A most sociable time of the year

Whilst there seems to have been a little less racing this week, the blue and orange running massive has still been in action across the country.  There has also been a lot of sociable and fundraising related running nearer to home.

Manchester Area Cross Country League – Match 3 @ Arrowe Park (courtesy of Chris Webb)

Match 3 in the Manchester Area Cross Country League and the drive to Birkenhead for new venue Arrowe Park mustn’t have been too appealing as it was just me and David Christie-Lowe representing Glossopdale (Ed – to be fair, Ben Robertson did put in a super early appearance in the park). Joanne Brack was there too marshalling on behalf of the club and providing valuable pre-race beta on the course (“there’s a big tree on a downhill through the woods at head-height, be careful!) – thanks Jo! Anyway, sloppy underfoot conditions made the going slow but David and I both had decent runs. No results out yet, there’ll be on https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2019/  later this evening/tomorrow. The next match is at Tatton Park on Saturday 11th January, hopefully we’ll have a better turnout!

Simonside Cairns Fell Race (courtesy of Emma Peters)

Simonside Cairns Fell Race was today which started in Rothbury, heading up to Simonside and other surrounding hills, getting in 18km and 650m elevation.   Other than the driving winds, it was a pretty ideal day for it with great views. Nothing special to report performance-wise as I ran with another runner for most of the race who wasn’t feeling great, but I hope to return another year and put down a better time! 

Power of 5k (courtesy of Paul Peters)

On Friday I was at the last 5k race in Lancaster for the year. For once I was actually flying the blue and orange vest up north and happily there is photographic evidence.  

It’s a flat fast course, and I went into it just wanting a baseline to see where I’m at. From the gun I was immediately by myself, too far behind the front 2, and a gap behind me. By 1km a fella behind me breezed past and I didn’t bother staying with, I was already working hard with a 3:06 first km.  From there I settled in and ran solo again until km 3 when a group of 3 came with me to take some of the pacing work off me.  We all stuck together until the last 500m when I tried to leave them behind. Unfortunately 2 of them had a killer finish, coming past in the last 100m, but I didn’t care, I knew I had my first ever sub 16 in the bag! 

Official results still aren’t out but I timed 15:53 for a nice PB to round off the year. Going forward, I’ll be taking that speed down to Glossop tip over Christmas to claim a coveted strava segment off a certain Mr Phillips… 

Bimble in the park junior run (courtesy of Luke Holme)

Ethan & Leonardo opted for some winter fun and raced round Alexandra Park. Really good fun run for the kids and money for the race being donated to In aid of children with cancer UK.  Ethan decided to run it on his own and as it’s a fun run the race isn’t timed so I’m not entirely sure how quick he ran it. Leonardo thought it was hilarious to be racing Pikachu and couldn’t stop laughing all the way round.  Super proud dad moment when Leo finished and he didn’t stop once (Ed – Yay!!!).

Elsewhere….. FB and Strava suggest that is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

  • Tim Crookes yule yomped at Tatton
  • Nick Ham had a Christmas Cracker at Litton
  • Family Wallroth donned red suits and beards and dashed somewhere in Saddleworth

Festive fundraising…there are a number of Harrier-related fundraising activities on the go this month

  1. Will’s 500 mile challenge: December has started and so I’ve started the challenge I set myself and to raise some money for the local charity Mummy’s Star. As most know by now it means me running the same amount of miles as the date in December with this week being the easiest week so it’s been nothing special. Starting last Sunday with 1 mile, I did the Marple Junior park run with Oliver (my lad). Then every day since I’ve added a mile. Today I joined Mark Davenport’s time trail but ran it at a more social pace with a lot of you lot then I had to add a couple of miles on to the end to make it 8 miles. Thank you all who have joined me this week – don’t fear if you haven’t yet, the big miles are still to come so let me know if you want to join for some or all of a run. I’ll try to keep my Facebook page up to date so keep an eye on that too. Don’t forget to donate on my JustGiving page if you can.

2. December Daily Dash: Continuing the fundraising theme, albeit with lower levels of insanity, Jo, Charmayne, Adele, Emma R. and Elanor are each running at least 5km every day in December as part of Sue Ryder’s annual December Daily Dash event.

3. Helping Santa: GDH will be accompanying Santa and Glossop Mountain Rescue as they fundraise around Simmondley tomorrow (9/12).  The meeting point is at the Reliance Garage on Turnlee Road at 18:15 if anyone fancies helping out (see Becky’s FB post for more info).  This is a fantastic opportunity to support our local mountain rescue team would not hesitate to come out to rescue us, day or night.  It is also a really fun, Christmassy thing to do.

Other Running Related Points of Note….

  • The 2020 club champs have been published – huge thanks to Emma Rettig and the team for sorting these out (see Matt Crompton’s post on FB for more details).
  • Tim and Chris are in the process of arranging an informal evening of AL (long) fell race demystification sometime over the festive period, details will no doubt be posted on FB in due course.
  • The club Christmas party is next Sunday (15/12).  Festive walking/ running followed by festive eating, prize giving and socialising – what is not to like?!?  There is another FB post from Becky on this.   

Parkrun Corner

As always, Harriers were in action at a number of different parkrun locations this weekend:  Richmond (Julie Eyre), Woodbank (Nick Ham), Hyde (Des Mitchell & Tony Hillier), Lyme Park (Cathy Murray), Cheadle Hulme (Craig Leith), Watergrove (David and Holly Munday), Bakewell (Tracey Robinson), Alexandra (Rob Webster), Marple Junior parkrun (Caitlin Swan) and, of course, Glossop (which featured an amazing 30 harriers, Day 7 of Will’s crazy challenge and a PB for Lucy Wasinski).  

We love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing and running exploits, especially when tinsel is involved.  Ian is on report writing duty next week so please dig out your festive sparkles, do lots more racing and don’t forget to tell him all about it at gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com. Have a good week and happy running!

Mr C. failing to find the camera lens yet again!

It's the Pinch Punch 1st of the month report

Good riddance to November I say – the mist, the rain, more mist and more rain. Hurrah for December! Lets hope today sets the scene for the rest of the month, cos if it’s like this, I cannot wait! Marginally worried by the chat at Old Glossop Xmas market of people asking each other if they are ready for Christmas yet?! Don’t wish the best part of the month away – mince pies, mulled wine, more mince pies and more mulled wine! Thanks to everyone who sent in reports this week, made life a lot easier seeing as was still sat in the pub at 5pm!

Manchester indoors

Paul Peters found himself closer to home this weekend and picked the one weekend the sun actually shone to go for a run inside! Thanks for sending this report in Paul:

“This past Wednesday I decided to have a change in pace (literally) and have a go at some middle distance at an indoor athletics meet in SportsCity. Having never raced indoors (in a 200m track) or anything under 5km, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was a super friendly day. I was worried I’d end up lagging behind a bunch of 4-minute milers but fortunately I wasn’t too out my depth.

I originally went down just for the 1500m, and got super nervous as I got to the start line. But I settled into a rhythm, tucked just outside the leader (rookie mistake, should’ve kept further inside or overtaken sooner). I went into the lead with 3.5 laps to go, feeling confident and not fading yet. With 400m to go a Liverpool fella came round with an insane burst of pace and destroyed me to finish 1st, and I came round second in 4:23.93. In hindsight I could’ve given a little more in the middle but I’m more than happy to put down a baseline that fast!

After that I caught the racing bug again, and managed to sign up for the 400m aswell last minute. I was even further out my depth here, and even attempted a proper crouched start, not that it helped all too much… Finished just under a minute in 59.33

After a little confusion I then ended up running the 800m leg of a relay (800m, 400m, 200m, 200m) at the end of the day. My legs weren’t sore, but they were tired in a much different way than I’m used to, and they felt heavy lining up for the last time. I surprised myself by managing not to finish the 800m leg in last, coming past the 5th placed Leeds lad in the last 150m, and as I passed the baton the ref shouted out 2:12 so I’ll be taking that as my unofficial PB!

Overall a great day, would absolutely recommend giving middle distance a whirl if you happen to get the chance sometime.”

Great running Paul, I like the sound of only running for a few minutes but I bet that’s pretty painful!

