Dammit. It’s still summer. (*now with added Kinder Trog!*)

Thanks to all you lot who sent in stuff for the thing. I’m most grateful not least because my brain is fogged from being up for far too long. Thanks to the 3?4? people who sent me stuff about the RSR – I think Ive incorporated as much of it as I can. Apologies if I haven’t. Sorry if Ive missed anyone – I’m heading to bed.

Thanks so much to all you lot that came out for the Club Solstice run on Thursday – twas a good time out. solstics

Beacon Solstice run

A quick report from Amanda Kale– fresh in by paper aeroplane… I travelled down to Loughborough tonight for Beacon Solstice run, booked it last June when it was a little more local to me. 5 miles and hilly, well organised race with canicross setting out 10 minutes ahead. I ran with a friend from my other running club, well walked up and ran down. We did it in about 52 mins, 5 mins faster than I did it last year. Was really hot but much cooler running through the woods.
Great medal and a bottle of beer!

Pennine Barrier

Jason Hart crawled his way to a bonfire to smoke signal this to me….. Will Mather and I did the Pennine Barrier 50 today, 50 miles with 8900ft of hills, basically it was 25 miles along the Pennine way from Malham Cove, then the Yorkshire three peaks thrown in to hurt your legs even more. Will did really well, he came 28th with a time of 10.50..I came 56th in a time of 11:50. Will says he doesn’t like hills any more now he’s run a proper ultra, he particularly hated Ingleborough, the hill told him was the easiest (lies). Very tough under foot, lots of horrible jagged limestone scabs to stumble over on the descents off the three peaks, and it was hot as well.pennine barrier

Brading 10k

Aha – Claire Campbell has been at it again down on the Isle of Wight – they’ve got a micro-climate there, you know. According to her: roasting hot 10k road races still aren’t my thing. Just under 52mins I think, but I frankly lost interest at about 2m in… (but that is Brading for you… In the end the time looked like this : 51.54 chip 14/62 ladies and 2nd FV40. Flipping decent. Nice running Claire.

Round Sheffield Run

Esme was given the task of sending me some lowdown on the Round Sheffield Run (evidently drew the short straw….) It came to me with some unprintable rude rhymes about Paul Skuse, but I suspect that was because he was the one who rigged the straws…

Hi Tim, a little report about the Round Sheffield Run today. A mini bus full of us set off bright and early this morning for the RSR. It’s a great event, really well organised with lots of friendly marshals en route. The course is run in timed stages of various legnths with walking rest breaks inbetween each. Lots of uphills, downs, fast trail sections and a big road hill near the end. So we set off in different time waves and made our way safely round approx 20k of Sheffield’s lovely parks and trails. We then sat around in deck chairs and on hay bales topping up our tans and drinking our free pints of beer! Not sure of anyone’s times at the moment but everyone did superbly well of course. Especially Paul Skuse who came 2nd V40 and won a great prize…well done Paul! Big thanks to Dan Ellingworth for driving us safely there and back today. It was a good GDH turnout with quite a few others making their way over too. (Just checked the website, results not on yet). Thanks, Jo & Ezme


I don’t have a full list of people who did it, but a couple of people, evidently proud of results have sent them to me/posted them up on social media – Paul Peters 1.15.04 (top 10 finish I think but not sure which position, also first harrier home)- and had a number of high placings on some downhill segments as well. Paul Skuse is going from speed to speed and with a somewhat speedy 1.15.49 ended up as 2nd V40.  Joe Travis was so pooped after his 1.27.02 he spent the rest of the afternoon napping, and Emma Peters may well have been first female harrier home in 1.37.22. Malc Brown looks like he had a stormer with a 1:56:06 – an 8min PB on last year. Nice running y’all. Actually – I do have a list – but it is probably a non-complete list of people running-  as it is compiled from the memory of someone who was there….. David C-L, Rosa C-L, Emma C-L, Jo Brack, Ezme Brack, Mandy Beames, Charmayme Brierley, Mel Riddell, Alison Holt, Becky Ashworth, Rebecca Smith, Andy Burnett, Emma Rettig, Malc Brown, Dez Mitchell, David Munday, Susan Moore, Emma Peters, Paul Peters, Joe Travis, Phil (not sure which Phil)…Apologies if you got missed out, but my spies on the ground either didn’t see you, or, more likely, didn’t remember seeing you…

Race for Life 10k

 Laurie and Wyatt Barlow were off down at Tatton park this weekend doing the Race for Life 10k. All I know is that it was hot. (yes, I know, you all could have guessed that) and also that it was at Tatton Park. Beyond that, um… well, use your imagination.

Wilmslow half

Tony Hillier was at Wilmslow half this weekend – paced himself well for a bit, and then paced himself not quite so well towards the end. Still, a first V70 in 1:45:30 ish is still a pretty decent thing to come home with.

South Wales 50

Also (maybe) known as the Gower 50? Anyway, Nick Ham was off pootling around the 50 miler with great aplomb. From the race tracking website it looks like he finished, but really the only other info I seem to be able to glean from it is that he averaged 5mph through the whole thing. Which when you think about it, is a pretty damn decent pace. Nice one Nick.

Kinder Trog

Thanks massively to John Stephenson who sent this in well within time – but my lack of ability in checking my emails meant it slipped through my net…

Not sure if anyone else will tell you about the Trog today so here goes.

Today some mad English men and women went running in the midday sun!. Even sheep had the intelligence to seek shady shelter while we hammered round the dustiest Kinder Trog route ever.

Ben Tetler was on form, finished 4th overall and 1st V40, time was 2:04. Craig Leith was 18th and first V50 in 2:22.  (just ahead of a tall Pennine vest in 21st place). Heather (the Ghost) Jansevska finished in 94th place in a good time of 2:54. Ian Oates was 110th  in 3:02 .   John (no blood injuries this week) Stephenson was 119th in 3:10. About 160 ran.


Park run

From Els swan – Hi Tim, I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather. Quick update for the parkrun section of this week’s GDH report – Phil and Caitlin both got PBs at Glossop yesterday with runs of 20.33 and 22.06 respectively. Phil is getting tantalisingly close to the much sought after 70% age grade, just 0.49% to find! Ian Crutchley also found some speed from somewhere – probably he knows that his kids are catching up with him – and he recorded a PB at Glossop too… only for young gun Ben Crutchley to have a storming run at Marple junior parkrun this morning with a new PB of 8:31. Watch out Ian. Simon Toole is continuing his upward trajectory with *yet another* Glossop PB this week, nice one you lot.

Consolidated report here.  

Long Distance

Kasia Osipowicz has spent the last 27-8 hours enjoying the delights of the Paddy Buckley round. The route takes in some of the finest peaks in Snowdonia and is a challenge for anyone who wants to have a go. I don’t have exact times etc yet, but when I left her at the end of leg 3 she was moving well and looking forward to another few hours on the hill with friends from Glossopdale and beyond. A superb effort, and surely a day that will live long in her mind. Fantastic work!


Zoe and Kasia atop Snowdon





“Well… the garden needs it” weekend report.

Thanks to contributors Simon Toole, Nev McGraw, Jon Haggart, Marie Williamson and Nick Ham this week. It seems that most of the racing this week was done off the fell and on the trail and road. The glorious weather of the past few weeks gave way to some fairly pleasant temperatures and a bit of heavy mist. We found out that when you write TOT on facebook you get a slightly different outcome than what you expect, we also found out that going diving in Indonesia doesn’t necessarily prepare you for a marathon in Wales. I’m sure there were many other things going on this weekend, but my facebook feed has pretty much been hijacked by photos, results and general stuff from the Tour of Tameside, so if I have missed anything, don’t blame me, blame that.


3 GDHrs went to Oxspring near Penistone to race in Race 5 of this years Trunce series. All took advantage of the dry underfoot conditions to record seasons best times:-

Dez Mitchell 38.43 (SB by 1:51)
Neil McGraw 38:47 (SB by 2 minutes)
Nev McGraw 51.59 (SB by 4.47) 2nd V70

The Trunce takes in an undulating course and 3 river crossings and costs only £1:50 to enter and can be thoroughly recommended – I think there are 7 in the series (though am quite happy to be stood corrected by someone in the know…. actually. I’d rather be sat corrected. With a beer in hand).

Holcombe 2 towers

Ben Tetler’s beard made another race appearance this week, racing from Minas Morgul and Orthanc (unless you’re a film affecionado, in which case you think it raced from Barad dur to Orthanc… but there you go) So any way – the beard set off chasing the bloke with a ring, trying to get to Mount Doom Holcombe, Ben swiftly followed, catching up with his errant beard, and overtaking a good few runners in the process. Luckily the Nazgul were not in attendance so the race was run smoothly. I understand that Frodo and Samwise might well have been 1st and 2nd, but nevertheless, Ben’s Beard was 3rd in 33:48, with Ben coming in a narrow 3.5rd.


