Navigation Courses / Challenges

Immersed in a world of technology, sometimes it’s great to leave all that behind and get back to basics. Here are a series of navigational routes/challenges devised by Tim Budd. The premise is simple – visit all the locations on the maps in the order shown using just your map, compass and any local knowledge you may possess.

Obviously there are multiple route choices so make sure you have planned your route in advance. Whilst the direct lines sometimes may look tempting, there may be far easier, less-dangerous lines.

Tim has a record of various attempts, timings and often “interesting” lines chosen, so contact him if you want to see how your attempt compares to others.

Although none of these routes are easy, they are listed below with some approximation of difficulty in mind, the easiest first, and the trickier ones last.  This is quite subjective in itself, so please study the intended map carefully and make your own decision!

Lost in Hills Route 1 (clockwise)

Springs and Huts (anti-clockwise)

Snake Ponds (anti-clockwise)

Beehive Trigs (anti-clockwise)

Snake South (clockwise)

Torside Trigger (anti-clockwise)

Trigger Black Hill (anti-clockwise)

TT9 4inns Recce – (clockwise)

Alport Explorer (anti-clockwise)

Aztec and Springs (clockwise)

Dogdash (clockwise)

TT11 Isolation 4 Burnt Hill (anti-clockwise)

TT10 Isolation 3 Pulpit (clockwise)

Snake Stones (anti-clockwise)

TT12 Isolation 5 Sykes (clockwise) – take extreme care around Torside and Wildboar Clough

TT13 Isolation 6 (anti-clockwise)

A word of warning: These routes are designed to take you off the beaten track to often more remote/less-travelled locations. Please make sure you have the appropriate skill level to take these on, take appropriate kit for the conditions, attempt them in pairs and tell someone what you’re doing and how long you expect it to take. It’s always useful to have a GPS back-up device if you do get in trouble with navigation.

If these type of challenges suit you, then you could consider entering some navigational events. Read about them in our Knowledge Base; Mountain Marathons: An Overview and Navigation Events