Paul outsprinting Leeds to the finish…and the girl in the hoody was struggling to stay awake

Peak Raid

Seems like not everyone was running the Gravy Pud today and a car load of GDH went in for something a tad longer, thanks to Jude for sending in this report:

“A small group of GDH went over to Great Longstone for round 2 of Peak Raid. A beautiful morning and stunning views watching the frost evaporating in the winter sun. Six of us hit the trails and dales and all made it back with plenty of points:
Lynne (I’ve got 2 more events today to get back for) Taylor – 180
John (what tunnel) Stephenson – 235
Jude (first time caution) Stansfield – 245
Nick (not repeating last week caution) Ham- 275
Dave (magic string magic route) Hogg – 295
Andy (perimeter bagging) Oliver – 340

A great event all on paths. Vegan cakes and massage at end. Round 3 Grindleford Dec 15th.”

Great points tally everyone! Bet you are glad you made the Peak Raid call Nick – big total!

Not sure which of the camera shy GDH it was with the invisibility cloak on, do you think they realised it didnt cover their feet?

Gravy Pud

It had been the talk of the town for a few weeks, and there were a flurry of last minute entries…it was as if people knew the sun was finally gonna shine! Thanks to Paul Skuse for sending in his half cut report…aiming to get the report out pre-9pm so only a minor bit of editing took place 😉

“This is what a local fell race should be. There was a plethora of harriers out today (if I didn’t say hello earlier, “Hello.”) We had seasoned veterans, happy plodders, race freaks, social runners and a few race virgins.  Conditions were near perfect, only a touch of frost and some deceptively slippery leaves were there to ease back the pace (for me at least – Crossman was racing in full XC mode and just beansed it). If you had a reason for not racing today, fair play; for anyone who just couldn’t  be bothered, you missed a belter!  Oooh –the results have just come in.

Caity was first as Ribble but in a GDH vest so that’s what counts for me. (40:58 –First Lady)

Joshua Southall came in second for GDH on his first ever race. Top lad!!! He’s one for James Knapper and Sean Phillips to put in the crosshairs. (41:24)

Steve Crossman managed to leather me despite his old age and odd route choice ( he also took V50!) (41:31)Top effort bud. You’re flying.

I need to improve my handwriting as Paul Skipe ?? came in at 41:13.

An injured and unattached Chris Jackson got 43:06. This is how good he is when he isn’t even trying!

Dan S  (a name Im starting to fear) had a fair old ding dong with Lance H and the two came in respectively with times of 43:39 and 43:48. You can’t beat a bit of team rivalry to up your game.

My mate Rob S came in next (47:01), ran past the finishing line and wasn’t seen again. We were drinking beer and eating cake in the pub matey boy!!

Ian C got a PB (I think) with 47.27. Top effort! No one rocks the GDH vest like Ian!!

Pete ”Pornstache” Wallroth  was just behind with 47:43 (It’s December –shave it off!)

Guy Riddell was seen out in daylight which must surely be a shock to his retinas and came in at 48:12

Another PB for Tim Crookes who looks magnificent in his new GDH vest -48:44

Alex Critcher has been clearly putting the graft in with Steve Page came in at 50:10

Joe Gavin got 52:45 and a smile on his face. That’s a win.

Si “The Lynx effect” Toole  came in at 52:57. He looks like Blofeld and smells like a teenager 🙂

Laura Macfarlane got 53:18 Im not sure we’ve met, I’m a face rather than a name person.

Wioleta rocked up beaming –that’s what the game is all about. She came in with a time of 56:01

Mrs Science Rachel W was in at 56:22 but didn’t look sweaty enough for me. Come on, get your sweat on!!

John P got 57:43. This lad is a machine and races more than most of us can dream of. Kudos.

Donna Brierley came in at 01:03:35. The name sounds familiar but I cant put a face to it. Say hello next time.

Tracey Robinson came in at 01:05:19. I didn’t even see you till the end. Hope you had a good one. You always smile so it’s hard to tell.

Wendy McMahon got 01:07:44. I didn’t see you at all. Did you go to the pub? Hope you had a good one.

It was good seeing Paul Amos back on it. He just needs to give his Liam a little nudge to get back out with us. His time was 01:12:25. Nice one matey boy.

What a belting morning!”

Blimey what a turnout! Great running GDH! Some storming times there! Clearly getting in some sneaky practice ready for it being in the champs race in 2020. Full results can be found here:http://www.tiptonharriers.co.uk/images/stories/tipton/articlepdfs/2019-12-01-GravyPud.pdf

PIcture paints a thousand words – GDH at its brightest best! Wioleta had sensibly ignored the alleged kit requirement, and Pete getting into the full blue and orange spirit, feet and all!

Santa Dash

Thanks to Mandy B for sending this report of the Tintwistle Santa Dash:

“I’d decided a few weeks ago to have a bit of a giggle at this one as it was for charidee and did so fully; meandering round the 5k route in about 35 mins whilst shouting, “Ho-Ho-Ho” at bemused dog walkers at Bottoms Reser. It gets rather warm in Santa get up I tell you!
I’d marshalled at Gravy Pud this morning and mentioned to Tracey Robinson that there was a 3k route, and a chance for her to take the ‘first finisher with dog’ prize. With an hour to the start, off she popped home to get Cecil…. and got lost on the way to the start.
Togged up in our suits we were off, Tracey hooning it down West Drive like a rocket. Unfortunately for her she was actually too quick for one of the marshals and did an extra .5k whilst being guided back on course by another bemused marshal as her and their nav skills failed. She lost first place but still ended up winning the dogging contest. 
I’m so impressed with her performance after also running the Gravy Pud that I definitely won’t mention her further nav error on the way back to Glossop this evening. Well done though Tracey!”

Well run you 3! Glad you are keeping up the GDH tradition of some absolutely first class navigational skills Tracey!

Cecil looking a bit bemused at being dognapped by 2 Santas

Other races and stuff

Marie Williamson ran the Oulton Park GP marathon, 10 laps of the track. Slight Garmin error means we don’t know her final time but either way a great effort on yet another marathon outing for Marie!

Ellen Wilson did the Percy Pud 10K over Sheffield way. Photos made it look fun, but don’t know anymore than that…

Guy Riddell completed his plan to run every day in November. And by day he probably means morning. The sort of time of morning that most of us aren’t really aware exists.

Parkrun Corner

Well the big news was, Glossop parkrun was ON!!! Whilst others were getting cancelled for ice and flooding (ok that was in Tewkesbury) no such need here! Over the border in Marple, Paul Sinton Hewitt was in attendance squelching his way around Brabyns! Well done to everyone who did a Parkrun and hope the cancellations didnt skupper too many plans. Consolidated report found here:


Oliver Mather did Marple junior parkrun, after ice skating over puddles to get to the start, he did well and being careful not to trip over the frozen mole hills, it made it round in 11.35! Nice one Oliver!

In other news

Will’s 500

So it can’t have gone unnoticed that GDH’s resident running loon today started to embark on something pretty epic. Running 500 miles in December – starting today with 1 mile, then another  2 tomorrow, 3 the day after…yeah you get the picture. When everyone else will be wondering what outfit to put on for their NYE night out, Will be wondering whether any of his running kit will be clean enough to wear for one last epic 31 miler to see out the year. This is all in aid of fundraising for Mummy’s Star – and it probably goes without saying that Will will no doubt be keen for support in chucking some pennies in the pot, and keeping him company on some of the month’s 500 miles. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/william-mather500?utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=William-Mather500&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook&utm_term=2Wbv4jwzp&sfns=mo

Club AGM

Word on the Street…or word from Jeroen at Old Glossop Xmas market anyway, is that this year’s AGM will be held on 27th Jan at 7.30pm. No word yet on venue, but one for the diaries. I’m sure you’ll get something official from the committee soon, but for now put it in your diaries. (Oakwood…. …Oakwood)


So you probably haven’t missed the announcement of the 2020 champs races. The chatter is all about which races you’re gonna do. Some of these races sell out super quick, so if you want to do them – don’t hang around or you will miss your chance! Steve P has been busy rallying the troops and posting links to Hit the Trail and Wrexham half…or you can just google them if you can’t find the link.   There will be FB event pages and links on the website for each race so keep your eyes peeled. The races aren’t updated yet for 2020, but check the website out for how many count in each category and for the overall champs.https://glossopdaleharriers.wordpress.com/club-championship/overall-champs/

Marathoners and marathon wannabes

So today the ballot entry opened for Snowdonia road marathon which takes place Oct 2020. The ballot is open for a week and entries announced sometime in Jan i think. It’s a seriously fab race, hilly, but not overly so….views are stunning and the main roads are closed so you get to run up the road to the top of Pen Y Pass which in itself was pretty cool. So much good support on the way round and not sure i’ve finished a long race absolutely buzzing, but definitely was after this one. Not sure why i’m trying to sell it as it already had 265 people put their names in 10 mins after the ballot opened, it’s gonna be tough to get a place!!