Neil McGraw, not content with just a Trunce to his name this week, competed in the MDOC event based largely in Lyme Park from the Boars Head in Poynton. He ran the 60 minutes score course and finished in 15th position scoring 13 points. Watch out – he’s back and he means business.

Round the resers

A ridiculous number of you went to run around a couple of reservoirs this week, organised by one of our lovely number. It seemed like quite the party was had by the midges if you lot were all wearing vests (which I imagine you were). The sultry atmosphere was probably equalled by Paul Skuse’s dulcet tones as he warmed up for the race, singing a favourite lullaby to lull his fellow competitors into a false sense of security. I have no idea how it went, I have no idea what the course does, having never run it myself. so I’ll say it went around a couple of bodies of water, there were a couple of sharp inclines that none but the most foolhardy ran, billions of midges were eaten while billions more were caught in various bits of bodily hair on show, and everyone had a great time….

skusey showing correct cornering technique

skusey showing correct cornering technique

8 Paul “the corner-er” Skuse – 30:43
26 Steve “turned a new” Page – 33:02
35 Rob “just warming up” Murphy 33:50
39 Rich “2 kids no sleep, still got it” White – 34:05
57 Rob “beat yer coach” Sheldon 35:32
58 Jeroen “Sheldon is going down” Peters 35:36
64 Luke “take me” Holme (country roads) 36:12
69 David “I prefer XC” Chrystie- Lowe 36:31
87 Joe “and” Gavin 38:05
101 Emma “eye of the tiger” Rettig 38:59
103 Jo “tester for saturday” Brack 39:04
104 Steve “where’s my bike (and wetsuit) France 39:08
105 Nick “can’t believe I brought a bike (and wetsuit) Ham 39:10
132 John “the don” Stephenson 41:22
140 Char “you just wait Brack” Brierley 41:58
145 Marie “finished already?”Williamson 42:18
153 Emma “can’t believe he talked me into this” Chrystie-Lowe 43:04
157 Malc “steady away” Brown 43:53
173 Ruth “which resers?” Westbrooke 45:47
201 Alabama “dance til youre winning… or is that wining?” Breeze 51:38
220 Mandy “my house has got” Beames 55:17
221 Jon “mmm. midges. Protein” Haggart 55:32

Trail marathon/half/5k Wales.

The trail marathon thing took place in Coed y Brenin this weekend. There was a lot of “buzz” and “vibe” as you might expect from something that was very Salomon backed. Despite the Welsh “sunshine” it was a very enjoyable time, hooning around the forest tracks, single track and fire roads. There was a very impressive attempt by Greg Wasinski to gain a leg up on all the Bombed out trophy claimants this year by locking his keys in the car, having to wait til 1am to find out that no-one was coming, then wait again on the day of the marathon, only to get a lift down to the race once he found out no-one was coming to help him (again), missed the marathon (for the second year running) and ran the half marathon (for the second year running) – and returned to his car to find that someone HAD turned up, broken into his car and left the key with the people he was staying with…. We *think* the people that broke into his car were legit, though being in mid-wales, I was wondering if it was just some local scrotes that wanted a bit of pocket money….

Lucy Wasinski decided that intelligence was the best option for someone who had sprained their ankle recently and opted to not run the marathon – she settled for marshaling the race on Saturday, fuming at Greg for locking the keys in the car and winning the evening 5k race on Friday.

General positions below…..


13 Tim “I should have done the half” Budd 3:46:14
91 Zoe “great way to start the holiday” Barton 4:29:40
170 Wendy “well… that could have been easier” Trelease 5:05:29
191 Beccy “It’s not a race if you don’t get scars” Smith 5:14:56
DNF Mark “non-digestable food” Davenport


49 Greg “keys? what keys?” Wasinski 1:54:14
199 Alan “training? what training?” Scholefield  2:17:27
277 Jo “pootle and a chat” Brack 2:28:18
278 Char “chat and a pootle” Brierley 2:28:18
287 Lynne “give me my bloody lungs back” Taylor 2:29:34

Evening 5k

2nd (1st Lady) Lucy “glass slipper ankles” Wasinski

Tour of Tameside

Right, I’m not even going to try to give everyone here nicknames. The main thing I know about the Tour of Tameside is that it is 4 races around Tameside, you have to do all 4 to qualify for the final result, and the races range from short to half marathon, mostly being on a mix of trail and road. There is a load of stuff on facebook about it, but as there is no general overview, I’ve trawled through and put the results in below…..

Race 1 – Xtrail

10 Steve Knowles 37:48
19 Dan Oldham 39:07
23 Chris Jackson 39:56
28 Steve Page 40:22
46 Rob Murphy 42:34
60 Guy Riddell 43:36
79 Ian Crutchley 45:19
186 Tony Hillier 50:30
262 Jon Pollard 53:09
433 Claire Higgins 1:01:10

Hell on the Fell

5 Steve Knowles 38:52
11 Chris Jackson 40:32
17 Dan Oldham 41:25
19 Steve Knight 41:50
32 Steve Page 43:28
39 Rob Murphy 44:07
61 Guy Riddell 36:38
70 Ian Crutchley 47:41
197 Tony Hillier 55:32

Hero Half Marathon

11 Steve Knowles 1:24:12
17 Craig Leith 1:26:21
21 Chris Jackson 1:27:40
24 Dan Oldham 1:28:32
45 Steve Page 1:32:15
51 Rob Murphy 1:33:34
82 Guy Riddell 1:39:18
120 Ian Crutchley 1:43:25
157 Tony Hillier 1:47:48
275 Wendy McMahon 1:58:50

Hyde 7

12 Steve Knowles 42:43
32 Chris Jackson 45:12
37 Kirsty Sharp 46:02
44 Dan Oldham 46:20
52 Steve Page 47:01
66 Rob Murphy 48:56
83 Guy Riddell 50:01
121 Ian Crutchley 52:00
218 Tony Hillier 56:35
366 Malc Brown 1:02:18
383 Wendy McMahon 1:03:49
569 Susan Moore 1:16:12
584 Mandy Beames 1:18:33
591 David Munday 1:18:52

hyde 7


6 Steve Knowles 1st V45 3:23:37
17 Chris Jackson 3:33:24
20 Dan Oldham 2nd V45 3:35:27
31 Steve Page 3:43:22
38 Rob Murphy 1st V55 3:49:10
55 Guy Riddell 3:59:52
67 Ian Crutchley 4:08:31
141 Tony Hillier 1st V70 4:30:03.

So – there you go – totes kudos to all those who ran, especially those that managed to finish all of the races. That’s a pretty decent amount of running and distance over the 4 days. Awesome work from Stevie Knowles for winning V45 cat and Dan Oldham for giving him a run for his money, coming in 2nd V45. Rob Murphy really was just warming up at the resers, coming in 1st V55, and Tony Hillier, as ever, being the most stubbornly regular V70 winner. Grand work by Jacko, Pagey, Riddell the monster and Crutchley the supervillain for their sterling running through the entire series.

Marple Carnival 10k

A missive arrived earlier on from one Jon Haggart.….:
Hello Tim,

Marple Carnival 10k this morning for me, and for one other GDH vest whose occupant I’m afraid I didn’t recognise, and they disappeared into the crowd before I could go over and say hello. Perhaps you’ll get two reports!?

My run was thrown into disarray before we started as we were reminded no headphones were allowed, so I had to mentally soundtrack the opening 3k myself. It was Yazz & The Plastic Population, because the only way was up as we climbed out of Brabyns Park. After that start I was in my familiar isolated back position so with only the odd person nearby became one of those annoying people you get on the train and turned my tunes on the phone speaker.

The run was a real test because you never seemed to get a long run of flat ; absolutely deserving the billing of ‘undulating’. There is a really cruel hill on 6km, which you get to the top of only to have to climb more, up some steps up to the canal. My legs were pretty unhappy at this point, reminding me that they’d only recently seen me through Round the Resers.

Nevertheless, a canal-side patch including over the stunning Marple viaduct calmed them a little before dropping back into the park for a 1.5km stretch to the finish that Marple Parkrunners will be familiar with.

It’s a good run, probably the most difficult 10k I’ve attempted so far. A pity is clashed with 😭, as I think plenty of GDH runners would enjoy it. Excellent swag too, including a copy of the Beano!

(Oh, That crying icon was supposed to be Tour of Tameside, the acronym of which appears to an emoticon!)

I didn’t end up getting 2 reports, but the results page tells me that John Pollard was 102nd in 53:27 and Jon was 230th in 1:13:56

Baslow Boot Bash

Nick Ham and Marie Williamson were across the way in Baslow…. though it appears neither of them knew the other was there… From Nick – That’s another marathon added to the tally: Baslow Boot Bash. 5:24 gave me my 2nd fastest time out of 4 completions, just like Round The Resers 3 days ago. There’s life in the old dog yet. It was a perfect day for running, and the Derbyshire Dales are the perfect place to do it.

