rettig and Tony Hillier. Tough. Now that bloody hurt. Incline after incline to 11ml then a 1ml stinker, legs well gone. Steady 8min mls for sub 1:53. 1st V70 Well done GDH Emma Rettig as well. As expected, a 1st V70… Standard. Good running from both of you – hopefully Emma is getting back into full on running training again after some time based on a bike.


Technically the only new PB this week was for Caitlin Rice (who is still marked down as GDH instead of Ribble Valley…. maybe she should be down as “friend of GDH?”) but there were some faster times this week, showing that conditions are improving and as the ground hardens up, so do the runners. Consolidated report is here. .

Other stuff

Well, that is quite enough for the week, thankyouverymuch. I’m off to do summat else. Can you all stop racing quite so much please? It digs into my Sunday evening. I’ve got cats to play with.
and Lynne is bullying me asking me if it’s finished yet, so I’m going to have to get it published.

The cold returns. Snow Joke.

outWhat happened there then? There we were, quite happily mooching our way through a few warmer days, the sun was out (occasionally), the lapwings and curlews were coming back the moors, daffodils were up, and pigeons were making out on the lawn. The east wind came back with a bit of a vengeance and a fair amount of the white stuff. So much so that pretty much every race on the calendar got cancelled this weekend. Pretty much all… but not ALL.

Grindleford Gallop 10k

Matt Crompton managed to get over the Snake, and indeed back again before the weather really came in. A good thing too as nothing was going to make the Gallop organisers cancel their race… and when you’ve paid for a race, you don’t want a refund, you want it to happen. Thankfully you don’t have to listen to my witterings about what might or might not have happened because Matt sent over a lovely missive about the day:

For your round-up today. I think Grindleford Gallop was the only local race to survive the weather. It’s a 21ish mile trail race to raise funds for the primary school in the village. Sells out in a few minutes usually. Always a fantastic race, taking in villages like Eyam and Great Longstone, the Monsal Trail, Chatsworth and finishing with a run along Curbar and Froggat Edges. Yesterday saw brutal conditions including blizzards, wind and more mud than I’ve ever known on the course. All made for a tough but fun race. I finished in 3hr 28, and came 76th out of about 320 runners. It’s one of those really lovely, friendly races that I can heartily recommend.
Thanks for that Matt.

Oldham Way

So theoretically it was going to be the Oldham Way Ultra this weekend, a bit of a show down that we were all looking forward to. It was indeed snowed off, so ordinarily wouldn’t be included in a weekend race report. However, Will Mather took it upon himself to join with a group of others to do the Double…. starting on Friday evening, the idea was to run the route overnight, getting to the start in time for porridge, a cuppa tea and maybe a change of clothes before heading out again for the actual race. So far, so “normal”.
Luckily…. Will did a write up on facebook and he wrote me a little missive as well….


Will – Practicing his Thousand Yard Stare

I did the Oldham way Double this weekend did a bit of a write up on my Facebook page we were on target to do the first lap (40mile) in 10hours but the weather turned even worse at about 2am and we ended up taking 12 and half hours and then the race got cancelled so couldn’t start the second lap.
“second lap”. Yes. Quite…. The man is a monster. For those of you not on facebook – here is the authorised account….
“There were 8 of us starting on Saturday at 7pm to complete a the 40mile loop by the start of the actual race at 7am Sunday we were on target to finish in plenty of time but then the wind really picked up as well as snow, we were having white outs and couldn’t see any more than 10yards in front of us so ended up a little off course at times. So with icicles hanging from our eyelashes and hands that where blocks of ice we battled our way over dozens of high drifts back to race HQ to find out the race had been called off. We could only do 40miles but to go back out would of been crazy”
Damn fine effort Will.


Surprisingly Parkrun was not cancelled this week in Glossop – the weather held off for just enough time for everyone to run around it with great jollity and happiness. No new PB’s this week, and there were other people running in other parkruns as well…. as ever, consolidated report is here….

Other Stuff

I know that pretty much everyone knows- it has been on facebook, and also on the front of the main Glossopdale webpage, but our great friend John Hewitt passed away this week just gone. There are myriad photos and stories around, but I thought it might be nice to have a small collation of images here, this week.