And on the marathon theme…the club has 1 place for the London Marathon. If you want to have a go, then email club sec at secgdh@outlook.com. The draw will be made at the Christmas Party.

Glossop Community Running Track

It’s like waiting for Christmas this but it seems like there won’t be much longer to wait! News just in from Coach J is that The Glossop Community Running Track is progressing well. The markers are ready, the information panel looks brilliant and marking the course will take place soon, then 2 weeks after that the actual markers will be installed. Official opening will be in January probably.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for this! Be amazing to have a fully marked trail for us and the rest of Glossop to use – no more squinting at what your GPS says, or telling a fib about which tree you thought Jeroen said was the end (or is that just me haha). 

Don’t forget, it’s Tues trail fun at Simmondley, and Wednesday sees the return of Chris’s Bankswood park torture-fests. Right, that’s a wrap I think! Finishing with a picture of the views out on the hills today because….well….just because. Enjoy.

What a view.

XC takeover? Weekend report

Settle in and have a lovely read of all that’s been going on this week. I’ve had to make precious little up as we have a grand celebration of running from the dirt of XC (3 of them), to the pristine(?) tarmac of Wilmslow and some stuff about a fell race that I have no idea what happened in, and there are no results yet.

SEL XC Match 2 at Heaton Park

Thanks to Frank Fielding for writing out a fantastic report on the SELCC this week. You’ve probably all seen it on Facebook, but I thought I’d put it here for posterity.

As we head into proper winter, and after a week of cold/wet/windy weather, it was a forecast defying dry day, at a heady 8 degrees at Heaton Park to welcome the Glossopdale type 2 fun crowd.
First up were the junior races featuring Caitlin and Josie Swan in their respective age groups. Can’t find their exact placings in the preliminary results but I think Josie finished third and both crested the tape with smiley faces to show the pure joy that running can bring…..or was it the thought of an impending visit to the ice cream van???? The girls enthusiasm for cheerleading rubs off on the rest of the group and keeps the mood light. Did I mention their fashion advisory role? Apparently, it’s cool to wear the Glossopdale bobble hat, but if the bobble is missing, the wearer is regarded as a bobble murderer (not a lot of people know that).

Numbers were down to two for our senior ladies but Kirsty Sharp and Nicola Pennington represented us well. Kirsty had to dig deep on the final climb to secure a creditable second place finish. Nicola continued to gain more valuable XC experience and weighed in with some excellent photos of the men’s race.

The men’s race was next and we had a decent turnout of seven runners, Shaun Phillips, Steve Crossman, Pete Daley, Phil Swan, David Chrystie-Lowe, Frank Fielding and Simon Toole.

Shaun was was quick off the mark and held off Steve by 40 seconds. Scrap of the day involved Pete, Phil and David with only 30 second gaps. David turned on the turbo on the last lap and lamented that the race had to end so soon as he was rapidly closing down on Phil. Frank was next (definitely, not lamenting the end), then Simon who was nursing a poorly knee, but happy to get round.
Welcome brownies from Shaun, for all at the finish, pleasantly completed the proceedings, with smiles and crumbs all round.

Placings and times:


Josie Swan 3rd in the U17 category
Caitlin Swan 4th in the U13 category

Senior ladies 105 runners

2 Kirsty Sharp 2nd 30:29
61 Nicola Pennington 39:55. 10 L45

Senior men. 172 runners

24 Shaun Phillips 39:55
31 Steve Crossman 40:36. 1st V50
90 Pete Daley 46:46. 13 V50
95 Phil Swan 47:14. 7 V45
101 David Chrystie-Lowe 47:47. 4 V60
121 Frank Fielding 49:45. 3 V65
139 Simon Toole 51:57. 23 V50

Kong Mini Mountain Marathon

The final fell race of the champs, so I am informed- and it was a well run affair. I have no idea who took part, apart from the photo evidence of Dave Hogg, and hearsay that Zoe, Rachel, Nick Ham, John Stephenson and Kasia might well have been there. Beyond that, all you’re going to get is a gallic shrug and a “muh”? from me as no-one has told me nuffin. dave kong

Wilmslow Festive 10k

Thanks so much to Jeroen for sending this is so that I didn’t have to make up stuff sounding like I know stuff about competitive road running…..
PBs galore at Wilmslow Festive 10K

Including those not registered as GH, there was an excellent turnout in Wilmslow for this year’s Festive 10K. Oh noooooo, not Festive, it is only November, I hear you say (and indeed, I have heard it said and written). But wait till you see the medal.counted no fewer than 14 Harriers lining up for a sold-out event with some 4000 runners. Although the forecast was quite good, it certainly did not look festive early in the day. But as it turned out, the conditions were near perfect for running, coupled with a course with PB potential and the results was….. plenty PBs and some fierce battles.

One battle was settled early on though. Steve Knowles ran away with not only first GH but also an impressive 2nd V45 and a PB to boot. Gave credit to the sessions on Tuesday for his achievement but we may never see him again as he has achieved his life’s ambition of a sub-36 10K. I hope not!

The next place was a much closer affair that seemed to be between Steve Page and Harry Hawkins but it was Steve Knight who overtook both at around 6K and never gave up his place. Harry, looking round on the finish line to see where Steve Page was, thought he had triumphed in a battle of wills. They were never separated by more than a few seconds and indeed, Harry crossed the line in front by 1 whole second. Sweet revenge for Steve though when the results showed he beat Harry on Chip Time by 3 seconds. It was a huge, 2 minute PB for Harry though.

Next in was Mike Greenhalgh, running with his brother. Not sure if he achieved a PB but he was closely followed by Coach J in what could be described as an age-grade PB (and 11/185 V55). Very surprised to find Craig Leith finishing 1 second behind. Clearly disappointed he did not catch me, he did beat me on chip time.

Cheryl Stitt never expected a PB, coming back from injury niggles but was delighted that she more than achieved her goal of breaking 49 minutes followed by Tony Hillier in his fastest 10K of the year (so far?). Not far behind were Wendy McMahon and Wioleta who ran, yet again, another PB. Only 24 seconds later did Nicole Pennington cross the line. I do not know if this was a PB but there is a story somewhere in there about her, Tony Hillier and some of Tony’s notorious Push-Ups. Come on, either one of you, spill! Marieke Galgenbeld (try pronouncing that one, Brits) aka Wheeldon had more excuses about her performance than even I could think of but did not need any of them as she too ran a more than 2 minute PB. And the final Harrier to cross the line was Laurie. She had the best, and only really acceptable excuse, she really was not well but desperate for the Reindeer medal, she dragged herself out of the house and completed her 10K. Maybe the best effort on the day?


Yes. What a medal.

Full results (all chip times):

Steve Knowles 35:45 (and 2nd V45)
Steve Knight 36:44
Steve Page 36:52
Harry Hawkins 36:55
Craig Leith 41:01
Mike Greenhalgh 41:16

Jeroen Peters 41:37
Cheryl Stitt 48:16
Tony Hillier 49:00
Wendy McMahon 50:37
Wioletta Wydrych 52:00
Nicola Pennington 52:24
Marieke Galgenbeld-Wheeldon 53:39
Laurie Barlow 1:11:39

Lancaster Contingent XC

Thanks to Paul Peters for this missive:

Hey guys, reporting over from your Lancaster contingent at the Liverpool Cross Challenge yesterday. Paul P

For those that don’t know, the British Cross Challenge is like the nationwide XC league, so I was stood 5 meters away from Ben Conner and Alex Yee on the start line, aswell as countless other top names (not sure the latter appreciated me excitedly saying “damn is that Alex Yee” in the crowd as he turned and stared at me blankly).

Anyway, that gap quickly grew as the race started, and I tried to settle into a rhythm as the course tried to unsettle my rhythm. T’was a very muddy affair and the thick mud was up and over my achilles going round the first half of each lap. As always the support round the course is awesome, and it really is one of my favourite races, getting stuck into a proper mudfest without worrying about tarmac crossings and hard tree roots.

After a (maybe overly) steady 2nd lap I started picking it up and started to claw my way back to my teammate in front, but as we entered the last 500m straights he had the legs that I was missing and kicked away, leaving me eating his mud. Still I picked up one extra spot on the last stretch to finish 131/625 (up from 190 last time). Also managed to beat a few local Lancaster fellas I vaguely know, who I’ve never beaten before, so I’m calling it a successful day!