From Marie:

We’re you there too?! 5:46 finish for me. Loved it.
For anyone that doesn’t know…it starts at the Chatsworth kissing gates & 1st couple of miles are through the estate. You’re given 7 checkpoints…& can choose your own route (they do provide a suggested route, also) it takes you through lots of lovely countryside & little villages….& there’s pie & peas waiting at the end for you.

Ah… pies and peas. What more could you want at the end of a run?

Dark Peak trail run

Simon Toole sent me this missive via a cat carrying a mouse, holding a small scroll.

Just a quick message to let you know that I did the dark peak trail run in Hayfield today. A 25.1km race or 15.6 miles with 2027 ft of ascent.
Managed to get round in 2hr 37min finishing in 48th . A great local race very similar to the cake race we did back in May.
So there you go – just because you don’t have access to email, you can still use small trained animals to get race info to me as well.


Dez Mitchell is going from PB to PB at Glossop, coming in at 22:32 this week. Clive Hope is enjoying the hard ground too, PBing at 23:54. Wyatt and Naomi Barlow continue on with their consistent PB gains at Glossop. This week Wyatt hit the giddy heights of 26:45 and Naomi 42:09.

Consolidated report here.



The thing with the middle of summer is all these Mid-week races….

Whats going on this week? Mid week racing appears to have taken hold, and Paul Skuse, Luke Holme, Pete Wallroth and Alison Holt seem to be racing every single race they possibly can (or at least, appearing in as many photos as possible….) The sun still appears to be shining and we have had 2 GDH club champs races this week. Lots of stuff has indeed gone on, and I have to say a massive thanks to Paul Skuse, Emma Rettig, Will Mather, Marie Williamson, Els Swan, Lynne Taylor, Matt Crompton, Ali Holt, Lucy and Greg Wasinski and Emma Peters for contributions this week – it really does make a huge difference to the amount of time I spend looking at a screen.

Calver Fell Race

Mr. Skuse wrote this on the back of an envelope (yup- a red gas bill) and posted it through my door….

What a great little race. It felt as though it was a full community event as pretty much all of Calver seemed to be out watching. Pete W drove the GDH contingent over (including team photographer/mascot/snuggle monkey Luke H.) I had an interesting start, full beans from the whistle, leading the pack for 10m till I went the wrong way (in front of the whole village) -My excuse is I’m sure I heard someone shout “Left” so I duly did as I was told. Pete had an equally interesting time at the finish. Assuming that once in the finishing funnel he had indeed finished, he was passed by several runners as the actual finish line was the end of the funnel. Guy seems to be continuing his good form overtaking several runners in the last 100 yards. Great finishing as well from Alison and Liam, both giving it some welly and pushing up the leaderboard with strong final sprints. Highly recommended.


Liam, Pete, Guy, Ali and Skusey

Results aren’t out yet…. So unless someone took a photo of the board at the end of the race, well, make up yer own stats.

Castleton Fell Race

Paul then wrote another note to me on the back of a final demands envelope…. I felt I had to do this as I work with organizer. GDH had Luke Holme, Pete Nicholson, Alison Holt,


Pete, Luke, Ali, Dez, Paul and Greg

Greg Wazinski, Des Mitchell, Dan Olham and yours truly flying the blue and orange colours with pride. It seemed a huge field of runners with some proper fast lads out and about. Conditions were perfect for fast running. The route starts fairly flat for a little less than a mile then ramps up taking you up to Lose Hill. Even though it’s a climb, it’s all runnable. The next section is pretty flat along the ridge to the last climb up to Mam Tor (via the Back Tor descent -a personnel nemesis of mine. I missed the “easy” line again so had to revert to the old mincing and cursing down the steps.) From Mam Tor it’s simply turn 180 (is there a degrees sign on a keyboard? -can’t find one) and then back down a pretty technical descent back to the road, the finish line and eternal glory. Okay, not eternal glory but a drink of orange squash which is almost as good. I had one of the tightest races I can remember with Dan O, Chris Jackson (in his other vest) and me just constantly vying for position and encouraging each other. Loved it, even though the boys got the better of me on the final descent. Another one to stick in the calendar for next year.

Edale Fell Race

Matt Crompton is a little more classy than Skusey and used the back of an official White Paper from Parliament to scribble me a missive this week…. Hi Tim. A quick write up from today’s Edale Fell Race. Three Harriers (I think) from the village fair took races up the Nab and Golden Clough on to the southern edge of Kinder until the steep descent off Grindslow Knoll back to the village. Conditions were hot, hot, hot. Since receiving this from Matt, it has become apparent that it was Emma’s first official fell race, which is pretty damn classy, not only that but we also have pictorial evidence of a final overtaking manouvre by Crompton himself to get him in the top 100….  Check out the race face…..

100 Matt Crompton 50.55
145 Pete Wallroth 55.24
171 Emma Kane 59.34
223 ran in total.

Not only that, but thanks to Greg Wazinski/Wasinski/Wasinzki (I swear he changes the spelling every other day), we have a video of the start and everything!… however, as we don’t have a paid for plan on wordpress, it won’t let me upload it, so you’ll just have to watch it on facebook instead.

Race the Train

Emma Rettig drew the short straw from the lot who ran the GDH club Champs counter- Race the Train, and sent this to me attached to a rather tasty bottle of Dark Beer, dropped off by a friendly passing husky….

RTTI was tasked with the Race the Train report so here you are! 5 intrepid GDH’s ventured beyond the Peaks to Race the Train. For the uninitiated it’s a 10.5 mile trail race from Bury to Rawtenstall with runners competing to make it to the finish ahead of the steam train. We all lined up at the start, excuses duly made (tired, raced earlier in week, too hot, niggles etc) and waited. And waited. And waited. It seems in this era of train chaos there was issue with the train – cue jokes about racing a bus replacement service! We eventually set off 25 minutes late but our patience was rewarded by a lovely, predominantly trail route through woods, fields and little pretty villages. The weather was HOT so the water stops were gratefully appreciated, as were the kids firing water cannons at the runners. Everyone raced hard although I struggled due to too much overindulgence in the week (2 hen do’s!!) and not enough running. However post race euphoria set in and we all thoroughly enjoyed the event. Results aren’t available yet (or I haven’t found them!) but will update if I spot them before the report comes out. Finish order was Paul Skuse, Daniel Stinton, Luke Holme, Emma Rettig, John Stephenson I’m assuming the 3 beat the train but not sure about John and I.

Well, I’m about to hit publish, and no word if forthcoming, so we’ll update at some point in the future about the results. Or I’ll just make it up.

Roman Wall Fell Race

Another Emma, (Peters this time) has been sending me stuff this week as well. No beer this time, but she did send me a lovely bunch of flowers….

Roman wallAfternoon! Joe and I did the Roman Wall show fell race yesterday. 7km route that goes out along part of Hadrian’s wall including Sycamore gap, and then back through some fields parallel to that. We did it last year in a field of 20 runners, however somehow the field yesterday was nearly 70 strong! Possibly the lovely weather contributing to that. Joe came 24th and I came 38th, winning a prize for 3rd lady! My first ever senior lady prize so I’m really chuffed with it. I was behind 3 ladies from my uni club at the halfway point and managed to catch them, and 2 of the men, on the way back. One of the ladies I only caught with about 400m to go so it feels well deserved. With the weather being lovely we stayed to enjoy much of the rest of the show which included a range of from ‘best carved walking stick’, to ‘best fruit animal’ for the kids and even ‘Cumbrian Wresting’ which was brilliant to watch. Only problem is that I’d come very well prepared for bad weather (3 x waterproofs, 2 x waterproof trousers and a towel in my bag in the car), but did not anticipate needing sun cream so I am now sporting 2 red shoulders and a red neck. Great race though, and the organisers suggested trying to make a uni competition out it next year including Lancaster, so maybe next year Paul can be included in this write up too!…

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that neither Emma nor Joe appear to have participated in the Cumbrian wrestling… though I suppose what happens in Cumbria stays in Cumbria…

Passing Clouds

Another in the ongoing saga that is the GDH club Champs. So far no-one has sent me any information about this one, but luckily there are provisional results up on the web. It would appear that Ben Tetlers Beard is still dragging his reluctant body around fell races at a distinctly fast speed, despite his loud protestations as he ended up the fastest of the GDH crew on the day. Self confessed race hater Andy Oliver somehow picked himself up and ran around the delightful area of the Roaches and Hen Cloud and came in 2nd GDH, hankering after a litre of vegan custard (if you don’t know the story about that one, ask him), Dan Oldham was next back, with his legs presumably feeling pretty well warmed up from his racing at Castleton the other day. Nick Ham– the man of the many 100milers was next back, enjoying a relatively short stroll through the fabulous rock formations of Ramshaw etc. and Alison Holt was first GDH lady, completing a rash of races this week, and getting a justly deserved score in the Champs. Good work y’all.

