Pack and Road runs

On Thursday evening a Trail or Road group is run at 7pm from the Leisure Centre. It is led from the back by an experienced runner. You’ll be wanting a good headtorch, trail shoes, and a waterproof. This run should be no more than 10km long, but may well
involve some mud, slippy bits and darkness.


Throughout the winter months the Pack run tends to be a Road group –
Exact details of the weeks plan is usually disseminated through the club facebook page.

We cater for all abilities and nobody will be left behind or expected to run by his or herself. If the group is large enough we may split into different ability groups. If you want to join on a particular night but find the planned route too long, there are usually other runners happy join you on a shorter run. If you are not yet confident in your own ability as a runner, why not try a few sessions with our affiliated beginners running group, Run2Achieve.

When the days are getting shorter, please ensure that you can be seen by wearing Hi-Viz or reflective clothing or led-lights. 

If you would like to find out more or have questions, please send an email to: [Link]

As a club we abide by and strongly encourage all runners to follow the Countryside Code. Roaming on the hills is a hard fought Right and it would be tragic if restrictions were placed upon us all because of inappropriate actions by the uninformed and selfish few.

If you’re running with a dog, there are guidelines in the same document – mostly pertaining to Effective Control. It’d be great if you could take a couple of moments to familiarise yourself with it.