If it doesn’t clash with other leagues next year I’d fully recommend it to anyone keen for some XC!

Toon XC

And just to compete the Peters hattrick of send ins, Emma was not to be out done (in fairness, she was actually the first one of the 3 to send me an email)- and sent this in, again despite not quite wearing the right coloured vest,

Although I was in Toon colours this weekend I feel left out if I don’t email about my racing!

After 2 cancelled XC meets, yesterday was (finally) the 2nd XC race of the North East Harrier League. We ran at Aykley Heads in Durham.Emma

It was a good going mud bath the whole way following a lot of rain the past few weeks. Really started to feel it during lap 2 and the final hill had me implementing my ‘fell runner walk’ technique to the test as I tried not to drop too many places.

Finished 24th/385 and was 3rd counter for Tyne Bridge Harriers. With another team mate finishing 25th just behind me that put us 1st team overal! Really happy with my run and the overall results, just a reminder that I need to get back to Glossop for some real hill training!

We do have a strange handicap system here where a finish in the top 10% will bump you to a ‘faster field’ that starts 2:30 after the main field. So I will be joining that at the next race and seeing what happens…

Dark and White Trails

Just a quick confirmation that Lucy Wasinski was indeed the overall female winner of the Dark and White Trails series this year! Woop! Get out the party poppers! Nice one Lucy.


Thanks to Lynne for sorting me out a parkrun corner….


On home turf we had a swarm of harriers in Manor Park. Catherine Cleary was the only one to bag a PB this week, closing in on the 25min mark with 25:10. She certainly shot off at the start so was on a mission – congrats. Caity Rice took first finisher and therefore first female this week, and a couple of minutes later Mark Davenport grabbed 5th place. James Johnson doesn’t have GDH as his club but his mum Sarah does and was running with him; she was pipped to the finish line and James also secured a PB this week.

….and Away

Jonathon Haggart was away this week celebrating not just his birthday but his 100th parkrun – congratulations – and what better place for the celebrations than the home of parkrun, Bushy. Nice one Jonathan – how was it with 1328 runners?! A bit busier than Glossop.  Elsewhere we had Nick Ham at Woodbank; Tony Hillier at Hyde; the Munday clan were in Pontefract; Tracey Robinson at Marple (securing an all time parkrun PB, well done (was it Cecil assisted?!)); Mark Ollerenshaw skipped over to Skipton; Paul Gatley was at Fleetwood Promenade; and taking top spot for furthest travelled this week goes to Emma Rettig taking 8th spot overall and first female at Robertson parkrun near Cape Town, South Africa…..was the attraction to this particular parkrun because the course is round a winery??! Well done everyone.

If you’re wanting a parkrun time to count for the club champs remember to get your fastest feet down to Glossop in the next few weeks. I believe you need to have your time logged before the Christmas party, leaving only 2 or 3 chances to improve on your time in 2019.

Other Stuff

Tuesday sessions are going strong.

XC Webbinars are going strong and muddy.

People are still out and about getting lost on the bi-weekly Frostbite TT courses.

All details end up being on the facebook page. If you don’t know what they are, ask someone.

Beware – All kinds of Daftness Within. Its the Weekend Report!

When there’s naff all in the local FRA calendar for the weekend, and few local races of any kind, we find ourselves straying out to far flung places (like Radcliffe for example). Or, we tend to get rather creative in our running. It seems we will not be stopped, and will simply use these local race lull’s as an excuse for a drive out. Or, you may use them to do something completely daft. So as expected, and amongst more conventional but equally impressive activity, that’s what happened.

Conwy Half Marathon

V70 legend Tony Hillier made it as far a Conwy, which is so far away its in another country. This is a not a PB course, running out from Conwy Castle, making some fairly substantial undulations in a loop around the Great Orme, then back the way you came. Lets hear from Tony…..

I ran Conwy Half today, Starts at Conwy Bridge/Castle with fantastic views to Llandudno an the Great Orme.
I have done this many times and usually good WEATHER (not so today wet but no cold wind ) on a tough undulating run out to The Great Orme 5mls, where you have 4mls of climbs with about 6 bays (inlets) , each time you come into a bay you see runners up above.
The last climb is a stinker as it’s longer and steeper, your legs have had enough.
From here on today the rain started, as you then started a 1ml rapid descent, adding to a very hard 5ml run to the finish which is at Conway Castle and Bridge.
I saw no other GDH but is a massive event so may have been.
Results page having issues but I ran around 1. 56.

Billywhizz himself , rocking the trademark pose, accompanied by a couple of Daddies

Escape from Meriden

Topping the bill for daftness, is this little gem. The premise of the event is that participants gather at Meridan near Birmingham, reputed to be the geographical centre of England (I know, apparently its not Glossop!!). From midnight, and as the crow flies, you have 24 hours to get as far away as you possibly can by foot. And you are GPS tracked, so getting in a taxi is not an option unfortunately.

Will Mather, Luke Holme and Jason Hart, apparently still talking to each other after their epic in Transylvania, thought this was a great idea, for reasons which I cannot fathom. And, they thought it would be a great plan to try and make it as far as the Oakwood in Glossop before last orders – this, the only remotely sensible decision they have made, ever…. According to Google, that’s somewhere in the region of 90 miles. Lets hear from Will himself……

3 Harriers – Jason Hart, Luke Holme and Me gathered around an old monument marking the centre of England and the idea was to run as far away in any direction you choose. Our plan was to ran back to a pub in Glossop, so on the stroke of midnight we were off and people running in all directions and trying not to run between people as some were chained together. We got to the road we needed, and got on with it, 10miles of country lanes then getting on the canal at Bodymoor. We had 20 miles of dark boring canal with ground condition being muddy and slippy, we struggled in out trail shoes. First water stop was a water tap at the side of the canal. Getting off the canal and on to the A38 was a welcome break and on to a 24hr garage at mile 22 for a brew. We were struggling as the lack of sleep and the poor ground conditions were getting us down so up stepped me to sing some songs, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, Puff Daddy and even some baby shark …….Yep it made it worse.

This is the only group photo I found where one of them (at least) isn’t making an obscene gesture!

As the pace kept dropping we had to regroup and make some tough calls. Jason couldn’t get any food down himself so made the call to hike as far as he could and got to 47 miles, but not before being nearly shot at from a local farmer and taking a bath in mud. Luke and I pushed on as we wanted to try get to Ashbourne for noon, but on the way Luke picked up an injury stopping him from running. He was to hike it out to Ashboune and finished on 50 miles. I kept going up the Tissington trail which is more boring than the Longendale trail, so at 60miles in I was letting it effect me. Saw someone in full SAS gear (It was a bush) and unmotivated to run, I called on looking at social media, and seeing the support all you GDH were giving really got me through. At mile 66 my sister joined me and brought my poles and with this now being territory I knew, I thought it would be fun to use the path behind Topley Pike beautiful, wet, limestone covered with leaves, what could go wrong? Getting towards Dove Holes this was the place where I’d cross the 60 miles as the crow flies, and was also joined by Lance Hamilton Griffiths to keep me company till the end. Without him I don’t think I would of left Chapel so was needed for that last section. After a quick stop in Chapel to put some fresh clothes on for the home run, the clag was low so kept to paths I knew, over Lantern Pike to then drop in to Glossop off the Nab, getting to the Oakwood with Luke, Alex and Skuse waiting with a pint. Finished on 90miles. I was told that I was in 1st place as in miles covered and should keep going but my finish line wasn’t beating anyone – it was getting to that pub. Thankyou all for the support! Now it’s time to recover from the 42 hours without sleep never mind the running thing.

Well I’m fairly speechless for once. I’m struggling a bit to understand the results of this, but I think I am right to say that WIll won it. Pretty special that mate!

“Must be your round Will? Crack on lad!”

Kendal Mountain Festival Race

Julie Eyre was up North for thiu famous 10K trail race. She sent this in

The sole GDH representative was joined by 700+ other runners on this epic, grueling Lake District challenging race. Conditions were looking good for GDH – no rain, cool but with a hint of sun, and most importantly I had taken my training seriously and tried the Howard’s Way method on Friday night – Monk’s Gold obviously worked for me as I knocked 9 minutes off last year’s time. I ran this really lovely 10k trail race in 1.08 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Feels grueling for the first mile up but getting onto Scout Scar you enjoy some seriously good views as you fly along the escarpment. I’ll be back next year so come and join me. Julie

9 minutes! That’s incredible. Well done Julie, and I think a few might be interested next year!