7 Ben Tetler 78:14
17 Andy Oliver 83:49
21 Dan Oldham 87:02
86 Nick Ham 109:20
113 Alison Holt 139:17

Man v horse.

I was passed this race report in a furtive manner recently- think spies and dead letter boxes…. thanks to Marie Williamson & Jayne Moreton.
We arrived in Llantryd wells Friday night. Went to collect our numbers then went to the pub for the pasta party (food included in the entry fee). Arrived at start in plenty of time for 11am start. The 60 (ish) horses trotted through town on their way up to their starting area before we got underway. We started at 11 & the horses 15 minutes later. A few miles in and the horse route went slightly off ours rejoining a few more miles on. There are some single track paths (think that’s why the horses did a slightly different route for that section) where you just ended up in a line of runners. Runners are asked to stick to the right while horses were passing… Some on fairly narrow tracks..so they got really close & you had to stand to the side to allow them through. There were water stations every 3 miles..great in the heat (although, apparently, it’s usually a lot wetter). The terrain was on tracks & trails & across streams, up & down with lovely views across the hills. Plenty of marshals & route arrows/tape so didn’t need to think about directions. It was a very close finish for the winner…horse winning by 24 seconds (or so). It was a very beautiful & friendly event….we even managed to make it back before 2 of the horses.

Running against 60 odd horses… on single track paths… well, it takes some fairly brave runners to take that on -well done Marie and Jayne.

Last one Standing

This arrived on my desk by paper aeroplane. I was admiring the handiwork for a while before realising the race report was written inbetween the folds…. thanks to Will Mather for the report… hi Tim don’t know if I’ve missed deadline for report but here’s a brief one. I took on Last One Standing a 4.1 mile loop where you start each loop on the hour every hour. I managed my best distance of 106.6 mile finishing in 6th place in time that 26hours. as I send you this there are 2 people still going (30hours) if that makes any sense I’m doing well as I’ve been awake 36 hours

Well, the report makes sense. The race, though. Well. Flipping well done for getting more than a century in 26 hours, that really is some going. Maybe get some sleep now, eh?


Ethan Wood (Jill Wood’s little lad) did his first junior parkrun today at Marple…the first of many no doubt. Welcome to the club! The young Swans smashed their Junior Parkrun PB at Marple – Caitlin @ 7:50 and Josie @ 8:12.  At Glossop – Adam Crompton and Naomi Barlow were also both smashing out new PBs. Excellent running from all of them. Especially those that had trouble getting out of bed.

Also at Glossop we saw Jo Brack celebrating her hush hush birthday with a new PB, and Simon Toole also bagging ANOTHER PB this week. Plenty of other GDH runners at Glossop too.
Further afield, Nick Ham was the GDH representative at Woodbank, Tony Hillier ran at Hyde, Lawrence Fennelly at Temple Newsam, Jill Wood at Lyme Park, David Munday at Druridge Bay, Ian Crutchley at Bakewell.
The full consolidated report is here.

Ju-huuuuune (as in Chu—–uuuuuune) but, more, um, summery.

Well, it has been insanely hot today (and generally muggy through the week) which has meant that you lot, well, carried on as normal really. I’d like to extend my thanks to Liam for doing the report last week in my absence, it was much appreciated. Thanks to Ian and Matt for sending in reports this week, and also to the lovely people who sent me texts and stuff like that to let me know what you were up to. Put yer feet up, grab a cold one, and enjoy the words of the beginning of June. It seems barely plausible that a mere 90 days or so ago we were still plugging around in Snow….

Wildboarclough Rose Queen Fetewildboarclough.JPG

Our man on the ground – Ian Crutchley reports….. Bank Holiday Monday brought the Wildboarclough Rose Queen Fete, a posher or more quintessential country fete you couldn’t imagine.  Think beautiful scenery, think scorching sunshine, think welly toss, plant sale, local brewery, barbeque, and of course, a Pimms tent (I kid you not!).  But the accompanying fell race lacks any such subtle charm, instead providing a mean and difficult 2 mile up and down on Shutlingsloe.

The Swan and Crutchley families made the jaunt South, with eyes on both the under 11 and senior races.  The under 11 race was first, a field of about 35, with Benjamin and Melissa Crutchley making up the GDH contingent.  The route was a 1km out and back – a long descent followed by the long climb back.  The kids set off like the clappers as ever, with Benjamin leading the field as far as the bottom of the hill.  He was dramatically overtaken on the climb, but managed to hold off the rest of the field hot on his heels, ultimately finishing in 2nd overall.  Meanwhile Melissa was in the middle of the pack, running very well, and overtaking a few near the finish line.  She finished in 20th place but 1st under 9 lady.  A cracking little race, and the kids did us proud again.

Now it was time for the senior race, and with over 11’s qualifying to participate, the Swans duly despatched their full contingent.  So with the phenomenal juniors, Josie and Caitlin in the game, mum and dad Elanor and Phil had to pull their socks up.  I simply added to the number, looking forward to another afternoon chasing Phil up and down a big hill.  Phil was out in front from the off, with me hot on his heels, very closely followed by Josie and Caitlin, Elanor not far behind.  The climb was fast, hot and very tough, and I am told the views from the trig were special, but none of us stopped to look.  On the decent Phil edged away, and Josie and I were pretty much neck and neck until the final climb to the finish, closely followed by Caitlin, then Elanor.

Final results look like this:

36th        Phil”llys” Swan  22:55
43rd        Ian “the writer” Crutchley 24:00
50th        Josie “doubling up”Swan 24:16     (1st U15 Lady)
56th        Caitlin “2 races a day…” Swan  24:55     (1st U13 Lady)
66th        Elanor “the boss” Swan  26:17

A huge hand for our Juniors, although few in number, they again managed a very impressive result and picked up prizes.  Long may we parents bask in your glory!

Morcambe 10k

A day out at the seaside for Simon Toole. The salted air appears to have done him some good… well, that, the chips, or a load of training- personally I would recommend all of them. He headed off on a warm day and yet still came in at the end after 45:52 – a season best.

Tapnell 10k

tapnellClaire Campbell took some time out from watching Star Wars films to have a bit of a bimble around Tapnell this week.(Tapnell? nope… I’ve never been there either..) She got around the 10k course in 54:35. A pretty decent effort, if you consider the heat and humidity and minor issue of a hurty ankle. She’ll be back to full force in no time though. (was that a pun? no, it couldnt possibly have been, we don’t do that here).


Matt Huxford and Julien Minshull (otherwise known as the dreem teem) were over on Lewis and Harris doing the final LAMM. On the elite course they were up against some pretty decent teams – and also Alex McVey and John Ryan who were representing “glossop north”- otherwise known as Carnethy. Hux sent me in quite a significant race report….. Thanks Matt.