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Well – at least I remembered my Mum’s birthday- Weekend report.

Well we appear to have had a relatively productive early March now that the ridiculous amount of snow has blown away and/or melted. An active weekend was had by a load of you, either racing, reccying or training for various bits and pieces and things. Now theen, where shall I start?

Edale trailrace Skyline

Matt Hux and Greg Wasinski were out battling in the first of the English Champs races. Edale Skyline, run in the opposite direction to usual, but with just as much paving slab as normal. Hux was going to send me a race report about it, but hasn’t yet. I suspect the slab


Skyline start – Thanks Lucy W for the photo

pounding has given him the shakes – either that or he is panicking about his tax return again and procrastinating massively… that being said – he is probably writing an essay right now. The main gist was given over by his whatsapp message to me. “****ing hated it”. Greg had a similar, if slightly less foul-mouthed sentiment. (because he is a gent). Matt ended up in 134th in 3:32 and Greg, after a fair amount of good natured cursing, and a huge amount of really not good natured cramp, ended up in 331st in 4:33.

Haworth Hobble

Nick Ham, Elanor Swan and Ali Holt were off in Haworth, giving the Hobble a bit of a bash. Nick is (forgive the expression) an old hand at this one, while Elano

ali and el

Audacious Gals

r and Ali were putting their hard fought fitness for the cancelled HPM to good use. Nick was running on a bit of a wonky knee, having left one of his good ones at the dry cleaners, and hobbled his way around in 8:02. Despite having a stonking start, he was overtaken by the Audacious gals at Stoodley Pike, and they did rather more than hobble (or should that be less than? If you hobble more then you go slower…? I don’t know). Anyhow, by the dubious lack of use of the feed stations – ie. sailing through them without availing themselves of either food, OR whisky… a tactic very much frowned on by John Hewitt) they got in to the finish faster than Nick, and then exited stage left pursued by a Bear, unfortunately missing Nick’s sprint and lunge for the line, which, I guess, lasted for about 3 miles….

Intercounties XC

Kirsty Sharp was off enjoying mud, mud and more mud at the intercounties Cross country. It being XC, the main thing to note is that the website still has last years details on it, and the location for this year. So it was at Prestwold hall in Loughborough. And Kirsty had a great time, as can be seen by the below photo. I believe you can pay an awful lot for a mudbath at Prestwold hall – but this one was probably a lot healthier. kirsty

Red Hot Toddy 10k

Lawrence Fennelly… Ah, it’s been a while since I had to remember how to spell his surname… Did the Red Hot Toddy 10k this weekend. I suspect all runners were given a shot of something vastly alcoholic at some point during the race, whether it was at the beginning or at the end, I have no idea… in his own words:Finished 81st out of 247 in 50.47. The profile is more like a fell race – if fell races had the occasional car zooming past at 60 mph! Really lovely race apart from that”. So if you like your fell races on tarmac with added objective danger, this is the one for you!

Irwell Valley 20miler

Wendy Trelease was off in Irwell, heading into the valley for a 20miler. I seriously have


Wendy… pre? post? She looks calm and composed either way

no idea where she finds these events. I’ve never heard of them til she’s done them… maybe it is all a secret ploy to go and snag all the CR’s and not let any other GDHers near them. As it is, she was 1st Glossopdale home, probably with a pocket full of Course Records and a big smile on her face. This one is billed as a perfect pre-marathon training event. She ended up 149th in 3:09 – and is building up nicely to London….


Well will you lookee at that. Only a couple of weeks after his sister started setting blistering times around Glossop Parkrun, Ben Crutchley has started his campaign, nailing a PB by pretty much a minute! Superb effort there. Consolidated results are here.

Other Stuff

If you’re interested in John S’s weekend trip to Dufton and High Cup Nick, there is a poll on facebook as to which date suits people best. Get yer vote in early.

I was babbling on about a practice Mountain Marathon type thing, starting in Glossop and heading to Hope, staying on a campsite with a Pub, and then coming back the next day. (with the option to carry all/none of the MM gear, or to do a single day). The idea was to do it on April 14/15. Let me know if you’re interested.