Beer Mile

Resident student, superstar, and all round top lad, Paul Peters was our drinking this weekend. And running. And drinking and running….

I’m sat here writing this currently “recovering” so please excuse any sentences that make no sense…

For anyone that doesn’t know, it’s 4x440ml cans of choice, and 400m between every can. I’ll keep this short, but I made a poor choice of drink (bud light), struggled 4 cans of it down my neck, and still came away with a new PB, and a podium place in 3rd (time 10:23). Honestly the proudest I’ve ever been to make a podium!

You’ve done the club proud Paul. Brought a tear to my eye reading that.

Kinder Killer

Coming in fairly high on the daftness front, Lance Hamilton-Griffiths, Mark Davenport Paul Skuse and Ian Crutchley took on the aptly names Kinder Killer, an anytime challenge devised by Ken Jones over at Dark Peak. Quite a few in the club have done this, most recently Jude Stansfield and Caity Rice earlier this year. The route basically circumnavigates the Kinder Scout plateau, making 8 ascents of it as you go. At 28 miles and 8,000 feet of climb, its a fairly sizable heather/bog delight.

We set off from the Snake Inn at something like 6am. “We’ll be back for Tea lads”, I said. This confused our resident Southerner Lance from the off, expecting he’d be home enjoying a cuppa by mid morning. Marks attempts to clarify the timing only confused him further, “We can enjoy our dinner somewhere en route”. “I’ve got Lunch, but didn’t bring any dinner”? said Lance. We spent the remainder of the day arguing the correct terminology for meal times. Whilst we couldn’t find agreement on this, we did eventually conclude that we’re northern peasants, and he is a southern fairy.

The route started out pleasant enough, although a bit claggy, but quite uneventful ups and downs till we got to the bottom of Jacobs Ladder. From here the incredible amount of water coming down off the hill made every climb seem to get exponentially more difficult, and the descents exponentially more dicey. The slipping and slopping was so sapping. It didn’t help when it started raining about 1/3rd of the way round, and the cold gradually seeped in. Wasn’t long before we were all miserable, but an impromptu cup of tea in Coopers Cafe in Edale was incredibly welcome. Cost us 20 minutes or so, but the rain stopped thankfully. The route however, didn’t get any easier. Eventually we made it back to the Snake Inn after 9 hours 55 mins. I think we can be fairly happy with that under the circumstances. As ever we had a good laugh, mostly at each other. I’ll have to up my game if I’m to blag them to join me on the Kinder Dozen!

We learned that Mark is a beast on the climbs and descents, the route really suited him. Skuse clearly didn’t have a clue what we were about to do, asking just beforehand, “will I need some butties”? This, despite knowing the name of the route, but perhaps, ignorance is bliss. Lance wins top prize for most slips/falls, the final time he did this, actually rather hurting himself. I meanwhile found the whole thing really easy, and didn’t moan once……. Yeah OK OK, it was a lot harder than I expected, and at times, really sucked!

Just noticed how these 2 pictures kind of blend into one, via the clough line and horizon, which I have totally done on purpose via total skill. Unfortunately, its the same ugly buggers both sides….

13 Arches Half Marathon

Back to more conventional activity, but again no less impressive, and a batch of Harriers made the trip to Radcliffe, for the 13 arches Half Marathon. Craig Leith sent this in….

The weather didn’t look too good this morning. There was a good GDH turn out at the 13 arches today. New course this year with very undulating trail route. Names in no particular order. Joe Gavin, Dave Edmunds. Andrew Baron, Jayne Morton, Marie Williamson. Oh and me. Good effort by all.

And I’ve found the results. Well done guys!

Craig Leith271:30:45
Andrew Baron381:32:46
Dave Edmunds991:41.48
Joe Gavin1621:47:21
Marie Williamson2632:03:13
Jayne Moreton2872:08:42

Dark & White Peak District Autumn Trail Race, Round 3, Buxton

Blimey, that was a gob full! Fortunately, a brilliantly moustacheod Pete Wallroth was on hand to make sense of it all…

Well it says Buxton but really very little of this race, if any was in Buxton. Started and finished in Burbage to be more precise. 

The views from the start were….. well…. apparently there were some but they weren’t seen thanks to the pea souper of a morning. 

Nonetheless the GDH contingent of Lucy Wasinski, Pete Tomlin, Kate Metcalfe and me (Pete W) all set off in the early wave at 8:30. Up into the fog of Burbage Edge we went before a slip sliding decent onto the edges of Fernilee Reservoir and then Errwood, taking the woodland tracks around each both eerily cloaked. This was trail running at its best according to Lucy.

Then it was a turn back up over Burbage Edge. Here it turned into proper fell terrain as took us onto Goyt Moss. A sharp decent and then we were finally done. 10 miles of fun, fog and falling (well apparently Lucy did but no one saw her which makes her honesty at her own embarrassment all the more admirable….but then she did come first)!

For those unfamiliar with the Dark White Event format they are brilliant. Your finish is time bracketed rather than a normal 1/2/3 place so you receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze placing and you can pick your start times anywhere from 8:30 to 10:30 with a wave of about 20 starting every 10 minutes It helps make them brilliant entry level events as there’s a short (5-8k) and a long (14-16k) course in each round. 

This Race concluded the Autumn series after previous events in Bradfield and Calver. Spring Series next and the info can be found here https://trailrunningpeaks.co.uk/spring-series/ . Be great to see more GDH at this these.

“Got something on yer face Pete”. “This guys, is the coolest thing you’ll see today”.

Well done guys, and brilliant again from Lucy!

Arnside Knott Race

Lakeland addict John Pollard was at it again, and send this in….

Cumbria calling…a popular little race staged by Dallam Running Club (no, me neither), basically fast trails on slippy leaf-carpeted limestone and with climbs above Morecambe Bay & the Kent Estuary to local beauty spot Arnside Knott. It took me to an area I’d only by-passed previously, and at the trig point it holds great views back to the Lakeland hills across the water…which were more visible as the drizzle cleared mid race.

My race was notable for a battle I got into with a mate, Brent from Penistone FR…this forced me to put it in and pass him on the last descent, but as he raced at Two Riggs yesterday I think I had an advantage.

More remarkable was the ding-dong with a certain barefooted runner. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do a fell run in bare feet before though I know some maniacs have done it, and this guy was seriously determined, skipping over the knobbly limestone like he had inov8 feet. Only really got the better of him in the second half, after we’d passed one female who’d crashed into the rocks on a sharp bend..so it was quite technical.

Spoke to him after, him still not wearing shoes, I was curious to know how you get into that particular kind of challenge…his feet were so broooaad, and presumably like leather. Think his name is Martin Metcalfe, he said he’d been running like that for 8 years…not sure why, but he obviously had some tales to tell about obstacles he’d had to overcome at various times, including visits to A & E…don’t know if he’s a legend or a crazy leg-end…

Very well organised race anyhow, with fab cakes at the end and a stall selling £70 discounted road shoes for a local charity. I may try and squeeze one more Lakes race in this year at the end of November at Kirkby Moor. Any takers?

John accompanied by Brent and Julie from Penistone. The bare feet thing hasn’t caught on. Yet…..

Thanks John, and well done for edging our Penistone friend. I got schooled once in the ToT half marathon by a guy in flip flops, and somewhere there is a embarrassing picture showing it . But bare feet fell racing is really quite something, but not the kind of something I’ll be trying any time soon!


Glossop saw the brunt of Harrier action, 21 of us, with Mandy Beames making it 50 and Paul Gatley making it 100. The sloppy conditions weren’t conducive to PB’s, but a GDH peleton formed at the front end, with a Harrier 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5! In descending order we had Sean Philips, the 3 Steves (Knowles, Crossman, Page), closely followed by newcomer Chris Smith. Chris looks rapid, so watch out!

A spot of Tourism with John Stephenson in Basingstoke, Wendy Trelease at Sheffield Hallam, Nick Ham at Woodbank, Joe Travis at Oldham, Claire Campbell in Medina Isle of Wight, Simon Toole PB’d at Bakewell, The Munday Clan were at Henley Wood in Oswestry, and Ellen Quane was at Millhouses.