Day 1
Friday morning we piled onto a coach headed to an unknown destination with the nervous excitement of toddlers at Christmas hoping for a scalextric but expecting socks. A hubub filled the bus when we were handed maps for the day with 40+ controls on but no idea which ones we were supposed to get. I looked at the pretty pictures and wondered why there were so many blue bits on dry land.
  Dropped at an anonymous layby we were handed our list of 12 controls to bag for the day and we were off. Did I ever tell you about the time I was first place in a LAMM with Julien? It was a glorious 3 minutes long.  Expecting to be tripping over tussocks headfirst into a bog, the frankly ridiculous two week heatwave we had experienced meant the ground was dry and runnable. Runnable until we reached the first hill. A stomp up an almost sheer cliff with no breeze set the tone for the rest of the day. Glossop North members John Ryan and Alex Mcvey disappeared into the distance not to be seen again till midcamp … coming 4th overall. Julien and myself set in for a long day. We weren’t bothering the leader board but still kept a good pace for another couple of hours. However the heat was starting to get to us and after getting cragfast for a while we bagged cp-7. Now where is cp-8? Less than 50 yds on the other side of the lochen…were we supposed to be swimming? Nope, but it was the first and probably last time I’ll be having a rib ride with some doggos mid race, only at the LAMM. The stomp up to cp 9 showed us the heat was winning so we stopped, stripped and sat. plotting a line to cp 10 which was a loooooong way away. We grudgingly got up and trudged on a well navved but incredibly long line. Coming into midcamp at 10 and a half hours after we set off.
We knew we were cooked.
    At mid camp, Jules decided to see how many different places he could get cramp in his body rolling round on the floor like an overpaid footballer (see even the king bleeds!) I surveyed midcamp and what a sight! A beautiful nestled beach with white sands and blue water in a sheltered alchove,  surrounded by the high dramatic hills and crags we had been traversing and descending all day. The beauty and solitude of this spot, only accessible by boat or foot, was slightly off set by slit trench toilets which had the distinct appearance of something like the start of Saving Private Ryan crossed with day old chilli. The only possible position to take allowed for a forensic inspection of your neighbours dietry habits and required you to leave any dignity you had at the door… Oh yeah there wasn’t a door. Time for bed and for Julien to get cramp in his hand somehow.
day 2…
Our planned late morning was slightly ruined by the 16 year old lad playing bagpipes at 5:30am.  If you want people to get up and out of camp quickly, blowing hot air through a dead sheeps stomach at the crack of dawn is a good way to go about it. Packing the tent and checking our feet were still attached we set off, it was an overcast claggy start but that didn’t mean it was any less of a muggy hot and mean day to run in. After some solid navving by Jules, adamant to use any stream he saw on the map as his personal tom tom and what turned out to be a good suggestion to down climb a waterfall by me (dear god I’m turning into him) we zigged when we should of zagged and spent an hour looking for a pretty well hidden control. After my watch alerted me to the fact that we had walked around the same knoll for the equivalent of 3 miles I had a sense of humour failure. Luckily at the same time Jules noticed he was standing on top of the control. We set off for checkpoint 4. While bounding down the next hill when I would expect to see Jules next to me I noticed he was gingerly hopping down behind at a distance. Not a good sign. Massive blisters on his feet and split skin the length of his foot from the previous day did not help with descending or running. I’d also started to notice that the top of my foot was feeling a little bereft of skin. We dropped into the valley and began the long hike to the next checkpoint. Again a steep slope, again no wind, lots of muggy heat though, so at least we had that…
“I’m boiling over again” Jules said for the third time THAT day, I didn’t hear him since I was still suffering PTSD from the slit trench. We reached checkpoint 4 and that was it, we were done. When you can’t run because you have no soul or sole then it’s time to call it a day. So that just left another 2 and a bit hours to yomp back to the finish. I wrapped my feet in the bandage from the first aid kit and my buff and off we set towards the finish line. Dropping onto the A-road back to camp, almost literally, I had a flutter of ego and said I didn’t want to thumb a lift back into camp, Julien to his credit didn’t say anything and set off for the next steep ascent over to the final valley. When I noticed him gingerly step on a rock I realised that my head had become wedged up my bum and remembered we were a team. We thumbed a lift down from a lovely couple who had just moved to the island. Stinking their car up with our fishy feet and unwashed pits we enjoyed the AC and slumped down in our seats when we went past others teams trudging back along the road. Not our finest performance in a race but definitely a challenge done and a good day out in the hills when you get past the sun burn, heat rash, bag rash, dehydration, traumatic toilets, homicidal midges and everything else the island wanted to throw at you. My hat is well and truly off to the people who came in after 12+ hours on those hills. You are legends. You could say We’d be back again but they decided that was that last one. Well have to find another challenge for next year. OMM Jules?

Other thoughts.
– We should’ve  called our team “Kelloggs shredded feet”
-The post race ceilidh like Jura was shockingly bereft of dancers. Who do they think is going to do the dashing white sgt. after that?!
– Heat stroke = no joke! I.e. if you want to stop Jules making puns carry a sun lamp on your next bimble.
– Jules believes he is the second coming and can walk on peatie water. Turns out he’s not the messiah he’s just a very boggy boy.

Pool party

The pool party looked like it went off with a bang – with a number of people running to the pool, from the pool, around the pool, as well as swimming in the pool, playing with the inflatable thingammy bobs, and all that stuff. No-one really told me what anyone did, and it might not be cool to put pictures of people in their swimmers on a public website- so if you want to enjoy the smiles and amusement of the afternoon at Hathersage- have a look on facebook.

Cinque Ports 100

nick hNick Ham was off out and about doing the Cinq Ports 100. From the title of the race you might well imagine that it is a) in France b) has 5 doors, and c) is 100 miles long. Well, that was what I assumed. It is in fact an LDWA event in Kent, and visits the Cinque Ports (Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich) plus the Cinque Port Ancient Towns of Winchelsea and Rye, and the Cinque Port Limbs of Tenterden, Lydd, Folkestone and Deal. Of course. Well, I’ve learnt something… have you? Anyhow, Nick came in 29th after about 31 hours on his feet. Flipping fine effort.

It would appear that the management has also missed out on another of Nick’s epics- he was off doing the Northants Ultra 35 2 weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, Northants is a bit further north than Southants, but not nearly so far north as Derbyshants. They are all well known for their vast number of small 6 legged creatures which build nests that face in the direction of ultra runs and are used as cairns by the less experienced runners. These cairns should not be confused with the nest of the little known phantom pantelope which despite it’s name is not indeed, antelope shaped, but rather, create nests on the forest floor and try to steal the pants off of any passing runners. Generally you get them in northern climes, though they have been seen as far south as the Watford Gap. (which, contrary to popular belief, is not near Watford).  It’s a good thing I’m around, or you’d never know these things. Look out for them next time you’re out.

Welsh 1000s Long course

Ah- the Welsh 1000’s, a fine little race that starts at sea level and goes over 3 lots of mountains, finishing at the top of Snowdon. The competitors then have to make their way down Snowdon back to their cars and other bits and pieces. Kasia was our sole representative this year, and her recent forays around and about in Wales have certainly paid off. She texted me in good spirits having finished 31st overall and 4th lady in 5:39. I believe that gets a prize. Good running in wonderful hills, and especially well deserved after having such a bad “gut related day” at Jura last week.

Wincle Trout

Part of the Glossopdale champs last year, this time around there were only 3 of our number who made their way across to Wincle in order to race around the course for a trout. Pete Wallroth, Mary Jeal and Sarah Leah looked like they had a marvellous time. I believe the course started and finished at the brewery this year- apparently the “easiest” version of the various iterations the race goes through on its 3 yearly cycle. I don’t have times or places, but they all got a trout. Which is all that matters really.

kids park run

Mel Crutchley, fresh from her successes at Wildboarclough was at it again this weekend. smashing around the junior parkrun at Marple in a new PB of 10:35. Them Swans had best watch their backs.


It really is ridiculously dry at the moment, so if you want a PB, now is a good time- don’t wait til November when it is all claggy and grim. Looks like Joe Gavin, Oliver Taylor and Marie Williamson are all taking advantage of the fast course with all of them tapping out PBs this weekend. Consolidated report, as ever, is here.

Stuff going on

Just because I happen to know a couple of bits and bobs as to what is going on this month… June 14th– Mark Harrison has suggested a Bleaklow head TT from the turning circle, which could well be a bit of fun, perhaps followed by a convivial pint?

On the 21st it is the Summer Solstice, which conveniently presents itself on a Thursday. May I suggest that we make our way to Dog Rock this time around? Considering the amount of people that came last year, it’s probably best just to say gather there at 7:45pm. There will no doubt be a group that goes up via James’s Thorn/ Pike, and another one walking up from the turning circle etc. More details closer to the date. I’ll be opening it to Pennine as well – when we scattered some of JH’s ashes on Jura a number of them couldn’t be there as they were going home early. We have some more of JH to scatter, and thought it might be appropriate to do so on the Solstice as he was, basically the originator of the idea. Vast amounts of food and home made alcohol are, of course, encouraged.

June 10th is both a road and a fell club champs- Passing clouds and Bury Race the train. I promise I’ll get around to doing the champs page as soon as I can. We might get an idea as to who is doing what etc then….

June 17th there is a 10k Trail race run by Marple runners- details are on the facebook page- posted by Mary.

So Jura isn’t just a whiskey?

As Tim is enjoying the Scottish Isles I have offered to do the report for this weeks running and what a fantastic week it has been. Beautiful weather, challenging events and blue and orange going strong.

Thank you to the people who have sent me through results and runs then have done.


It came as a shock to me that Jura isn’t just a whiskey but Tim Budd and Matt Huxford (and maybe more I am unaware of) travelled all the way for The Isle of Jura fell race. Both completing the run with a slight bit of a competitive edge brought on by Steven.

A bit of research into the event made me think “Why put yourself through that?” Over 7000ft of elevation across 17 miles in hot weather sounds like an event for a “certain” type of person.

Steven sent his report through of how the race went for him.

“Hubris is a wonderful thing for reminding you of your shortcomings. With fresh epo flooding my system after a weeks trek in nepal and preasure sores from sitting around eating my body weight in rice for another, I started the Jura island race 2018 a little sluggish. The prize for first place is a bottle of Jura, for finishing under 4 hours it’s a whisky glass, my prize for beating Tim Budd? Full on bagging rights! Did it matter to me that he had done a Ramsey round the week before?…nope. Filing Tims ‘oh after doing the Ramsey last weekend I’ll not be going fast’ under B for bullsh*t I managed to keep him in my sights for most of the race, slowly gaining on him like an 80s serial killer. I caught him on pap 2 still feeling fresh-ish and now with the thought of maybe scoring that whisky glass for my troubles… Some say it was the heat, some suggest not enough food or water and some say it was the mental impotance of being in the presence of fell running royalty such as Tim but that’s where the wheels fell off. I’d noticed that I was making good ground on him on the ups, mentally preparing my witty first comment about him being Simon Yates to my Chris Froome but when we reached the final hill, so insignificant that it’s not mentioned in pre race chat the pace dropped and the swearing started. I was gone. Mentally and physically. As gravity dragged me past Tim on the final descent a hearty ‘you’ve got this’ was met with a “no I f*cking havent” and me lying down about 3 minutes later in a nice grassy patch swearing never to come back to this rotten island again. As Tim plodded on past me I decided it was a bit churlish to be such a toddler and got up. The last 5k road section which I so adored for its level ground last year on twisted ankle nearly broke me. If it wasnt for a combined effort of Tim and Lynne dragging me down the road poaring water down my back and generally being nice I would still be out there sitting in a bog swearing at passing seagulls. Needless to say they got a hug at the end and a half hour later pint in hand I decided I probably would be coming back next year.”