The consolidated club report is HERE

Other Stuff

I understand the announcement of next years champs races is imminent, so please keep your eyes open! I gatecrashed the subcommittee meeting, and would love to blow the lid right here. But I’ve been threatened, and I am scared, so you’ll just have to wait!

Big news that Tim Budd turned 40 this week. Happy birthday Tim, and welcome to the V categories! I imagine its not related to a midlife crisis, but he has published the 4th in his series of boggy nav time trials, aptly named Frostbite TT’s. The first 3 have been great fun, and I highly recommend having a go. If your not confident on the nav side, don’t worry. Just, a) pick a clear day, and b) maybe post up on the FB page and see if anyone fancies joining you. After all, many hands make light work – or something like that….

In regular GDH activity (official and unofficial) get yourselves out to Coach Jeroens Tuesday Training Sessions. Wednesdays we have Chris Webb’s muddy XC training (why not do the double?). Thursday is the social run from the Leisure Centre, and Sunday morning there’s always a good number bashing around the Longdenden Trail.

In other news, Emma Peters is looking for a watch, Kasia Osipowicz is selling a watch, and Nicola Pennington has lost her XC number. Rebecca Ashworth did a GDH kit stock take, and when she posted it, Facebook crashed. Grindleford Gallop sold out in about 5 seconds, but Hit the Trail is open for entries. The latter is a fantastic new year race, and last year had perhaps the largest GDH turnout / group photo ever. Get signed up!

Thanks for all your contributions as ever, and especially this week. I had quite a hard day of it, and this really helped! Keep your contributions coming guys. gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com!

Friendly, fierce and a little bit damp….

There has been quite a lot of weather in the Harriers’ home town this week resulting in some quite amusing Strava titles and possibly a little less racing than usual.  That said, a number of brave souls still donned their race vests and ventured out to represent the club across the region and beyond…

Manchester Area Cross Country League – Match 2 @ Kenworthy Woods  (courtesy of Chris Webb)

Following the heavy rain earlier in the week the Kenworthy Woods/University Playing Fields course was a tad boggy. It didn’t deter a small group of Glossopdalers from heading to Wythenshawe however and birthday boy John Stephenson came armed with the tent and flag so we certainly looked the part. Wendy Trelease, Lins Palmer and Nicola Pennington kicked off proceedings in the Senior Womens’ race and all 3 looked comfortable, moving through the field as others fell apart. I believe this was Wendy’s and Nicola’s cross country debut, you wouldn’t have known it based on how well they ran – congratulations on a superb race. Lins said she may only make one XC this year but I know she loves a good sufferfest; if only it had been another 30km, she’d have probably podiumed.

The men’s race was next and I was joined by Pete Daly, Alex Critcher, Frank Fielding, David Chrystie-Lowe and Chairman Stephenson to smash around the now ‘worn in’ course. Alex told me this was the start of his return to fitness and he looked like he had a solid race, he’s committing to coming Jeroen’s Tuesday and my Wednesday sessions for the next few months so he’ll be like a new man by the end of the season – watch this space. There were some mid-pack battles between the GDHs too: David and Pete looked like they had a bit of a ding-dong, David edging it by only 33 seconds and even closer were Frank and Alex, Frank coming home 28 seconds ahead this time. It will be interesting to see these battles as the season progresses. John and I had no immediate GDH competition but enjoyed hurting ourselves around the 9km course anyway. Thanks also to Mandy Beames for some delicious cake and Harsharn Gill and Ben Robertson for the support/photography.  Final results here: https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2019/maccl192.pdf

  • 143rd (22nd V45) Wendy Trelease: 34:13
  • 194th (37th V45) Nicola Pennington: 36:16
  • 245th (28th V50) Lindsay Palmer: 39:06
  • 64th Chris Webb: 36:36
  • 334th (3rd V60) David Chrystie-Lowe: 44:49
  • 346th (30th V50) Pete Daly: 45:22
  • 413rd (4th V65) Frank Fielding: 48:03
  • 417th (72nd V40) Alex Critcher: 48:30
  • 486th (V60) John Stephenson: 54:37

Leg it round Lathkil  (courtesy of Paul Skuse)

John Pollard gave a shout out for this the other day so I thought “Why not?”. Alison and Lins also joined the fun. As we wandered from the car to the registration tent, it felt really cold – as in woolly hat, gloves and a smelly Helly weather – but then the sun came out and conditions were perfect. All accessories were whipped off and unceremoniously dumped on a wall; it was full on vest and topping up the tan weather.  Our shoes were all cleaned up and sparkling as per race requirements. Alison was so enamoured by my X-talons, she took a photo of them.

The start of the race was awkward and cramped (why do some slower runners start on the front line?) and with the call of 3-2-1, we were off and legged it down the steep road. The wet leaves covering the tarmac made some sections interesting and forced us to hit the brakes rather than give it full beans. The long trail section wasn’t a trail so much as scattered islands surrounded by shin deep water. I’ve no idea what happened on the route next. I was busy chasing Ponytail and staying ahead of Wheezy. I’ve no idea who they are but for the purpose of this race, they became my mortal foes.

So with the usual jostling for position and good natured support and encouragement (another reason to love fell running; the way people encourage you as you run with them) we ran along trails, over fields and through woods. The limestone was as slippy as you would expect and I nearly came a cropper trying to overtake Beardy (another rival for the day -nice bloke, he checked I was okay). And then after a few more ups and downs, muddy patches, tree roots, countless stiles and – at one point – lung busting steps, we were at the finish line. Job done.

No idea about results but I was pipped by Beardy but managed to stay ahead of Wheezy (also a nice bloke) and Ponytail. John Pollard came in next then Alison (looking resplendent in full GDH colours) and then race-fiend Lins having done the XC yesterday.

Windmill Remembrance 10K

Laurie Barlow, Tim Crookes, Tony Hillier, Mike Park, Paul Gatley & Marieke Galgenienbeld ventured over to Lytham St Anne’s to take part in the Windmill Remembrance 10K today.

From Tim C. – did Remembrance Sunday windmill 10k. The reading and the 2 minutes silence was very emotional but very well done. Perfect conditions for another pb, knocked another 24 seconds off my time. Nice flat fast course and very well organised with a great medal, well done Fylde Coast Runners on another great race.

Parkrun Corner

The collective GDH parkrun exploits this week were:

  • A little less busy…due to Glossop being cancelled although this did result in a number freedom runs carefully avoiding the black ice around Manor Park. GDH were also in action at Richmond  (Julie E.), Bramhall  (Joe T.), Woodbank (Nick H.), Hyde (Tony H., Christine P. and Laurie & Wyatt B. – which is particularly impressive given that the Barlows were all set to parkrun at Glossop at 8:40 am, Marple (Simon T.), Bakewell (Sarah R.) Fleetwood Promenade (Paul G.), Tawd Valley (David, Holly and Will M.), Marple Juniors (Malc B.[!!!]  and Josie & Caitlin S.) and Hyde Juniors (David [!!!] & Will M.).
  • A little more exotic….Tim B. and Lynne T. ran the Miyazaki parkrun in Kyushu, Japan. A small number of runners (12 finishers) as the event is very new. The course is alongside a wide river and very central to the town involving 2 laps on flat tarmac.   Tim 18.19 1st finisher/ Lynne 26.04, 1st female and 3rd overall.  Although 11°C at 7am, the 8am start still made for a very warm and dry event in glorious sunshine. 
  • A little bit emotional…Josie S. ran her last ever junior parkrun at Marple this morning – she will be too old for 2k as from next week.  Definitely the end of an era as Josie was one of the initial group of junior parkrunners when Marple junior parkrun started 273 junior parkruns ago.  

Other Racing News (gleaned from FB and Strava)

  • Riccardo Giussani completed his crazy White Rose Ultra 300 (or rather 318) in 130 hours and 52 minutes and the pictures suggest he was still standing and smiling at the finish!  Awesome and totally bonkers – 450 in 2020?
  • Paul Peters was also cross-countrying – at Hyndburn as part of the Mid Lancs League.  I have no idea how he did but expect it was quite quick.
  • Ian Crutchley did the Beehive Trigs Time Trial, maybe with Lance but definitely through ice and bog.
  • The club place for the VMLM 2020 is up for grabs via the usual process.  If you would like the motivation/ joy/ pressure of representing the club, please email secgdh@outlook.com and let Becky know. Names will be drawn from a hat at the Christmas Party.

We love reading and compiling tales of everyone’s racing exploits.  Ian is on report writing duty next week so please do lots more racing and don’t forget to tell him all about it at gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com. Have a good week and happy running!