=26th – Tim Budd 4:10:59
=26th – Matthew Huxford 4:10:59
81st – Andy Oliver 4:52:53
DNF – Kasia Osipowicz

The Trunce

Glossopdale were out in force for this 4 mile race in the Peak District. Caitlin Rice finishing 64th with a time of 28:44. Neil McGraw completing the race in 40:47 and Neville McGraw in 56:46. Three runners in Blue and Orange posting good times and setting the standards for future Harriers Trunce runners.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Alan Byrne joined the marathon runners club by doing the 26 miles in Edinburgh. 4 hours 48 minutes and 48 seconds. As always in Scotland you can never trust the weather and Alan had to start the race in freezing mist and wind but finished in glorious sun. A great effort for his first marathon and for someone who claims is an “old duffer”

Longshaw Trust10

The free 10k run at Longshaw estate was ran by 3 Harriers. The Amos’ completed the 2 lap event around the gorgeous Peak District countryside and I can personally say I didn’t expect the amount of hills (I know how silly that sounds). Liam Amos finished in a time of 1 hour 4 minutes and sulked for the rest of the day for that time. Paul Amos did a very impressive 1 hour 19 minutes, I’m just making sure he never beats me. John Stephenson timed in just after the hour mark and put down the marker for Harriers to reach next month.

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

Darren Clarke made sure he got his injury excuses in when he sent this race through. He picked up a calf injury at Mount Famine last week which meant he finished this event in 607th place out of over 1,100 runners. With a time of 56:10 once he is back at full fitness what times could this man be capable of?


No Harriers PBs of that I know of. However, Harriers 4 legged friends were out at Manor Park. Joss Rice helped Caitlin finish is a respectable time of 19:15. Alfie Amos dragged Paul round the three laps.

Coach J

Jeroen Peters decided to pick the hottest week possible to up the pace and bring in smaller rest periods but smiles all round from the Harriers who braved Tuesday evenings session.

the “How many races can you clash in one week?” report

Right – there was a ridiculous amount of stuff happening this weekend, thankfully I got a lot of help from various quarters with the info and write ups, particular shout outs must go to Paul “word count” Skuse, Els “need a distraction from phil” Swan, Jeroen “tarmac correspondent” Peters, Lynne “collation queen” Taylor and everyone who provided photos. (I’ve edited a fair amount of the stuff that came in, simply because otherwise you’d all be reading a small novel… so any mistakes in 1st/3rd person and continuity errors are simply because I’ve read it too many times and have developed a blind spot) I’m sorry if anyone slipped through the net this week, but wow, a lot was going on. Sit back, pour yourself a BIG cuppa tea, grab at least 3 biscuits and have a read.

Stride through the woods

Report sent in by Semaphore from Paul Skuse.

Another great turn out from GDH. On the start line there was the usual banter and photos. We also had a diligent parent/supporter (Elanor Swan) and a malingerer (Matt “Sniffles” Crompton) Where does John Stephenson go at photo time? He’s like the Scarlet Pimpernel. He was there, we all saw him, just no photographic proof. Pre-race there were plenty of people trying out the Altra shoes brought along by the guys at Run North West. David C-L rocked up at the 11th hour with a number and no pins so we had to look after him:) Nick Ham was back to his effervescent self, though water bottle free for a change (very unusual) but thankfully with trusty camera at the ready. Crossman was trying to get in my head (and had been since the car park. Some people have no class). Ben Tetler’s beard looked it’s typical resplendent self, a true wonder of the natural world. Positively biblical. There was the usual rabble of Luke Holme, Ian Crutchley, Will Mather and Pete Wallroth. They lower the tone but make up the numbers:) It was good to see Pete “the Elf” Nicholson having a short blast with us, a change to his recent distance running adventures. Joe Gavin was there but I don’t think I said hello so if you’re reading this “Hello Joe!” Don’t be shy, come and have a chat next time. Simon Toole was looking mean and keen. Jonathan Haggart and Malc seemed to sneak in at the start (or were busy talking to other people which is possible) and of course Tony Hillier was holding court with the crowds -is there anyone he doesn’t know? We had a good few of our indomitable ladies there at the start. Jo Brack, Charmayne Brierley, Rachel Walton, Lynne Taylor and Alabama – who we finally have a photo of showing a steely grimace rather than the expected smile. As we all took our places I noticed Stephen Page as well.

It seems that Ben Tetler is running so well and was up at the front making huge gains on the rest of us. Skuse‘s world consisted of Crossman and Page just running him ragged for the duration. The marshals were well placed and all hazards clearly marked. The final climb to the finish line was tough but a great finish to this this cracker of a race. Unless, that is, you happen to be Will Mather and have a collision and slide across the rocks and gravel over the finish line. Ben “force of nature” Tetler was first GDH and 3rd overall. Steve “the un-aging” Crossman took v50, David C-L took v60 and Tony Hiller v65 and Jo Brack took ladies v50. And trust me, there were some some pretty big club contingents so we did pretty damn well.

STTW Paduan write up

We had three youngsters representing GDH at STTW. Caitlin Swan, Adam Crompton and Benjamin Crutchley. The route for the junior race was the same as the adults but one lap ( Im prepared to be corrected on this). Not sure why they only had to do one, they’re younger and fitter than us. I thought the race organisers did a brilliant job with the pre race instructions/directions. All 3 of our junior runners blasted off the start line and were soon out of view. And then, very quickly, far quicker than I was expecting, they came back into view. Caitlin was driving hard all the way in but couldnt quite catch the lead runner. Benjamin maintained a good solid pace but was, in my opinion, slowed down by wearing a heavy tee shirt. Listen to your old man, vests are the way to go. He hasn’t taken his off since joining the club! 🙂 Adam came in as the final part of our speedy trio giving it full beans across the finish line. Well done all of you.

Shining Tor

Shining tor – otherwise known as “midgy hell hole” (though this is based solely on a single running of the race about 5 years ago, so they might have solved the midge problem by now???) pffft. There seemed to be a good Mid-week crowd out, despite the fact there were a load of people at STTW as well. My word. I swear you’re only doing this to make my life harder…. anyhow, the race goes up, down, updown, round, through a wood, and then ends on a bit of a kicker which is famous for a dual between John Hewitt and Jules, with John saying- save a bit for the last REALLY hard hill at the end. They started up the final ramp and Jules thought “Aha, its a little hill, I’ll wait until the REALLY hard bit”. and promptly lost to John who was giving it full beans. Just goes to show that what some of us see as a hill, others see as a minor blip.
anyhow – the Ladies did rather well, coming in 5th ladies team – Heather Jansevska, Wendy Trelease and Mary Jeal
74th, Harsharn “and where are the other 250miles?” Gill –  50:39
122nd, Heather “the viking” Jansevska – 55:23
168th, Wendy “who let the dogs out” Trelease – 59:17
202nd, Mary “the midweek racer” Jeal – 1:01:32
229th, Alison “really getting the race mojo back” Holt – 1:05:39
235th, Becky “class in a glass” Ashworth – 1:06:18
278 ran.

Jubilee Road 5 mile race

In his own words, Guy Riddell posted on facebook:
“I was first harrier at the Jubilee Road 5mile tonight (also last).
This is the race I entered by accident, my fat fingers unable to select the Dovestone Diamond. Decided to run it anway.
33:43, 24th place, which is about as brisk as I can get. On an undulating road route, gives me hope of a sub 40 10k with some focused training.”

The Hathersage Hurtle

From the website: The Hathersage Hurtle is an exciting new event in the Hope Valleycovering 20 miles and 2,500 feet of ascent, a challenging course that you can run or walk.
From Marie Williamson: ” 20 glorious(hilly) miles in Derbyshire. Beautiful weather for it. Ran/walked the whole way..with a finish time of about 4.45 (No results yet) …took it easy because I’ve got Liverpool marathon tomorrow”.  Sounds like a fab day out, even if the next 24 hours involves another 26.2 miles.