“That’s October boxed-off then” Weekly Report

Good evening Harriers! I thought I was in for an easy week, but as ever, information keeps rolling in!  There’s lots of Facebook activity about races for 2020, so much so that I’m sure some people must be on commission!  Time to start thinking about next year, is it going to be a scattergun of random races?  Are you focussing on one or two biggies?  Or are you still just coming to terms with November?

Also, worth remembering that the Champs races for next year will likely be announced towards the end of November when they’re been given the stamp of approval by the Committee, so don’t fill up your calendars too quickly!

Here is the report.

New York Marathon

After ticking off the Manor Park Marathon in August, Bartek Verde has just finished one of the more low-key marathons in New York.  I’ve just looked at the tracker and he got round in a solid 4:13:26.  Great work!


White Rose Ultra 300

No, that’s not a typo, this is actually a thing.  300 miles.  I’m not even sure if Riccardo Giussani is a Harrier, but I think he is.  He seems to have taken on the White Rose Ultra 300 on his own which is ten laps of the standard WRU route.  With a 30, 60, 100, 150 and now 300 mile option the number of laps on this race seems to be growing each year, when will it end!  I’m not sure how he’s doing but last thing I saw on social media he was pushing through the 30-mile laps. What an epic achievement (or what a stupid thing to do – you decide!)

Tatton Park Half

Wendy McMahon took on the Tatton park half and sounds like it was a great race!  Hope she celebrated with some slap-up nosh in Knutsford afterwards!

I did Tatton park half today in 1:51:09. It’s a 2-lap course around the park. I’ve never been before so when my friend dropped out on Wednesday, I snapped her offer straight away. It was cold and very foggy which meant I couldn’t take in the views as much as I wanted.  I’d definitely recommend it as a race as it’s a lovely place, decent price for a T-shirt, medal, water stops, free parking and refreshments after.  It’s not just the PB time I was happy with, I am more chuffed that when the place was offered, a 13.1 mile race didn’t faze me at all!  I didn’t see any other GDHs there and the website doesn’t search under club. 

Peak Raid

Peak Raid is back after the sad announcement the series had been pulled due to problems with permissions which seems all too common at the moment.  We deployed a few Harriers to check out the event with John Stephenson taking on the White Peak correspondent duties:

 A small, high quality turnout from the Harriers were at the first of the new Peak Raid events today. The venue was Alstonefield near Ashbourne, the event territory was the limestone dales. Dave Hogg, Nick Ham, Sue and Chris Clapham and muggins ran.

Weather was very fair but boy was the going wet underfoot in the low lying flat fields, muddier than a muddy Manchester XC.

I think the results were

Nick and Dave 380 points apiece

Muggins 340 points(finished 40 mins early!) Sue and Chris 200 (walking).

Next event is at Great Longstone in early December.

John (finished too soon) Stephenson

Lake District Weekend

A gaggle of Harriers have been partying up north staying at Skiddaw House which seems to be a bit of an off-grid, out of signal retreat, something we all need nowadays.  I’m not sure exactly what happened but it looks like Skiddaw and Blencathra were ticked off and probably a lot of booze! Great stuff.


Yorkshire Three peaks

When I read this report I started to worry about the “run your age in miles” approach, because let’s face it, that’s only going to get harder.  All fine for these youngsters though as Emma Peters reports:

Quick email as I’m currently waiting for food in a pub, but I’ve just completed Yorkshire 3 Peaks with some uni friends. One of them decided to run 27 miles for her 27th birthday, so that’s what we did!

All went remarkably well. Bad visibility throughout but no rain!! Total distance 43km, strava still syncing with bad internet so unsure of elevation etc., but in any case a lot of up, a lot of down and a lot of claggy mud and slippy slabs. Not my favourite route on account of the slabs, but to be expected with the popularity of the 3 Peaks I suppose. Overall I’m super proud- this was by far and away my longest run.

Parkrun Corner

Someone decided it would be a good idea to have a big fire at Manor Park so our favourite parkrun was off, but as if that would stop us! Click HERE for the consolidated report.

Chris Webb picked up first place at Oldham with a straight 18 minutes! Fantastic! The Munday family had an extreme reaction to Glossop parkrun being off and went to Germany to run the Ziegelwiese parkrun.  Epic parkrun tourism.

Top Mileage and climbing

It’s an incredible one this week folks, almost like someone’s altimeter was broken.  Whilst credit needs to be given to Paul Peters for his solid 96.4km for the week, David Chrystie-Lowe clocked up a couple of summits of Everest with 17,403m (but not a patch on his 41,667m last week).  Even a ten-miler along the flat trail gave an impressive 9,556m of climbing which even Kilian Jornet would be proud of!

Wot else is ‘appenin’?

I’m a bit short of pics this week so hired in some professional models to try and make running look glamourous.  Here are the Bleaklow Boys, what do you reckon?

No excuses for not training throughout the week Harriers.  Starting this week there’s now three club sessions to keep those legs moving on these dark nights.

Tuesdays: You know the drill for the ever-popular Tuesday speed session.  A variety of tarmac and trail pounding led by Coach Jeroen, what better way to finish off a Tuesday (or your legs).

Wednesday:  The now-named XC Webbinars are back in force starting 6th November.  If you like muddy misery, then get yourself to Bankswood Park at 7pm armed with a headtorch, vest (if you’re tough enough), shorts and suitably grippy footwear.  The first of the sessions is a 6 x half-mile XC loop hard with a two-minute rest, during which your wet shivering hands will be attempting to grip a pencil and fill in your time on Mr Webb’s spreadsheet ready for the full statistical analysis afterwards.

Also worth mentioning that it’s match 2 of the Manchester Area Cross Country League (MACCL) on Saturday at Kenworthy Woods.  Chris Webb will be there with numbers for anyone who didn’t collect theirs at Wythenshawe. Don’t forget: you use the same number all season!

Thursday: After all those hard efforts it’ll be time for a Thursday social either out on the fells or road.  Perhaps a few post-run pub visits on the lead-up to Christmas would be good to help keep the numbers up?  Throw out suggestions for routes or pubs!

It also looks like the Sunday ten-mile Longdendale trail session is becoming a firm-fixture in diaries.  Get some flat social miles in!

Time Trial Nav Courses: For a few weeks now, Tim Budd has been plotting….  no, not an evil plan, but some really great navigation time trials out there in the hills.  Dust of your compass and give them a go.  You also get to see all the efforts overlayed so you can see just how lost you were.

GDH Christmas Party 2019

A date for your diaries – We’ve swept the Scouts out of their hut to make way for the GDH Christmas Party on Sunday 15th December 2pm – bring food to share and drinks.  There might be some Howard Town offerings like previous years (we’ll have to raid the brewery if not).  There will be champs prizes and the prestigious bombed out trophy.

There’ll also be a club run in the morning where you all get dressed up in silly stuff and run up a hill. But let’s face it, that’s pretty much what we all do every week anyway!!

Keep sending in the reports and pics to gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com





Clocks go back/forward/sideways weekend report

This week everyone has been trying to work out if their smart watches do what their phones do and if they need to reset the time, try to reset the thermostat clock and screw up the settings, blow up the cooker doing the same job and then leave the clock in the car because its only really 6 months til you need to work out how to set it back to the right time anyway.  Although there was a race cancellation this weekend, there has indeed been a fair amount of kerfuffle going on this week, what with the final racing weekend of October. Mostly fact based this week as people keep sending in information, which is wonderful! Keep sending in stuff about what you’ve done! The email address is gdhweeklyreports@gmail.com


Despite a few last minute will-they won’t-they moments with people dipping into and out of teams like carrots into a hummus dip at the GDH party, there were eventually 3 teams who got to the OMM with at least 1 member of Glossopdale in them. As a bit of an extension to last weeks Hill and Fell Relays, the outlook was very much Heather, Tussocks with a few hills imbetween. So basically stuff that anyone from this end of the Peak District should be very comfortable with. The weather up in Scotland was apparently astoundingly good, and much fun was had by all. From provisional results and occasional updates from those on the ground (or indeed, in cars on their way back), it seems that the results looked a little like this:

B Class- 3rd overall and 1st Mixed team- Sarah Andrews and Robin Hoffmann

Combined class- 28th overall and 3rd Female team- Zoe Barton and Josie Greenhalgh

Medium Score Class- 78th overall and 2nd Female pair, Immy Trinder and Hephzibah Hill.