Kigali Peace half marathon

Our (at the moment) Rwandan based runner Alice Willson reporting on her half

alice and tim

Ahhh sweaty hugz for Tim.

marathon “Well that was hard. Kigali Peace (half) marathon. Very hot, hilly, and no blooming signage so everyone took different routes!!” It seems that the Des school of race signage might have expanded to other countries and continents as well…. Tim Culshaw also ran, but after about 17k decided that blurred vision, slow running and general unwellness in 28degrees probably wasn’t such a good idea…. Still, he seems to appreciate the delightfully sweaty hug from Alice at the end….

3 Days in May

May Queen

Although there was a plethora of stuff on the other 2 days in May, there was little enough told of May Queen. The Friday night tester is a cracking little race, but you have to go like stink at the beginning in order not to get blocked in on the single track up towards the fields to the top of Lantern Pike. All I know is that Immy gave Skusey a run for his money- even though he was wearing his “ultra” socks, and it was Josie Swan’s first foray into evening racing- a pretty successful one by all accounts – and written up below. Heather came in a very well deserved 3rd lady overall, while Jude was 1st V45. It’s also fantastic to see some of our further flung runners coming up to take part in the series – furthest travelled this time was almost certainly Claire Campbell, up from the Isle of Wight, I’m sure everyone made her feel welcome for the first few days of her holiday up this end of the country

Results looked like this…

2 Ben Tetler  0:21:12
12 Paul Skuse 0:24:00
27 Phil Swan 0:26:37
31 Ian Crutchley 0:27:15
36 Matt Crompton 0:27:47
51 Heather Jansevska 0:29:01
55 Nick Ham 0:29:22
57 Josephine Swan 0:29:42
64 Jude Stansfield 0:30:25
67 Dez Mitchell 0:31:08
68 Andy Wilkins 0:31:45
71 John Stephenson 0:32:29
76 Claire Campbell 0:33:18
78 Rebecca Ashworth 0:33:36
81 Alison Holt 0:34:23
89 Sian Griffiths 0:46:12

may queen

No idea what is going on here… Im sure the secretary and membership sec can explain…?!


The dream team

Mount Famine

Roving reporter Paul Skuse sent this in via Enigma machine… Having never raced it before, all I knew of the Mount Famine race was that it has a mental start reminiscent of that scene in Gladiator with the barbarians surging through the woods. AND and that you went up Mount Famine-no one told me that last bit, I figured it out myself. Several car loads of harriers rocked up in Hayfield ready for day 2 or the 3 days in May. Once signed in, we nodded to friends, discussed the route and decided which shoes would be best, the usual pre race routine. Oh, and it was hot. Really hot. (it was so hot that Paul actually ONLY wore a vest)…  If you haven’t done Mount Famine yet, it’s a bit of a must. No other race starts like this. In the shade of the trees the temperature was lovely and we are so lucky to live in this beautiful place – even if we do spend half of the time so knackered from running up the hills we can barely see anything… Famine is one of those races where you have to go eyeballs out all the way –  at paces that feel like you’re red lining all the way… descents to be taken full beans with crazy legs and windmilling arms is really the only option. t was just a merciless race. But what a route.

No photos for Mount Famine. No-one ever takes photos… you have to be there…..

And the results:

21st Paul Skuse 57:30
22nd Craig Leith 57:36
48th Phil Swan  1:05:35.
64th Matt Crompton 1:09:05
68th Mark Harrison  1:10:36,
69th Daz Clarke with 1:10:38.
72nd Nick Ham 1:11:11
73rd Mary Jeal 1:11:17
78th Jude Stansfield 1:11:56.
86th John Stephenson 1:15:51
95th Rebecca Ashworth 1:20:29
97th Claire Campbell 1:22:36
98th Alison Holt 1:23:48

Lantern Pike Dash

Man…. that Skusey has had a weekend of racing AND sending me stuff! Here we go again…. I guess a few of us started this one feeling less than 100% with the various weekends endeavours having taken their toll. The seniors were off first and what a start. There was some very impressive hurdling from Mark Davenport and John Stephenson. I opted for the more British queuing at the stile approach. Nothing if not cautious. Up the climb Phil Swan was looking pretty comfortable despite his flying start. Take a look at the photos; he was ahead of Mark Burton! Dan Stinton was up ahead in rather dazzling red shorts. This bothered me cos he’s just become a dad and he ought to be completely knackered like the rest of us were when we started families. The paced slowed a little at the start of the big climb. The favoured option was a mix of hands on knees, jogging anything remotely joggable and when all else failed a kind of monkey crawl.

It’s always great to hear the shouts of encouragement unless it’s “Come on Immy!” I just couldn’t get any distance from her. And so it continued all the way up. And all the down. Then she passed me. There was a time when youngsters respected their elders. So now I was the one chasing and did so in a rather mincing fashion (Chris Jackson’s words). I just can’t descend on the rough stuff! It was full beans all the way down to the stream. With only the two fields left to climb back up, I was able to pick up the pace and just get back in front but there was nothing in it, just a case of hanging on till reaching the finishing line. Immy came in a very well deserved first lady, Dan Stinton was in soon after with Mark Davenport only just behind. Phil Swan is getting his running mojo back despite not racing for ages and then deciding that 3 days of back to back racing would be a good way to get back into things…. Then it was Zoe who got a prize for 2nd female. Ian Crutchley followed soon after, with Matt Crompton and Daz C storming up from behind, but not having quite enough in the tank to get in front of Matt.  Jude came in 1st FV45 looking strong, followed closely by Jo Brack. Charmayne and Rachel Walton had a very close finish with Rachel just getting in ahead and taking the v40 prize. The next bunch was having a great tussle. Andy Wilkins and Alison Holt fought hard to take lead of the back but Simon Toole came up from a fair way behind to get ahead of Claire Campbell and John Stephenson. Great bit of running Si. Beccy Ashworth was next in. Malc Brown came in swearing off flat miles from now on, only hill training for him apparently… and Lynne Taylor came in to complete the GDH line-up as Mandy B had to withdraw due to hurty things.

the results looked a bit like this….

13 Paul Skuse  0:14:20
15 Imogen Trinder 0:14:30 (1st Lady)
18 Dan Stinton  0:15:14
20 Mark Davenport 0:15:26
23 Phil Swan 0:15:51
35 Zoe Barton 0:16:59 (2nd Lady)
36 Ian Crutchley 0:17:03
42 Matt Crompton  0:17:43
44 Darren Clarke  0:17:49
49 Jude Stansfield  0:18:15 (1st LV45)
58 Joanne Brack 0:19:25
62 Rachel Walton  0:20:07 (1st LV40)
63 Charmayne Brierley  0:20:09
64 Andy Wilkins  0:20:42
65 Alison Holt  0:20:45
66 Simon Toole  0:20:45
67 Claire Campbell  0:20:47
68 John Stephenson 0:21:10
70 Rebecca Ashworth  0:21:29
73 Malcolm Brown  0:22:49
79 Lynne Taylor  0:25:35

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Full Junior Report

Thanks to Els Swan for this compilation which arrived by trebuchet mail… This week saw the start of the Junior Club Champs and Team GDH Jnr definitely rose to the challenge with a brilliant week of racing. On Wednesday, Caitlin Swan, Ben Crutchley. and Adam Crompton. strode awesomely through the woods coming in 2nd, 6th and 12th respectively. Two days later, Josie Swan completed her first ‘grown up’ fell race joining Team GDH at Friday’s Hayfield May Queen. Josie finished 1st in her category (JFU15) and was also 4th lady.

Then, in a great finish to the week, a record breaking (I think) 5 GDH juniors dashed up and down the first bit of Lantern Pike. The final results have yet to be published however the performances went something like:

Caitlin Swan – 2nd girl & 1st JF U12, 3rd overall
Josie Swan – 4th girl & 2nd JF U14, 5th overall
Ben Crutchley –  2nd boy & 2nd JM U12, 6th overall
Adam Crompton – 9th boy & 5th JM U12, 16th overall
Melissa Crutchley – 8th girl & 1st JF U10 & 19th overall

Elsewhere, Team Barlow put in a storming performance at Glossop parkrun with Naomi and Wyatt each taking over a minute off their PBs. Big congratulations to all of our juniors this week – it is great to see you flying around in blue and orange and we look forward to seeing you all out racing again soon!

Manchester 10km, Half and full marathon

Jonathan Haggart reports…. “I’ve ticked a half marathon off my list of ambitions. It didn’t quite go to plan and I had to walk most of the last 3k because I was worried about my heart rate, but I crossed that line. Very proud and grateful for those who helped put me in this position, with a special mention Richard and Rhoda, whose banner had me chuckling for a good few km. I was elated for a few minutes post-run, but…. unfortunately, I fainted again, shortly after crossing the line. Here Liz, Richard & Rhoda had to give some unexpected support! Thank you! The medics were ace, and I reckon I’m probs retired from anything over 14k. I am still in A&E at MRI, sadly. Vasovagal, they think.

Wendy McMahon was also over in Manchester for the 10k, running for Mummy’s Star, and finished in 54:49 – she told me that along with Jon H, Luke Holme and Will Mather  were also there running the half…. but I ain’t go no more info. Oh – and looking through the photos, it seems that Jackie and Rob Sheldon were there as well!
Oh yes I do – Luke PB’d by 10 mins at 1:39, and Will bashed through in 1:33. Good work guys.

Liverpool Rock n’Roll – mail drop from Jeroen

A little write up about today’s marathon

Beautiful day in Liverpool and great for a marathon…. at the start. But with the sun beaming down all day it turned into a great day for spectating a marathon and maybe a little less so for the runners.

Still, we were served a heroic race for the points in the GDH championship between Stephen Page, Joe Travis and Richard Martin. Stephen set off at a blistering pace. At the 9-mile water station he was predicted a 3.05 finish. Joe, in his first ever marathon, coming through quite a few minutes behind but on target, was looking at just under 3.20 with Richard – “I’m starving”- Martin looking comfortable hitting his sub-3.30 target.
As the race went on, Stephen started to suffer badly with Joe closing in fast and overtaking him. Richard was not far behind. But Steve did find his fighting spirit (and energy) and fought this way past Joe again and they finished in that order, Stephen, Joe and Richard on his heels.
In the mean time the female duo of Marie and Jayne flew the Orange and Blue flag with pride. Going round in a much quicker time than we have seen from both of them for quite some time. Suffering in the heat put paid to an even faster time.
Behind them another duo, Mel and Guy. Did not see them at the finish but full of beans and high-5s earlier on. Mel with a beaming smile and Guy with a grimace….

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Stephen Page 3:32.47
Joe Travis 3:38.38
Richard Martin 3:39.39
Marie Williamson and Jayne Moreton both on 4:39.02
Guy-“pipping his wife to the post”-Riddell in 5:34.02
Mel-“excellent marathon debut”- 5:34.03

Target Sprint

Yes- Andy Burnett headed off to the East Cheshire Harriers Running Track for a go at Target Sprint – for those that don’d know what that is… short and sharp, 400m, 5 Targets to hit with 15 pellets, repeat and finish with a third and final 400m sprint. It looks like ECH might be sorting out a training venue for you budding biathletes… Apparently it was great fun, really hard on the second time round shooting straight… however, Mr Burnett has his place secured in National Finals in October, so plenty of time to get better…..!


It seems that with all the racing this week that a couple of the main “3 days in May” protagonists are faster when they race hard every day… Ian Crutchley and Simon Toole both PB’s at Glossop this week, which is fairly impressive considering the rest of what they’ve been up to – and as mentioned above, both Wyatt AND Naomi Barlow thrashed their way to PB’s at Glossop as well… moving on up! Consolidated report here

Other stuff

Kasia was off doing the Welsh 3000’s, taking advantage of the fine weather, and the unfortunate fact that her Old County Tops partner was unable to race away this weekend. Wendy Trelease decided that it would be a splendid time to head to the Tissington trail – and was absolutely right, though it might have been a little warm out there. Meanwhile Chris Webb somehow convinced me that it was a good idea to bin off the OCT and go to scotland for a swing at Ramsay’s Round. We did it, though it was a bit of an epic – got round the 100k and 8800m (ish) of ascent in 23 hours and 21 mins.

“It’s hotting up” weekend report

A fair few things going on this week. The weather appears to have actually decided that summer has arrived, the flowers are out, the birds are chirping, people are running on the hills without falling into massive bog monsters (mostly) and there are smiles on the faces of the racers. Mostly, though, everyone is enjoying themselves. Which is kind of the point. Sorry this is a day late, I was a bit later getting back from Buttermere than I expected, and the prospect of the rest of the evening in front of a screen was a bit more than I could face.

Rainow 5

Thanks to Paul Skuse for this race report…. without this it’d just be a list of numbers….

Okay. Whilst most of the talk was about the MadHatter, the Rainow fell race seemed to sneak up on some of us. So at the eleventh hour a very respectable (in size, not character) contingent of GDH descended upon sleepy and affluent Rainow. After the obligatory faffage with kit (I opted for a vest, copying Ian) and team photos, we set off in near perfect running weather. Ben Tetler showed the rest of us a clean pair of heels from the start. I was busy having my usual battle with Chris Jackson but the real action was just behind with Ian and Guy going mano a mano. Side note: Ian was also going up against his nemesis, an unknown and unnamed bloke from some club that Ian just wanted to beat. This bloke was oblivious to Ian’s machinations but it was great when Ian came in at the finish declaring ” I got ‘im!” with an emphatic fist pump. Everyone should have a secret nemesis! Back to the race. We ran up a hill, ran through loads of stiles, banged loads of shins and ankles on said stiles, used some language that at best could be described as colourful, ran on top of the hill and then back down. Ive no idea really as I always race looking down at my feet. This was a tough little race, more trail than fell and quite dry apart from some very greasy grass about half way round. The whole route was pretty much runnable with only one big hands on knees climb. I don’t know the full results but Ben came in first for GDH and I think took 2nd overall. I came in a few minutes later with nothing left to spare. Ian just scraped in ahead of Guy. Luke was over the line soon after (seriously Luke, wear a vest!) with Anthony J coming in next. Then I’m not sure as I was busy drinking and chatting but everyone looked happy so let’s call it a win. Back in the clubhouse there was tea and fancy coffees and a nice selection of cakes baked by the WI. There seemed to be a few minor injuries, rolled ankles, banged shins and general boo-boos. Though not GDH, Alice Swift came in first female after having some issues with her ankle since Herod farm so extra kudos for her.


Further update….

Right –Ben T came in 2nd at 33:31. I managed to grab 12th at 37:11 and took the v40. 54 and 55 went to Ian Crutchley and Guy Riddell with 42:45 and 42:49. Those boys were giving it some welly with some serious bragging rights at stake. Luke Holme was next GDH taking 77th place with a time of 45:29 and a sweatier runner Ive never seen 🙂 Anthony Johnson was 87th at 46:25. Im sure he could have shaved a chunk of time off that if he wasnt wearing a long sleeve under his vest. Ellen Quane got the first GDH lady spot and was 98th overall at 47:18. And it turns out she’s in a rival team at the pub quiz which proves I never move beyond my table, the bar and the toilet. Pete Wallroth took the 104th spot with a time of 48:12. Des Mitchell was 112th with a time of 49:33. Mary Jeal was very close behind coming in at 50:06 and taking the 116th spot. John Stephenson took 133rd with a time of 51:53. Alison Holt came in with a time of 56:05 and claimed the 152 spot. Alabama Breeze brought the team home with her indefatigable smile in the 163rd position in the time of 1:00:16. Well done all.

Howgills 26

There seems to be a pull from the north that the Swans just can’t escape. Els Swan Elsheaded to the Howgills for an apparent yearly migration for the delightfully lumpy 26… I hope all is well and that you are having a great weekend. I have a quick ‘Swan racing’ update for this week’s gdh report assuming it is not too late – it was my turn to race for a change – the howgills 26…not quite a fell race but still quite hilly and properly muddy. Official times not yet confirmed however I was 5:15 ish.
I believe Phil, Caitlin and Josie had a great time mooching about the hills cheering her on as well, though Phil never tells me anything, so I might just start making things up about him instead.


Cressbrook crawl

Mary Jeal, Andy Wilkins and Nick Ham were over in Cressbrook this week, crawling around the delightful area in the White Peak. There aren’t any real results as such, but from the picture I’d say they were pretty happy (at least, before the race). Whether or not the dog was involved in the race, or was merely there as a starter or as moral support, I have no idea. cressbrook


Ah, the Madhatter trail race. It’s, um, a trail race, somewhere around 5 miles long(?) and runs along some trails(?). Looks like it is about as fast (or as slow) as the Buxworth 5, so there may or may not be some bits of hills in there in the middle. As you can tell from my encyclopedic knowledge of the route I have done this race many times in the past. As it is, there were some good showings in the offing, and the solar powered runners seem to be showing their mettle. (metal?)

5th Stevie Knowles 31:24 (1st V45)
20 Steve Page 33:54
80 Simon Toole 40:22
82 Nick Ham 40:56
86 Heather Jansevska 40:39
95 Jo Brack 42:03 (1st FV50)
105 Tony Hillier 43:38 (1st V70)
109 Dan Oldham 43:56
116 Charmayne Brierley 44:40
119 John Pollard 45:05 (1st V60)
136 Malc Brown 47:46

Other stuff

Evening fell runs are continuing apace, and the photos are always better at this time of year. Sunsets make better pics than mist covered night time….

There was a Buttermere recce. A longer distance run around the ladybower cluster, Mark H was out and about in Charnel clough region of Chew, yeah, loads of other stuff. Mainly, perhaps, because Glossop parkrun was cancelled due to a car show…. but then again, it could be because of the weather….

Parkrun consolidated results are here

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