Superb running/navigating/camping/surviving by all!

Lakeland trails 10k

John Pollard was out and about in the Lakes this weekend- and send this missive over… Must give another plug for the Lakeland Trails races, they’re not cheap & they don’t scale the heights, but for those who want a faster, less vertical experience with imaginative routes they satisfy the appetite. And they’re in the Lakes, big plus.
I did the 10k version yesterday…and it was possible to enjoy some of the autumn scenery of the valley alongside Glenridding & Grisedale Becks.
Would have been nice to combine it with the bona fide fell race today at Buttermere Shepherd’s Meet, but just not up to it yet. Buttermere looked glorious in the better weather today but the climb was brutal.John P

Eryri Marathon

Lucy Wasinski was the one who drew the short straw and sent in this lovely missive about the wonder that is the Eryri Marathon:

This was the 37th year of Snowdonia marathon, not to be confused with the trail marathon in July which takes you up the Pyg track to the summit (almost) of snowdon. In October it is the road marathon, and whilst a lot less hilly than the trail one, it certainly packs a punch for a road marathon with approx 800m elevation, and attracts a strong contingent of top Welsh runners. Me and Will Mather were lucky to get transfers for this sell out race, but 3 weeks post Chester marathon I’m not sure I was thinking it was a good idea! Will on the other hand, well its pretty much a walk in the park for him this;) I thought I spied Marie Williamson walking from the car park but I wasnt sure…until I checked out the results!
Given the forecast for friday/saturday, it was looking a decidedly bleak affair and I was massively regretting my entry decision ….but it really wasn’t as bad as they made out, and probably an hour after the race start the rain stopped and it was pretty ideal running conditions. There are 3 main climbs in the race; the first going out from the start in llanberis up to pen y pass, then there’s a decent fast descent before a slight climb at Beddgelert, and then the one they call “the wall” at Waunfawr ..at mile 22, and goes on for 2 miles. That’s pretty tough leaving the biggest climb for that stage of the race!  Everyone kept saying during the race, “don’t forget,  leave enough for the last climb”! I was starting to dread it, and without the Pacers to keep you in check like Chester I was convinced I’d gone out too fast and was gonna hit the wall, at “the wall”. Felt pretty good though at the bottom of the climb and a guy said to me “don’t worry, 95% of people walk it…oh but, um,  obviously I don’t mean you are gonna have to walk”…the unconvinced look on his face said otherwise! Pah, right then, game on! Head down, short strides and onwards and upwards, and suddenly there was the mile 24 feed station!


This is what a feed station looks like at the Eryri marathon….

What was all the fuss about 😉 when you live in Glossop that hill isn’t that bad! After the feedstation the fun really started! It was all downhill to the finish, and this was one of 2 places they take you off road…it was mud, wet rock, wet grass and pretty funny after nearly a months worth of rain in just over 24h with everyone in road shoes! (Bar one guy in inov8s, not worth 24 miles on the road in those!) Credit to my Brooks, I stayed on my feet and made up some ground on a few women. Then, it’s all change and you hit steep tarmac and it’s a final sprint down into the high street in Llanberis, with loads of people lining the street cheering. What an absolute corker of a marathon! Incredible atmosphere, support on the course was brilliant , fantastic views with snow on Snowdon, gold, orange and red leaves on the trees and loads of clear fast flowing rivers and waterfalls…and the bonus of being on road….you get to look around and appreciate the views! It’s such a popular race it’s going to be a ballot entry next year but I would massive recommend it as a road marathon, blooming loved it.
I was well pleased with getting round in 3h 38m 08. Will was saving himself for escape from Meriden and sung and danced (much to the *delight* of fellow runners haha) himself round in a cracking 3h 56m 50s….pretty darn rapid for someone taking it easy!! Marie had a good run to get in under 5h in 4h 59m 46s.


Lucy at the finish arch

Lucy Wasinski 3:38:08
Will Mather 3:56:50
Marie Williamson 4:59:44

Oldham Half

I really don’t know much about this as no-one has said anything about it. Basically, it is as you would imagine. A half Marathon around Oldham, trying to get back to your car before your hubcaps/alloys have been nicked. The most information I have about it is from the race results which are below. From them, we can divine that yes, it appears it was a road race, and yes, people ran pretty damn fast. And yes, that is Marie Williamson who you just read about running the Eryri Marathon on Saturday.

11th Kirsty Sharp 1st lady  1:29:45
138 Emma Rettig 1:54:12
174 Tony Hillier 1:57:15
189 Jo Brack 1:59:29
211 Charmayne Brierley 2:02:20
305 Marie Williamson 2:22:29

Dammed if we don’t

I understand there was a bit of a gathering over at Toddbrook reservoir this weekend, visiting the various reservoirs around it to a) have a bit of a jolly run around and b) realise just how much water there is held behind dams over there. I’m not totally sure if it was a race or not, and I don’t know how many people did it. I also don’t know if there were any prizes or anything, What I DO know is that Nick Ham ran it, and as it is the first time it has ever been run, he almost *certainly* ran a PB.

Winsford 10k

Tim Crookes was over at Winsford today doinig the 10k, in typical “short n sweet” style, this information came in from him…. “Hi did Winsford 10k today great little route but very muddy did it in 46.27 quite happy with that” So there you go.


Thanks to Lynne for sorting me out a parkrun and junior parkrun piece: In a deluge of torrential rain and mud 71 runners sloshed their way around a soggy Glossop parkrun. Taking first finishers position was Paul Peters (doubly impressive given his strava run title is titled “Glossop parkrun, impromptu xc training in road shoes”, he was followed by Mark Ollerenshaw in 2nd position, plus three other harriers in the top ten. A massive shout out to Wioleta Wydrych bagging herself a PB of nearly 30secs – very impressive in those conditions.
In the parkrun tourism corner Frank Fielding was at a wet and windy Swindon (bit of a theme to the weather this weekend),  over at Sheffield Hallam Harry Hawkins took 10th spot and a new PB; Tony Hillier was over at Hyde (did we spy he was pacing this week?); Jo Travis was in Lincoln; Dez Mitchell was at Marple; the whole Munday family were at Great Lines, Medway; Bill Leason was at Lyme Park; Caity Rice ran at Colby finishing in 3rd overall and 1st female; taking 3rd spot at The Pastures (Alnwick) parkun was Stevie K and we spied Mrs K was there doing her first ever parkrun…no club on the results though so maybe her membership form is in the post? Jeroen and Christine Peters ran at Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne – Emma Peters was there too, but in disguise as a Tyne Bridge Harrier.
Wyatt Barlow continues his strong running, grabbing himself another course PB at a wet Conwy parkrun….from Laurie “Wet, freezing, more puddle than path. Should’ve brought a snorkel! Took 20 seconds to get over the start line and Wyatt ran with me for the first km before going on ahead, yet still smashed his course PB and told me he took it really easy. Nice.”. Nice indeed, congratulations Wyatt.

Junior Parkrun

Over at Hyde Junior parkrun Holly Munday grabbed a new course PB – well done. Naomi Barlow was next Glossopdale Harrier to finish, closely followed by William Munday. Great running by all.

Please forgive us if we miss out on reporting any junior parkrun results. I’ve only just noticed that the consolidated parkrun results for GDH don’t include junior events. I’m taking this up with parkrun colleagues so fingers crossed we can get this changed. In the meantime please do send in reports to the regular email for inclusion in the weekly report – we don’t omit juniors deliberately.

Frostbite TT

Map 2 has now been done with- there were 9 people who went out and about to find the Snake Ponds. I was rather impressed with Andy O’s line, considering he came up from Glossop to run it from Snake Summit. I’ll link to it all on the facebook page- and encourage you to have a butchers.

Map 3 will be released tomorrow morning. It is a fairly easy one, and considering it is going from Glossop, it might be nice to get a few of you together to have an impromptu head to head from the pub of an evening…. I have changed it from the route I was going to do, simply as I don’t want to go from the same place twice in a row.

XC “Webbinars”

Yes, Chris Webb will be back on Wednesday nights, terrorizing the inhabitants of Hadfield with his XC Webbinars. Famed for their excellent amount of mud, rain, snow, amusement and general stat driven excitement (what else could you expect from a mathematician), watch out on Facebook for his announcement for the first session which should be coming up in Early november.

Christmas do

You may have seen that the Christmas do date has been announced on Facebook. If you haven’t. Well. It has. 15th Dec. Details on Facebook, or from your nearest committee member.